Customer Reviews: Hitachi C10FS 10-Inch Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw
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on October 3, 2000
..But not quite there! I work in Montana building high end homes where a sliding compound miter saw is a must. We use them for both exterior and interior finish where tight tolerances are essential. We have the Hitachi, a Dewalt DW708, and a Makita LS1211. The Hitachi makes accurate, precise cuts and has a silky smooth sliding action. It is durable, and at 10 amps doesn't require setting up as close to the power supply as the 15 amp Makita or the 13 amp Dewalt. Most of the guys prefer it, but I am in the minority of 2 who do not. The reason is that the Hitachi has a cluttered miter scale that is very hard to decipher in the 25-45 degree range. Us older guys can't see anyway, and this makes it worse! It also is extremely difficult to make minute adjustments near the detent settings, a real drawback when making 1/32" to nothing adjustments on a cut piece. Both of these are significant drawbacks in my book, as we change miter settings regularly. The bevel indicator scale is also hard to read, and the tilt-lock design needs improving. However, the saw does not wander in the cut when cutting wide stock (with a competent operator), which the Dewalt is particularly prone to. I plan to upgrade soon, and will probably go with the new Makita 12". But the Hitachi is very common on jobsites in my area, and in our company there are at least 6 guys that own one. They love 'em!
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on December 31, 1999
I've used all of the current slide saws on the market and this one is by far the most accurate, and feature loaded. The belt drive system is complimented with a soft start and electronic feedback feature which maintains the speed of the blade no matter what type of material your cutting through. It also has an exclusive feature called an ajustable chip guard which supports the material when you cut through it. So if your cutting small material you don't get any chip out because the material will not flex because of the support. It also allows you to pinpoint where the blade kerf will cut into the material, similiar to a laser set up, but more accurate. It also will cut through the same size dimensional lumber that a 12" blade will, but with more accuracy because the blade is smaller. It comes standard with a 40 tooth blade, bag, and vice clamp. Give this tool a try and you'll never want to part with it!
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on April 19, 2000
I've used this saw for a few years now, and more projects than I can shake a stick at. Prior to this purchase, I checked out the "Other Guys" top rated slide saws only to discover major dissapointments one after another. These other saws have 12 inch blades and I found them susceptible to 'blade wander', a real problem with all 12" blade saws. The C10FS is the first real solution to every craftman's ( ladies too! ) problem of accuracy and repeat-ability in a miter saw. The slide is smooth as it is pushed thru the stock to be cut. I've made half-lap joints in red pine 4x4's and they came out perfect every time. The slides themselves are easy to maintain, just wipe them with a soft cloth ** never used compressed air to blow them off - it will ruin the bearing bushing ** The ease of transport and set up can't be beat. In closing, it's simply the best sliding compound miter saw for the money. Great features, excedes every other saw on the market, priced right.
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on November 21, 2000
I waited a long time to buy this saw hoping the price would come down - especially when DeWalt introduced their 12" model. I could wait no longer and bought the saw for about $700.00. I've spent 2-1/2 years building my house with this saw - a fairly complex three story Victorian and enjoyed using it. Now the [lower] price ... seems like a bargin to me. The accuracy and the action of the saw are very good but the guages are difficult to read.
Also, a word of caution: You really need a wide work space on which to secure this saw because the weight of the head in the up postion, pushed on the way back can make the saw flip over backwards if used on too narrow a surface when not screwed down. That's how I lost mine off the 12" railing of my third floor balcony. An estimated $400. repair bill has essentially totaled it. It is not as easily portable as you might expect. I feel like someone ran over my dog.
