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on March 7, 2017
Great TV for the price! I bought this about a year ago and it's still going strong, I took off a star because it seems to have issues displaying fast action motion especially while playing the series Planet Earth. This could however be the fault of my player. All in all I've gotten plenty of good use out of it and I'm very happy with my purchase so far.
PS. This TV is heavy, moving it is a 2 man job
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on January 12, 2016
The color and black levels on this TV with local dimming are fantastic. Coming from my 6 year old LCD there is a huge noticeable difference.

I researched for months before deciding on purchasing this TV. The features in this set are comparable to those that cost twice as much (or more). Samsung TVs don't have FALD until you reach the JS9500, Sony doesn't have it at all, and LG you would have to shell out $3,000 for their 4k OLED TV to beat it. Vizio M series does have FALD, but there are only 24 zones (which I'll address shortly). Vizio's P series in 2014 did have more zones than the M series, but was missing in this years lineup. Perhaps in 2016 they'll reintroduce the P series that could rival this TV quality & price.

This TV should also be receiving an update enabling HDR. At CES last week, Hisense announced their entire 4k lineup will support HDR. But, they also acted as if the 55H9B2 and 65H10B2 were not yet available (they stated a Feb 2016 release date), so I'm holding my breath that this is actually the same model they were talking about. If this unit will truly be receiving an update enabling HDR, it will be by far the cheapest "true" HDR television currently available. By that I mean there are other televisions that technically support HDR, such as Sony's X850c, that aren't much more expensive, but they do not have FALD. You won't receiving much benefit from HDR if you can't properly use the enhanced contrast given to you from the HDR headers.

More on the Local Dimming zones -- the TV has 85 zones, which seems like a lot, but they are still fairly big zones. When there is a block of white text, there is a decent sized area around the text that you can tell the backlight is turned on. Imagine the Vizio M with only 24 zones, I'm not sure the local dimming would even be worth it. If you can afford it, the 65H10B2 has 240 zones (I think) and would likely be much better in this regard... But if you're spending that much, LGs 4k OLED would for sure be better quality.

Physically, this TV is very sleek and modern. I was apprehensive about a curved TV, but this isn't nearly as curved as some of the Samsung units that I have seen in stores. I wouldn't say the curve is a benefit, but I wouldn't say it detracts from the TV either. If anything, it being curved does impress visitors, even if it doesn't functionally do anything for you.

The speakers are decent quality for built-in, but they still can't be compared to having good externals -- or even a somewhat low priced (~$200) soundbar. I've been using the built-in speakers since purchasing the tv, and it's acceptable, but I can't deny that I miss the nice tower speakers I had previously setup.

The one major flaw I can think of is Hisense's support. I will not detract from my rating of the TV, since it is less to do with the TV and more with the company. I registered my TV to receive the extended (4 year) warranty. The registration page states you would receive a confirmation email. I never received one, and even tried registering again. I've reached out to support several times regarding registration, along with whether or not this is the same 55H9B series television being shown off at CES and have had no response.

So I am slightly worried that if there is a technical problem I may not be able to reach support, even with the fantastic warranty that is offered.

I emailed Amazon regarding their Amazon Instant Video app on the TV. Unfortunately, the app only supports 1080p and will not do 4k (and inherently would not do HDR if this TV does in fact support HDR -- still have not gotten confirmation on that front).
Here are some snippets from the response I've gotten:

"At this time, Ultra HD playback is only supported on the following Amazon Video compatible devices:

Amazon Fire TV (2ND Generation),Roku 4 and TVs
-- Samsung Ultra HD TVs (2014 models or later)
-- Sony Ultra HD TVs (2014 models or later)
-- LG Ultra HD TVs (2014 models or later)
-- Vizio Ultra HD TVs (2014 models or later)


To ensure utmost attention, I've forwarded your comments as feedback to the Amazon Instant Video Content Development team for future consideration.Thank you for taking your valuable time and writing back to us."

I think it would be a good idea for everybody to email them asking for an update to the Amazon Instant Video app to support 4K and HDR. The correct contact is (found through the "Feedback" section on the help page of the TV application).

