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on February 16, 2014
Having fallen in love with the first two volumes, I was thrilled when I heard that Vol. III was available. I am happy to say that I was not disappointed; it exceeded my high expectations. To me, it is almost like a continuation of the other two volumes, only this one is all about Jesus.

The extremely talented songwriter/composer, Jay Stocker, has taken verses from the Bible and transformed them into lovely songs with some of the most breathtakingly beautiful orchestral accompaniment I have ever heard. Then they somehow found the perfect singers (male and female) with the softest, most gentle and peacefully soothing voices to sing the songs. Several songs are so touching and powerful, they brought me to tears when I first listened to them. The reason they are so powerful is that each song focuses on 1-3 Bible verses that are already very comforting and well known-the ones we say aloud or to ourselves when we need encouragement or strength in difficult situations. But when they are presented in this way, the effect is an unbelievably powerful experience.

Personally, the past couple years have been very difficult for me, having lost my husband to cancer in 2012, then being diagnosed with cancer myself a month later, and enduring all that goes along with that. I cannot describe the comfort I have gotten from listening to all three of the CD's. There seems to be an appropriate song for every fear and emotion that I have, whatever time of day or night it is. I have found that I "need" to listen to this music, and so it is on the hard drive of my car stereo, in my CD player at home, and on my I-pod. I have to have this music with me wherever I go! And I never tire of it.

For me specifically, Vol. III addresses worry in "Take No Thought For Tomorrow", uncertainty and trust in "Faith", fears and panic in "Peace Be Still", distress and anxiety in "Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled", and the most powerful, in my opinion, is about the power of the name of Jesus in "By His Name".

These are labelled "lullabies", but I don't consider them to be lullabies, although they would be very appropriate for babies, since they are so soft and soothing-both the voices and the accompaniment. I would recommend them for any age group to listen to at any time of the day or night. It might also be a good way for people to learn the Bible verses, if they don't already know them.

I have begun a ministry of distributing "Comfort-Therapy" bags to patients starting chemotherapy. This series of three CD's has had such an impact on my life that I now include one of these CD's in every bag that I give out, so that other people can experience the same comfort and peace that I have from these songs. There is just nothing else available that compares.

Hoping there is a Volume IV in the near future!
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on February 11, 2014
This is a wonderful CD that I love giving as gifts for baby showers. You can hear the music samples here or on the Scripture Lullabies website. This music is very relaxing and a wonderful way to fill your mind with Scripture. On this particular edition of Hidden in My Heart they have verses based on the life of Jesus. The last song is called Turn your eyes upon Jesus, a beautiful way to end this great collection of songs. This may be my favorite of the Hidden in my Heart collection, but it is hard to decide since they all have great songs on the other 2 editions. You, your children, and any other person would benefit from listening to the verses sung on the life of Jesus. Lastly, I also love how by purchasing these CDs you are also helping them to donate 1 CD to a pregnancy crisis center for every 10 CDs purchased.
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on February 26, 2014
I am all about feeding myself the truth of the Word at times when I fail to make time to read.

I grew up listening to rock, metal and punk, and there was a time I could not find comfort in mainstream contemporary Christian music because, until these last 8-10 years, it was never "rock" or "modern" enough (though with digging I found some "killer" Christian music in the 90's).

Then Christ changed my heart in my mid-20's, and I started enjoying ANYTHING that praised or worshiped Jesus our Savior. All the while friends my age (and some older) made fun of me. Even my Christian wife would make me changed the channel, as most "Christians" were truly conformed to secular lifestyles and trends. (She divorced me for non-biblical reason so perhaps that goes to prove how few "confessing Christians" truly love our Lord. But that's not what this review is about - even though the comment will supplement part of what I say about this CD in a bit).

Eventually I became in need for the meatier stuff and tuned out of music altogether to listen to sermons whenever I was not reading the Bible because I wanted the spiritual food. Even as there became more "Christian" rock on the radio, these songs were no longer doing it... not nourishing me in long-standing ways... and, though many of the Christian artists have expressed profound truths, I still felt starved outside of perhaps occasional 3 and 1/2 minute God moments with these artists.

I grew up in a Psalm singing church and, at this point in my life, I began wanting access to the Psalms/Scriptures at all times, for I had no energy to "search the scriptures diligently" with every new Christian tune that came out. I found myself singing some songs that weren't perhaps as theologically sound as they were catchy or popular. I must stress how important it is to discern what preachers and prophets say. Jesus stressed this and so did his apostles, especially Peter and Jude. Modern churches call it brow-beating or spiritual paranoia, but we are called to truly utilize Scriptures to discern truth from lie, especially in the "last days".

Then I started finding some music that sang scriptures just like my parents' church did when I was younger. Sons of Korah, for example, creates amazing arrangements of the Psalms, but now I need something my two little girls would love as well.

I found these CD's at my current fellowship church, and I picked up Hidden in My Heart, Volumes I and II. This was about 4 months ago and I have hardly removed them from my car's CD player unless I was putting in the other These were mostly Psalms, but not exclusively. What wasn't Psalm was based on another section of Scripture (The four gospels, Lamentations, Romans, and even Numbers, to name a few) I recently bought this Volume III and have not been the slightest bit disappointed. They sing the scriptures in arrangements I have not previously heard, and I get the truths of Scripture that I can now sing out loud like it's more personal to me.

