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on November 5, 2014
I gave 4 stars for the entertainment quality of the movies, but I would only give 1 star for the transfer quality of Home Alone 2. The first one looked really good, but the second Kevin would say "Yikes!" Some of the hotel scenes looked like it was copied straight from VHS. My 3 year old enjoyed them for the most part but, I'm sure she'll like them more when she is a little older. They will always be Christmas classics to me, but hopefully the 2nd movie will receive better treatment if they release a new set. I can't complain much since it was free with my Discover points.
Great movies! Not so great transfer (Home Alone 2)!
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on December 9, 2013
I'm going to agree with previous reviewer "L. Velasco" and say that this collection is awesome, except for the picture quality of the second movie. With Home Alone, you can tell that they took time to remaster it for the transfer to Blu-ray and although it still has that "early 90s" look to the picture, it is still a great transfer. It breathes new life into a film that's 20+ years old. But in Home Alone 2 - my favorite of the two - it is PAINFULLY obvious that they just took the DVD master and cranked up the resolution to 1080p. Grainy doesn't even describe it. Usually in a bad transfer you can just see some grain in darker scenes. But in this release of Home Alone 2, it's evident in EVERY scene. It was actually distracting to the point where even my wife noticed it, and she's not an HD-snob like myself. That being said, it doesn't detract from the overall enjoy-ability of the movie. These are still two of my favorite Christmas movies, and I'm happy to now own them on Blu-ray.

One aspect that really shines is the obviously remastered soundtracks on both discs! They are DTS-Master Audio and sound amazing!! I have a better-than-average home theater system and it really came alive while watching these films. The musical score was meticulously separated into all 5 channels and I heard details and LOTS of crisp, deep bass notes that I never heard before. In HA2 when the pigeons come to get Harry and Marv, there were wings flapping all around me. The sound engineers did an awesome job with these movies and, for me at least, it was the most enjoyable aspect of watching them on Blu. One small negative thing I noticed is that there were some inconsistencies in dialog volume where it was much lower than in the previous scene, almost to the point of needing to raise the volume to hear it clearly.

Overall, this was a worthy purchase, especially at the price I paid. I'm glad to have these two "classics" (man, I'm getting old!) on Blu-ray to have in my collection for years to come to share with my future children for them to enjoy them the same way I did when they first came out. If you enjoyed either or both film(s), buy this set. You will not regret it!!
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on December 28, 2013
movie and commentary, special features- 5 stars (who doesn't know this movie?)
The only problem I had is the director was telling a story about Joe Pesci having trouble not swearing during his scenes and Culkin (who is also on the commentary) made a joke about him having a 'G- damn dirty mouth' which then left an awkward silence following to contemplate that yes, you just heard him say that on the commentary.. i feel they should have beeped that out but they left it.. other than that it's ok.. the director does a HUGE amount of talking...

if i could knock off a star or two it would be for the security in place on the discs.. if you have an older Blu-Ray that can't update the firmware, this won't play for you.. so i'm keeping it until i get a new Blu-Ray player.. for reference my Blu-Ray player is a Samsung.. they have security in place which forces you to have Cinavia.. (prevents playing of copies of movies) if you don't have the firmware with this on it, the new discs won't play for you.. they make you update to use the new discs.. I don't like Cinavia as I have a lot of old movies that i made from discs that i no longer have.. i can't watch them unless Cinavia is deactivated..
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on December 10, 2016
The first Home Alone is a 90's classic. The dear it is more of the same really but it still is entertaining and a tradition of mine to watch both every year. Both are presented here clear and crisp on blue ray. I do not care that the second movie is a retread of the first, most sequels are retreads, you pick these loony toon style movies apart and psycho analyze them to pieces for the parents forgetting their child in the first one and...god, bless pre 911 America, getting Kevin lost in the shuffle and on the wrong plane in the sequel. Watch for a cameo by cheetoh-face himself Donny Trump in the sequel.
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on November 15, 2013
Debated between a 3 and 4 star review. This ONLY has to do with the Blu-ray's themselves.

The Home Alone Blu-ray is awesome. It's a dual-layer disc (50GB), and the transfer is terrific. A really nice picture, and well worth the price.

The Home Alone 2 Blu-ray on the other hand, it IS a single-layer disc (25GB), and the transfer is not so great. In some darker scenes, the picture gets very "grainy" (almost a pixel-ated feeling?). Even with that, it is a better picture than a DVD.

That said, for a price of $9.99 ($5 a Blu-ray), they are a GREAT deal, and worth a purchase. Just set your expectations that the picture on 2 isn't as good as the picture on the original, and you will be happy with your purchase.
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on January 26, 2015
Modern Classic Christmas movies. The other Home Alone's aren't worth my time. Everyone loves the cute kid taking out the bad guy robbers in the classic slapstick, Rube Goldberg, Three Stooges fashion. All ages would enjoy these family films.

We bought the Blu-Ray because we were tired of waiting for the network or cable channels to show this movie during Christmas season, then injecting two hours of commercials and editing out much of the content that makes these movies so heartwarming. I also love how none of the streaming sources, Netflix, Prime, Hulu, have these available in December either. Conspiracy?

When I actually watch the movies on the disks, I'll revise this review for the menus and any bonus footage.
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on November 17, 2014
My favorite movie growing up as a kid born in the late 80s. I remember watching the VHS so many times between me and my siblings that we broke the tape from rewinding too much. This is a great addition with Christmas coming up soon and needed this movie in my collection. Great quality Blu-ray, not sure what other people are complaining about. Movie is great 90s comedy and extremely violent while haunting your dreams when Marv steps on that nail. Must buy for any 80s kids for a walk down nostalgia lane.
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on January 2, 2014
Not being a real fan of the 3rd & 4th iterations of the movie franchise, finding the HA 1 & 2 set on Blu-Ray for under $10 was an absolute delight!

Going from my only other copy of Home Alone on VHS to this Blu-Ray version was wonderful! My college-aged kids really enjoy these two movies and we try to watch them every year when we can find them airing on TV or by pulling out the old dinosaur VHS machine. Now that we have these high-quality BD versions, we can finally retire the old VHS copy and enjoy it in HD.

Some reviewers have mentioned problems with the quality of the picture on the 2nd disc. I didn't notice any of the complaints mentioned in previous reviews, but it should be noted that my copy has a 2013 date on the packaging, so these previous issues may have been resolved.
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on January 19, 2016
Gosh I love Home Alone 1 and 2. The traps, the injuries sustained! The clever lines, and hidden adult jokes ("Buzz your girlfriend, WOOF!") just makes this one of the most entertaining duo of Christmas movies ever conceived. It has become a tradition in our house over the last few years since we purchased these to watch Home Alone 1 immediately after Thanksgiving, and Home Alone 2 the first weekend in December. Love the movies 100% and will continue to year after year.
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on February 16, 2013
When I attempted to watch the DVD, I got the message that I had to take the DVD out because it was not for my region. This is partly my fault. I really do not know what the region information means. This is the first DVD that I purchased that I had to deal with purchasing it for the right region. When the seller sent me the DVD, I assumed that it would work in my DVD player. Even if I mistakenly ordered the DVD for the wrong region for where I live, I would have thought that the seller would have alerted me that it would not work in my region and offer to send me the correct DVD instead. I was hopeful that an exchange for the correct DVD would still be possible. I emailed MovieMars through Amazon on January 31, 2013 at 2:48 pm EST asking if there was any way that I could exchange it for a DVD that could be played in my region. To this date (February 16, 2013/8:56 am EST), I continue to wait for a response.
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