Customer Reviews: Hollywood Boulevard
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Customer Reviews

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on May 9, 2001
This film is one of my all time favorite slices of cheese. It's from the heyday of Roger Corman's New World Pictures and features many of that stock company, like Paul Bartel, Dick Miller, Mary Woronov, etc.
Two guys from Corman's trailer cutting department, Joe Dante and Allan Arkush, had a great idea: Cut action scenes from various New World Productions, add some comical footage, T&A, action, slasher mystery and a song by country rock legends Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen, mix and stir and you have a wildly entertaining film. It's also one of the cheapest features ever produced by New World.
The story concerns an aspiring starlet, played by the beautiful Candice Rialson, who arrives in Hollywood to seek fame and fortune. After a blundering robbery attempt by buffonish thieves who tricked her, she meets agent Walter Paisley (Dick Miller, using the same name as his character from Corman's classic, A Bucket of Blood), and becomes a stuntwoman for Miracle Pictures ("If it's a good picture, it's a miracle"), a thinly disguised parody of Corman's low budget grindhouse production company, New World. She then becomes a Miracles big star, and wacky filmmaking ensues. Not to mention a behind-the-scenes killer, adding mysterious spice to the events.
This film is a lot of fun, worthy of many repeated viewings. At least for me. There are lots of industry in-jokes and gentle satire aimed at Roger Corman himself. It's never taken too seriously and every scene of it is delightful fun, especially for fans of Corman's particular brand of guerilla movie making. My only complaint is that Hollywood Boulevard 2 isn't included on the same disc. It's just as funny and entertaining as the first one. Here's hoping it will be among the next releases by Corman's New Concorde Home Video.
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on August 5, 2001
If you've seen this film you know that it's not great but it sure is fun. I was surprised to see Hollywood Boulevard get better treatment on DVD than some better quality films (As of this writing Citizen Kane has not been released on DVD) but that just makes this release all the more fun. The 3-way commentary by Joe Dante (Gremlins), Allan Arkush and Jon Davidson is what DVD commentaries are all about. They're funny, informative, and quite forthcoming with their feelings towards the film. An interesting passage occurs during Candice Rialson's rape scene. Everybody gets quiet. Clearly all were embarrassed by the scene. So much so they didn't know what to say except that all films of this nature had the obligatory rape scene. The stories about Paul Bartel and Roger Corman are a hoot. The disc looks and sounds as good as can be. If you're a fan of low budget fun this disc is worth your cash.
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on June 27, 2013
Have waited "forever" to purchase this on DVD waiting for Shout Factory to re-release it. Shout has done a marvelous job on other Corman features (still waiting for this and Summer School Teachers to get a Shout release). I couldn't wait anymore. I was fortunate to get this at a very reasonable price and glad I did. This movie is a hoot! If you are a fan of exploitation films (like I am) you will get all the jokes. Not many films make fun of themselves. Oh, if they only made cheap funny movies like this today.
The cast is amazing for this type of movie. Paul Bartel, Dick Miller, and Mary Woronov chew up the screen! Have been a fan of drive-in queen Candice Rialson for awhile (she ranks under Pam Grier, Claudia Jennings, and Tiffany Bolling as drive-in queens) and she really shows her acting ability in this one (tongue in cheek).
The non-anamorphic widescreen video (1.85) looks decent enough (even if I zoom on my TV the image is still good) and glad to see it has a widescreen transfer. There are dirt, scratches, specks and cigarette burns (for the reel change) and it adds to the fun! Its all about cheap film making. More of grindhouse/drive-in type print. The commentary is the best part. When they splice older Corman films into their film, the directors are hilarious!
Not much in special features except exploitation trailers for other films.
If you are a fan of cheap films from the '70s, you will enjoy this. It is hilarious!
They sure don't make them like this anymore.
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on December 28, 2009
Lovely Candice Rialson, stars as aspiring actress, Candy Hope. Candy arrives in Hollywood, fresh from the Midwest. Candy is another naive starlet wanna-be, who is determined to carve out an acting career in Hollywood. She gets her wish, and signs a contract with Miracle Pictures. They're a dubious outfit, that churns out sleazy tits-and-ass flicks.

Candice finds herself cast in these low-grade films at Miracle, along with other voluptuous, budding young actresses. Veteran actress for Miracle, Mary McQueen, is a ferocious prima donna. And she doesn't take kindly, to competition from Candy and the other actresses working for Miracle.

Suddenly, several of the actresses at Miracle, start getting murdered, one-by-one. Meanwhile Candy, disgusted by the cavalier attitude of the head honchos at Miracle about the killings, wants to give-up stardom altogether. But Candy also finds her own life in danger, and gets embroiled in finding the culprit, responsible for slaying the other actresses.

