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on October 9, 2012
I was so psyched for this album that I bought it on mp3 right when it was available. Does Birthday Massacre ever make a weak album? Not a chance, I love the style they've put together over the course of there albums. The Deep Grindy rock guitars, echoey lead guitars, deep bass, Powerful drumming & Gothic Fantasy synthesizer sounds. Oh yea and one of the greatest female rock singers ever... Chibi. If the mainstream had a clue Birthday Massacre would be all over the radio, not sure if that'd be good or not, because often the best music is made by people who struggle with the rest of us. Speaking of that make sure to buy this, they aren't rolling in dough, support them so they can keep making incredible music!

About the album: I'm positive it's going to grow on me like crazy because the last 3 they've done have, but as far as first impressions it's catchy as hell, there back doing what they do best great Industrial Rock that's not afraid of a hook (or whatever genre you choose to call them). If you dig them you might also like these bands: The Stolen Babies, The Devin Townsend Project, Covered in Spiders, Zombina and the Skeletones, KMFDM & Blush Response. Enjoy, and tell your friends about The Birthday Massacre, word of mouth is a powerful tool for an underground band. I mention this because they've put out powerful music that's kept me rocking for countless hours, I want them to succeed, I want the best for them, because they are the best!
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on November 13, 2012
I have a huge amount of love, loyalty, and respect for The Birthday Massacre. They are my favorite band and I love talking about them and sharing my excitement with potential listeners. The Birthday Massacre has the most unique sound and approach to music. Think dominant, layered synth with underlying guitars and bass, and aggressive drum patterns. Hopefully this will give you some idea of what they sound like, without having listened to them beforehand. Now, let's jump into the "Hide and Seek" review song by song.
(1)"Leaving Tonight" is perhaps my favorite song on this album, although it is hard to pick favorite T.B.M. songs because they are all incredible. I like this song more so than the others because of the way it is written and sung. It is absolutely beautiful.
If you follow The Birthday Massacre, then you know that (2)"Down" was a pre-released "teaser" if you will. It is heavier compared to other songs that they have written thanks to the assertive guitars and drums. There is also chanting in the pre-chorus, which adds to the heaviness.
In (3)"Play With Fire" the synth has a dark, haunting sound that dominates the mood of the song. In addition, Chibi's voice compliments the instruments exceptionally well, which gives the song even more of an eerie feel.
The lyrics of (4)"Need" will lead you to think that it is somewhat of a break up song. The way in which Chibi sings it is almost kind of like she is yelling, and it makes her sound a little angry. To me, this song conjures a sense of betrayal and abandonment.
(5)"Calling" has a really cool beat to it, and it makes me bobble my head and want to dance more than what other songs by The Birthday Massacre do. The way that the intro and choruses are written is extremely catchy, especially how the synth trails off. It is a fun song to listen to.
As a bassist, the biggest slap in the face in (6)"Alibis" is the fuzzed bass in the verses. The chorus contains my favorite lyric of the whole cd: "There is a shadow here, but there's no light behind me. The stains of blood on the floor serve to remind me the time is drawing near. Turns like a knife inside me. I've never wanted it more. Come stand beside me." It gives off a strong sense of solitude and desperation.
The most notable aspect of (7)"One Promise" is also why I love Chibi sooo, so much. She has such a piercing voice, but it is very beautiful and ravishing at the same time.
(8)"In This Moment" speaks to me more than the rest of the songs on this cd. The message behind it is really powerful: Life is too short to take it for granted. Tomorrow is never promised, so we have to make the most of what we have each and everyday. Side note: I love the way Chibi sings "you run from your shadow..."
(9)"Cover My Eyes" is a slower and softer song on this album. I haven't connected with it like I have the others, but I still do think it is an amazing song.
The last song on "Hide and Seek" is titled (10)"The Long Way Home." My only criticism about this song: IT IS TOO SHORT! I love this song, but it's not long enough. The first time I listened to it, and it ended, I was thinking "Aw man, is that it?" Usually, The Birthday Massacre has a intro/verse/chorus/verse/chorus/bridge/chorus song structure. "The Long Way Home" has a verse/chorus/verse/chorus song structure, which shortens it. The drum pattern in the chorus makes up for it though. It is sick!
Hopefully this review gives you some insight of what to expect from The Birthday Massacre and "Hide and Seek." I love how T.B.M.'s lyrics in combination with the music evoke such strong emotions in their songs. The music this band creates is truly amazing. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND The Birthday Massacre, and this cd to anyone and everyone. If you're considering buying "Hide and Seek," go aheand just do it. You will not regret it. Cheers! :D
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on November 2, 2012
I happened upon TBM a few years ago in a happy accident. I don't really know if they fall into same category as my more "typical" musical fare, whatever that is. Regardless, I'm now a complete fan and totally hooked.

