Customer Reviews: Hitman: Absolution - Playstation 3
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on May 13, 2013
There's been so many games I have purchased inexpensively and never beat since they've been so average. I consider this a game in that category. Having played two of the previous games, I have to say that the graphics, and more importantly the controls, are far superior in this iteration.
The problem is the setting and the environment. This game is very seedy and would probably be the equivalent of a straight to dvd R-rated movie, too many expletives without much context. Where are the missions like in the past games where you go into foreign countries taking out some general, or the great White House mission. Now it's one dank alley after another taking out sleazebags without any context.
The game play also has some issues. I think the developers lacked imagination and for that reason only included a few open ended "hitman" scenarios. Many of the levels are not assassination scenarios, but rather sneak and escape. Single start point, single exit point, multiple corners and paths, you choose the path from A to B, through a maze of enemies and civilians.
I'll only play when I have more extra time, but this game does not draw me back at all.
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on April 3, 2014
i am a big fan of this series. i was bound to buy this game no matter what. i was not disappointed in the slightest. the multi player was interesting but got old very fast. the single player story was top notch. i recommend you buy this game and add it to your game case of phenomenal and cherished games. thank you 47 for yet another great ride.
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on July 28, 2013
Where should I begin. First of all I am a long time player and lover of all the Hitman games, and this is not a Hitman game. #1) They have put more emphasis on shooting, and points, and trophies in this game than stealth. The point shooting system is the perfect example. In the other games the idea was not to even use your guns, and in Absolution it's like they actually want you to use them.
#2) In the old games in order to get a Silent Assassin rating you would have to carry out your mission killing only your target, and only by making it look like an accident. In Absolution you have to get enough points to get that rating and you have to play each level over and over and over again to get enough points. #3 The new checkpoint system is ridiculously idiotic. You were always able to save you game when ever you need to. You had only a certain number of saves so u have to use them carefully, which added to the challenge. But you could use them whenever you wanted to save your progress. In absolution there are maybe 1 to 2 checkpoints per level you need to activate. Which you would think is ok, most games use a checkpoint system, or save spot system. NOPE!!!! If you use an activated checkpoint system every enemy you killed or subdued to get to the checkpoint comes back to life like nothing even happened. So now you not only have enemies in front of you but now enemies behind you as well. Even the one who's disguise you eliminated and took, has his outfit back and is walking around like nothing happened. I know what your thinking ridiculously idiotic.
#4) Disguises. In other games a vital part of any level. In Absolution they're almost useless. You could be 50 feet away in a disguise and someone will see through it, become suspicious and come after you. Unless you cover your face as your walking by, because that's not suspicious at all.
#5) The Challenges are a new feature to the Hitman game. Doing things that have no bearing on the objective, or the level. Just things to do to gain more points, points you don't even use for anything , but to post online. And the only way to complete all of the challenges is to do the level over and over and over again.
All in all it's a very disappointing game in the Hitman franchise, the ending leaves a little hint of maybe another game in the works so hopefully it will be better than this one.
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on July 26, 2014
I love stealth based action games and assassin type games, especially modern ones, so this was right up my ally. This is also the first hitman game I have ever played so I wasn't sure what to expect. First off:

Story: I enjoyed the story for the most part, the cut scenes were good, so was the script and they got some great talent for the voice actors as well. I didn't get too invested in it because its fairly linear. 8/10

Graphics: I know this game is a little older, I always buy used unless its a Black Friday deal, but even than I get games at least a year or two after they've come out to save money, so the graphics were good for the most part. I did notice some objects or people would get stuck in a wall or something every now and than but 8/10 for the most part.

Gameplay: Here is where I didn't know what to expect, I figured I would be killing a lot of people in a lot of different ways, and for the most part, thats true, but there is a heavy stealth aspect as well. Sometimes games like this frustrate me because they put such a heavy emphasis on stealth it takes away from what the franchise is really about, killing people in cool ways. When I lose points for taking out a grunt because as a hitman you're supposed to make it as if you were never there, it gets kind of annoying. Eventually the game just becomes you hiding from everyone to take out a single target, imagine playing an assassin game where you only kill 12 people (one for each stage) in the entire game! Now of course you can go loud and kill everyone with machine guns and explosives but its more or less not the way square enix wants you to play its game.

One aspect of the game I really liked an always wonder why its not offered in more games is the ability to change outfits and blend in with the environment. Don't like sneaking around corners or underneath boxes? Why not take out a guard and put on his uniform??? Well duh! Of course you can't just put on a new uniform and roam freely killing as you wish, you can arouse suspicion by being where you don't belong or not doing your "duties", which is ok for the most part sometimes I am under suspicion and my meter is feeling up and I don't know where I am being seen from its the worst. I wish they would show where the suspicion was coming from if they had a shadow or an arrow pointing in the direction of it that would be helpful.

