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on May 29, 2017
After more than a decade of substandard home audio, I was finally able to find a skilled (marine electronics!) technician to repair the awesome Aragon amplifier-driven system my wife bought back in the 90's when we were making money.

This led to a new problem: most of her CD's are faux-pop-jazz from the 90's...Fourplay, Michael Franks, and so on. You can see why her delight in being able to use her system was actually a net-negative for lovers of fine music.

Over the last decade, I've built an outstanding collection of playlists that provide hours of bliss, but it's mostly stored on my phone and my desktop. The best desktop powered speakers are no match for what we were again able to enjoy.

We tried RCA cables out of the headphone jack on my phone, but the output was limited and we couldn't get enough input to make the stereo project.

I bought the HomeSpot device on a whim for about $25.

This has allowed us to listen to great music during dinner, as I'm able to have the phone with us about 20 feet away and control what plays and what needs to be skipped.

Sound quality is just okay, since we're talking about Bluetooth and MP3 -- but it's still better than Spyro Gyra on CD and it's better than the powered desktop speakers we were using.

I'd recommend this for anyone with an old-school stereo system that sounds better than any modern "sound bar."
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on March 12, 2016
Update-Followed the reset procedures as recommended by the seller and it appears most of my reception issues are gone. As other reviewers noted, you get about 20 ft away before it starts to drop out (presumably a Bluetooth 4.0 issue). It still makes loud thumping noises (could be my amp or phone) when switching tracks or pausing/resuming, and it still does NOT reconnect to my iPhone 6 when powering up but that's a minor annoyance. Minor enough that I cancelled my RMA and I'm going to keep playing with these devices. Installed one into my suitcase turned into a portable speaker so will be doing some good testing now that the weather is becoming warmer. YOU MUST RESET THE DEVICE.
Bought 3 as Amazon Deal of the Day, hoping at least 1 was good. Sound is good when playing, as long as you don't connect the USB power to a computer (and speakers hanging off that computer). Skipping tracks or pausing causes loud popping noises. Pausing audio more than 5 seconds causes it to unpair from phone. Out of all 3: none re-paired with last device on power up, none made it more than 7ft away without losing audio. Tested on 2 different iPhone 6's. Device was sitting on top of an empty desk with no objects around it. iPhones were held in the palm of the hand and direct line of sight. I was hoping to have this in my garage hooked to old PC speakers, with my phone in my pocket. At this limited distance I might as well plug my phone into the speakers and leave it on the shelf, therefore I'm returning all 3. Really had high hopes given all the great reviews.
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on June 21, 2015
I've written many Amazon reviews, and it's quit rare for me to not recommend what I am writing about. Mostly because I do a lot of research before buying things, and I typically end up with exactly what I require. Not so with this HomeSpot Bluetooth Audio receiver.

I've had no end of trouble with it on Apple devices. I've tried it with:
* iPhone 5
* iPhone 6
* MacBook Pro 17" (mid 2010)
* MacBook Air 11" (latest)

In my experience, it's been a pain in the proverbial arse on all of these Apple devices. It refuses to connect with the MBP. It is fickle with connecting (and staying connected) with the iPhones. Each time I try to connect the iPhones, I typically I have delete the connection/pairing every time, and then repair them. That in itself can be tricky, but at least it tends to stay connected until I terminate the connection. But to then reconnect, again I'll have to remove the pairing completely from the iPhone, and start from scratch. The MacBook Air has better luck, but not 100% success.

I also have a Nexus 4 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8. I have better success with these devices. It should be noted that both are running Cyanogenmod (non-stock android). They connect and play fairly decently. So, based on my experience, I'd say this device has decent compatibility with Android devices, and very questionable compatibility with Apple devices.

If it was just on my Apple MacBookPro I experience these issues, I might be inclined to think it's the computer that's at fault. That's actually the only Apple device I own, and I was tending toward blaming the MacBookPro. But

>> Alternatives
I also have experience with the Brightech - BrightPlay Home HDTM Bluetooth 4.0 Music Receiver / Adapter with apt-X Technology for CD Quality Sound. I set a family member up with one. It has worked well with my MBP, and their iPad and iPhone 6. I would have bought the same one for myself, but since the HomeSpot was a little cheaper and had great reviews I figured I'd try it out. Also, I liked the idea of the device not having to be located right at a power point. The BrightPlay sits in the powerpoint (I suppose one could use an extension lead to reposition it), whilst the HomeSpot powers-up via a USB cable. This gives more flexibility as to where it is positioned.

>> Conclusion...
I would not buy it again, and would return it if I could (too late for that though). I am now looking for a better device, and also considering WiFi audio streaming instead (such as the Sabrent WiFi Audio Receiver). I see plenty of other people who are very happy with this device (which is why I ordered it), so there's a good chance your experience with it will be better than mine. If you buy it, I'd suggest giving it a thorough work-out in the first couple of weeks, on as many different devices and usage scenarios (such as distance from device) as you can. That way, if you're happy with it, great. But if not, you can make use of Amazon's excellent 30 return policy and send it back. Otherwise, I'd recommend the Brightech - BrightPlay Home HDTM Bluetooth 4.0 Music Receiver over this HomeSpot device.
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on September 14, 2015
I purchased this product to serve as a bluetooth dongle for my surround sound receiver. The reason I like it was the usb power, which allows me to plug it into the receiver and have it automatically power on at the same time as the receiver, thus alleviating any extra plugging steps that some other designs require. Unfortunately, this is where the fun stops.