Their music has an almost 80's synth vibe which, when coupled with the darker motiffs, clever lyrics, and stunning vocals make for a really unique sound. Honestly, with a voice as clear and pleasant as Chibi's I half expected to hear some death metal bozo screaming behind her, ruining the experience like so many other bands out there. I'm so glad TBM's formula is different. They're goth synth without the emo. It's like the soundtrack for an even more dystopian Alice in Wonderland: dark, but beautiful. It definitely works.

This latest album is, honestly, their most mature to date. Everything clicks. The tunes are imminently melodic, sweeping, and memorable. There's a nice variety here, too. I've listened to the whole album, back to back to back now more times than I can count. I don't do that with albums anymore, but it's that compelling.

Give them a listen. I think you'll see what I mean.
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on November 8, 2012
I became a fan of The Birthday Massacre a couple years ago and started listening to them daily. The more I hear them the more I am impressed. When I found out about the new CD I immediately added it to my collection, and within minutes I was in auditory euphoria.

The band has matured a lot as musicians, but it still carries the familiar sound that got them here quite strongly. The entire things seems very short, however. It seemed like it was over very quickly, despite the songs being no shorter than any of their other albums, with the exception of the the last song, which is under 3 minutes. But I was completely ok with the overall length because I was eager to play it again; over and over. I think the first half is the strongest and closest to mainstream as they get, but there is not a bad song on the entire album in my opinion. They tried a few new things and it really worked. Chibi's voice sounds great, the production quality is crisp and very thick, and it is just a perfect follow up to Pins and Needles.

If you are a fan of The Birthday Massacre you will love this album. If you are not a fan of them, you will be after hearing this album.
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on December 15, 2013
My first listen, (never heard of them before), and I was TAKEN! I started Binging them,
looked them up on Wikipedia, as many places as I could find them. I've listened
to the whole collection on 'Hide and Seek' 3 times now without listening to anything else,
and I have to stop soon. :-) The power of the group's effort to deliver these songs to your ears
will be apparent from the first notes. Naturally, seeing the cover art, and the name, make a huge difference to
me when looking for new things to listen to. It gave me some insight into the bands mutual 'dark and crazy'. Now I
will have to go back and get ALL their past stuff. Enjoy!
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on April 6, 2014
I love Birthday Massacre, they're one of my all time favorite bands. I remember my life changed after I heard "Violet" after this, I could not stop listening to them. "Walking With Strangers" came along and that was amazing as well. Then "Pins and Needles" was an album I was a little disappointed by but, honestly? It grew on me and I turned to love it. However, "Hide and Seek" was so moving, so well done. I love every track, I listen and listen and not even skip, (Just like "Violet") I honestly think any fan of them or any music fan needs to not only get this but all their albums!
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on December 21, 2012
Okay, I own all their CD's and I love them TO DEATH. Pins and Needles, their last album before this one, for me wasn't that impressive. I thought it was too..poppy and high pitched (shrieky) for me, to the point of the songs not being all that pleasent to listen to when I was in an alleged "goth" mood. I couldn't relate to it, but this is different. This album is more chill and haunting, still a couple little girly ones, but they aren't unpleasent to listen to- they're fun. Overall the CD is less girly than Pines and Needles, and the lyrics make more sense as a whole. I am SO HAPPY with this album. It has the seriousness of their earlier stuff.
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on November 27, 2013
Anyone who came of age listening to The Cure, The Smiths, and Depeche Mode should go out and buy every one of The Birthday Massacre's albums so they can finally have a band to listen to that won't make them long for the glory days of modern rock but will allow them to genuinely enjoy great music again. Don't be afraid of their genre-specific bent, I am telling you as a musician this band is the most sorely under appreciated act out there. Every single record is great and this one is no exception.
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on March 26, 2013
TBM haven't really expanded much in terms of artistic creativity, but I'm cool with that. I love them for the sound they've created and have thus far maintained. However, this album lacks in comparison to their previous outings. Sadly, it is largely forgettable. And yet, I give it 3 stars because the introductory track lends itself to be appreciated over and over. And it actually makes up for the rest of the album. Perhaps should have closed the tracking, but whatever. At least it made the cut!
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on October 14, 2013
Birthday Massacre is totally unique in my music collection. I have nothing that remotely resembles them. Yet, I fell in love with Chibi's voice on my very first listen. Hide and Seek is just as good as anything previous and Chibi's vocals even better. I think I have all their recordings now and I can just listen to them all day. They fill their niche perfectly. I could not be happier, purchasing on past experience only
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