My girls love "beautiful lady music" that sing about God (Celtic Psalms/Hymns), and there are other songs on certain compilation CDs where I constantly have to skip all the men singing to go to the "beautiful lady music". But the Hidden In My Heart Volumes 1-3 CD's are different... the lullaby style satisfies my 4 year old's desire for music whether it is man or woman, and I am thrilled that my 18 month old is attempting to sing to these songs as well. They are memorizing Scripture at a young age, and I feel completely blessed by this.

Last thing I'll mention is... when I drop the girls off... the CD stays on. I'm a 32 year old male who looks a little more rugged than most, unashamedly listening to this lullaby music because it is truly beautiful as the Word of God & the Truth of Jesus, and the music and singing is beautiful. Going through a divorce, I feel like I'm a child in need of his Father God more than ever, and hearing the truths of God's love, as according to the Scriptures and in the style of lullaby, I am constantly reminded I am His child and He loves me. This is very mature lullaby music, by the way. It's not as awkward as you would think for an adult to take pride in it as part of his collection of music.
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on January 15, 2017
I purchased all 3 volumes. I love scripture music and was so happy to come across these. I know they are titled as lullabies, however there is nothing childish about this music. These are soothing songs, filled with truth and promises. I love how one song flows into the next, often with key changes before the next track begins. This and the other two volumes flow seamlessly from beginning to end, allowing one to drift off to sleep (if that is what you are using it for) without any jarring moments. These songs are also wonderful for meditating on the Word. I can play one over and over and not get bored of the melody or message.

Well done - and I'm looking forward to the next volume!

Edit: months later and I'm still listening. lol I am a pastor's wife and I purchase the set for all of our expecting mothers. I'm just blown away at the nurturing quality of this music.
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on April 26, 2016
This product was great for my baby very soothing! Honestly I felt like it ministered to me while I would rock him at night. I had postpartum in the beginning and I really feel like the songs brought such comfort with their words and beautiful melodies. These CDs are a must for anyone with babies. Also my little nephew had nightmares so I bought them this cd and they started playing it at night for him to comfort him and he no longer has them. Helped with his anxiety before bed. Love these CDs! All three are amazing!!!
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on November 8, 2015
I will be buying more of these! This CD is soft relaxing music with singing. Each song has a different verse that it sings about. Then, these scriptures can be hidden in my children's hearts forever. I bought it for my daughter to listen to at bedtime, but she keeps it playing all day long while she plays too. She keeps it loud enough that I can hear it through most of the house, but it doesn't bother me. It isn't NOISE… It provides a soothing background without disrupting conversations.
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on December 16, 2015
I was not sure I would like it as much as the first one but it made a perfect baby shower gift and Amazon took so long to deliver it we could not get it there by her birthday so I sent one directly to my friends house and when mine arrived that was supposed to be hers I must admit I decided to listen and it's wonderful! Beautiful peaceful Scripture and hope filled! These make the best baby shower gift ever! Who's pregnant! I listen to volume 1 in the hospital almost continuously after having my second baby and wish I had it for my first it's wonderful for mom and baby! So nice to have this type of music instead of obnoxious kid music! Thank you to those who made this and praise the Lord for your talent and your peaceful voices
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on January 22, 2018
Hidden in My Heart ...all three volumes..are the BEST lullabye/Christian CDs ever! I purchased the first volume and my kids have been listening to it every night. I purchased the next two volumes, wondering if they would be of the same quality and nature as the first. They are excellent as well. If you buy any or all of these CDs, you won't be disappointed. They are soothing, Scripture based, and the voices sing them as soft beautiful melodies. Our children range in age from late twenties to eleven. Our toddler grandchildren love them. Our teenage son with special needs loves them. Our daughter falls to sleep with them at night. This morning, while my son was reflecting on his day and praying, or trying to...I put on Vol II.. and asked him to listen to the words "I will protect you. I will defend you when others hurt you." He left for school with a better sense of how to make it through his day. I have dozens of lullabye CDs. These are the best. Any age will enjoy these. It will calm you and bring you His peace. In your home. Beautiful!
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on April 3, 2018
I would have given this a 6 star if that were an option. I bought Volume I for my new granddaughter and my daughter is calling it a miracle CD, as every time they put her in her car seat she would freak out and start screaming. They tried everything. They tried all kinds of music, my daughter would sit in the backseat and try to console her, etc., but nothing worked. The first time they tried Volume I she iimmediately settled down and stopped crying. It was so effective that I bought Volume II and III and now every time my granddaughter gets fussy or needs help sleeping my daughter immediately starts one of the CD's and she is instantly happy. I would highly recommend this series of CD's for all babies.
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on December 23, 2014
I LOVE IT! I don't even have a baby but I love it playing in my house all the time! I got vol 1 as a gift and loved it so much, I've literally played it hundreds of times! I will eventually get the other volume in the set as well. It is a great way to memorize scripture. I love my children hearing this too, because they will have it in their hearts forever.
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