Much like the film Airplane was a spoof of all those 70s airport movies, Hollywood Boulevard works brilliantly, as a parody of 70s B movies. Candice Rialson, herself a 70s B movie actress, was perfectly cast for the role of Candy Hope. Who could do better at playing a sexy B movie starlet, than Candice. In the role of Candy Hope, Candice was essentially playing herself. The gorgeous, statuesque B movie legend, Mary Woronov, gave a stellar performance as the villainous Mary McQueen.

This film is a real treat, for fans of both Candice Rialson, and Mary Woronov. These two actresses outshine their costars, from beginning to end, in this film. This movie is a fast-paced, satirical stab at the B movie industry, and the sexploitation films that were the meat and potatoes of it. This film isn't meant to be taken seriously. It's a fun romp, and recommended for 70s B movie fans.
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on June 4, 2010
"Hollywood Boulevard" star Candice Rialson sadly passed away in 2006 having never known she had a significant fan base out there. This can be largely attributed to the fact that most all the films she starred in during her brief career in the '70s are either hard to find on DVD or not available at all. Candice deserved better, and so did her films. Luckily, this release of "Hollywood Boulevard" (and Code Red's special edition of "Pets") is presented looking fantastic and contains extras (including commentary by director and film historian Joe Dante) that give us some insight to the sort of actor and human being Candice was. Of all her performances, "Boulevard" is second only to the ultra-rare "Chatterbox" in terms of displaying this woman's abilities. Gifted as both a comic and dramatic performer, she steals every scene and exudes a good-natured, girl-next-door quality no matter what wild and bizarre things the script requires.

Candice was truly one of a kind. And the movie isn't half bad either.
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on October 26, 2014
Honey (That's her name. Honest!) is a starlet with dreams of being a big star in her mind. She meets with an agent (Dick Miller in his umpteenth role in a movie that Roger Corman's involved in), who agrees somewhat reluctantly to hire her as a client. And, just as quickly, she manages to get herself hired as a star of Miracle Studios and its output (Its tagline is more than ironic.) alongside two starlets who won the wet-T-shirt hottiness contest and Mary McQueen (Mary Woronov, easily the best in this movie), a fading star who's looking to regaining her past glory. Naturally, disaster happens and boy, does it leave one wondering if it'll leave a mark on Honey and the rest of Miracle Studios' cast and crew. Watch if you are brave. Skip if you're not a fan of stock clips being used like drugs and unfortunate implications that ruin one's cinematic enjoyment.
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on August 5, 2012
This is a Roger Corman home run. Is it a good movie? No. It's a Roger Corman movie and he pokes fun at Hollywood and himself in this oddball look at the rise (?) of an aspiring actress.

Here's the scoop. Candy Hope (get it? Hope?) is a hayseed come to Hollywood to make it big and fulfill her dreams. She hooks up with the lowest of low-budget movie companies, an equally low-rent agent (Dick Miller) and her personal Odyssey begins. A problem arises in that some of the people involved in the movies she's making begin to die off. Murder? Will she solve the puzzle? Will she reach stardom?

This is a fun watch. There are a lot of in jokes about the industry as well Corman's penchant for not spending a dime he doesn't have to. One of the movies Candy is in is a WIP film being shot in the Philippines, where Corman uses footage from his earlier WIP films shot in the Philippines. He uses some of the footage from "Death Race 2000" as well as some of the cars from that flick to fill in in this flick. Dick Miller is a natural and they give hime some really funny lines. Paul Bartel, as the director, is a hoot. Likewise, he gets some great lines whereby he tries to justify his making of these awful films. Mary Woronov, with her impossibly long, gorgeous legs, is on hand as the studio's top actress. Candice Rialson as Candy, along with the other three do a decent job, and they all get the joke. The other characters are pretty much forgettable. There are bosoms galore on display and a lot of a cheesy action scenes but it's loads of fun.

Don't expect anything substantive from this. Just crack a beer, order a pizza, sit back and enjoy the ride.
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on August 12, 2013
This movie greatly satires Roger Corman's movie empire at the time of the mid 70's. With a wonderful commentary and great trailers plus a couple of other extras, this is a wonderful part of your Roger Corman collection.
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on December 31, 2012
This was yet another great masterpiece I saw at the World theater in Hollywood back in the day. A low budget movie about making a low budget movie where actors are having deadly accidents on the set. Some good music in here as well. I bought this movie just for the great song played by Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen. I also have this on a four pack of Roger Corman movies, so this copy may end up being gifted to one of my finge dwelling buddies.
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on January 19, 2013
One misstep leads to an agent that leads to a series of bad movie making, nudity, bad acting & lot's of fun. I've watched this movie several times since I bought it. It's worth the repeat. The cattiness of the female leads, the over the top aka bad acting of the movie people, the car chases, the lengths of which these people will go to get ahead in the movie business is just plain fun.
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