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on April 19, 2017
I bought these for work walk and play after reading some great reviews. These boots didn't disappoint . They look great with just about everything including a suit (in horrible inclement weather) and keep feet warm dry and comfortable. I got them on sale in the $60 range and hope I can get another pair soon for about the same price. So, timeless good looks plus weather proof protection equals a good buy in my book.

7/3/17 Update: I purchased a Wen 6 inch waxer/polisher to help keep these boots & others properly maintained . I've included a picture to show how nicely these boots "clean up". These boots keep an excellent shine...get compliments all the time

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on October 8, 2017
PERFECT! As I age, my feet have flattened and lengthened a tad. This pair of Hi-Tec "Canyon Climbers" are my favored winter footwear for my construction job, with room enough for warm poofy socks. I HATE falling down in the Snow! I disdain having cold and wet feet.
These were a great value with speedy shipping and the quality I had hoped for. These are also cool & comfy enough for hiking on vacation on the Islands of the Caribbean in questionable footing.
Take that inattentive Bass Pro footwear sales-drones! You don't get my $$ this year either!!!
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on November 21, 2013
I was looking for Columbia boots that I had and loved, but couldn't find them. Ended up with these. Hope they keep my feet as dry as the Columbias did. Was concerned about the missing finger-pull to assist with putting them on - but with the grommet hooks being loose each time, they go on and off very easily. Very comfortable. I did order a half size larger, but probably could have gotten by with my regular size. I'll wear thick[er] socks. Didn't want to take the chance the smaller size would be too small. I like the fact there is no material other than leather on the outside. That is always the first thing to deteriorate to make them look like crap. These will look good for a long time, longer with care. Great soles, possibly better than the Vibrams on my Columbias. Much dressier than any work boots I've had. With my black jeans, I could wear them anywhere. I think I'll take the dog for a walk and break them in (even though they really don't require much of a break-in).UPDATE... These boots came apart at the seams after a few months. Since they were outside Amazon's warranty period, I notified the manufacturer. They didnt even have the courtesy to respond. It was my 2nd pair - and last. Dont buy these crap boots. Poor quality with no support. You get what you pay for. I paid S#&t and that's exactly what I got.
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on December 25, 2015
Just got my new Altitude IV WP Boots they are too small! I have been wearing these boots for over 12 years, always the same size, BUT not anymore! I work construction and hunt rough terrain in these things and get about 2 years out of every pair,they were always made in Indonesia and I noticed the new ones are Chinese junk! They are lighter in weight and cheaper looking materials. I am very disappointed. I have over 5 different Hi-Tec shoes and boots, I have always trusted this brand. I could send anyone to buy for me as long as they knew my size and style but no more thanks to outsourcing to china! I'm done after being a loyal customer and recommending them to others.So sad to see the US being sold out on basically everything!
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on April 8, 2015
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on March 25, 2013
Ordering was easy, online reviews gave me a fair amount of confidence (I've never owned a pair of these before) I've not had them too long but so far in the snow and mud I walk through in my trekking back and forth to work I'd say they are performing to expectation and are quite comfortable without having broken them in. Overall, so far, they are worth the money, but then time is really the only thing that tells for sure. I hope they will last a long time.

May 17th - It is now about a year later - These boots have a very bad habit of developing loud squeaks in the left shoe. This happened in my original pair about 2 months after purchasing them, I contacted Hi-Tec and they replaced the boots after I paid for shipping to return them. The second pair were great for about two weeks, then they began to suffer from the same problem...this is a shame because these boots are very comfortable and required no break in. I really wanted to love them. The other problem they have is the lace hooks at the top of the boot have a bad habit of pulling out of the boot, be very careful to pull in line with the boot hooks with the lace or they will pull out of the boot. This happened to two of the hooks on the right boot.

Given these issues, If given a choice, I would not purchase these boots again or advise anyone else to purchase them. I will not bother to return them to Hi-Tek again because I was required to pay shipping to send the boots back to them, at this point, it's not worth it, especially since I would just expect any replacement boots to have the same issues. I'm just eating the cost of them. Needless to say, I will never purchase Hi-Tec products again and I recommend you don't either. I have purchased a pair of Sorel boot to replace them that I wore all last winter and they are 6 stars.

