Customer Reviews: Holiday Engagement
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on October 4, 2012
Hillary Burns is looking forward to going home for the family Thanksgiving dinner this year, because this time she has a fiancee and her mother won't be disappointed in her. So it is a devastating blow when just days before the big dinner, her fiancee, Jason, calls the whole thing off. He says he needs to keep his priorities straight, stay focused on his career and not make a mistake. To make things even worse, the next day the newspaper for which she writes shuts down. She gets word while she is in the middle of interviewing one of those people who stand on street corners in costumes and wave big signs to get you to patronize a particular business. This guy happened to be dressed as a big, red cell phone.
Trying to solve the problem of going home to Mom without a man, her friend and co-worker, Sophie, convinces her to place an online ad for a fake fiancee. Most of the responses are not an option. But then comes the one from the guy who had been dressed as the cell phone, who, oddly enough, seems to be a pretty normal guy named David. So home they go to meet Mama and Papa. Mama, played well by Shelley Long, is an overbearing busybody who is consumed with making sure everyone is happy as long as it is her idea of happiness. She keeps pressing Hillary to set a date so she can plan the wedding. Apparently she has been feeling deprived for not having been able to plan a single wedding for any of her three girls. Her oldest daughter eloped and the youngest is engaged to the man Mama picked out for her--and has been for 2 years. She feels Hillary is her only hope. Hillary gets caught up in the wedding plans until "Jason" (David) points out to her that there isn't really going to be any wedding. She gets a grip on herself, realizes things have gotten out of hand and sends David packing. That is when she also realizes that she has feelings for him.
Despite appearances of normalcy, there is a lot of dysfunction going on in this family that surfaces as Hillary's deception unravels. But this is a Hallmark Christmas movie, so you can believe that things are going to end on a high note.
It had a "G" rating on TV and seems pretty benign, but there were two things I could have done without--the constant use of the Lord's name as an exclamation, and when Meredith, Hillary's mom, shows Hillary and her "fiancee" to their beds for the weekend, she says because the Inn is full, she won't give them separate rooms, but they will have separate beds--so they are sharing Hillary's bedroom. That may not bother some people, but it also didn't make sense when later in the show they talk about how they can't understand why Hillary's older sister is staying at a hotel when they have plenty of room. Go figure.
At times the acting goes a little over the top, but there are also some really sweet moments and some funny ones, too, in an awkward sort of way. May not ever be on a list of holiday hits, but reasonably entertaining.
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on November 24, 2012
I like this program because after everything that has happened this girl decides this pretend fiance is the right guy and then she does marry him. He on the other hand goes out of his way throughout the movie to help her with her family even when she seems to be totally committed to the absent boyfriend. In the end when he is supposed to give up the prize tickets that started the whole mascarade the girl goes out of her way to make sure that he gets to keep them proving that she realized who she truly loved.
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on November 5, 2012
I was so excited this movie was on Hallmark last night. This was one of my favorites from last year. Some may think it's kind of predictable, but this movie just warms my heart and shows us the meaning to true love. She needs a fake fiance since the loser fiance left. Yeah sounds like some other tv movies but it does not seem that way. To me, the script has some really cute, humorous parts. This movie has the greatest elements that we especially want to focus on during the holidays- love, romance & family. Thank you for this heartwarming movie, Hallmark! I could watch this one over and over.
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VINE VOICEon October 30, 2012
Hillary (Bonnie Somerville) is a struggling writer who is engaged to a lawyer--briefly. Shortly before Thanksgiving, he tells her that he will be moving and that their engagement is over. This news creates an immediate problem for Hillary. She's told her family that she will be arriving at the Thanksgiving dinner with her fiancé, whom the family hasn't met. She also has a pair of tickets for a Mexican beach vacation that she won in a radio contest. Courtesy of her adventurous friend, Bonnie comes up with an idea. Using the tickets as payment, she hires a struggling actor (Jordan Bridges) to portray her fiancé during the family visit. The rest of the story is strictly by the numbers.

