Customer Reviews: Hitachi CG22EASSLP 21.1cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Straight Shaft Grass Trimmer (CARB Compliant)
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on May 24, 2010
UPDATE: Good news, machine has so far worked flawless. The bad news, my son broke our sliding glass patio door using this due to a flying rock. The shield, in my opinion is too small. You have been warned.


Very pleased with this purchase, great value, hard to believe this comes with a 7 year warranty!

First things first, it is light-weight compared to my old Poulan. It's not feather weight, but for the power, I don't think it gets much better. I ran the machine for 45 minutes straight. (I have almost two acres of mostly trees and a lot of fencing). My arms were tired, but the fact I could run the machine that long without my arms falling off is remarkable.

The engine and power transmission are very smooth with little vibration. You can set the unit down on the ground while running without it bouncing away. Throttle control is perfect and precise. You will be running this unit at half-throttle most of the time, unless you like stripping bark of your trees.

String feeder works fine, I had to bump it a few extra times, but I was using the line that came with the machine. Note to self, order a spool of string, they only load with a few feet. I have not had a chance to load string, so I can't tell you the process on that.

I took down a 20'x20' weed infested garden in about 15 minutes, mostly full throttle all the way. It has the power when you need it.

The only hiccups I could complain about is the on-off switch is in a bad location. I inadverntly turned the machine off three times. However, staring it up was a joy. One pull in choke position, and a second pull in open postion and your off and running. Plus, no smoke!

Also, the shield is not much of a shield, get on the wrong side of the trimmer and you will get sand blasted with grass and mud.

All and all, you can tell the quality of this is very high and with 7 years of future abuse ahead, I think it will be no problem at all.
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VINE VOICEon July 26, 2011
This is a powerful trimmer that starts easily every time. In over a year's use it's run flawlessly, including the trimmer head.

The problem is it leaks gas, in my case because of a rotten hose from the fuel tank to the carburetor (see posted picture). At first I noticed the tank was empty and there was a strong gasoline smell in the garage. No explanation so I only filled the tank about a third and it worked fine. Next time I filled it and it leaked again, then stalled out after starting like it was starved for fuel. On easy dis-assembly it was immediately clear one of the hoses from the fuel tank to the primer bulb was disconnected and on further inspection it was clear it was rotten.

I called customer service in Norcross, GA and spoke with a woman who first wanted to know why I thought they should cover this under warranty. I explained the product was a little over one year into a seven year warranty. I had to listen to her read something about proper fuel mixtures. Then she explained that since I didn't have an account with Hitachi, I'd have to take it to their service center, only a 33 mile drive. I asked if I could buy the part and after emailing a parts blowup and finding the part was $1.38, she explained I couldn't buy it from them anyway and besides it's out of stock for at least another month. The customer service representative explained how Hitachi is pinching every penny.

No big deal, I can buy a piece of fuel line from Amazon or a local auto parts store that carries fuel lines for small engines, but this is completely opposite my experience with a Troy-Bilt trimmer. The Troy-Bilt people were anxious to make me happy and shipped a whole gear box and trimmer head under warranty in a heartbeat without any receipts from me.

As great as this trimmer is, it's worthless if it doesn't run and with the OEM fuel line they pinched one too many pennies. One star for being unwilling to help me get this running again.
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on June 1, 2010
I got this string trimmer to tackle a quarter-acre of weeds. I bought a house last Winter and the yard had not been cared for in over 2 years. The back is full of huge broad-leaf weeds with 2' roots and garlic-mustard plants. I bought the Hitachi based on its reputation for durability compared to the chain-store brands like Poulan, Weed Eater, Craftsman, and Troy-bilt.

I've only had it for a month now, but it works great. This trimmer has no problem at all running for 90 minutes at a time and getting coated in weed juice. I definitely recommend wearing eye protection as this trimmer is easily powerful enough to fling chunks of weeds into your face. The .095 line is very durable and doesn't break when it hits the occasional rock or tree.

The price may be high when you compare it to the cheaper entry-level models on Amazon, but with a 7-year warranty I think this trimmer will still be around when I finally whack my last 5-foot weed.
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on June 21, 2010
On the side of the box of the Hitachi I found the word "professional". "Yeah, right," I thought. However, I have been through trimmer purgatory. My first attempt was an electric Black and Decker 36V beast. It trimmed for about 15 minutes and then checked out. Determined to get more power and reliability, I bought a Craftsman 4-stroke. Plenty of power, but so heavy my arm started hurting after 10 minutes. The Poulan and Husqvarna 2-strokes also failed to impress. Husqvarna still makes good high-end equipment, but the lower end model is nothing more than a more expensive Poulan. Furthermore, I don't want my trimmer to be a blower, chainsaw, rototiller, or anything else. I want a good trimmer. Last, I tried a propane trimmer, and it was underpowered and kept dying on me.

