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on March 17, 2015
I saw this box set and thought why not go back in time to my childhood of the 70's where Hogan's Heroes was in syndication and played almost constantly on local Chicago stations. For the price I was glad I did and for the most part it has been enjoyable, but after watching a few seasons, you wonder how the show made it as long as it did. You notice that plots and character actors are recycled often and you wonder why there never was any summer in the 6 seasons of HH. Kind of a hard trick to pull off, especially since the series was filmed on the famous Desilu lot, "40 acres" in southern California, where The Andy Griffith Show and other classic shows were filmed. I'm sure at times it was almost unbearable for the actors in the heavy German uniforms during the hotter months. Lol.

To get back to the reasons why the series still has fans to this day is pretty simple when watching any episode. The great John Banner who played Sergeant Schultz was a scene steal-er for sure and I still laughed out loud at his antics. The talent the producers of this show assembled for this series was spot on. Bob Crane always gave me a creepy vibe, but was good at playing Hogan as the rest of the cast was in their roles. Werner Klemperer was fantastic at playing the role of Col Klink and in my opinion, he along with John Banner really made the show work. This show came from a different era in not only TV, but this country's time as well. It's silly, kind of dumb at times with the impossible plots and story lines, but has a charm to it that a number of the shows back then did, but would be lost on audiences today. People today may forget that in 1965 TV was still finding it's way and a lot of shows were still in black and white, like the Hogan's Heroes pilot is in this box set.

Great addition for any classic tv fan who enjoys the silliness and almost campy story writing that was a staple of quite a few shows back then. I'm glad for the memories it brought back and will hopefully enjoy this box set for years to come.
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on November 5, 2014
After I read the past reviews about the dismal packaging, I opened my set to see what the problem is. True, I had at least one disc in each season that had slipped out of the "pocket" it had been in. But I did not see any scratched or otherwise damaged discs.

Obviously the packaging of this set is not "shipping proof." It was intended to be placed upright on a shelf in your home.

Otherwise, I love this set - especially at this price!
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on July 3, 2013
I have to say, being into the third season thus far, that this is one of my most favorite sets. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Hogans Heroes was not only FUNNY, but even funnier than I remembered. It is rip-roaring fun. Yes, the scripts are silly at times, yes, Klink should stop listening to Hogan, but what fun would that be? This show makes no pretense to be anything other than what it is. Poking fun at the former Nazi's.

It should be noted that the men portraying the lead Germans (Schultz, Klink, Burkhalter, Hockstetter) were all Jews. In fact, John Banner, an Austrian, had lost his entire family to Nazi concentration camps, while Robert Clary (LeBeau), a Jew as well, had been interred in a concentration camp, and lost family in them. Klink is portrayed as the worlds worst violinist, when in reality, Werner Klemperer is an accomplished violinist, Casting was superb, with minimal bad acting.

Its been noted many times that Schultz knows whats going on (in fact he ends up on a bombing mission with Hogan and crew), but whats less known is that Klink knows too, at least a little, though he is convinced there are no tunnels. (Truth being, anytime the Nazi's start digging for some reason, Hogan and crew have to rush in and fill in a tunnel.) Priceless scenes usually include Schultz, like when they open the tunnel right in front of him. The look on Schultz's face and his reactions are hilarious and seem genuine. Many times Schultz heads to Klinks office, in spite of his "I see nothing, I know nothing", only to have Hogan feed him some line that will cause him to end up on the Russian front. He changes his mind QUICKLY, survival being Schultz's first instinct, ahead of food. I actually think this show might not have been very funny without Schultz.

Watch for the palm trees. It's always winter at Stalag 13, but you will occasionally see the California palm trees as well as the studios silver water tower. Also, in spite of this series being about a POW camp in Germany, it is filled with beautiful women.

Price was easy on my wallet, and shipping was fast. I know I'm going to watch this series again and again. Some comedy's make you laugh, but some of the scripts on this series will have you belly-laughing, especially when something "bad" happens and BOTH Klink and Schultz have heart attacks at the same time.

PS - It's been reported that there will be a Hogans Heroes movie out soon. Thanks to this show, I'll be first in line.

I had to add a note to my original review. I've noticed the cardboard packaging scratches the DVD's. I was very surprised. Just pulling the disc out one time puts several scratches on the disc. This is unacceptable. Love the show and know I will be watching it again and again, but each time will put more scratches on the disc. I would suggest tipping the top of the disc towards you slightly as you carefully remove it. I'm keeping my review of the show at 5 stars, but I SHOULD take one away because of the packaging!
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on December 20, 2013
The 1 star rating is for the product as a whole. Although this set is I am sure hilariously funny and a great buy, entertaining and all that and I'd love to have the entire series.

However, CBS/Paramount in it's infinite wisdom and chasing of the American dollar decided to place these 28 disks into CHEAP as possible, thin cardboard sleeves, one for each season and the 4 or 5 disks inside simply slide into slots. All fine and dandy if I am at the factory and can get a set right off the assembly line before the set has a chance to be handled by any one or shipped any place..

