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on May 28, 2017
We have two of these rain machines and our good friends also have two of them in their kids rooms. One of our machines and one of our friends' machines (2/4 machines) randomly cut out through the night. At first you just had to jiggle the volume knob, but now they barely work. These are inexpensive, but I would rather spend more and get my money's worth. Both of the broken machines lasted about a year. My family also has a $40 machine that has lasted nine years. I'm about to order a new one right now and definitely won't be getting this crap. Only reason I have this two stars is because of the price. They know it is crap and price it accordingly.

Edit: I am now ordering another one of these machines and changing my rating from two to three stars because I cannot find anything better. I ordered a $50 Dohm. While that seems to be an excellent quality machine and have a very pleasing sound, it is not loud enough for me. It doesn't have an adjustable volume. You can pick low or high, and high is about 1/3 of the volume of the Homedics machine, which has an adjustable dial. I also purchased a Big Red Rooster, or whatever it's called. I'm returning that. It is the worst noise I've ever heard. There was as much static as there was white noise. I listened to it for one minute and put it right back in the box. That machine is trash. I wish I hadn't trashed my Homedics rain machine, and had tried to contact the company. I hope this new one I'm about to order lasts. Pretty sure the issue is the thin, cheap cord.
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on January 22, 2013
My mom has had bad insomnia for several years, more noticeably in the past year as she recovered from knee surgery that left her in a lot of pain even after her knee had "healed". She tried everything for sleep: melatonin, Ambien, a 1/2 glass of wine, herbal remedies, diets, low/no sugar, the list goes on and on. She already was eating healthy and exercising as much as could be expected, but she could not sleep. I got her DVDs and CDs from the library and she hated them all. Then I thought of this on 1/13/13, and now she sleeps!!!!!!

She doesn't have that blissful perfect sleep that she wants, but now she dozes off and wakes up more rested - without medication for sleep! We've had this for 5 days and the change is definitely noticeable!

The sounds are as listed: ocean, summer night, rain, thunder, white noise and brook.

"Ocean" is perfect, the dogs think the beach is in the bedroom and you think a surfer will walk in at any moment!
"Summer Night" has cricket noises and sounds like riding Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland (without the music)
"Rain" is by far the most relaxing.
The "Thunder" one is odd as you would think thunder is a scary noise for some, but hey if it works for you use it!
"White Noise" sounds just like a fan, a kind of noisy fan, but a fan.
"Brook" sounds bubbly and is my least favorite... it sounds like a brook but also like a faucet running.

My mom listens to this very loud for some reason - I can hear it 2 rooms away - but she can sleep with it like that. I come in and turn it down when I go by her room and she doesn't wake up. The sound is unobtrusive even when it is loud, and when I do hear it I am usually reading or something and it is pretty comforting.

The audio does not sound tinny at all and is very realistic. I was surprised at the sound quality especially when she had it turned up so loud, but it was very good.

I bought this model because it specifically did not have the heartbeat sound - maybe good for kids who have not read Edgar Allan Poe, but not for us!

Note: This one can play ALL NIGHT LONG!! I was afraid the timer feature was the only way to use it as with some other brands/models, but you just turn this on and let it run as long as you want. Thanks to the other reviewer who mentioned that feature.

The unit is very lightweight and I can see how it can be very portable for trips. Not sure how long the batteries would last, so will probably use it with the adapter whenever we can. It is so lightweight, I do think that if you dropped it, it would probably break or crack, so be careful with it.

