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on July 26, 2014
I love stealth based action games and assassin type games, especially modern ones, so this was right up my ally. This is also the first hitman game I have ever played so I wasn't sure what to expect. First off:

Story: I enjoyed the story for the most part, the cut scenes were good, so was the script and they got some great talent for the voice actors as well. I didn't get too invested in it because its fairly linear. 8/10

Graphics: I know this game is a little older, I always buy used unless its a Black Friday deal, but even than I get games at least a year or two after they've come out to save money, so the graphics were good for the most part. I did notice some objects or people would get stuck in a wall or something every now and than but 8/10 for the most part.

Gameplay: Here is where I didn't know what to expect, I figured I would be killing a lot of people in a lot of different ways, and for the most part, thats true, but there is a heavy stealth aspect as well. Sometimes games like this frustrate me because they put such a heavy emphasis on stealth it takes away from what the franchise is really about, killing people in cool ways. When I lose points for taking out a grunt because as a hitman you're supposed to make it as if you were never there, it gets kind of annoying. Eventually the game just becomes you hiding from everyone to take out a single target, imagine playing an assassin game where you only kill 12 people (one for each stage) in the entire game! Now of course you can go loud and kill everyone with machine guns and explosives but its more or less not the way square enix wants you to play its game.

One aspect of the game I really liked an always wonder why its not offered in more games is the ability to change outfits and blend in with the environment. Don't like sneaking around corners or underneath boxes? Why not take out a guard and put on his uniform??? Well duh! Of course you can't just put on a new uniform and roam freely killing as you wish, you can arouse suspicion by being where you don't belong or not doing your "duties", which is ok for the most part sometimes I am under suspicion and my meter is feeling up and I don't know where I am being seen from its the worst. I wish they would show where the suspicion was coming from if they had a shadow or an arrow pointing in the direction of it that would be helpful.

There are tons of guns and weapons you can use in this game but the game doesn't make it very clear on how you are scored, if I killed someone in a certain way I might get bonus points, or I might get penalized, its all up in the air, I would imagine they were hoping it would make you want to replay the game more but for me it was just frustrating and made me want to play more safely because I knew killing this person or that person would get me the most points instead of trying something new that might hurt my score. The game does offer a list of things that you can try to achieve points but they are various ways you can play. If you wear 5 different uniforms for instance I believe you get a chameleon achievement, or if you only wear a suit you get a different bonus, the only thing about these bonuses is that you have to commit to them usually which means, unless you play a level multiple times you have to choose which style you want and stick with it. I would've preferred to have several achievements that could be obtained through a single playthrough as opposed to multiple playthroughs.

I think the reason why this game did not receive as high remarks is for the reasons I listed above, as a Hitman I really only used my guns once or twice throughout the entire game, simply because the game awards players more for getting up close and personal and incapacitating by strangulation. Although there are a number of items you can strangle someone with it does get old. I would've loved to have a sniper stage, or a stage where you didn't have a stealth option and you had to shoot your way out of an entire building, and were awarded for it but thats not the type of game this is. 8/10

Replayability: I didn't really do much after completing the game, simply because I wasn't aware of what else could be done, well actually you can replay stages or something thats kind of cool, other players can create stages and targets and you must complete them in certain ways. I tried a few of them but it just felt the same as all of the stages I had already played within the game. So after playing this game I sold it pretty quickly. I would've loved to play different game modes like a survival type game killing waves of enemies, or a randomized game mode that put me in a building with a bunch of bad guys and a weapon would randomly generate every few seconds that I would have to kill someone with, or a sniper stage, or multiplayer of some sort, just something fun and different, not the same gameplay that we have to create ourselves. Not that I really dislike what they included, it just wasn't for me. 7/10

Conclusion: I got this game after playing Splinter Cell Blacklist, which IMO is far superior to this game and offers tons of replayability and much better stealth gameplay. Don't get me wrong I wasn't expecting similar gameplay to splinter cell, I just thought I'd be assassinating people left and right and get tons of points for it, but sadly that wasn't the case and was rewarded more for not killing and staying in the shadows. There were some great signature kills that Agent 47 performs in this game though, and I think this could've been an amazing game, but as it stands its still a good game, but if you're looking for stealth look elsewhere and I personally like the assassins creed games even though they're not modern hitmen they're still very awesome at killing. I would recommend renting this game or if you feel that the other game mode is for you than buy it.
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on October 12, 2014
I haven't bought a next gen console as there are so many great ps3 games available that are dirt cheap.

I know Hitman has a long history, but I haven't played the previous games and cannot state how this compares. The graphics and cut scenes are beautiful. The voice acting of 47 and the other main characters are well done. The story is good and takes about 8-10 hours to complete. I enjoyed the variety in approaching each mission, in that you can try to remain undetected by sneaking up on enemies, hiding their bodies, taking their disguises by wearing their clothes and slipping past enemies. You can also go guns blazing and take on everyone in some great firefights. There are lots of unique objects lying around to pick up and us on enemies as well. I played one level with just a golf club and another with a fireman's axe. There is a lot of re-playability for the perfectionist gamer, in that you can replay the level to remain undetected, and there are a number of creative ways using the environment to assassinate your targets.

A few negatives I have is that while the game encourages you to play the game in a stealth manner by giving you more points for completing missions in this fashion, it is very easy to just start shooting up the entire level. Missions can be completed much quicker in this way. I am sure on the higher difficulties this would not be an option, but I often found myself resorting to this to beat a mission and move on. This is in contrast to other games like Tom Clancy's Blacklist, which really force you to remain disciplined and complete the level in a stealth manner as you are overmatched if you get into a gun fight. While that may not be for everyone, I felt a greater sense of accomplishment in beating a difficulty mission in Blacklist, as it required multiple attempts and patience. Again on higher difficulty I am sure Hitman forces you to do this, but there are other games I want to get to try out on the ps3 and didn't take the time to replay them over and over.