Just received the first firmware update for the TV (Had shown Current Version: V00.01.00a.F021, Latest Version: F07.21.-F1.211). The beginning of the release reads:

"This update makes some improvements to the update process itself in preparation for the 4K compatibility update soon to follow"

So it appears the update for more 4K supporting apps (hopefully Amazon), and HDR, should be coming soon.

I contacted support regarding a firmware update to enable HDR. The chat support told me the update was finished last week, and sent me request to tier 2 to have the firmware update sent to me. They have informed me that the update will be publicly available on Sept 16th.

After Sept 16th I contacted support again, and was told the update release was moved to Sept 30th. Today is Sept 30th, and I contacted support yet again, and I am now being told the firmware update will not be released until sometime in November.

Seems like they're having issues if it keeps getting pushed back
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on December 17, 2015
At long last, after an extensive online search, I finally chose the Hisense 55H9B2 Curved 55-inch 4K Smart LED TV because it's a new, or at least a less known brand. Unlike many other well-known brands, who have been around for decades, Hisense is not resting on its laurels by cutting corners, and taking shortcuts, because it's still trying to assert itself into the market (to be noticed) by offering good quality products at a good price, so the timing, for me, was everything. My strategy turned out to be correct because I find that I love everything about this TV: It has a sharp, clear picture, wonderful, robust sound, great price and a host of other positive attributes. I especially love the fact that it has the You Tube, Netflix and Amazon keys right on the remote so that it's easy and quick to tune into those apps.
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on January 27, 2016
I am an individual who tends to do a good amount of research before I make a purchase. I usually want to know how well a product performs in the real world, what others thought of the product, as well as what the purchase price to actual value is. Due to this, I sometimes tend to purchase items that others may not have heard of, and typically those items go on to become well known. I did the same thing with Vizio when I purchased my last TV with them many years ago.

After doing my research, it appeared that the Hisense 55H9B2 had everything that I was looking for. I saw some other reviews that were less than stellar, but I have years of experience in knowing that sometimes, mistakes happen. All things are made by man, and we are not perfect, therefore I chalked their issues up to bad luck, or lack of research before purchasing. I was drawn to this TV because it was greater than 50 inches, it was able to display 4K content natively, it has 4K upscaling, it has HDMI 2.0 compliant connections, it has a 120 Hz refresh rate, the screen is curved, and it also has Full Array Local Dimming. 3D content was not something I was looking for, therefore this TV was ideal. Add in the fact that this TV was selling for $799, and I was sold.

The TV arrived very well packaged. It was basically a box within a box, and inside that box was about 4 to 5 inches of foam padding. If I had to have a single gripe about the packaging, it was that there was not plastic cling wrap over the actual screen to keep fingerprints off of the screen until after installation. There was a plastic bag over the whole TV, but it has to be removed in order to install either the base mount, or a rear VESA mount for wall mounting.

Once I got the TV fully unwrapped, I attached the VideoSecu MW380B wall mount to the back of the TV. I was a little worried if this mount would work with this TV being curved, but the VESA compliant mounting points were all parallel to each other. This allowed me to use spacers and then attach the mount as if it were a more traditional flat screen TV.

Once I got the TV mounted on the wall, I connected my Blu-Ray player and popped in my Disney WOW: World of Wonder Blu-ray disc so that I could optimize the TV. First off, I went ahead and played a few clips so that I could get a good before and after. Right out of the box, this TV looks fantastic. All of the colors looked great, crisp, and clean. The upscaling to 4K did not leave any noticable artifacts like I envisioned it might, as some reviews of other other TV brands had mentioned. Once I began the calibration of the TV, I found that I basically had very negligible changes that were needed to be made to my TV. I believe that I turned the Hue down by 1, and upped the sharpness by 1, as well as the contrast by 1. If you did not have this DVD set to calibrate your TV, you should be fine with the factory settings. Either way, the blacks look amazing on this TV, something that I was worried about as well.

