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on December 9, 2014
This is a really good game that with one tweak could have been a great game. The developers chose to make it a checkpoint only save system and that alone has caused it to not be as enjoyable as it should have been.

The lack of manual saves on this title severely limits the enjoyment for me. The game is all about hiding and taking your time, casing your environment and learning everything you can while finding the traps and such. There's nothing as irritating as going for longer than an hour setting up the perfect kills in a multiple target level to have some real life scenario make you have to leave the game. At that point the choice is either run as fast as possible through the rest of the game to find the next checkpoint and end it, or take the loss of that perfectly executed (every pun intended) hour and have to redo it again.

Consolitis is the bane of PC gaming.
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on March 9, 2013
I bought this game around launch date in 2012. I absolutely love it. If you want a detailed review check out one of the review sites.

- Fun game, new cover system is nice
- Hilarious dialog and dark humor that the original games had
- Fun and interesting story
- Difficultly levels balanced well
- Controls are nice
- Graphics are pretty good (Not Crysis 3 good but good)
- It's Hitman!!! Who never enjoyed a Hitman game before??

- cover system although nice it a little too "mandatory" to use now (like if you're not perfectly in cover enemies notice you alot more)
- Wish the story was a bit longer!
- ... can't believe I'm saying this but not much replay-ability, Hitman is one of those games once you beat it you only play it once in a while when you're bored. They added a new "contracts" mode which allows players to replay certain parts of missions with certain requirements (like breaking into a mansion wearing an Alvin the chipmunk suit and you have to kill someone with a fire pick or something). Fun and hilarious but a bit repetitive after a while
- Broken save system, beat 3/4th's of the game and had to restart from scratch once!

I got the PC version of this game, it's blast. No, this isn't Halo 4/Crysis 3 good, but this game is a blast and it's hard for the underdog games like Hitman to compete with AAA titles anymore with such a diverse market. Hitman will always hold a special place in my heart as a gamer, these games are just so fun and unique. If you like hitman in the past or never played it, I definitely recommend picking this game up and supporting the company that makes it. It's a VERY fun and addicting game.

One note though - PARENTS I recommend NOT buying this for someone at least 14 or under, these games are a bit... disturbing. Fowl language, strip clubs, and that's just the beginning. This game shows in gruesome detail how a hitman operates - poisoning people, choking them with fiber wire, dumping bodies in everything from ponds to dumpers, I love video games but please, pay attention to the ESRB rating. With today's psychopaths shooting up schools/move theaters, this is definitely one title I recommend keeping out of kids/teenagers hands till they are mature enough to appreciate the game while knowing it's just a fun work of fiction.
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on January 21, 2014
While I've always loved the games in the Hitman series from a conceptual perspective, it has never been a series that I've been able to fully embrace. While I love the freedom and power given to the player in games like Contracts and Blood Money (the other two games in the series that I've played), IO Interactive's ability to craft a fully functional gameplay experience has never been up to par for my liking. Too often, flawed controls, strange in-game physics, questionable mechanics, and overall lackluster gameplay have held these games back from their full potential in my eyes. With Hitman Absolution, IO Interactive has finally given the series what it needs - an Agent 47 that is a responsive, fluid, and lethal extension of the player's fingertips. Hitman Absolution's gameplay is the the finest, most polished, and most satisfying it's ever been in the series' history.

Unfortunately, the series has also taken a step back that will undoubtedly frustrate the older fans, and that is that the levels have been dramatically altered, becoming more compact, linear, and interspersed with checkpoints. This gives the game more of a traditional stealth / action feel that is reminiscent of many other modern games, like Splinter Cell Blacklist. In short, Hitman Absolution is a much more accessible Hitman game - one that actually ends up being the perfect starting point for newcomers. And while it's still an incredibly enjoyable game, fans of the previous generation should be prepared for something completely different here.

Technicalities aside, Hitman Absolution is very fun, intense, and beautiful. The new game engine developed by IO Interactive absolutely shines on PC, with incredible lighting, color, detail, and density. The design of the now smaller environments is still quite stellar, and still allows for a significant amount of player choice in how to go about accomplishing tasks. Shooting and stealth mechanics are smoother, easier to pull off, and just as satisfying as they've ever been. The campaign is very generous (took me 16 hours to complete) and the innovative Contracts mode lets you compete with friends in completing customizable objectives throughout the game's levels.

Hitman Absolution is an excellent game that sets a new standard for the series. If IO Interactive can bring this level of gameplay and precision to the more open structures of the previous games, then gamers will have something really special to look forward to in the future.
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on February 4, 2014
This game has some great qualities about it, from awesome graphics to cool cinematic clips... however all of that comes short when the game-play is severely hosed and frustrating. Maybe it is better on console?

How this game is hosed:
1) Having to repeat the same task, over and over because of a small mistake.
2) Making mistakes is easy, because the interface and controls are very difficult to get perfect. One of the most annoying things is getting up to a ridge and you want to ascend/descend and due to the position/orientation you cant ascend/descend and 47 gets seen/shot/owned.
3) Too many similar guns
4) Too repetitive

Comparing this games opposite: Tomb Raider is a great example of flawless PC controls and usability. 99% of the time your character will do what you want it to do -- unlike this game... that requires the character to be in the exact correct position to "hide". This was a step forward graphically and huge step backward for user interface. I would have given this game 4 stars if the user controls weren't so rigid.
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on November 5, 2014
I am a big fan of open world adventures, and despite this NOT being open world I found this one of the few games I felt like playing through in a marathon session. Although not open world, (you run through a story line) it allows you to solve the problems either by going in and just blowing everyone away in a gun fire holocost or by working with stealth. The first time I played through I wracked up a hellacious body count. The second time I played I played via stealth. The down side is I MAY get a third play out of the game, I'm not sure I'll work through it again. Hey but for the price, I was entertained. I have a $900 Acer laptop with a Nvidia video card of moderate gaming capacity and was able to play smoothly on max or almost max video settings.
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on May 29, 2013
Let me first say, I've never played a Hitman game before and I don't particularly like stealth games. However, I bought this on a sale for $5 and it is definitely worth it (I've played about 5 levels so far). I have read that die-hard fans of the series were let down because it wasn't as good as Blood Money, but I never played DM so I can't comment on that.


