Customer Reviews: Hindenburg,1937
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4.7 out of 5 stars
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on May 24, 2000
This a classic ill-fated love story, which is based upon the events of the German airship the Hindenburg. It involves a love-triangle between a beautiful young German girl, Anna Becker, who flees her home in Frankfurt, Germany to escape her Nazi brother, Kurt and his wishes for her to live a life of no freedom and marry someone she does not love after her grandfather dies and the household becomes Kurt's ; Karl Mueller, the man she loved once who still holds on to her heart even though he broke it and left her without an explaination; and Erik Peterson, a mysterious, handsome green-eyed man who helps her board the Hindenburg and captures her heart. Yet when all of everyone's secrets come out, who will receive the love and trust of Anna? To find out, read this beautifully written book that will make you shout with joy and leave you in tears! Wouldn't this book make a great movie? I loved it and I hope you do!
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on August 19, 2002
Sixteen-year-old Anna Becker's life had spun out of control when her beloved grandfather died, still clutching the tickets for the Hindenburg to America. Now she'd be lucky if she can get out of the strong clutches of her brother Kurt, before he marries her off, and she surrenders her freedon forever to Nazi Germany's rules. When she is finally able to outsmart her brother, young Anna begins her daring escape to America on the doomed Hindenburg and on the way meets a young, mysterious man named Erik Peterson, who offers instant safety and maybe something more...then her world comes to a crashing halt when she meets the man who tore her heart to pieces, a man she swore to forget forever, Karl Mueller, the man she used to love, who Erik says is now a Nazi spy. Soon Anna finds herself torn between the two men, one who promises new love, and one who probably holds her heart as well as her future in his very hands. Soon Anna finds that is it more than her conscience, but her heart too that will help her make the right decision.
Wow! This was such a great love story movie. It would make the most romantic love story. Even though we knew that the Hindenburg was doomed this story brought the accident into a whole new light. The tragic ending was so sad it made me cry, but I think it was a fitting ending to the story. Just a beautiful book everyone should read.
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on June 12, 2000
The book Hindenburg 1937 is a well written emotionaly effecting love story that takes place during the tramatizing time of WW2. The book is about a young German girl who is living with her grandfather. He dies with his hands on a pair of ticketts to board the Hindenburg in his hands. She is sure that this means she is to board the Hindenburg and leave Germany for America but her brother won't have it. So she escapes and boards. A girl unescorted and looked for is not safe. So she simply walks up to someone and says "Hi, I've been looking all over for you". Luckly it works and everything is going well until she sees her X-long time boyfriend on the ship who is now a nazie spy. And no matter how much he hurt her she still loves him. A love story, complicated mysterie, and more aries. I cannot even express how wonderfful this book is. WARNING: Be prepared to cry after I finished reading it I cried for and hour. MUST READ MUST READ
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on February 1, 2004
This book was really great and it's going to be hard for me to talk about it without revealing the ending. Anna's grandfather dies and she believes his last wish is for her to take the trip they had planned to the Hindenburg and go to America. She tells her brother Kurt this but he says there is no way he will let her go. Instead he wants her to go with him to Berlin to find a man for her to marry. To escape this, she sends her brother away and gets on the Hindenburg. But traveling alone scares her and she quickly finds someone to pretend to be her traveling companion. Erik Peterson seems to be the perfect compainion for the trip. But then she runs into her old love, Karl, and things become mixed up. It really is an exciting adventure and a great love story. Definitely a good read along with Washington Avalanche 1910.
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on November 27, 2002
Unyielding love, fateful tragedy, and simmering passions ignite the fiery pages of Cameron Dokey's Hindenburg, 1937. This novel is based on true events that occurred a few years prior to WWII. In the midst of Nazi rule, Anna Becker has just lost her grandfather, a man she deeply loved and admired. Now all Anna has left in the world is her older brother, Kurt, a member of the Nazi Party. Kurt is willing to marry Anna off to another Nazi official in order to further his own Nazi career. Unable to live such a life, Anna flees Frankfurt and boards the Hindenburg, the zeppelin aircraft heading to America. She meets Erik Peterson, a handsome young man who is mysteriously charming. But also on the Hindenburg is Karl Mueller, the man who left Anna broken hearted. Karl is undoubtedly a Nazi spy, and Anna's fear is masked by her passionate emotions for him.