After calibrating the TV, I connected my Ethernet cable to the back of the TV and logged into my Netflix account, and decided to watch some 4K content. The detail on the shows were simply amazing. I cannot wait for more 4K content to become available. I then tested out Youtube, and once again, I was blown away. I also tried Amazon next, but for some reason, the Amazon app seemed to struggle to download at 4K quality, in spite of the success that I had with both Netflix and Youtube. I tried connecting to my wireless network instead, just to make sure, and still had the same issue. I tested Netflix and Youtube again on the wireless, and had great results. Who knows, maybe it was just a bad day for Amazon servers and bandwidth.

If I had to be disappointed with anything about this TV, it is the lack of apps with the Opera TV Store. I really would like the ability to use my Plex Server with this TV, as well as use Hulu, and Twitch.TV. Until there are native Opera TV apps that support those, I have connected my Google Chromecast to the TV.

If you are looking for one the best 4K TVs for less than $1000, and would like a curved screen, and are not worried about having 3D capabilities, then I would highly recommend this TV for you.

I have also attached photos of the inputs, since it is near impossible to find any online. (EDIT: The pictures keep disappearing off of Amazon. Not sure why).

UPDATE #1: Hisense just pushed out a firmware update for the TV yesterday on March 3rd, 2015

UPDATE #2: After having this TV for over 3 months, I just wanted to say that I am still in awe of this TV. The audio is sufficiently loud, and where the TV is currently mounted, I can pull it away from the wall and turn it towards the kitchen, which makes cooking and cleaning while enjoying a show or movie very enjoyable, without missing what anyone says. The picture is simply fantastic. I have already had several people ask me about the TV and the brand, and what my thoughts are once they see the TV in person. The curve always comes up. I usually have guests move around the living room and see if they get any dimming that they might expect, and they don't. Granted, my TV is only located 15 feet from the couch, with a love seat and a chair located to the left and right of the couch, so the viewing angles are not some extreme angle. The dimming on this TV gives me some of the blackest blacks I have seen on a TV in a long time. Once I get a chance to test the HDR on this TV, I will give another update as well.

UPDATE #3: HDR Content on Netflix looks fantastic. Daredevil or Marco Polo are the easiest shows to use for HDR content. Just do a search in Netflix for HDR if you want other shows that use it.

UPDATE #4: I just got a call from Hisense regarding the Amazon app. Apparently the latest firmware update (firmware ending in S1228) now allows for Amazon Prime Instant Video to display in 4K resolution. This is great news as it means that I will not end up having to purchase a Fire TV in order to enjoy the 4K goodness that this TV delivers.
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on April 20, 2016
I hesitated to buy this online without being able to see it, but it had good reviews and the price was very reasonable, so I decided to take a chance. Well, let me tell you, what a good choice that was. This TV is as good (and much better) than many I have seen for a lot more money. The picture is clear as a bell and the sound is wonderful (without a sound bar). I can't say anything bad about this product, so if you are in the market for a new TV please do not hesitate to purchase this. You will be glad you did
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on October 15, 2016
Easy to set up. Doesn't allow you to play 4K blu ray. You will get a blank screen. Will need to adjust the settings. Has good options based on room lighting built in.
Follow-up. 10/20/16. Contacted Hisense and got one email back asking for tv model and serial #. No response to that yet.