* Great gameplay. Getting caught only feels cheap the first few times (while you're learning).
* Each level feels unique and looks AMAZING.
* Death animations are awesome and hiding bodies feels pretty badass.
* This game is immersive (only when you're in the levels).


* The story is bad, like "I've read textbooks that were more creative than this story" - type bad. It's cut and paste, and the levels really have nothing to do with connecting the story.
* Because of the above, this game is only really fun (to me) to play 2-3 levels at a time. I certainly wouldn't feel motivated to sit and play this game for more than 1.5 hours at the most.
* The checkpoints are spaced in such a way that you'll have to start entire levels over. I'm not a fan of that, but maybe that's how these games have always been (like I said, this is my first Hitman).

Conclusion: All in all, if this game is on sale for less than $10 I wouldn't hesitate to scoop it up. If you're a die-hard fan of the series you may not agree, but you've also probably bought it already.
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on December 27, 2012
This isn't really a hitman game, it doesn't follow the formula of the previous games. It takes a radical departure from them and it's not really for the better in terms of progressing the hitman series. On its own though, the gameplay and graphics are solid. The story is pretty cheesy but most vg stories are so this shouldn't be a suprise really.

The main problem is that part of what made the previous hitman games unique was the formula of the gameplay. You were given a mission with multiple ways to carry out your hit, you chose your weapons and were put on a big sandbox map which was open to experimentation. This is gone in Hitman Absolution, there are bits and pieces of exploration thrown in, some maps have multiple entrance points and multiple pathsways, open areas; the problem though, is that almost all of the maps end up funneling you to 1 area with only 1 exit or 1 room, these typically end with a cutscene. Also these cutscene are sometimes the final "hit" which basically defeats the entire point of playing the game because the player doesn't even get to participate in them.

The game has some extra trimmings thrown in though, the rating system is still in place from previous games, the "Professional" through "Phychopath" ranks etc are all still in the game, but getting them is less fun because of the linear maps, and lack of sandbox experimenting for creative kills.

The game works and it would actually be even more popular if it wasnt a hitman game and was just a completely new IP, but its still worth playing, is it worth $40 dollars, not as a hitman game, but if it were called "Some other Game" then yes it would be worth $40 maybe $50.

Edit: I may have judged this game a little too harshly, after replaying the last game in the series and coming back to this I have give it one more star. This game might be a departure from the original formula but its still pretty fun, and thats what matters really, games are suppose to be fun, and I want to keep playing this game, in fact I've been going back to the other chapters to replay them to try and get the silent assassin ratings. Additionally I was too quick criticize the levels as being too restrictive, while its true that some missions are very linear there are still quite a few open maps as well, the linear missions push the narrative which is fine because there is a ton of game here, at least 10-20 hours (unless you go total phycho and just shoot everyone in sight) so all in all this game is a solid buy, if you're new to the series you will enjoy this game, if you've been playing since the first game you will still enjoy this game. Do yourself a favor if you're not feeling it at first, go back and play contracts, then play this game. You will like it more.
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on July 27, 2013
First, this game is great. If you love the Hitman series, then this game is for you. It really extends that series well and it is challenging. For me, I'm just not a stealth fan, however I still loved the game for what it brought to the table. I found myself tensing up with the guards would look my direction or walking toward my hiding spot (how did they not see me!!!), however I started feeling like I couldn't really have fun with that progression. It seems to get a little old. From a story perspective, it's very good. I wouldn't put it on a level of something like Far Cry or Tomb Raider, but it does a good job getting you into the game. Overall, if you are a fan of stealth or just the Hitman series in general, you need to get this game!
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on February 1, 2013
This is a good game. It plays well, the controls are fluid, and the stealth mechanics are nice, but they aren't as developed as you would want in a great stealth game. On top of that, in nearly any situation, if your spotted, you are able to shoot your way out which defeats the purpose of a stealth game. The AI is very mechanical as well. In some instances you should be spotted, but due to the clunky ai detection radius, you aren't (i.e. if your standing behind a meter high wall, and crouched, someone on the other side should be able to see you). I recieved this game when it was on sale for $20 dollars though, and for that amount I got a good 20 hours into the game, and i intend on coming back and playing through the hardest difficulty as well.

Was it worth 20 bucks? Definitely, just don't expect an absolute masterpiece in the stealth genre.
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on June 16, 2013
Honestly I didn't expect an amazing game, after so many reviews. I bought it because I wantd to have my Hitman collection complete , and I couldn't miss the last one. That said, I couldn't avoid the disappointment, anyway.

Sadly, after the almost perfect Hitman: Blood Money, Absolution falls short in a lot of things.

- "Cinematic kills" and gameplay ruins this game for me.
- The disguise system is badly broken
- EXCESSIVE shiny graphics (Even tiny metal items looks like halogen flashlights)
- Annoying and excessive messages in the HUD
- "Play the way you want", the strongest point in hitman series, turned into: "Oh, we don't think that's a good idea. -1000 points"
- For some reason, this game looks exactly like Splinter Cell: Conviction, another game that ruined a genre.

I got bored after a couple of missions, but I guess I'll finish it someday.
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