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on September 28, 2012
They really should have just made this a miniseries because the first season was the best of the shows run and should have just ended then and there. Aside from my feelings on how they should have made the show, the Blu-Ray transfer is nice looking next to the DVD version. It's not the best transfer I've seen, they have a lot of murky looking shadows and darkly lit scene problems with the transfer, being that they look pixelated and muddy. Other than that, the effects look good, colors are vibrant and detail is good. There is no new features from the DVD version and the box design is exactly the same. If you are a fan of the show you should get this. If you like the first season only like me, it's pretty worth the affordable price for one of the best first seasons of a show ever, it's just a shame they didn't stop there.
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VINE VOICEon November 20, 2012
Knowing how Heroes fell off during the remaining seasons, I wasn't expecting much more than another NBC big concept show that looked promising, but bombed out in a spectacular way.To be absolutely honest, I think NBC is still lost in something of a Heroes syndrome because every year they debut a new big concept show and virtually every year it disappoints.

I bought this set about three years ago because I had a crush on Hayden Panettiere and I'm just now getting around to the DVD's...

I LOVE the concept of Heroes, a live action comic book starring a group of real-life superheroes that save the world. The cinematography is absolutely beautiful because it combines gritty, big city, real world interiors and exteriors with the graphic design features that we would typically see in comic books. Heroes had a really unique look that blurred reality and fantasy into one hypnotizing world that held this viewer spellbound. Shame, they couldn't keep it together in later years.

For the ultimate Heroes geek, there's a ton of extras, perhaps explaining the hefty retail price.
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on February 12, 2014
Comes with seven discs and nearly 3 hours of bonus features including:Never-Before-Aired 73 minute premiere episode,50 Deleted Scenes, DVD Exclusive, The Making of Heroes, The Special Effects, The Stunts, Profile of Artist Tim Sale, The Score, Mind Reader Game, Audio Commentaries with cast, crew and show creator Tim Kring.

It's 16 hours and 49 minutes long with subtitles English,Spanish and French.

After 7 long years,I finally get to see Heroes.I wanted to watch it when it first came out but because I work nights I can't watch any shows that I wanted to watch even until now.Thanks to Xfinity on Demand I can watch any show the day after.Didn't have that when Heroes premiered.If you like superhero movies/shows or if you are just like me who never got the chance to see the show, buy all the seasons.Seasons 1,2 and 4 are in a very good price right now,11-12 bucks.
Season 3 is up to $18 plus and I am patiently waiting for the price to come down before I buy it.I recommend buying the dvd/blu-ray instead of instant video although you can watch it anytime, anywhere in your device.I like the dvd for my collection.Too bad Heroes didn't last five seasons.But then The Cape only lasted one.The only reason standing in any shows way is ratings.It's mind boggling when un-reality shows get more seasons than other shows.Trash tv sells nowadays so it seems.But back to Heroes-"Save the Cheerleader, Save the World!" Love that tagline!
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Taking his inspiration from comic books like "The Avengers" and "Justice League" as his inspiration writer/producer/creator Tim Kring ("Crossing Jordan") imagined a world where extraordinary heroes with superhuman capabilities came from ordinary folks. Without solid writing, direction and performances this would be just another wanna-be TV drama as hollow as the 70's TV adaption of "Spider-Man". Instead, it's intelligently written (and some of it has been explored in comic books within the last twenty years but no one has explored it as well as Kring's show)with strong performances and direction. The show didn't become a powerhouse ratings sensation based on mindless drivel nor based on the sneak peak at Comic-Com. The show earned its kudos for dealing with a number of fascinating themes in the context of a fantasy.

I'm going to focus mostly on the quality of the show in this review, the extras and the quality of the DVDs/HD-DVDs and only touch on the storyline assuming most of you know it or have read about it elsewhere. If not, I have a brief synposis of the plot (avoiding spoilers). You can skip the next paragraph if you have seen the show.

Kring uses multiple characters that represent the next stage in human evolution and together have to somehow saved the world from a horrible event (which is revealed fairly early in the show). There are also two subplots involving the search for a serial killer which is somehow tied into the main plot and a mysterious government agency that is tracking these "ordinary" heroes for its own mysterious purposes.

First compliments to Kring who learned the lesson of "The X-Files" and "Lost"; know where your story is going and clue your audience in early on so they know there IS a pay off but gradually divulge the details over time. As with "Lost" Kring occasionally delves into the back story of these characters but primarily focuses on their journey and the conflicts/collaborations between them. The first season of "Heroes" was virtually flawless with impeccable writing and direction (featuring veterans such as film and TV director John Badham) that featured production values you'd see in a feature film. NBC's gamble with "Heroes" paid off as after Comic-Con the show generated tremendous buzz (the pilot was shown there). Critics responded and in a rare sign of unity so did TV viewers. Here's hoping that the second season doesn't suffer from the sophomore slum that plagued the second season of "Lost". Expectations are high but I suspect that Kring and his team will deliver.

Both the standard and HD version of "Heroes" receive a superb transfer from Universal. The image looks sharp with bold colors and terrific of the surround sound effects as well. While I did have a problem with disc three skipping and freezing, I suspect (and hope) this isn't a symptom of Universal's ongoing manufacturing issues that began to plague the studio at the end of 2005.

First up my only complaint about the show is that there is no chapter placed directly after the main titles. Also, if you watch the individual episodes you are stuck with watching the "previously on `Heroes'" tag at the beginning. These aren't necessary and could have been dropped from the set or, at the very least, have a chapter title place so that you could skip them without having to fast forward through the beginning of the episode.