Still no 4K blu ray. But the cable picture is very good. Changed the rating. An upgrade maybe coming in late November.
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on June 1, 2016
I'm still in awe with this tv after owning it for almost four months. My only complaint is I just recently bought the Samsung 4k blu ray player and when I try connecting the player in either the hdmi 3 or 4 I receive no picture. I only receive picture and sound through hdmi 1 and 2. The Samsung player also threw up a message indicating it was not HDCP 2.2 compatible. I imagine only hdmi 3 and 4 should be or will be after Hisense releases an update and after repeated emails to Hisense concerning this issue I have received no response. I've read other reviews stating the same thing about their customer service. HISENSE, please release an update concerning HDR and HDCP 2.2.
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on March 21, 2016
Ordered this tv for my den. The price and specs were very attractive. I don't think I found a 4K curved anywhere for less than $1,000. I got the TV delivered on time by Amazon and found that there was a crack in the screen. What really surprised me was how easy and helpful Amazon was to get me a replacement. I hit the button on my app to return and immediately I had instruction on what to do and that they were shipping a new one out. Two thumbs up for that! For the money this TV is great. I have a Samsung JD8500 65 inch and paid way more than that and that TV is certainly better but again for the money and the specs this is a no brained for someone looking for a new TV.
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on March 16, 2016
I was watching the price and reviews before I bought this TV for weeks.. I have had it for almost a month now and I can truly say it is awesome so far ... the first thing you should do is update it, after the update everything is beautiful... I'm a huge gamer and let me tell you NBA 2K never looked better and I had a 1080p TV previously.. call of duty black ops3 definitely looks nice! .... people say the curve doesn't make a difference SMH after watching Jessica Jones for a couple weeks with my girlfriend and then going to watch it on her 55" flat screen I was definitely more enthralled on my TV.. the feeling is good after watching it a while you can tell a difference... I feel like its easier on the eye... sports are good but with the speed of the basketball game I could notice some blur.... I turned the sharpness down to 2 and it really made a difference..... I love the fact that you tube is a part of this deal! What's life without you tube and plus I stream from my laptop with a mini hdmi port and it works seamlessly..... I highly recommend this TV... I got the Amazon insurance just in case there's a problem, I know Amazon will take care of it no problem, although this company offers a four year warranty... I got lucky, when I bought this TV it was only 750.... I compared it and the specs inside were only in the higher end Samsung TV that average in the 1500- 2500 range... this TV was well worth the 750 price tag! I see it is now a thousand dollars... clearly in 4k I tell you it was worth it...... And believe it or not, the sound is really amazing! Good luck with your purchase... hisense definitely made a name for themselves with this one!
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on November 6, 2015
Listed as active 3D compatible. Hisense support line says they do not sell 3D TVs but they do. The first rep I talked to did not even know of this model. No 4:4:4 4K 60Hz support. Numerous Smart TV software bugs and UI problems. Blacks and colors look great, viewing angles good, little lightbleed, very uniform, but noise is bad. Settings are over simplified. Poor support, settings, noise, lack of 4:4:4 4K 60Hz, and incorrectly listing 3D. Not a fun experience.

Update: Sorry if the original review was oversimplified. To elaborate on their software problems, the picture attached shows the UI not stretching all the way to the right, aspect ratio cannot be changed, there is random lag in the UI menus, and overscan seems wonky. The TV is good, but not good enough for what I bought it for.

Update 2: Now that I have owned this TV for a few months I am happy enough with my purchase. I bought it as a large, curved, 4K(for screen real estate) monitor replacement. And it works. I can display many windows right in front me without hurting my neck. I usually have a browser, file explorer windows, a video, and a programming app all in my face at once as if I had 4 27 inch 1080p monitors. It really is insane watching 4K content 3 feet from your face. With the lights off it feels like a giant Oculus Rift.

Somehow my new R9 390 8GB by MSI does 4:4:4 chroma in 4K 60Hz. But the 390 series do not have HDMI 2.0 ports so I have no idea how this works. But it works look great, text is amazing to read, and videos play smoothly on my PC, all in glorious 4K.

Sadly there still hasn't been a firmware update to fix any bugs. The TV does turn on slow and all the apps are slow to navigate. But the TV works for me so I kept it despite the hassle.

Big, curved, and good design
Great colors, blacks, contrast, viewing angles
4K 60Hz panel (4:4:4 chroma)
Gloss film isn't too reflective
Quality basic smart remote
Bezels thinner than Samsung's 4Ks
Quite decent built in speakers

Picture noise
Local dimming zones are large but expected
No 3D as originally listed
PWM (Flicker)
Settings are limited and basic
UI lag
No 1080p 120Hz (tested with GTX and R9 gpus)
Cables included are short

To sum it up into a sentence: a fairly basic 4K curved TV that is worth it if you can find under $999.
review image
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