Definitely worth the money!
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on January 1, 2017
This was exactly what I was looking for! When at home I have a floor fan than not only keeps air moving, but produces just the right level of background noise to help me fall asleep. When I travel I can often find the lack of a fan or anything else prevents me from falling asleep easily. The room seems too quiet or I can hear other annoying sounds from outside my room. This little device has solved that problem though. There are several settings, but I usually just set it to the White Noise or Rain setting, and I am quickly relaxing and drifting off to sleep. I like that it has both an adapter or battery option, and the volume can actually go quite high if you need to drown out other noises happening from the next room over. I highly recommend this for anyone needing some relaxing background sounds in their bedroom!
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on May 1, 2016
I have used this sleep machine for about 8 months or so. I use it in my babies nursery every night. Let me just say I have 3 children and this baby is the first to actually sleep in his own crib. The 2 settings I use the most are the white noise and the rain. I like the brook sound if I'm just trying to relax myself. The sound machine drowns out the noise from my older kids running up and down the hall when baby is taking naps. It can go really loud and it can be heard from my room as well. I will say that if you turn it off and on too often it seems to stop working for like a second when first turning it back on. That is the reason I only gave 4 stars. I just leave it on all the time now and it works fine. I couldn't live without this thing now.
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on April 10, 2017
I purchased this Jan 1, 2017 and here it is April 10 and I'm terrified it's going to break. We rely on this sound machine (after a good recommendation) to help keep our 8 month old asleep. It hides the creaky floors, dog barks, Daddy's heavy foot falls and toilet flushes. I thought it was working fine, but after just 4 months, we have 2 issues: 1) I suspect the volume is slowly getting more quiet, 2) Something is loose on the inside - in the last few days, the power flickers while adjusting the volume. If and when it goes out, it'll be a tough 2 days as we wait for prime shipping. Goodness forbid it breaks on a Thursday or Friday and we have to wait until the following Tuesday.
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on September 19, 2015
This works as you'd expect, but my wife and I were both upset when we were trying to sleep and kept hearing a pulsating humming on the white noise setting. It's very very faint so it might not be a huge deal to most people, but it was noticeable and disappointing to us. Oddly enough I can't hear the humming while standing next to the unit, but only when lying down in bed. I had my wife turn it off and on to make sure we weren't going crazy and we did confirm it was coming from this unit and not some other noise in the house. I'd never use any of the other sounds as they're too distracting for us, so it's a bummer that the white noise doesn't work perfectly.
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on December 5, 2015
For the price, I am sure this is a good item. However, I need high quality sound and this just isn't it. I am sure most babies would be fine with it tho. When I closed my eyes and went around the "dial" pushing each button in I tried to guess what sound it was playing. I decided to return it when I couldn't tell the rain from the ocean or the ocean from the creek or the white noise from the.... You get the picture. It worked well, nice design and had all the bells and whistles. I folded a dry washcloth over the little "sound holes" and it toned down the tininess somewhat. If I had kept it I would have kept the folded washcloth handy to use to control the bass and tininess' sound.
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on January 21, 2017
It worked for a little over a year and was used all night to help my daughter to sleep, with 2 big brothers in the house. Most of the sounds did have some weird repetitive clicks, and I prefer an app on my phone when I need white noise. But I liked the rain sound pretty well. Recently, the machine began making an awful sound when turned on. I will replace it with a different brand. It was a very inexpensive machine, so I am not too upset about the quality issues.
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on August 31, 2016
This product is replacing two battery powered noise makers that we have been using for over two years. We chose this product because we were tired of replacing batteries, which became almost daily on our old product. Obviously we wanted something that plugged into the wall and was loud enough to not limit us on where we could place it. This machine definitely gets loud enough and we really keep it just below half volume. The selection of sounds is decent, but we really only use the beach or white noise sounds. This product would have received five stars if the speaker was just a little bit better as the different noises all tend to sound similar and tinny. However, this is not meant to be a speaker for sound quality, so it is really not that big of a deal for us. I recommend this for anyone who has kids and needs a noise maker to help them sleep and to wash out the noises from the rest of the house.
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on January 25, 2017
Rest in peace sound machine. Used sparingly by adults to assist with rest and low impact stretching. The longest amount of per use time was 40 minutes. After a year, it is dead, totally dead. Opened it up to take a look at the board and it did not pass the smell test - some component(s) burned out. It was good while it lasted, but expected a longer life-span.
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