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on December 9, 2014
This is a really good game that with one tweak could have been a great game. The developers chose to make it a checkpoint only save system and that alone has caused it to not be as enjoyable as it should have been.

The lack of manual saves on this title severely limits the enjoyment for me. The game is all about hiding and taking your time, casing your environment and learning everything you can while finding the traps and such. There's nothing as irritating as going for longer than an hour setting up the perfect kills in a multiple target level to have some real life scenario make you have to leave the game. At that point the choice is either run as fast as possible through the rest of the game to find the next checkpoint and end it, or take the loss of that perfectly executed (every pun intended) hour and have to redo it again.

Consolitis is the bane of PC gaming.
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on November 28, 2012
With the return of Hitman after a 6 year hiatus, hardcore fans were psyched with a release of a seemingly flawless product, but questions remained as it neared release date. People now began to realize some major cons in the game, as I did with my further gameplay.

-The disguise system is flawed, do not play on anything past normal on your first playthrough, my advice to you. This new 'instinct' system they implemented is the only way you can avoid being detected by someone with the same disguise as you, and they detect you at long distances!
-No weapon upgrades in Campaign! This bothered some people, but I don't care personally, and while they are still present in the new Contracts feature, I think that it wasn't a big deal leaving them absent in the Story.
-This game is not, by any means, Blood Money 2. If you loved Blood Money, and didn't care as much for any of the other games in the franchise, you might dislike this game. My advice to you is, DO NOT QUIT EARLY IN THE GAME. The early game is seriously boring, that's why I advise playing on normal, so you don't spend hours on levels that have no targets, I agree the levels spent simply evading Cops instead of killing targets is a bore, don't spend all your time playing this, advance!

+Very long and enjoyable Campaign, I pumped about 15-20 hours in playing just it, although the story does fall flat, not only to me but others as well.
+Contracts mode is awesome! You know have the ability to travel back to stages in the Campaign, yet pick your own target from that level, picking up what you will from the level and setting the grounds for your own contract. This mode is a huge step for the franchise, and with the development of a new Hitman game already being announced, I would like to see them take this even further, with level modifications possible in addition to target modifications.
+The new kill animations rock! Being able to kill any target with truly anything you spot is a huge plus.
+New instinct system, while I think it was implemented poorly, it is a good idea in theory. The problem is that in order to hide your disguise (putting a hand over your head and hiding while walking past a guard) it requires instinct. I want an explanation as to why, in order for 47 to hide his face, he has to have some special superpower, if he runs out of it, guess what? He can't put a hand over his face. The system is very cheesy, but you learn to look past it and use it how it was meant to be. For more hardcore players you may want to turn all of instinct's help off and just use it to get past guards, because I don't see how this is playable without instinct to sneak past guards.
+Graphics are gorgeous! My fps was pretty poor, but my computer isn't top notch, even still I loved the graphics, seeing Agent 47's bald head finally rendered without choppy graphics six years later is actually pretty satisfying.

In conclusion, if you like stealth games, buy this game. Hitman Blood Money, the game prior to this one, was strictly an Assassination puzzler. This game, however appears to be more stealh-based, sneak past without being spot, but they don't force you to play that way. The biggest gripe about this game seemed to me to be that Hitman: Absolution didn't turn into Hitman: Blood Money 2. The game developers sought to evolve the game, and you must applaud them for that. Whether all game evolutions are well-received or not, this is not some company seeking to pump out a repetitive franchise game.

My word to you would be buy this game, if you played Blood Money, and liked it, BUY IT. You cannot know your opinion off one review, every person's opinion will vary. I didn't know if I truly liked the game until IO Interactive blew me away with levels like Blackwater Park near the end of the game. I don't understand why they decided to make these droll levels in such early game that seemingly discourages all new players from continuing simply because they are sick of running away!

If you haven't played a Hitman game, but are a stealth game fan, boy will you love this game. You will get a lot of play out of this game simply by trying to progress every level without being spotted, and after finishing a level where you do so you will feel very accomplished. But as with every stealth game it can be aggravating, what I enjoy about Hitman is it gives you the choice, if there is a guard that has spotted you, you can hit him with a quick punch, hide the body, and be on as if nothing happened. When you rage at the game, and are sick of a level, you can unload on everyone (even though it seems farfetched, this is extremely enjoyable when you are fed up with the game mechanics). Me writing this long of a review proves how much I like this game, even with its flaws.
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on November 10, 2015
But horrible if you are expecting another Blood Money.

