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on July 21, 2005
As the sole proprietor of a "kitchen table" art business myself, I felt an immediate kinship with the author from the very first page. Here was someone who'd had the same doubts, fears, challenges, and passionate determination as me...except she was a little further ahead on her journey. Rather than allow the large pages full of text to daunt me, I determined to enjoy the ride at a leisurely pace, highlighter and pen in hand. My copy of this book got heavily marked up on the first read, because there is wisdom on practically every page. The author shares much about dealing with insecurities, overcoming challenges, thinking outside the box, and parlaying small successes into bigger and better ones. The information is generous and genuine...and though it's not delivered in the terse, bulleted style typical of how-to books, all it takes to get at the meat of this book is a willingness to pay attention and ponder.

There are lots of business how-to books out there, but the vast majority don't touch on the realities or needs of one-person start-ups run from the home. Ms. Page's book provides an honest view of that world and what can work for those with talent and drive should they venture into it. But more than that, this book provides an arm around the shoulder when you're fretting ("You CAN make a living from art!"), a kick in the rear when you falter ("You only go round once in life, so go for your dream!"), and a warm friendly voice in your ear when you have doubts ("If I can do it, so can you!").

Color pictures of Ms. Page's artwork would have been a welcome plus, but smart readers know that her web site is just a click away. There you can look at her gorgeous work to your heart's content. Far from just "falling in a bucket and coming out smelling like a rose," Ms. Page is a talented lady who has worked hard to develop a successful niche business in a very competitive industry. I applaud her for it and highly recommend this book to anyone who has the same aspirations.
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on December 31, 2003
This book and the nurturing, empowering spirit it brings came into to my life in the fall of 2003 like a fortuitously timed visit with an old friend. In this soft back large format book that begs to be highlighted and have notes written in the margins (of course I have) artist, knowledge-seeker, mom, college lecturer and real-life woman Gloria Page shares tales of the everyday and the amazing with simplicity and grace.
Bringing to her subject matter - the art of life and a life in art - a spirit of sharing, Gloria lets us walk with her through short takes on time, obstacles, changes and multiple aspects of not only art and life but also the art and science of combining the two in ways that could actually prove sanity preserving.
The voice of honesty and experience that comes through on every page provides a candid and accurate reflection of what make making art or any sort of self-employment a daily journey that proves challenging, rewarding and well worth considering.
Be prepared for Gloria's tiny snapshot stories to sneak into your random thoughts well after you officially turn the last page. In my case, I pulled the book out so often it has crept stealthily into my studio and now found a home just an arm's reach from the comfy chair I curl up in when I need a dose of art-fellowship or an infusion of inspiration.
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on April 6, 2005
I actually really liked this book. I really like the person that wrote it and I found her adventures in making money as an artist helpful, interesting and fun to read about. She's open-hearted and candid. I like that. What I didn't like is the layout and design of the book. This baby is hard to read in long stretches. It is truly wall-to-wall words, no images, no breaks, no white space ... whew! I would suggest hiring a good graphic designer to recreate the layout of this fine book and then republish it. It would be worth it.
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on January 26, 2007
This book is almost a journal of one woman's journey of taking her art from craft to business. It is packed with wisdom and told warmly from the heart. It is a book to be read and reread... just to make sure you didn't miss anything. This is NOT your traditional how-to book. I totally enjoyed getting to know the author through her writing and riding along with her on her journeys.
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on January 28, 2008
Memoirs can be inspiring. Memoirs can be guides. I looked forward to the arrival of this book. I gave it several opportuinites to catch me...but it never did...not as a guide or as inspiration. I am happy she was so successful. Her step by step coverage, however wasn't pertinent to me. May be the kind of book YOU need to read, if you have very little support otherwise.
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on August 2, 2006
This book offers a lot of ideas, even for people who are not planning to make art their sole source of income.
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on November 9, 2004
I'm sure that Ms. Page is a very nice person but her writing reminds of people who don't know when to be quiet. She may have some very insightful and interesting things to say but you would never know because you've stopped listening (reading) a long time ago. Not worth the time and effort.
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on October 12, 2002
If you are hoping to turn your stamping hobby (or obsession) into a money making venture, you simply must read this book. The wonderful stories detailing her adventure into the art business are both inspiring and entertaining. She offers practical, down-to-earth advice and makes you feel as if YOU can do it, too!
I have read several other books about turning your hobby into a business, and was always put off by the impersonal, "Business 101" style in which they were written. This is exactly the book I have been looking for. A personal success story, where she shares the ups and downs, triumphs and disappointments of the journey, from her first sale to the Smithsonian. There is plenty of practical advice from one who has "been there, done that", such as making sure you are using Angel Company stamps, advice on pricing your work, whether or not to use a "rep" to sell your work for you, and so much more.
Gloria has inspired me to get out there and give it a try. One of my favourite quotes in the book: "You may never know what results will come from your actions, but if you do nothing there will be no result"(Gandhi). I'm ready for results!!!
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on January 23, 2004
Gloria Page demystifys the process of starting your own business and in a very homey down to earth manner she tells us stories of her journey. I have often wondered how people get their start in an artistic business....was it a linear process or haphazard? When i read about Glorias process i could see that she was meant to be doing what she is doing....that the Universe did in fact want her to succeed by putting her in touch with the people who could help her along the way....golden opportunities which Gloria was only too ready to take advantage of . It was not a linear journey but after reading her book you can see that all of the experiences in her life lead her to have her handmade cards the Smithsonian Institute ! Don't get me wrong......Gloria's journey was not all rosey....she had her ups and downs, tears and moments of discouragement but dispite the challenges she forged on to create her wonderful handmade card business.
If you are looking for inspiration to take that first hesitant step into having your own art business or if you are just interested in delving into one woman's journey to "follow her Bliss" you will not be disappointed. Grab a cup of coffee or a cup of tea and sit down to enjoy Holy Moly Makeroly. You will feel as if Gloria is sitting across the table with you speaking directly to your heart!
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on January 14, 2004
This unusual book cannot be classified into only one specific genre because it's part memoir, part "how to", part inspiration.
Put all those parts together and you have the wonderful wise voice of author Gloria Page telling you of the real-life journey of her artistic cardmaking business. I'd recommend this book as a MUST HAVE for anyone who dreams of making a living with art. The best part is -- she'll tell you that you CAN do it!
Page's writing voice is colorful and dynamic, crisp and clean, and as enticing as it is encouraging. Best of all, though, is that she is blissfully REAL, forever quieting the intimidation and self-criticm that can be felt by readers when approaching the work of recognized, professional artists. The combination of inspiration and practical know-how that Page deftly weaves together could have saved me hundreds of hours of artistic "pain and suffering", had I read it years ago! If only!
Thankfully, this is not the last we will hear from Gloria Page. I am awesomely fortunate to be her collaborator in a new project, a multimedia eBook titled, "STORYTELLERS: Dance around the Fire". We will be exploring the treasured lives of women artists all over the world, listening to their stories, embracing their truths, sharing their creative worlds. Working with Gloria Page is an honor, and I eagerly anticipate sharing the next installment of her exquisite writing with those who hunger for stories that feed the yearnings of the the creative soul.
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