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on March 10, 2014
I am redoing the whole review on this item based on some further experimentation I have done with it.

The video quality is acceptable, given that it is a mini camera with a pinhole lens. Indoor photos will be blurred if you're not perfectly still, as will videos. Outdoor (sunlit) shooting is much better.

Now for the main discovery that caused me to remove my previous one-star rating: 16GB memory doesn't work with this camera, at least not with mine. I wondered if the 16G micro SDHD might be an issue, so I picked up an 8GB at Tiger Direct here in town. With an 8G memory, it works. The crashing and shutting down after a few seconds, which were the main complaints I had with it before, have stopped altogether. I have recorded for 30 minutes at a stretch on the 8GB card with no real problems. Apparently it auto-saves every 10 minutes so a 30 minute recording will make 3 files.

If you have one of these and it is giving you problems with shutdowns or crashes, try a smaller memory.
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on April 29, 2014
I purchased this pen to video tape lectures in my science classes. The quality of the video isn't great, but honestly I'm just happy it works for $10! I bought a 16 GB micro card separately for about $6.

The video I uploaded is just to give interested buyers an idea of video quality of the camera. It is not an instructional video. The bunny was obviously suspicious of the pen! ;D

I like that it automatically saves video if the battery dies or you run out of space. Also, the pen can actually write.

With that said, I found it to have some issues:
- For the first 5 mins or so of recording video, it sometimes glitches and video is shown in jerky movements, and sometimes these weird blue lines flash on the video for a few secs. After the initial few minutes, the video is fine with no glitches. (Not sure if this has to do with the device or memory card)
- I have only recorded one lecture so far, and the battery lasted for only about 45 mins on a full charge
- It saves video in 10-minute segments each, instead of a continuous video, so you will need some kind of video editor if you want to put all the video clips together into one long video.

Despite the cons, I found it to be worth the price. I purchased my pen from HealthSpot, which was a "fulfillment by Amazon" purchase. It came inside a BPR 6 box, along with instructions and the USB cable. Not much of an issue, but I received a pen with silver trim, not gold like the one pictured.
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on April 2, 2014
The packaging is good and came in a nice box. The instructions were very unclear and found myself re-reading through them a couple of times. Works perfectly and after reading the instructions a few times it becomes very easy to work. The memory slot is a bit sketchy because when you usually insert a micro sd card, it clicks, but in the pen you need to insert it with force and you are left wondering if its broken or not. The video quality is NOT in HD but it is acceptable for a camera that small. The audio quality is acceptable too, but it is not in HD. The pen overall is a neat toy and may be what you are looking for if you need it to spy on someone without the importance of seeing things crystal clear. If you are looking for high quality then you may be disappointed.