There are tons of guns and weapons you can use in this game but the game doesn't make it very clear on how you are scored, if I killed someone in a certain way I might get bonus points, or I might get penalized, its all up in the air, I would imagine they were hoping it would make you want to replay the game more but for me it was just frustrating and made me want to play more safely because I knew killing this person or that person would get me the most points instead of trying something new that might hurt my score. The game does offer a list of things that you can try to achieve points but they are various ways you can play. If you wear 5 different uniforms for instance I believe you get a chameleon achievement, or if you only wear a suit you get a different bonus, the only thing about these bonuses is that you have to commit to them usually which means, unless you play a level multiple times you have to choose which style you want and stick with it. I would've preferred to have several achievements that could be obtained through a single playthrough as opposed to multiple playthroughs.

I think the reason why this game did not receive as high remarks is for the reasons I listed above, as a Hitman I really only used my guns once or twice throughout the entire game, simply because the game awards players more for getting up close and personal and incapacitating by strangulation. Although there are a number of items you can strangle someone with it does get old. I would've loved to have a sniper stage, or a stage where you didn't have a stealth option and you had to shoot your way out of an entire building, and were awarded for it but thats not the type of game this is. 8/10

Replayability: I didn't really do much after completing the game, simply because I wasn't aware of what else could be done, well actually you can replay stages or something thats kind of cool, other players can create stages and targets and you must complete them in certain ways. I tried a few of them but it just felt the same as all of the stages I had already played within the game. So after playing this game I sold it pretty quickly. I would've loved to play different game modes like a survival type game killing waves of enemies, or a randomized game mode that put me in a building with a bunch of bad guys and a weapon would randomly generate every few seconds that I would have to kill someone with, or a sniper stage, or multiplayer of some sort, just something fun and different, not the same gameplay that we have to create ourselves. Not that I really dislike what they included, it just wasn't for me. 7/10

Conclusion: I got this game after playing Splinter Cell Blacklist, which IMO is far superior to this game and offers tons of replayability and much better stealth gameplay. Don't get me wrong I wasn't expecting similar gameplay to splinter cell, I just thought I'd be assassinating people left and right and get tons of points for it, but sadly that wasn't the case and was rewarded more for not killing and staying in the shadows. There were some great signature kills that Agent 47 performs in this game though, and I think this could've been an amazing game, but as it stands its still a good game, but if you're looking for stealth look elsewhere and I personally like the assassins creed games even though they're not modern hitmen they're still very awesome at killing. I would recommend renting this game or if you feel that the other game mode is for you than buy it.
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on November 25, 2012
I'm not a big 3rd person adventure/shooter fan and I'm really not a stealth fan either. The game really focus's on being sneaky where as I'm more into the mayhem and chaos/shock and awe tactics.

I had a blast, and even on easy mode it was difficult so there was a massive challenge to get the missions done. (which I love a challenge) And the best thing is, the campaign mode is long, has a good background story and will keep you entertained and forgetting that you just sat there for 20 hours straight playing because you are having a good time.

(And that's just single player play)

I only had a couple of problems with my PS3 locking up, but I think that it had just overheated.

Overall great game!
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on December 24, 2012
After reading the rave reviews here on Amazon, I purchased this game a bit over a month ago. I had several glitch issues with the game. I would play several levels, then the game would freeze and lose all of my saves. I eventually worked through the glitches and finished the game. While there is certainly a fun factor with the stealth aspect, I would still like to rack up points with a silent killing spree and you are penalized. Graphics are nice but movement is a bit antiquated.

Overall, I would suggest buying this game at a price of $30.00, or just rent it. Replayability is fairly low.
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on March 17, 2013
Further improvements on an already superlative franchise. Old Baldly is back in action again, but this time it's personal. There is only one legitimate contract. The rest of the story follows 47's trials and tribulations as he tries to protect the agency's latest asset: a young woman named Victoria. Apparently, a faction within the agency has engineered Victoria into a new-age killing machine on the sly, and Diane, 47's handler, isn't down with that. She kidnaps the girl and ultimately tasks 47 with keeping her out of the agency's clutches, which is a job he soon pursues with his own, special, customary, cold-blooded single-mindedness.

It's a wonderful story laden with superlative characters and presented in a convincingly cinematic fashion. The cut scenes are brilliant, every stone in its place, every line spoken convincingly. Brilliant art direction.