This particular trimmer fit my budget at $[...]. I lucked out and bought it on sale, but it is worth the retail price (Hitachi is also giving a $[...] rebate right now, so my cost with tax was only $[...]. I love the one-piece shaft, as I have had other trimmers break at this point. It is incredibly lightweight, so I experienced no fatigue. It has power. Lots of power. My yard now has clean lines everywhere I look. I wish I had started with the Hitachi. I would have saved so much time and effort, but I can rest in knowing that the next 7 years (at least) will be trimming fun.
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on September 22, 2010
We just received this a month ago, so I can't comment on its durability -- but the seven-year warranty suggests that it will be durable.
Thirty years ago I bought a Stihl brushcutter/trimmer, used it to clear the brush from my three overgrown acres, used it on neighbors' places, and fairly wore it out. Ever since then, with no brush to clear, I have bought light-duty string trimmers, and bought , and bought and bought! They all died in a year or two. But they were light and cheap. The latest one was dying, and I decided to get something more durable -- but not as costly as Stihl.
This Hitachi is about twice the price of the cheapies, but half the price of the Stihl. The customer reviews here at persuaded me to get this line trimmer.
It was well packaged and arrived on time. At first I was disappointed that it had no harness; but when I used it, no harness was needed. It is a little heavier than the cheapies. It's much stronger and more quiet than the cheapies. Right away I used it for trimming some grass, then set it to work on a job for a sharp shovel -- removing up to two inches of turf which had grown over a concrete walk in our back yard. Here's the "WOW!" It tore off all that turf.
I turned it over to the maintenance man for our apartments. He declared that it is great. He uses it for trimming and to maintain the sharp edge between the grass and sidewalks.
One word of caution. When the trimming season is over, empty the gas mix, and run the tool until it is completely out of gas. A fouled carburetor will disable even the best engine. NOTE! ANOTHER READER TELLS US TO USE "STABIL" IN THE GAS TANK. HE HAS HAS AN ENGINE RUINED WHEN HE RAN IT EMPTY. I HAVE NEVER HAD THAT EXPERIENCE. PLEASE LOOK AT HIS COMMENT TO MY REVIEW. (Oct. 2, 2011, and my trimmer is still going strong.)
p.s. If you buy a particularly good or bad product, it will be great if you share your experience in a customer review. For me, these reviews are what make my marketplace of choice.
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on October 3, 2011
This item broke after use of 3 times. The string that you need to pull to start this, got stuck. May be its easy fix, but when I called Hitachi to get this repaired under warranty, I was given a phone number which is not valid. You ca call that number any time of the day, it would just one picks up. I live in Chicago.. If you are not living near bigger city you need to "ship" this at your own expense.

So please please DO NOT FALL for the 7 years warranty, its garbage. I just wasted 200 $ on this..
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on May 28, 2010

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on July 28, 2011
Received this Hitachi CG22EASSLP in fairly timely fashion. Packaging showed no damage but the muffler protector (cover) was broken and some parts were lose in the shipping box. I have emailed Hitachi twice regarding the broken part but have not received any reply and am not sure if I can get any support from Amazon. I attached the cutting head to the shaft but am not sure if I did it correctly as I have not been able to get the engine to run, even with close adherence to the directions and using a variety of oil/gasoline mixtures. The times that I did get it to run briefly, the cutting head came lose along with the spacer, suggesting that I missed something when I attached the cutting head. I have not had problems with previous weed eaters or two stroke engines. I would return it but the cardboard boxes were rained on and ruined. Perhaps someone can provide me with suggestions on what to do now. Thanks
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on June 15, 2010
Easy to install the major parts to get going. Lighter than my old Ryobi 700r. Noise level is typically at the loud level that a gas trimmer can get. Pushing it at full rpm makes it loud. Shaking vibration is definitely less noticeable. I've noticed it doesn't use up as much gas mixture as my old trimmer. Worked on my yard which is about 4500 sq ft for about 40 minutes. Used about 70% of the tank. The most amazing part is how you replace the string. Popping out the trimmer head without unscrewing a screw is new to me. What's more easier is how you wind up the replacement string. It is a lot easier and faster. Starting up is above average. The first pull worked really well but the 2nd time I had to crank it up took a few try before it started. I will have to try a few more times before I can review the ease of starting up. This was one of prime concern because my last one really didn't start up easily. Straight shaft really makes a difference.

Start up on the first pull is consistent enough for me to support my rating.
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on May 27, 2012
I bought this product because I got tired of the wimpy performance from every electric trimmer I have ever owned. The first thing I noticed that this trimmer uses a much thicker string. And a thicker string lasts longer and gives you more power. This power allows you to knock down the heavier weeds and brush that you are likely to come across in your yard. My yard is 3 acres in a forested area outside of Seattle.

The unit starts easy and runs for about two hours without refueling. It's well balanced and for the most part appears to be a copy of the more expensive Echo SRM225 (this is the model my neighbor owns). However, the Hitachi is quieter!

I did notice a few complaints on the other trimmer reviews, in regards to the fuel lines expanding/leaking and coming loose. This is NOT a manufacturers defect folks, this is due to the high ethanol content in the fuel you use. Ethanol causes moisture to form in the tank, which can wreak havoc on a small gas powered engine. The best thing to do, is buy your gas, add an ethanol remover additive (they sell this at auto parts stores), let it sit for a few days prior, then mix your oil in and go... don't blame the trimmer OEM's, it's the fuel, not the machine! I only use Chevron gas (does not use ethanol) on all of my small 2 cycle engines (trimmer, chain saw, motor bike, etc.) and I have never had fuel leak problems.
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