-Good Packaging
-Easy to Work
-Acceptable Recording

-Unclear Instructions
-Not HD recording
-Sketchy Micro SD slot
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on July 25, 2014
Plugged it in to charge it. The light came on once, then never came on again. Hooking it up to the computer says device not recognized. I dunno what I expected for $5. Amazon sells way too much cheap crap from China.
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on July 25, 2014
Was not at all what it described in the functions the best part was the package it came in
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on January 27, 2014
It worked. Just as the description said, Great product I would recommend this to anyone who thinks they need it
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on July 30, 2014
I would give this product a 0 stars. The pen works in all other ways, however, it will not take video for more than 3 to 4 seconds. It then stops recording. It says in the instructions that it will video continuously in the yellow light. There is no yellow light. It will video for three or four seconds in the green light then the light stays on with no more video. It does not come with a card and it does not tell you that anywhere in the selling process. Therefore you have to go buy a card before you can even find out if it works. I bought two and never opened the second one since the first one did not work. Tried calling Amazon. They informed me that the seller does not give them their phone number. I can send an email to the seller, however, that does not help me to try to get it to work. Sorry I ever made this purchase. I bought two micro sd cards that cost me $40 and now I have to go return those as well.
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on March 31, 2014
Item arrived and I charged it 6+ hours per instructions. The red charging light indicator worked as described. Then I inserted card and tried to use it, and it would not work. Tried reset. Nothing. When I tried to charge it again/reconnect to computer with USB, item was dead. No charging light/indicator. Returning for refund. Very disappointing.
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on January 1, 2015
I have completed my analysis of the failures I have been experiencing with this product.
First off all, the instruction’s descriptions of the number of flashes and the colors of the flashing LED do not align with my test observations.
The instructions define some flashes as Yellow, however, my experience is the LED is flashing Green for the described scenarios. The instructions also indicate a Blue light, but throughout my tests I have never witnessed this color being displayed.
The instructions indicate, 3 red flashes for, “no card or unidentifiable card”, yet I have observed this is actually 6 quick red flashes.
For my testing I used the following SanDisk Micro SD Cards:
8GB – Never got it to work
2GB – Worked a couple of times and then it was somehow corrupted and is no longer readable or able to be formatted. Testing with this card is when I believe the On/off Switch began to malfunction
128MB – Successful – when the On/off Switch would work
Outside of the confusing instructions, two main issues I have experienced have been:
1.) The, “On/off Switch” is actuated by pushing it down. It is supposed to spring back up (pop out), yet mine does not consistently spring back into its original position. I believe the switch is faulty and therefore is affecting the pen's performance.
My pen functions intermittently. Sometimes I will be able to successfully get it into the standby mode, but most of the time it will boot up with 1 solid green light followed by 6 short flashing red lights. The instructions say,
“The red light flashes 3 times and then extinguishes, says no card or unidentifiable card.”
Based on my observations, my device actually flashes 1 solid green flash (boot up) followed by 6 short red flashes and then extinguishes. I get this same lighting sequence if I completely remove the Micro SD Card from the, “TF Card Slot” and then press the, “On/off Switch” to restart the boot up process
On the rare occasions when the switch pops back out (returns to the start position), 1 solid green light (boot up) is followed by a short green flash. When I push the button again quickly (and the On/off Switch pops out) the pen takes a picture. The light will extinguish while taking a photo and then comes back on (solid) when the photo is completed. When I push the button again and hold it down, the light will flash 3 short flashes.
Here is the tricky part. If I hold the, "On/off Switch" for too long the pen shuts down. Shutdown occurs if I wait for all 3 short green flashes to flash before releasing the, On/off Switch”. You will know that you have initiated the shutdown process when you witness the 3 short green flashes followed by 1 short red flash.
To initiate the video recording, it has been my experience that I need to release the, “On/off switch just after I see the first short green flash blink. If I release the switch prior to the third short green flash, the pen will begin a video recording. The light will extinguish after the third flash and will begin to periodically flash 1 short green flash (blink) until I push on the On/off Switch to stop the recording. The unit’s light will return to a solid green light to indicate the video recording is finished. I may then push and hold the On/off Switch until the pen flashes 3 short green flashes followed by 1 short red flash to indicate it is shutting down.
2.) Since my pen’s On/off Switch is malfunctioning, I believe it is affecting my ability to properly generate video recordings. While the video files are get stored on the Micro SD card, my computer files to open them and reports the format is unreadable. I am still able to open photos taken.
Two comments for those still interested in purchasing this product.
1.) The USB port on the pen only seems to be for charging the device, not accessing the card. I had to remove the Micro SD card and insert it into a full size TransFlash SD adapter so that my PC could read it.
2.) Not sure if this is a requirement or not as the instructions do not discuss it, however I found it easier to get the pen to respond to the Micro SD Card when I would format it (erase all data) each time before returning it back to the pen for subsequent testing.
The purchase price of this device makes it cost prohibitive to return it to the vendor for a replacement unless they offer to absorb both the replacement’s and the return's shipping. My experience has been very frustrating, trying to determine if the failure was my Micro SD card, my computer, the batteries of the pen no holding enough of a charge, the charging power supplied by my USB port, my ability to understand the number of flashes/colors as defined by the instructions, etc. The pen itself is very nice and the two times I was successful in recording both audio and video were also great, but the failure of the switch has made my pen unreliable/unusable. If you get a pen with a functioning switch, I believe it would fulfill your recording needs. Hopefully, my experience will help someone else avoid hours of troubleshooting.
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on February 27, 2014
I didn't realize it didn't come with a SD memory card. It comes separate. It works good. Great volume. No issues.
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