This game works best if you consider it a side story to the Hitman franchise. Because aside from some familiar characters and gameplay elements, it's a completely different game from the previous titles.

Missions are all mostly linear affairs, as opposed to the fairly open world structure of the original games. This game is also far more story and character oriented. Which really depends on how you feel about it, but it does get kinda silly.

The game isn't all that bad though. You still get choices in the missions, but it does feel more railroaded than Blood Money. And you still need to attempt assassinations without getting caught. Though this is also partly undone by your own get out of detection free instinct mode, in which agent 47 puts his fingers up to his temples, and he's free from detection, even when out in the open. And you can still change outfits to get access to places and things that you wouldn't otherwise, and this feature works practically the same.

There is a lot more gunplay than before. To the point where going guns a'blazing is an actual viable way of playing the game now. There's even a bullet time auto aim feature that can do the shooting for you. But you can go without doing much of the gunplay if you don't want to. If anything, I'd just consider it another option that the game gives you, rather than an expected way to play the game. You can still stealth most of the game.

So to fans of the previous titles in this series, it's a derisive game. Some people flat out hated it. I myself, I think it's worth a play through. You just have to taper expectations as to what this game is. It isn't a bad games it just isn't what a lot of people wanted from Hitman.
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on March 9, 2013
I bought this game around launch date in 2012. I absolutely love it. If you want a detailed review check out one of the review sites.

- Fun game, new cover system is nice
- Hilarious dialog and dark humor that the original games had
- Fun and interesting story
- Difficultly levels balanced well
- Controls are nice
- Graphics are pretty good (Not Crysis 3 good but good)
- It's Hitman!!! Who never enjoyed a Hitman game before??

- cover system although nice it a little too "mandatory" to use now (like if you're not perfectly in cover enemies notice you alot more)
- Wish the story was a bit longer!
- ... can't believe I'm saying this but not much replay-ability, Hitman is one of those games once you beat it you only play it once in a while when you're bored. They added a new "contracts" mode which allows players to replay certain parts of missions with certain requirements (like breaking into a mansion wearing an Alvin the chipmunk suit and you have to kill someone with a fire pick or something). Fun and hilarious but a bit repetitive after a while
- Broken save system, beat 3/4th's of the game and had to restart from scratch once!

I got the PC version of this game, it's blast. No, this isn't Halo 4/Crysis 3 good, but this game is a blast and it's hard for the underdog games like Hitman to compete with AAA titles anymore with such a diverse market. Hitman will always hold a special place in my heart as a gamer, these games are just so fun and unique. If you like hitman in the past or never played it, I definitely recommend picking this game up and supporting the company that makes it. It's a VERY fun and addicting game.

One note though - PARENTS I recommend NOT buying this for someone at least 14 or under, these games are a bit... disturbing. Fowl language, strip clubs, and that's just the beginning. This game shows in gruesome detail how a hitman operates - poisoning people, choking them with fiber wire, dumping bodies in everything from ponds to dumpers, I love video games but please, pay attention to the ESRB rating. With today's psychopaths shooting up schools/move theaters, this is definitely one title I recommend keeping out of kids/teenagers hands till they are mature enough to appreciate the game while knowing it's just a fun work of fiction.
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on October 20, 2016
People say this game sucks and is not the real 47 like in other games. How in the world would you know what a professional assassin would do? Are you one? Obviously no or you wouldn't be playing this game. I wont leave any spoilers but are you saying he would never have any feelings after a company screws him over that he has worked for his entire life. No I'm sure he would just turn the other cheek and say oh well I'm sure they were looking out for my best interest. God forbid an adult has a drink. I mean what kind of animal drinks liquor. Love the game, love how its a lot harder than previous titles. Graphics are just awesome. This game made me fall in love with Hitman all over again. 5/5 will defiantly be playing it again.
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on October 8, 2014
I've been playing Hitman games since Hitman 2, and this game definitely has different game mechanics and level layouts than its predecessors. It took some getting used to, but after the first few levels I was thoroughly enjoying this game. The different unlockables had me coming back to replay levels, but a single play-through was very satisfying and challenging. This is a quality game that's very polished and complete, with very little quirkiness. I should probably mention that I played this on PC, as I have with all Hitman games. I've played a few dozen user-created contracts, and it was fun at first but became tedious after a while.

The reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is the lack of an in-game map and a strange progress saving mechanic. I realized that I relied on the map a lot from the previous games, and it would have made this game easier to play. I think the developers omitted it because the story has 47 going through unknown locations that he probably wouldn't have had time to scout out. So maybe they wanted to make it feel more authentic. But still, they could have removed the map for professional difficulties (hard, expert, and purist) and left it in for the enhanced difficulties (easy and normal). And the problem with progress saving is that when you complete a section of a level the very first time, whatever disguise you were wearing and whatever weapons you were carrying are what you have when you replay that section later on. If you replay a section, the game doesn't overwrite your disguise and weapon loadout. What you had the first time is what stays forever. Unless you want to start a whole new game. These aren't dealbreakers, just room for improvement.
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on January 5, 2017
Most definitely the best game in the Hitman series. Interesting plot and gameplay mechanics. You must hunt down your targets and use stealth and your wits to take them down, often without being detected. Sometimes your target will be in a heavily guarded facility or mansion, sometimes they will be out in the open surrounded by hundreds of unknowing civilians and police officers. The further you progress, the harder the target is to kill. It also has an excellent soundtrack and above average graphics. I would recommend this to any fans of the series or anyone wishing to get into it for the first time.
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on March 27, 2014
I don't want to go too much in details. All I can tell you is the a lot new is tried in the game, which makes it a perfect game according in todays time, but a disappointment for old school Hitman lovers.

Awesome graphics, one of the best!
smooth and flawless mechanics, especially taking and switching covers, hand to hand combats, stealth kills, etc.
Contracts mode is nice, adds to the replayibility to 'not so replayable' small levels.

magic pocket, 4ft sniper just disappears when you holster it!
extremely linear gameplay, very short numerous levels which break the flow even before you feel it.
no peeking through keyhole,
inability to close doors,
Checkpoints. No manual saves.

To summarize, if you loved the series till now, most probably you won't like it. But if this is your first Hitman game, you'll be amazed by its concept.
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on January 21, 2014
While I've always loved the games in the Hitman series from a conceptual perspective, it has never been a series that I've been able to fully embrace. While I love the freedom and power given to the player in games like Contracts and Blood Money (the other two games in the series that I've played), IO Interactive's ability to craft a fully functional gameplay experience has never been up to par for my liking. Too often, flawed controls, strange in-game physics, questionable mechanics, and overall lackluster gameplay have held these games back from their full potential in my eyes. With Hitman Absolution, IO Interactive has finally given the series what it needs - an Agent 47 that is a responsive, fluid, and lethal extension of the player's fingertips. Hitman Absolution's gameplay is the the finest, most polished, and most satisfying it's ever been in the series' history.

Unfortunately, the series has also taken a step back that will undoubtedly frustrate the older fans, and that is that the levels have been dramatically altered, becoming more compact, linear, and interspersed with checkpoints. This gives the game more of a traditional stealth / action feel that is reminiscent of many other modern games, like Splinter Cell Blacklist. In short, Hitman Absolution is a much more accessible Hitman game - one that actually ends up being the perfect starting point for newcomers. And while it's still an incredibly enjoyable game, fans of the previous generation should be prepared for something completely different here.

Technicalities aside, Hitman Absolution is very fun, intense, and beautiful. The new game engine developed by IO Interactive absolutely shines on PC, with incredible lighting, color, detail, and density. The design of the now smaller environments is still quite stellar, and still allows for a significant amount of player choice in how to go about accomplishing tasks. Shooting and stealth mechanics are smoother, easier to pull off, and just as satisfying as they've ever been. The campaign is very generous (took me 16 hours to complete) and the innovative Contracts mode lets you compete with friends in completing customizable objectives throughout the game's levels.

Hitman Absolution is an excellent game that sets a new standard for the series. If IO Interactive can bring this level of gameplay and precision to the more open structures of the previous games, then gamers will have something really special to look forward to in the future.
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on January 10, 2013
Hitman of course offers the same play style as the previous games, which isn't bad, but exciting. It's fun going through a level knowing that there are several ways to accomplish missions, and it's exciting knowing that you have to make the right decisions in order to complete everything.
I have several hours into this game already, and I still have yet to finish it. The whole score system has me replaying missions so that I can get the maximum amount of points possible. Sometimes it can be fun getting all those points, but other times you just want to rush through stages and get it over with.

One thing I dislike about the game, which isn't that big of a deal. Some portions of the game seem forced, like the game points you in a direction and tells you that this way is the only way. Most of the time i like to make my own direction. But like I said, not a big problem.

Game was fun, and well worth the sale price.
Hope you guys enjoy it as well.
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