Aboard the Hindenburg, Anna is forced to decide whom she should trust and as fate collides with the large helium airship, she must make a decision that will alter her future.
Inside the airship, a single spark could ignite the helium, threatening the lives of the Hindenburg's passengers. This novel goes that extra mile, bringing together true events and combining well-developed characters that are both memorable and loveable. The charismatic Erik, the dangerous Karl, the intelligent Anna, are the three main forces that drive this novel to perfection. Confined in the airship, soaring above the Atlantic Ocean, these three young people confront each other and confront what is to come.
Dokey's wit and charm is proven through the interactions between the main characters. The love triangle that develops amidst the dangers and deception is riveting to read; I could hardly put the book down. With the conclusion of each chapter, our heroine faces yet another barrier to struggle with, all building up to the explosive climax. Anna's character is easy to relate to. She's a courageous young woman facing a tremendous journey. Her triumphs and failures help us to understand her deepest convictions.
Packed with romance, intrigue and danger, this novel delivers just the right punches. When the last page has been reached and the final words have been read, the story will remain with the reader, haunting us with its unforgettable events. Hindenburg, 1937 is an amazing book, one that entwines the reader, leaving us satisfied yet craving more.
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on November 9, 1999
This book is wonderful. It is a sure page-turner. Reading is a hobby of mine and of all the books I've ever read, this is definately one of the best, because even the most reluctant reader will be unable to pu it down!
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on January 26, 2000
After reading Hindenburg, 1937, the story leaves me with a deep-down feeling of sorrow and regret. The kind that pinches you, like when something dreadful happens to someone close to you. And Anna, the main character in this book, feels close enough to touch, as if she is your friend. Yet in another way when you finish reading this book, it gives you a strong sense of victory and long-awaited independence for Anna. A young woman, now completely on her own who has lost the only one thing left that she loves, boldly decides to take a chance of mind and heart and boards the Hindenburg on a wish her dying grandfather left her and only her to fullfill. Her untrustworthy brother, once a dear little boy, now a Nazi, demands Anna not to board the Hindenburg; she is weak and needs a man to run her life and take care of her, he says. Ready to defy him and make her grandfather's dying wish reality, she bravely boards the mighty air ship. She is at once drawn to a pair of incredible dark green eyes belonging to a generous stranger. But when she finds out the man she once loved, but cannot understand, or forgive, will be with her on her journey, she clings to the piercing dark green eyes even more than before. But when the harsh realization of what is really happening reveals itself, will Anna be able to get out, before it's too late? This remarkable historical romance will leave you with a pounding heart and a new hope for a future.
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on July 1, 1999
It's the story of a young German girl named Anna. She is free spirted and likes to think for herself. A quality that is not looked well upon. After her grandfather has died Anna has no one to care for her except her Nazi brother, Kurt. In order to escape her brother's plan on marrying her off, Anna decides to go to America on the Hindenburg. On her voyage she meets the dashing Eric who helps with her plan on escaping. But she also meets up with Karl, her first love who broke her heart. Anna must choose who to trust between the two men, and her choice may effect the lives of the everyone on the Hindenburg. You will not be able to put this book down. It's truly excellent!
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on July 14, 2000
This is one of the best books that I have ever read. It takes place when WWII is beginning and her granfather dies a sudden, tragic death. Anna goes aboard the Hindenburg thinking it is her grandfather's dying wish. As it is unsafe for a young woman of 16 to travel alone, she hunts for a male companion. She meets Erik, a dashing young man who is eager to help her. Aboard she meets Karl, an man who has broken her heart. She is unsure of who to trust, Karl or Erik. The end is such a tragedy; I believe that anyone who buys this book will be delighted with it.
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on April 25, 2001
Hindenburg 1937 is very intrigueing book. It's about an intelligent young girl named, Fraulein Anna Becker.She runs away from her brother's plans for her life because she wants to make a life for herself. So she board the Hindenburg. As Anna travels, she meets lots of interesting people and meets back up with her old love, Karl Mueller. He tricked Anna into spying on Erik Peterson, a man Anna had met and was interested in. Anna was also having feelings for the man she once loved. Anna must look inside her heart to find the truth about how she feels
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