The receiver only works if you have a direct line of sight from 6 feet or less. Seriously, I couldn't believe it, but no amount of reorienting or changing power supplies or resetting fixes this design flaw. This distance is unacceptable for me, and probably for most users.

I have a samsung galaxy s3 in good working order, and on other bluetooth products I have (earpiece, car radio, portable speaker system) the usable range is about 20-40 feet. The fact that I have to be so close that I basically should just be using a wire defeats the purpose of using bluetooth.

I hope that my one star review attracts the attention of other buyers and the manufacturer, because this product performs so poorly that I have reverted to a 6 foot cable, but now I have $30 fewer dollars in my pocket.
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on April 3, 2016
I really don’t know how this one got so many positive reviews, even a lots of people complained about BT connectivity issue.

Here is my opinion after I returned HomeSpot and bought Mpow Steambot

- Power stays on all the time, so you can connect music source anytime without touching the unit.
- Good sound.
- NFC will connect and disconnect music source automatically.
- Include Power AC adapter.
- Lower priced.

- Very poor BT connection. No matter how close to the unit if anything in between the transmission, music will be disrupted.

- Very strong BT connection. Almost no disrupted even through walls and barriers.
- Good sound.

- Unit power will automatically shut down in few minute after no BT connection.
- To reconnect, you have to manually turn the power on, it is very annoying.
- NFC only used for to pairing BT, so turn on and off the music, BT connection has to be done by manually.
- No AC power adapter included.
- Higher Priced. (But few more dollars was worth it.)

What is big deal of good sound if signal is constantly Disrupted?.
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on June 19, 2015
I thought with the number of positive reviews that this should be a good product. It was very easy to set up and I had it going in 5 minutes after tearing the packing open. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get through one song without the signal cutting out at least once, but usually multiple times. I started from about 10 feet away. I also tried it from 5 feet and right next to the unit, the signal kept dropping.

For comparison I went out and bought the Rocketfish RF-BTR315 and the Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter (980-000910). The Rocketfish is twice as expensive ($50) but it has AptX and an optical out. The Logitech was a little more than half the price of the Rocketfish. I started the Rocketfish and walked all over my house, stopping at the further distances and it never lost signal. Haven't tested the Logitech as extensively, but it did have a very minor signal skip from 20 feet away.

I'm returning the HomeSpot product as soon as I can drop it off at the UPS store. The up side is that this product got me to buy the other 2, and I'm going to keep both of them. The rocketfish for my main home entertainment system and the logitech for the bedroom.
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on December 6, 2016
I purchased this to replace a less expensive Bluetooth unit that I had "borrowed" from another room in the house. This thing consistently lost connectivity though 3/8" drywall though the distance of device to device was mere feet. The other, less expensive unit, would work almost throughout the house. Amazon was great with the return.
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on July 24, 2017
After a brief 2 day stay in my home the HomeSpot NFC-Enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver was shipped back for a refund.

I was attempting to connect an Echo Dot to this receiver. At first I set it up about 20' away. It would play for 30 seconds, cut off for 2-3 seconds, and then play for another 30 seconds. It repeated this exact timing for 5+ minutes before I turned it off.

The next day I deleted the connection in the Alexa app, and reconnected. Better performance, but still too frequent drops. Finally I moved the Echo Dot so it was only 3 feet away from the receiver with direct line of sight and I still got drops every 5 minutes or so.

I can't recommend this, especially for use with the Echo Dot.
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on March 13, 2017
I think the product is awesome. I have a circa early 70's vintage receiver that I have connected to my vintage turntable and wanted to enable my digital tunes from my iPhone via Bluetooth. Connected the rca end to the receiver aux plugged the power into the back of the receiver and into the Bluetooth device. My iPhone found it immediately and I was up and running in seconds.

I have had no problems connecting to Bluetooth etc. I noticed sometimes it seems to skip or gets interrupted slightly when I get a txt or I'm typing on my phone. You do need to have your phone in the line of sight to the Bluetooth device though or it cuts out a bit. . Otherwise good stuff No longer have to get off the sofa to change songs or volume. Nice.
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on June 29, 2017
I tried this Homespot reciever, (this product) and the audio was pretty good, but the connectivity was terrible - lots of skips. YMMV as I understand there are different versions of bluetooth technology. I'm using it on a 2013 MacBook Pro for reference. The skips were so annoying that I had to return it.

I returned The Homespot and purchased the HiFi HiFi Lossless Bluetooth Audio Receiver Optical Fiber Coaxial Out for Digital Amp. The connectivity was better but the sound was definitely NOT HiFi (high-fidelity).

That's being returned and I just ordered the Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver. Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver It's 4X the price, but several different websites that did shootouts and reviews all said that it's the one to buy if you're an audiophile.

Perhaps this will work for you, but apparently I can't get by with one at this price point.
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