But that's not how it works. The customer has to sit back as these disk sets go through multiple shipping movements... shipping to warehouses, dealers/retailers and then the shipping to the customer to name a couple. By the time the customer gets this set it has been handled and shipped several times before it arrives at the customer's door.... all scratched and disks flying everywhere because all you have to do is pick the set up and turn it upside down and half the disks will fall out inside their sleeves ready to be scratched even more.

Shame on CBS/Paramount for trying to save a nickel here and there and skimping on packaging of this set. It's embarrassing how cheaply done this set is.

I received my 28 disk complete set yesterday and found that 15.... FIFTEEN... of the 28 disks were just rattling around inside their sleeves and would fall on the floor soon as you open a particular seasons sleeve. ALL FIFTEEN disks are scratched moderately to severely. There is nothing to hold the disks in their cases... oh that's right... there are no cases... only paper cardboard sleeves with slots.

The absolute worst packaging I have ever seen in a DVD set plus 15 of my 28 Disks are scratched to pieces when they are supposed to be new. That's an over 50% failure rate on the product I paid for.

I'd give it zero if I could. AVOID this item at all costs until they change the packaging.
I can't even put the disks in my own empty DVD cases I purchased a while back because 15 of them are scratched up!

Thumbs down to CBS/Paramount!
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on July 12, 2013
After some time of wanting the entire series and I finally was able to buy it and I think that the Bob Crane Estate was able to pull it all together - and in a decorative collectors box to boot! Although there is another complete set through regular DVD packaging - it turns out that set is a little higher in price than this, so this is a little more cost effective when considering which set to purchase.

Only drawback to this, is that the holders that organize and hold the DVD's themselves are made from cardboard and may not hold up and last through the test of time. Perhaps it was a cost saving measure for manufacturing they felt had to be done. However, with an item like this, I feel it should be made to withstand at least some measure of the test of time as Hogan's Heroes is truly a collectable and therefore should be treated as such.
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on January 14, 2014
Like others have said, the cardboard package the set comes in leaves something to be desired. There are separate cardboard sleeves for each season. Inside each season's sleeve some of the discs fell out of their pocket and rattled around during shipping. I did as someone else suggested and placed each disc in a separate plastic dvd sleeve to protect them for future use. A 100 pack of these sleeves is less than $10. Two of the 28 discs showed damage, yet they seem to play okay when I tested them. As long as they package the series this way I figure I got off okay. Could have been a lot worse.

The quality of the recording shows up on the tv screen. I remember watching this series when it was telecast originally, and all we had was B&W set. The picture quality on my set look very good.
The series tickled me then, and I find it at least as funny, if not better after all these years. No special effects, or blood and gore. I'm guessing this series won't appeal to many of the younger crowd. The emphasis is on strong acting performances, and comedy.

To sum it up, there's only 2 things I'd change, if I could. One would be to have the factory where they're made use better packing. Yes, that would increase the price. (boooooh!) The second is I wished the series had lasted more than 6 seasons so there would be more episodes to enjoy.

I've been keeping this set on my radar for several months, and the price has risen $15 in three months. Don't wait, buy it as soon as you can. Likely won't get any cheaper.
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on December 5, 2012
I am pretty disappointed in this collection. My disappointment has nothing to do with the actual discs and their content. This product's packaging looks extremely classy, but it does nothing to protect the discs themselves. This should and must be priority number one. I see this more and more with DVD collections. I prefer cases that securely fasten the discs in the case and are durable enough to protect them. I hate envelope style casing. When I opened the package, one of the discs had glue all over it and would not play. The paper sleeves aren't good at holding the disks in place and they fall around loose. When the product arrived, every disk had fallen from the sleeves. They were all scratched before I could even play them.I like for my DVDs and Blu-rays to be protected. The DVDs themselves are great. I really hope that this is a phase with companies that release these discs. Packaging is becoming less and less protective.
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on July 12, 2017
Bought this as gift. I am not a fan of the show, but personally I did not like the way the set was packaged, it is hard to explain. They just could have done a whole lot better. I cannot comment on the quality of this product b/c I did not view it.
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on January 2, 2015
Just purchased this after Christmas (despite the negative reviews regarding packaging), and returned immediately because all of the packaging reviews are right on the money. This set also came with scratched discs...

All of the previous comments regarding the quality of packaging: cardboard sleeves, discs scratched and falling out are 100% accurate. Better to purchase the individual seasons until they update their packaging with plastic cases.
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on March 12, 2013
The 6 seasons of Hogan's Heroes are some of the best television in the 1960s. Problem is this collection contains packaging that damages the disks. They are stuck in cardboard slots that scratch the disks. When I received the boxed set half of the disks were out of the slots banging around in the box. Fortunately they all played well but I had to buy plastic holders for the disks to prevent further damage to the disks. When you add the cost of these to the cost of the boxed set you realize that it's cheaper to buy the individual season rather then this complete set. The bonus disk is terrific but not worth receiving damaged disks as is inevitable with this set.
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