Gameplay is vastly improved over the system used in Blood Money. You can interact more with the environment (set more traps for your enemies, kill them with a variety of happenstance weapons like bottles, bricks, wrenches, and hammers), sneak more realistically, and attack faster and with even more ruthless abandon.

"Instinct" allows you to see objects that might be of use to you, and even anticipate the movements of your enemies.

People are smarter, their movements less predictable, and their vision keener, making for more challenging areas.

The scoring system, challenges, and trophies all make for missions that can be replayed, so that the game can go on long after you've defeated it.

More positives: sexier, bloodier, harder than the previous game. Better sets, with multiple ways in and out of areas. Better triggers, conversations you can overhear. Goodies you can find and unlock, a rating system that lets you know how well you're doing.

Negatives: the main story is too short. Even poorly played, you can get through it in a weekend. There should be some sort of side mission system outside the main plot. More goodies to find, with more rewards for finding them. Not enough environmental interaction. You should be able to push over objects, use practically anything as a weapon, drive a car, etc.

The online features are weak. You fulfill "contracts," which sounds promising, until you realize that it's really just playing through one of the chapters of the main story based on certain pre-defined criteria: for example, killing a guard with a brick and disposing of the body without being seen and without using any disguises. You'll get paid for doing it, and appear on leaderboards, but so what? You can use the money to upgrade a weapon, but again, so what? To what end?

The mapping system is terrible. What on earth is going on here? Is there even a mapping system? It's that bad.

Still, all in all, sneaking around, throttling people from behind, pushing the bad guys off bridges for extra points, sticking an axe in the back of a drug dealer's head, turning the mad scientist's sadistic experiments back on himself, and of course, risking all to save the damsel in distress? What's not to love? This game is awesome. Next entry, please.
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on November 21, 2012
Outstanding! I normally don’t order too many video games. However I love stealth games. I’ve played all the Hitman titles and Splinter Cell games as well. Hitman Absolution is certainly one of kind. If you love stealth games, then I would tell you do not miss out on this title. This is probably one of the best stealth games I have ever played. I’ve only played three levels so far, and I must say the controller has not left my hand. You have plenty of options in the way you would like to take a target out. There is also in game challenges to help your score and meet certain secondary objectives. The graphics are excellent, the immersion is very good, and the story is getting more interesting by the minute. Game sounds are good and the music score is something to behold. The controllers are a little unique I must say. It seems somewhat odd to holster your weapon by pressing down on the D pad. But then again that just may be my FPS experience talking. If you are not really into stealth games then I would not recommend this game. If you are not into completing the game challenges to compliment secondary objectives then I would also not recommend this game. This is art and it took time to complete. When games like this come across once in awhile we as gamers should appreciate it and remember it long after the credits play out…
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on January 23, 2013
I'm not one for video games, but this is actually entertaining to watch. My Husband really loves this game. One highlight was him trying to go after a Pedophile. The Pedophile was in a strip club and he tried to drop the disco ball on the Pedophile's head to kill him. It was the wrong way to kill him, because he got away, but it was HILARIOUS to watch everyone in the club start screaming because the disco ball fell and the strippers ran off stage. I was laughing so hard, I had to tell the story to everyone. My Husband was ultimately successful in catching this guy, but I won't give away the details on how he did it. You'll have to buy the game for that!!!!!!
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on April 8, 2013
Like many Hitman fans, I could not wait for the release of Absolution. I've thoroughly enjoyed all the previous releases: Silent Assassin, Blood Money, etc etc. The day I received this game, I immediately tore it open & got right down to playing. Just as I completed the first mission, I instantly felt somewhat let down. The automatic "cut-to-scene" which completed the mission for me (vs. me deciding how I would complete the mission)well...sucked. I thought this might be the only mission like this, but I was sadly mistaken. I'm also not a hardcore gamer and this is a little embarrassing to admit, but I couldn't even pass the first level until I purchased the game's walkthrough guide. Like other reviewers stated, I felt I was spending most of the time just hiding and trying not to be spotted by "enemies". Even on easy/beginner mode, all of the disguises offered didn't help a whole lot. On some levels, I spent the majority of the level using the "blend in" feature just to keep getting to the next checkpoints. There are some cool things on the game, IMHO, like the point shooting and hand to hand fighting. Long story short; I received this game on the release date, and I've yet to finish it. I just don't have the interest or desire to play this game like I've played past Hitman releases. One reviewer advised to rent or borrow before purchasing, and I would have to agree
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