These Hi-Tec boots are now part of my special foot-ware reserved for jobs like re-coating the asphalt driveway, mucking out the stables, cutting firewood or snow shoveling - jobs where the obnoxious squeeeeek that they make every step I take does not matter! There has been no improvement although I thought about doing surgery on them with a drill and spraying some WD40 into the hole - who knows, maybe I can hit the right spot and get them to be silenced. This is really a crying shame because the boots are comfortable.
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on February 3, 2017
The star rating system is misleading because I am rating Amazon as well as the Hi-Tec boots. Great shoes and they would have been my 4th pair of Hi-Tec Altitudes. It was my first Amazon purchase of hiking boots. Normally I had purchased them at brick/mortar stores. My first 3 pairs of Hi-Tecs fit like gloves and needed no break-in and were all the same version. This pair was not. I received them just before going on an overseas hiking adventure for a month and took my older pair as primary, thinking that they would have been pretty worn and ready to be replaced. Got home a month later and put on the new boots and after just 5 miles, they had ruined my toes and left me hobbling for a week. Thankfully I did not take them to Europe initially. I asked Amazon if they would take them back for an exchange, but no-go on that as it had been 30 days. I can't really blame Amazon since I would have returned the boots sooner, but then this was the 4th pair of the same shoe, the SAME SIZE [12's] and we were heading out the door. Who'd a thunk the 4th pair wouldn't fit like a glove as well. I can only assume this pair of boots resulted from a manufacturing defect as they appear to be at least a half size small. Lesson learned for me is that I will never purchase shoes via Amazon again. Too much hassle and I burned myself, but I had to give $75 worth of boots away to a shelter. Some homeless guy likely had a good Christmas wearing them if they fit him.
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on August 29, 2017
This is my second pair of Hi-Tec Altitude IV. When I bought my first pair in 2012 on sale, I planned to buy Asolo's later when I had more money. After 5 good years of service, I decided to stick with what I knew and still love them. First pair going strong, bought soles are starting to bald and it wasn't economical to resole them. The new pair was for a 3 week field excursion on the Greenland ice front and they performed as expected. I wear wool socks, usually with a liner, so I like the fit a little large. I'm around an 11-11.5, depending on the brand. I bought the 11.5, Medium width. Good toe clearance and no pinching. My first pair does not show any major separation of the sole, except for minor separation at the toe where the black rubber sole curves up. For the new pair, after 3 weeks, the laces appear to be fraying near the top lace, but no fault there as I was dealing with lots of abrasives.

Initial break-in went well. The all leather construction doesn't fall apart like other cloth hiking boots (Merrell), and is more resistant/impervious to cactus thorns.
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on October 24, 2016
I've been buying the Hi-Tec Altitude IV hiking boot for many many years. As a photographer who rarely uses dress shoes, these boots have become my everyday wear so I put a lot of mileage on them as well as actually use them to hike in! With that in mind, I wear out a pair in a year so for occasional users, not sure what life you may get out of them.

There is very little break in time with these boots. They are comfortable and give me the ankle support I like. The only issue I have ever had was one pair that they over glued the soles and the glue showed. Other than that they have been my go to boot. Great water proofing and have tested that out in several streams in the past. They are a great boot for a fair price!
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I got these boots for my husband who needs lace up ankle high boots due to an atrophied foot & tendency for shoes to fall off that foot. Because the foot/leg are not normal, there is also a tendency for him to fall easily, run over shoes, and just generally have a lot of issues with that particular foot. He also has big, wide feet, 14 W or EE. (I tease him about being a masquerading Bigfoot.)

Appearance wise, they look just like the photo. Even in a large size, they are attractive, but nothing is going to make his feet look petite. Nothing is going to make them less of a trip hazard for me if he leaves them out of place either, so no miracles occurred. Since I wasn't expecting his shoes to act like something out of a Harry Potter movie, there were no surprises there either.

With his health issues and the need for a lace up (that means adjustable & secure) ankle high boot, we did not want steel toes, excessive weight, etc. It also needed to be a shoe that was reasonably easy to get on, wear all day, walk on various surfaces including that of retail stores, and just serve as a general casual shoe. Since he is also naturally frugal (his opinion--I say he's too cheap for words for things for himself) he did not want to spend a lot. I'm also heartily sick of shoes/boots that have their soles crack under the ball of his foot in 2-3 months with light wear. He's killed numerous brands, from cheap to Redwings to Rockports. This was our choice for the next version.

He's only had them for a few days, but I managed to get him to throw out the old shoes (a minor miracle, but they were totally shot) and wear these. He hates the amount of time it takes to finish lacing them and tie them, but it's a necessary evil for boots. He's worn them all week, and never had any pain. Trips & stumbles have been no worse either, which is surprising for new shoes with a thick sole. (Slight changes in heel/sole can lead to increased stumbles/falls for him until he gets used to the change.) He says these boots are great for someone who tends to walk on the ball of their foot rather than planting their heel first.

Our sole complaint has been that the laces are seriously too short, and should have laces about 12-15" longer than the ones that come in the boots. They can be tied, but barely, and that's over even an atrophied ankle. While this is disappointing and aggravating, compared to the shoe overall, it's a minor and easily remedied aggravation, not worth taking off a star for.

Weight wise, these are fairly lightweight, even compared to his short wellingtons. They are not excessively light for an ankle boot and seem well constructed so far. They are heavier than the "jungle mocs" he had, which is to be expected.

As for longevity, only time will tell. If they die before next winter, I'll be both surprised and disappointed. I'll have to update when they begin to actually show signs of wear & tear.

He'd recommend them for anyone looking for this type of shoe. They are true to size, not narrow, excessively wide, too long, too short, etc. Just buy longer laces or be ready to have 3" of lace to tie the shoe with.
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