But "by the numbers" isn't necessarily bad, and Somerville and Bridges do have a chemistry--appropriately subdued early on--that makes the movie work. Shelley Long, as Hillary's mother, and Sam McMurray as her father, turn in solid performances that help. With the likability the actors exude, the film works for those who want this sort of movie.

As this is a holiday movie, I'll add a bit about the setting. The majority of the movie is set during Thanksgiving. There is a slight nod to Christmas in that Hillary's mother decorates on the day after Thanksgiving. There is little religious content, and what little there is is conveniently ignored. (There is a scene in which Hillary's priest shows up and has a problem with the false fiancé's being Jewish. While such a difference in faith could present a serious problem, there is no exploration of this topic. Why it arises at all is a puzzle, but then there are other problematic aspects of the script, such as the father's incessant questions of the man he thinks is his daughter's fiancé. These questions seem to indicate that the father is guilty of a crime, but, again, this idea is not explored in greater detail.) That said, as long as you don't take the film seriously, it works.
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on August 19, 2012
I loved this movie from the first time I saw it this past Christmas. I'm really glad it's on DVD so I can buy it. I liked the story and the people who played the characters. I thought they fit into the roles they played nicely and made them seem genuine.
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on November 16, 2013
I'm one of those guys who has given up on trying to avoid watching Chick Flicks with my wife. So, my new strategy is to find chick flicks that I can enjoy. These are almost always Romantic Comedies (Rom Coms). I particularly like Holiday Engagement because, unlike many other modern films, in this movie the guy is not a jerk, not an idiot, or anything like that. His fault is that he's unable to read women, but eventually he is able to see the truth. In the movie he is hired as a stand-in fiancé for the Thanksgiving Holiday. But things soon go out of control as her family starts to really like him and try to keep them together.
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on November 1, 2013
Speaking as a guy, this chick-flick Christmas movie is as good as you'll get as far as the entertainment value goes. It has enough comedy in the movie to keep you from being bored and the acting is not terrible and fairly believable. The piano song scene is the high point of the movie and captures that romantic Christmas spirit when watching with your girl. I highly recommend this movie weather single, a couple or family with children that wants to capture that Christmas spirit but with a more modern movie feel.
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on January 1, 2015
My third have Holiday Hallmark movie. 1. 9 Lives of Christmas, 2. Finding Christmas( T. J. Hodges) and this is my third and

my fourth is " Hitched for the Holidays" and my fifth is " A Royal Christmas". I saw all these movies on the Hallmark channel a

loved them. I wanted them on DVD. This one is so good and the DVD quality is Perfect. I watched it the other day when it

came in my mailbox. Great price on MOST of the Hallmark movies on Amazon. I checked the Hallmark WEbsite, and
AMAZON has MUCH BETTER PRICES. They cost a lot less on Amazon. If you are going to get any of the Hallmark movies, this is the site to get them on. Trust me. You won't be sorry. This movie is great. Annie
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on March 7, 2013
This is a good and funny not to mention romantic Christmas movie with a girl passing an out of work actor off as her fiancee who in reality dumped her. The guy who is a jerk comes back but obviosly not before the other two fall for each other. One of my favorite scenes is when those two sit at the piano and sing her favorite Christmas song. You SShould see it. Merry Christmas.
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on December 20, 2015
Terrified of her toxic/overbearing/demanding mother (Shelley Long as Meredith), a faux journalist (Bonnie Somerville as Hillary) freaks out when her lawyer boyfriend (Chris McKenna as Jason) dumps her right before they are expected to attend her family’s Thanksgiving event. Even though she is an adult, she cannot face her mother’s censure so she hires an unemployed actor (Jordan Bridges as David) to pose as her fiancé. All goes well until her real fiancé returns, saying he has a change of heart (actually, he lost the promotion he was expecting, so taking her back wouldn’t prove such a hardship after all). Nice sentiment.

I’ve lost track of the number of movies I’ve seen lately with this exact same premise. All hinge on having a family so tyrannical and awful that a person would consider presenting them with a fake fiancé rather than suffer the verbal abuse they know they will garner if they show up with no one. If that isn’t a sad commentary on parents, what is? And this isn’t exactly the best foundation on which to build another relationship!
Apparently, romance doesn’t require logic.
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