Bottom line, Hitman Absolution is a fun game and for $12 on amazon it is worth it.
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on November 13, 2013
STELLAR! That is the word that comes to mind. To all the naysayers of this game, you are in the minority. This game is great. The visuals are so great. Rain that looks like real rain falling on objects. Watch the train pass by in Chicago and it looks like a real train passing you by on a platform. The weapons are great. My favorite are the throwing objects. Grab a knife and if a henchman gets suspicious and starts following you, you can turn and throw to eliminate the threat; axes too! One of the targets was about to off one of the innocent street vendors and I threw my knife to save the day, eliminate the target and he went straight into the sewer. I was in awe. This is the first game I have played on PS3 as I waited til PS4 came out to get it cheaper and I don't recommend that because the enemy AI is great. They hunt, backup arrives, they take cover, they dive, they shoot around corners and above objects they crouch behind. I know this game has elements of assassins creed and red dead redemption, but this is without a doubt the best game I have played to date. It is a masterpiece.
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on January 19, 2014
I started playing this game from strictly the stealth angle and I found myself getting a little frustrated and bored. Once I started mixing up the stealth and action 50/50 I started enjoying it a lot more. The graphics are good and the controls are excellent. It'd be nice to replay levels and try to get better skills and points by being more stealth if I was into that so stealth addicts should find a lot of satisfaction. For a great mix of gameplay, I prefer games like the Last of Us and Far Cry 3 but this was still worth the small price that I paid for it. There's many ways to complete a level but I still found some of the levels to be too small and either too easy or too hard, depending on how I tried to execute it. Either way, it's a good game and worth a try for anyone that likes similar games.
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on February 17, 2013
For some reason, I missed the Hitman series on PS2 back in the day, and came across this title recently. Due to the great reviews I went ahead and got it, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I would compare this game to a blend of Max Payne and Splinter Cell. The visuals are absolutely stunning, almost on par with Far Cry 3. The stealth gameplay offers some freedom, although not "sand-box" in terms of depth, and allows you make some limited choices as to how you want to tackle each level. Being a stealth-heavy game, generally your chances of success is higher if you go stealth instead of all-out aggression. The plot is somewhat interesting although not the best, but just good enough to keep things moving forward.

In terms of content, there isn't a ton of variety. There is no competitve multiplayer, which isn't really my thing anyway. You can create custom challenges (kind of like puzzles) and share them with your friends (called 'Contracts').

All in all, I had a great time with this game, and highly recommend it to stealth action fans.
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on December 26, 2012
I remember playing Hitman 2 on PS2 and was blown away by its graphics and gameplay way back then. I thought it was amazing how the environments were so large and yet you could do so many things to achieve your mission. I think i like this one the best however because its far more intuitive and responsive, also the objectives are much more clearer. I also like the new rating system at the end that shows if you got certain objectives complete and rates you up to professional in your stealthyness. Already i have only been playing the 2nd mission to kill a china man but have played it about a dozen times trying to strategize either by car bombing, poison food, far away gun shot, etc. It is so good and polished that its pretty amazing most people arent buying it. I will have a lot of fun with this, and hopefully square enix will keep up releasing these highly polished games great unwind time from Black Ops 2.
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on March 22, 2013
Absolution is a different kind of Hitman game, but fun nonetheless. The game is much more linear and story driven, sporting only a few moments of classic open level setup. That sacrifice, in turn, gives us lush, detailed surroundings and just suck you in along for the ride. The gameplay itself is more of a stealth shooter, reminiscent of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and though different than previous games, was absolutely addictive. Every little mess-up and short lived tediousness still pays off in wonderfully fulling ways by rewarding creativity and patience.

The new Contracts mode is much more indicative of the classic Hitman style of gameplay. It allows you to roam around levels and carry out contracted hits that are predetermined by the online community. You can compete for high score, fastest time, and all sorts of things, even submit your own. A wonderful idea and keeps the game surprisingly fresh long after the games release.
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on March 5, 2016
Not a true Hitman game. An overly glitzy, in your face profanity laced game. Square Enix totally screwed this one up and went in the opposite direction of what the Hitman games are about. Bad voice acting, linear gameplay, lack of freedom of approach. Just bad. Avoid this one, and go get the HD trilogy
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on September 22, 2013
I have had so much fun with this game, which I think is one of the best games I've played in the past 5 years. Many 'purists' of the Hitman series may think its the worse one, but to each their own I guess. I grew up playing games since 1990 so I've played a ton of retro games and have grown up with the revolution of our games. I bought (and subsequently traded in) the Hitman Trilogy boxset, and thought the original Hitman games were horrible (despite being universally praised). I probably would have liked the game if I bought it to play when it first came out, but in today's games standards, I think the old games are archaic in design. I grew up playing random battle RPGs, which I hated to an extent, but can't stand it now and won't even try one anymore because I've become accustomed to today's conventions of on-field monsters and live action battles. Same kind of thing going on here for Hitman Absolution. Hopefully Hitman series will continue and make a compromise in some way to please new and old fans of the series. Of note, this is one of few games (in the last 5 years, and really, in general) that I replayed in its entirety, and on the hardest difficulty. This game is that much fun!
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on November 2, 2013
This game is pretty interesting and makes you want to be stuck to it and play it all of the time. The graphics are great and the gameplay is good. The controls for the game are fairly easy to learn and use in the game. The only problem that seem to really bother me was that the more you play it, the more you get tired of getting caught for little stupid stuff. Like for instance, somehow they can see/hear you from a mile away. Then your checkpoints are well spaced between each other and it kinda makes you mad to have to start so far back. Other than that its a good game.
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