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on August 7, 2000
I would like to update my experience with this saw. This saw will cut very accurate simple miter only angles, BUT on bevel angles it won't cut as accurate as one would hope for. When I gave my first review I hadn't tried any bevel cuts. When I tried beveling, it was a different story. The cuts were off by 1/16 or a little more. I used the hold down clamp & the fences on the saw were square, but it still wouldn't produce true cuts. I sent the saw back & tried another one with the same result. I think the head of this saw it too heavy for it's rail & carriage system. When the saw is tilted at steep angles like 45 the weight of the saw head seems to sag just enough to throw the cuts off by about 1/16. If you put a square on the saw you can see where it runs-out. I know this saw has a great track record, but I've had two of them with little success on getting accurate bevels with either one. This saw is ok for building a deck,porch,etc,but if you want dead on bevel miters for fine woodworking this might not be the one for you. I really liked this saw at first because of the features it has, crown stops @ 31.6 & 35.3 & bevel stops @ 30 & 33.9, it has a smooth sliding action,etc. I'm just very disappointed it didn't work out. I gave it 3 stars because it does cut very good angle only miters & it does have alot of features most saws don't have. Now I'm going to try the Makita LS1212. I hear from alot of people it's a great tool.I tried contacting Hitachi about the problem, but they were of litte help. It's probably just because I was talking to a guy that didn't know a miter saw from & hack saw! I guess you can get those kind of people from all the tool companys sometimes. If you have any questions about the saw please E-mail me Rich
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on December 11, 1999
It is a pleasure to use this machine. The engineers at Hitachi must have spent a lot of time with this design. Purchased in anticipation of remodeling my home I focused on three things: safety, accuracy and ease of setup. Because it was me who was going to do the cutting safety was a big factor. This is not a machine to use without a constant awareness for your safety. Hitachi provided some good features to help you keep your fingers. Please provide more safety by wearing safety glasses. Prior to using the saw, I did not think I would use the hold down device ("Vise Assembly"). However because of it's ease of use I found that it was worth the few seconds it took to secure the work piece. Occasionally this proved to be prudent as a hidden defect in the wood would cause a sudden `explosion' of the work piece. Invariably the hold-down device kept the large portion of the piece safely secure. The adjustable fences allow correct configuration for each operation. This is particularly important when trimming small portions off the end of a molding. Correct positioning of the fences reduced the possibility that a small cutoff piece would jam between the blade and fence. Cutting accuracy was aided by the pre-planned stops when selecting a common cutting angle. At first I did not rely on these `soft' feeling stops but soon I learned to trust the tactile feedback and the stops are very accurate. Setting up for difficult cuts such as crown moldings and non-symmetrical cuts was fast, intuitive and repeatable. This is not true with the two other "sliders" that I have used. This saw has become one of the feature attractions in my shop. Did I mention that you should always wear safety glasses with this machine?
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on June 6, 2000
I looked for a long time at sliding miter saws. I think the Hitachi is the best of the group. It has a large cutting range,easy to adjust from side to side, the sliding action is very smooth. It has a soft start, belt driven motor that won't twist your hand out of joint when you pull the triger. It seems to cut very accurate at all the different angles. The blade that comes with it is a Terynu,it's pretty good, but the higher end Terynu blades with more teeth will give you a better finish on your cuts. To sum it up, I like it a whole lot & would recomend it over the other saws from Makita or Dewalt. If you have questions about it, please feel free to e-mail me. Rich
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on September 5, 2000
The best slider on the market and only 4 stars? To explain, I like almost everything about this saw. The motor is strong and refined ( constant speed feature really helps ), the detents for crowns are all there ( not painted on like the DeWalt . . . ) it has the best stock cutting specs of any of the 10" saws, and the slide action is smooth and accurate. My problems are that when making bevel cuts ( and sometimes when carrying ) the tilt/ bevel mechanism has no resistance and can swing out of control. The head of the saw is heavy enough that you either strain breifly to slow it down or risk damging the saw. The other quiblle I have is that it is hard to move. The handle on top of the saw seems inadequate ( or atleast poorly placed ) to me. The Dewalt has a nice built in handle, I just can't justify buying that saw because its easier to lift. I solved the mobiltiy issue by purchasing the Rousseau miter saw stand. Aside from those criticisms, this is a great saw and I'd buy it again ( but it won't wear out ) !
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on January 31, 2000
The miter saw that will greatly improve your pruduction and quality of work. Start up is very smooth,Bevels right and left(keeps you from having to turn your stock around) Most don't like the hard to read angels on base and neck, but is ok with me. This saw combinded with a nice Miter Stand (I have mine mounted on the Rouseau Stand with ext. wing and stop system), is the perfect set up for any jobsight.. For the guys that want a saw that seems to cut the mustard in a miter, compound miter,square cut how ever you like your mustard? This is the saw to do the job right!
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on May 25, 2000
You can call me a snob, but I hate inferior products. It took me a long time to choose a mitre saw. I looked at every available brand and design. When I finally chose the Hitachi, it was after very thorough home work. That home work paid off in spades! This tool is easy to use and set up, durable and it looks cool too! If anyone has installed moulding before, especially crown moulding, you know what a pain it is. This saw takes the guess work out of your cuts with very positive detents and easy to read mitre/ bevel guages. Every other saw I've used seems like a toy compared to this one.
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