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on August 26, 2017
I initially bought one for my '08 BMW 335i which only had Bluetooth for just the telephone. So I bought this and it neatly installed in the center console where a power plug and Aux-in are conveniently available. It works great. Sounds good, nice highs and lows. Connects immediately without having to manually connect. (I use a Samsung Android phone. Apple should work fine too). If you're also putting it in a BMW, I'd recommend using the power plug that's in your console for power instead of the USB port. The USB port seems to be constantly powered, and this Bluetooth receiver will be a small continuous load on your battery if you park for a long time. The power plug is switched with the ignition. This Bluetooth receiver comes with a 120V to USB plug, so you can use it at home too. I bought a second one to add Bluetooth capability to my home stereo. I like it there too. Decent distance reception from my device as I walk around the living room and kitchen. For the price, I recommend this item for its reliable instant connection, versatility, and sound quality.
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on September 17, 2017
I bought two of these for our house. One is for my wife's craft room and one for my shop. Both work very well. We have not had any connectivity issues. I have an iPhone 7 and she has the 7 plus.

I do have to turn the volume up a little more than before when I was just using a headphone jack, but it is not an issue, just something odd. I'm using the headphone jack plugged into computer speakers. Her's uses the RCA cables plugged into a receiver. Both ways require the volume to turn up a bit. But the sound is good and neither of us has had connectivity issues. My phone sits about 10 feet away from this receiver in the shop. Wife's phone is about 5 feet away.

This is quick, easy way to add bluetooth to any system.
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on March 13, 2017
I think the product is awesome. I have a circa early 70's vintage receiver that I have connected to my vintage turntable and wanted to enable my digital tunes from my iPhone via Bluetooth. Connected the rca end to the receiver aux plugged the power into the back of the receiver and into the Bluetooth device. My iPhone found it immediately and I was up and running in seconds.

I have had no problems connecting to Bluetooth etc. I noticed sometimes it seems to skip or gets interrupted slightly when I get a txt or I'm typing on my phone. You do need to have your phone in the line of sight to the Bluetooth device though or it cuts out a bit. . Otherwise good stuff No longer have to get off the sofa to change songs or volume. Nice.
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on June 29, 2017
I tried this Homespot reciever, (this product) and the audio was pretty good, but the connectivity was terrible - lots of skips. YMMV as I understand there are different versions of bluetooth technology. I'm using it on a 2013 MacBook Pro for reference. The skips were so annoying that I had to return it.

I returned The Homespot and purchased the HiFi HiFi Lossless Bluetooth Audio Receiver Optical Fiber Coaxial Out for Digital Amp. The connectivity was better but the sound was definitely NOT HiFi (high-fidelity).

That's being returned and I just ordered the Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver. Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver It's 4X the price, but several different websites that did shootouts and reviews all said that it's the one to buy if you're an audiophile.

Perhaps this will work for you, but apparently I can't get by with one at this price point.
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on July 31, 2017
I'm happy with this. It does its job unobtrusively for a good price. I have several of these in different rooms of my house. They all seem to work fine. Every once an a while, one of them will get "stuck" and I need to unplug it to reset things, but that's happened only rarely. I especially like that it doesn't automatically connect to any paired device within range. Instead, if someone with a phone wants to use it, they can connect explicitly. That's much less annoying than some other devices I own, which will automatically connect to a preferred device. The HomeSpot is much easier to use in a house with multiple people and multiple devices.
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on July 30, 2015

These bluetooth audio receivers are very frustrating to use. I purchased this product based on the seemingly overwhelming amount of positive reviews and so I had no idea about how truly impractical and annoying this audio receiver is to try and use. First red flag I should have noticed is the manufacturer's claim that there MUST be a clear line of sight from audio source to receiver. Anyone with basic common sense can come to the conclusion that this is something that can be quite problematic if there are people walking around or if there are objects in the way. When they say there must be a clear line of sight, they really mean it. If even a thin piece of clothing or fabric disrupts the line of sight for a millisecond, the receiver "freaks" out and starts skipping parts of the song. Sometimes, it even does this odd thing of playing the music at a much higher rate of speed to catch up. It's ridiculous. I tried setting it up in different conditions to try and see if I could improve the consistency and reliability of the sound but even when my iphone was literally inches or a couple feet away, there would still be occasional speed-ups in the song or skips. It's very annoying to use and a very poorly designed product.
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on August 11, 2017
Overall, very satisfied. Needed ability to play music outdoors with my in-door non-Bluetooth stereo via IPhone (I have outdoor speakers). I used to just use aux in cord and leave phone inside but then you can't adjust volume or music selection easily. I did buy a longer RCA cable than supplied so that I could set the unit in window for better line of site transmittal. I experimented and connection was not an issue up to 75 feet or more from the receiver. However, even at 30 - 50 feet, music does cut out occasionally for a second or two - some days this doesn't happen at all, other days it does off and on. However, it reconnects again right away without any action on my part. If not for cutting out, I would give 5 star. For the price, I think it is a great deal. I did try it just through walls (vs line of site setting it in window) and it still works outside but distance is diminished to about 1/2 the specs.
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on January 15, 2017
Just great! I wanted a replacement for my AUX cable connected to my home stereo receiver. I play music from my iPhone 6s daily and wanted a wireless option.

- Sounds great! Same quality as my AUX cable.
- Easy setup: Aux cable (headphone plug, my own cable) plugs into the back of the unit along with the power cable provided. Paired in seconds just like a Bluetooth speaker or headphone.
- Priced great and arrived to my doorstep in 2 days via PRIME
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on July 5, 2017
I use this with an Echo Dot. "Alexa connect to Bluetooth" the "alexa play pandora". Then I get music through the entire house. When i am done "Axela disconnect bluetooth" and the dot is back to normal. This has been very useful, as I didn't want alexa whole-house all the time, so this solved an issue for me.
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on December 17, 2014
Liked the first one so much that we bought a second one as a gift.

Update 2/24/15:
We bought the second unit as a gift for a friend. Both units still work well when connected BUT... the unit we have at home does not like to connect to a previously paired device if other devices have been paired after it. When we first got the BT receiver my wife and I would use it to play music from our phones through our stereo - she has an iPhone 5S and I have a Galaxy S4. As long as we disconnected one phone from BT before connecting the other phone we had no problems swapping connections back and forth. After pairing and connecting a laptop the receiver seemed to lose its mind. Our phones would show that we were paired but we could not connect. After pulling the power cord and holding down the reset button for 10 seconds before reconnecting the power cord we were able to both connect our phones again. Adding a third paired device seems to confuse the poor thing. We tried pairing and connecting an iPod and thought we could hear faint screams emanating from within. Going through the resetting process is not an insurmountable challenge but it is unnecessarily painful, especially if you just want to quickly play a tune for someone. We verified the problem using a friend's phone. The recipient of the second unit hasn't had a problem but he only has one device paired with it. Be aware that this is a problem you may encounter.
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