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on September 15, 2004
I just recieved my foot spa today and I'm sitting here using it now. My feet are toasty and feeling very pampered right now but there are a few flaws that I have found already. I wanted to really test the foot spa since it said it heats cold water up in 5 mins. I used cold water and it was heated up in 10 mins, so I'm not complaining. But I can't tell what the infared heat is supposed to do for your feet. I don't feel anything from it when I place my foot on the infared area (red area) which is what you are told to do in the manual. I also can't tell the difference in the water jets and the bubble jets. I have tried changing them a few times and they both feel the same to me.

When your water starts to cool off, just turn back on the heater (you have to have the jets on to heat the water up). Right above the infared area (red area that lights up) there is a nozzle for your attachments. When you put an attachment on and press down on it with your foot, it will spin very fast. It actually tickles on the sole of your feet. And right above the nozzle, in the purple area, there is a little cubby hole to put your attachments in. There are convenient pour spots along the top of the unit as well, so you don't have to worry about spilling it all over the place.

Overall, I give it a B+ and my feet are happy!
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on June 5, 2005
I am always begging my boyfriend for a footrub.

I have a great, pedicure place that makes my crazy nail creations last for weeks. I just need a relaxing soak in between.

We're renovating the house. It takes so long to clean the tub for a luke-warm, shallow soak that I consider hosing myself off in the backyard instead.

So I was searching for a little help. And I got it. This is a pretty good little footbath, except a few things. The little rotating massager is in a bad place - there's nowhere to comfortably put your foot to use it. And the pumice stone goes so fast I was scared I'd sharpen my foot like a pencil. That thing burns. I have NO IDEA what the infrared thing is supposed to do.The jets are functional, but don't really expect a massage. The water heater works. The heater is really uneven - you feel it when it kicks on, then coooooool...then hot!

But, the water does get decently warm, and that's good. Easy to carry back and forth to the bathroom. Easy to dump the water. The little rotating pieces are neatly tucked in a storage space. The bottom nubby things are nice to grind your feet along for a sorta massage-y feeling. The water gurgles pleasantly. The dogs really, really, really enjoy getting a few sips out of the thing.

So it's a nice between the pedicure, home renovation stop-gap measure that still doesn't get my boyfriend off the hook for foot massages.
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on December 21, 2013
I read all the reviews on this footbath and was extremely excited to get it in (as were my feet) because all of the reviews indicated it kept the water warm and was "the best bath I've ever used." Notsomuch. It doesn't keep the water warm at all (pathetic, really) and due to my foot issues, having to press down on the rotating discs actually hurts my feet, it doesn't help. I'm very disappointed in this footbath.
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on January 21, 2015
Switch on bottom doesn't work consistently - often fails. Heats well. Jets are weak.
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on January 19, 2006
The HoMedics JS-200P worked well for a few days. My experience would generally confirm the other reviews for this product and I wuld have given it a **** rating.

Unfortunately, it failed after a few days and I sent it to HoMedics for warranty replacement. They have had it a month now and customer service tells me that they need a few more weeks before they can send a new one. I offered to take a similar model as I need this for foot pain but was told that I wil just have to wait. Based on HoMedics' failure thus far to back up their product, I cannot recommend it.
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on September 8, 2005
I gave it a 4 instead of a 5 because there could be some things better.. the infrared heat (the red light with bumps you put your foot on) gets warm but not really hot- at least not hot enough for me.

The water however DOES get extremely warm if you leave the heat on, which I LOVE because all the other foot baths I've bought that were supposed to just maintain the tempature, never did. I was very impressed when I put ice cold water in it, that it only took minutes before it was nice and warm.

As for the attachments, again I gave it a 4 because I thought the pumice stone could of been better. I was afraid reading reviews that it spins fast and would "rub off all your skin" but it's very soft and doesn't really do much- I've bought better stones myself. The other two attachments are great but not for some one with extremely ticklish feet.

The water jets are great but got a 4 because you couldn't really tell a difference between the bubble and water jets, they were both the same to me. But overall this is a GREAT little foot bath and the best one I've bought yet!
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on April 25, 2005
HoMedics Spa ultra

I used it last night for two hours. It really helped with my heal spars.

You have control so you can turn it off and on when you want.

It was just what I was looking for. It warms up the water and keeps it very hot not warm. It's jets are really powerfull and feel great. I was told in the store that this has the best jets and they were right. It also has a pedicure section that is hand free.

My husband used it too and he is at size 13 foot. He loved it as well.

The laser red part was perfect for my sore heals.It applies heat directly on your heal, but you have let it heat up first for 10-15 min.

All in all I was very happy with my buy. It was more then the others, but worth the money. At least I have something to relive the pain for a while and my feet are back to normal. Don't waste your money on anything else. This product is great.
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on December 8, 2005
I just received my Homedics JetSpa yesterday. After giving it a try for the first time, I'd say I am pretty happy with my purchase. It does heat the water pretty well, though the heater is somewhat unstable. It takes quite some time to heat after I turn on the heater and gets very hot in an instant instead of gradually. I agree with the previous reviewer that there's no difference between bubble spa and jet spa, but the water jets are quite nice. I just wish they can be stronger ...

Cons: the pumice stone attachment is not effective in scraping dead skins, all it does is rubbing my feet gently.

Overall it's a good buy. I can't wait to go home every evening to enjoy a relaxing foot bath ^-^
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on July 18, 2005
1) I wear a size 13 wide and my feet fit with room to spare. 2) The heating mechanism works fairly quick, about 5 minutes from off to nice and warm. 3) The jets feel great on the bottoms of the feet 4) I haven't tried the little twirly things and kind of doubt I will. 5) I also haven't tried the IR heat mechanism but probably will eventually. // I never realized just how much dead skin I had on my feet until after the first use of this unit. A second and third use shed nearly as much skin as the first use. Now there's very little dead skin, it just feels good. Now for the complaints, I find the little heal jets (or whatever they are) just a tad uncomfortable if I place weight on them. It's nowhere near as good as oily hands massaging but for a mechanical device, it ain't bad at all. Mark H
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on November 7, 2016
Whoever Designed the mold for where to set ones feet? Should be fired.It's like standing on sharp ROCKS.
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