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on May 31, 2016
If you want a book that will teach you how to make housework fun, don't buy this book. Housework is not always fun! This book teaches you how to efficiently get the work done so you can go do other things!

This book has lots of homemaker tips on how to make good use of your time, be frugal, how to clean and repair things. Everything that your mother should have taught you but probablly forgot :)

This book can get a little boring to read, its not very colorful, but an economical book chock full of things to learn for sure!
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on November 29, 2016
This book is awesome! Divided into sections : cook it, clean it, fix it, wash it. It's packed FULL of great advice, easy to read with some humor. It's especially good for someone just going on their own, or someone like me who missed some of these lessons. It goes over so many topics! Anyone owning a home should definitely own this, instead of learning these things later, wishing they had known sooner. Lots of advice on care to extend the life of things in a home. Her tips on cooking and cleaning will put you on track to a healthier lifestyle. I appreciated how she even offered a realistic transition for people that eat fast food constantly. All of her advice is realistic and very doable. She has a section going over food storage and emergency preparedness too, bravo! She gets into how different chemicals react with each other when cleaning. Sewing techniques. Cooking vocabulary and cooking knowledge that only Grandma would know.. It's obvious she has much experience. The tone is not scolding nor boring nor snobby, it's fun and informative. Truly a good overall book for the homeowner or renter, I highly recommend it! Exactly what I was hoping for :)
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on April 27, 2011
So how can a home-ec book, which is all about the dull and unpleasant tasks of living, be such a fun read? Seriously, you are not supposed to crack a smile or let loose a knowing laugh while reading about stocking the kitchen or cleaning the house, right?

Well I got news for you, nothing Heather Solos does is dull or, for that matter, normal. She approaches all parts of life with the gusto most of us reserve for the impending zombie sweeps week. The scary thing? I even caught my daughter reading this book - just for fun!

Years ago when I moved away from home after college, my mother gave me a copy of The Bachelor's Cookbook. It was fantastic book. Aimed for those, like myself, who knew nothing, the author made no assumptions. The book demonstrated oft overlooked skills like how to boil water and how to make minute rice. That book was a favorite of mine well beyond the time my dog ate the front cover off.

But that book has been replaced in my heart. Home-Ec 101, Skills for Everyday Living has replaced it due to combining those same types of overlooked skill sets with an amazing sense of humor. Now, not only can you look up the teaspoon equivalent of three cups, but you will get a good laugh while you do so.

This book should be on every graduation and wedding present list this Spring. Heck, colleges should just hand it to the graduates as they give the seniors there diplomas and send them off into the world of fire alarms and mixed color washing.
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on March 20, 2011
This is a great book! I wish I'd had it when I was setting up my first home away from home. And even then, wish my mom had had it too! Had many chuckles flipping through this book, and the conversational tone makes it far more readable, enjoyable, and thus useful, than most other references on this subject. Despite having been a home maker for over a decade, I learned a few new tricks looking through. The charts in this book alone make it well worth its value. Tips on how not to mix your cleansers into a deadly concoction, disaster preparedness for the conspiracy theorist and unfortunate realist alike, down to simple things like menu planning and chore charts. A must have for any household.
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on November 10, 2016
There's some very good basic advice for running a household in this book, from cooking terms to laundry stains. I bought it because I really need to learn how to better plan meals, so I was just a little disappointed there wasn't more about menus. But I think there was enough -- and frankly if the author had gone into more specifics it would have been overkill.

Heather Solos has a wry sense of humor and there are silly things sprinkled throughout the book. Who says home ec has to be boring? I took one home ec class in school and it was pretty much useless, so the rest of what I know has been through trial and many errors (resulting in melted blouses, among other things).

There are several appendices, including one on how to make your own inexpensive cleaners, and a section that tells you what NOT to mix with what else -- and why. I read the book through from front to back, but you don't have to read it in any order. This is definitely a handy guide to keep on the shelf for when you need information on cleaning particular types of floors, removing stains, or quick home repair jobs.
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on August 18, 2017
Perfect gift for my adult son who needs a reference book on how to take care of everything involved in living alone (except for how to encourage him to move out). He does know how to clean but needs a book to refer to to remind him of certain tasks and this fits the bill.
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on July 10, 2012
This is great read. Helps with cleaning to freezing veggies. I so far use the book the for quick review on a subject like stains or food storage. i would get this book for a new homeowner or a collage student.
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on April 13, 2011
Look out GoodHousekeeping! Move over Betty Crocker! Heloise, you day as reigning champion of household tips is over! If there is a book that is the 21st century standard that should be a gift for every new couple starting out, it is [author: Heather Solos] Home-Ec 101.

From the cover, to the topics covered, it starts to look like (and is probably an homage to) a 1950's "housewife guide book." Fortunately for the reader, Heather's writing personality and writing style come through wonderfully, and rather than your static, boring how to, you get fresh, current, real world tips and ideas that are useful *today* (after all how many people are still trying worried about caring and storage for a mink stoll these days?)

This book is essentially a "Cliff Notes" version of the home-ec101.com website. This is a good thing, because first, it gives many basic day to day problems a solution and keeps them at your fingertips (because, if the power is out, it is hard to look for a solution on how to fix it on a computer with no power, isn't it?), and because that means, when you are done with this book (though, are you ever really "done" with a good reference book?), there is a whole world more information available from Heather readily available for you to continue reading. Unlike your favorite thriller author where you will have to wait months if not years for the next installment, you can see tips and tricks that didn't make this book, and the possible tips and solutions that may make up the next edition, as they are being developed... on a basically daily basis.

If there is one drawback to this book, it is that by making it so clearly a sort of tongue in cheek dedication to the 1950's housewife, it will not be picked up by as many men as it probably should be. I started off saying that this would be the perfect starter book gift for a couple. It would be just as beneficial (if not more so) to a bachelor getting his first apartment, but odds are he would not appreciate it, just based on the superficials of the cover and style. Is that shallow and sort of neanderthal like thinking? Of course. But in many cases true. Yes, there are men who will read it (I did), and will appreciate all the information (guilty as charged), but that is not true of everyone.

OK, a second flaw, and this is strictly for Kindle Edition readers (and especially those that read the Kindle Edition on a device other than a Kindle). It is preety obvious that this book was nothing but a straight port from the book. There are images that are not clean or formatted properly and look pretty bad in Kindle Software. There are a few glitches as well in bullets and line item numberings that make it pretty clear that the editor did not go over it again once ported to digital. Fortunately, this flaw is not bad enough to detract from the otherwise fantastic content.

So, in short, if you ever have the need to wash something, cook something, clean something or fix something, then there is absolutely no reason that you should not have a copy of this book at your fingertips. You life just might depend on it.
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on February 15, 2011
I love having this book available in an e book. It is great, because it is easily searchable for whatever cooking or cleaning advice you might need. It is very easy to navigate, and I found myself using it within a day of me downloading the book for the best way to remove wallpaper, and it worked great. The hints, how-tos, and tips are concise and well tested, written with wise words, sprinkled with humor. This is a book that is good for just about anyone. I have a feeling I will be giving this book to the newly graduated college kids in my life, as well as first time homeowners, or those newlyweds. We all stand to benefit from the wisdom that Heather Solos has provided us with, all without the information overload of searching the web for it.
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on November 15, 2016
My daughter loves the humor in the lessons.
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