We get the original pilot which had a substantially different subplot involving a terrorist which was completely cut from the show. While it worked pretty well, dropping it was probably wise given the popularity of the theme with shows like "24". Writer/producer Tim Kring provides a very good commentary track discussing the changes, details of the shooting and changes the network suggested be made and why he resisted on occasion. The unaired pilot runs longer than the final version by about 20 minutes.

We get 12 other commentary tracks a terrific move from Universal which hasn't always provided much in the way of extras for many of their popular series. The bulk of the commentary tracks are very good with various production members teamed with cast in discussing the making of the episode. This happy mix means that we get both technical information on the shoot as well as on-set info and the take by the actors on the development of their characters and the series.

We get deleted/alternate scenes for a lot of the episodes and you can access them for each one individually. A pity that some of these deleted scenes weren't seamlessly branched as some worked adding to the show and most were cut for time constraints (although there was the occasional episode that truly had deleted scenes because they either didn't work or were superfluous

We get five featurettes, a game and sneak peaks. "Mind Reader" is a clever game involving Parkman's ability to reader minds and the old trick of picking a number. The game then picks the number you selected.

"Making of `Heroes'" is a brief but interesting featurette on the genesis, pitch and development of the show featuring plenty of interviews with Kring, the cast and other snippets of the production team. We also find out about where the show is headed and the response to the show at Comic-Con last year.

"Special Effects" features visual effects supervisor Mark Kolpack discussing how they are able to pull of the CGI for the show, make it look real on a TV time frame and budget.

"Profile of Artist Tim Sale" allows us to see the guy who really creates the paintings and drawings of the character Isaac Mendez. This veteran of Marvel comics brings just the right element of pop-art to Mendez paintings and the comic book he writes that ends up being pivotal early on in the show.

The Score" focuses on composers Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman who were members of Prince's Revolution and have collaborated with songwriters Neil Finn (Crowded House) and others. They, in turn, discuss collaborating with Shankar who provides the ethereal vocals for the series.

"The Stunts" shows how many of the key stunts were created, how the actors participated with on-set wire work and when stunt doubles were used.

Overall this is a terrific set from Universal which could be improved by creating some additional chapter stops, eliminating the preview tags for the previous episodes (something you really don't need on DVD but they should be optional in case you do want them). We do get a play all option which is nice and a series of top notch extras that add value to the set. With the show premiering its second season on September 24 of this year, "Heroes" arrives in the nick of time to save the viewer from being puzzled as to what the developments were during season one. Highly recommended.
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on May 31, 2016
First Season a Classic. Like many a series it is very hard to keep going. Heroes Season One can stand on its own; it has an artistic beginning, middle and end with great character development. The other episodes should be analyzed by film creators and critics alike to speculate and comment about what doomed this project.
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on April 15, 2016
How would any of us act with these powers? I see this stuff going on all the time. Great story on how life is.

Don't know why I didn't watch this when it originally aired but since the "Reborn" has been on I needed to watch this. I love it. So much soap opera type storyline mixed with incredible feats.
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on July 5, 2011
I purchased this blu-ray after already having the regular dvd set and I am thrilled with it. I really enjoyed this series, especially the first season. Season 1 stands alone as an excellent sci-fi/fantasy series, as well as providing a great starting point for the series as a whole.

Unfortunately, the series began to struggle later on. It never seemed to recover the same audience it had before the Writer's Guild of America strike of 2007-2008, which happened during the show's second season. As a result of the strike, an entire planned story line was cut from the show. This made the third season of the show a little choppy and denied the audience fitting story lines for a couple characters we'd developed some attachment to during the second season.

The show features a story-arc style similar to that of a comic book. This means that any given season can stand alone as a story, without leaving a huge cliffhanger at the end.

So, if you see no other season of Heroes, see THIS one. It is an excellent buy and the special effects are even better in high def.
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on October 26, 2015
My kids were young when this series started. They are now old enough to enjoy it with us. When the Reborn series started back up I got the first season to bring them up to speed before we get into the new one. They are 13 son and 11 daughter and they love it so far. It has some sexual references that some may not want their kids to see. But nothing too racy.
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on September 28, 2007
Initially I dismissed this series until a friend of mine convinced me to que it on Netflix, after watching the first disk I knew I had to have the entire series. It is written with all the intertwined drama of a comic book, and while that may make it seem like it's predictible, its far from it. Heroes acheives a rare success with even the villian of the series, he is clearly the bad guy but in a compelling manner, one is interested in seeing what Sylar plans next and how he thinks. From the way Heroes get their origins in this series, one can clearly see the influence of Marvel Comics and the Mutant theme, for that's basically what the "exceptional among us" are, but its done in a fashion to where it absorbs you into its premise, even guiding you to anticipate who has the genetic enhancement and who doesn't, making for some great surprises (and pleasure in correctly guessing connections).

The way the stories unfold and the quality acting that propels the series truly do make for a runaway hit, it may seem slow at first, but hang with it, you won't regret it if you're even a slight fan of the genre.
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While overall the series was entertaining to watch and the finale fit the storyline of the series some of the character developments seemed lacking to downright drool. While most of the characters and their abilities were neat and enjoyable to watch as the characters learned to control them other characters seemed to just be there to make up quantity rather then quality in the series. I think most know that the series can thank the comic hero block buster movies that were going on at the time(Spider-Man/X-men) that also helped keep many viewers glued to the series for the full four seasons.While the drama and action of the series will keep you entertained at times it also feels like the producers try and draw out the drama of the storyline to much where you feel a little bored on what's going on too. For what the series sets are going for right now it's still a real bargain to collect the entire series though I'd advise some people who haven't watched the show to check a few episodes out online just to be sure if this is a series they will really enjoy or not.
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