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on August 19, 2013
Caution: This hardware is powered only through the USB-2 port. USB-2 ports are notorious for being underpowered, especially on laptops or if not attached directly and closely to the computer motherboard, without a bridge, not a shared port, and not with an excessively long cable, etc. This may explain some of the problems reported by others. If your hardware and operating sysem match the manufacturers requirements, you may have no problems at all. Some users report a seamless and sucessful insatllion. Not the case with me, even with a good port and adequate power.

I had a frusrating time installing, but it eventually works OK and as as advertised.
I have a powerful desktop system, far exceeding manufacturer's stated requirements, operating under Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit version. After multiple attempts to install and connect with the device, I share the following.

The driver on the installation CD was out of date. After a failed installation, uninstall, multiple attempts to reinstall,I found it necessary to uninstall totally, do use a registry clean utility to delete many registry entries not removed and not deregistered by uninstall, and start fresh with an updated driver downloaded from the manufacturer's website.

The following procedure eventually worked. DO NOT connect the VIDBOX to the USB cable until step 4 below.
1) download manufacturer's latest driver from online and install this first, before an anything else. Then reboot.
2) Check "Device Manager" to insure that "HT VIDBOX" is installed and working normally under "Sound, Video, Game Controllers."
3) Install software from CD that came with the product. Then reboot again.
4) Only after the above do you connect the USB-2 to the VIDBOX.

Hopefully, that will sucessfujlly get the VIDBOX connected to your computer video/audio input

The sound card or system sound settings may require adjustments to record the sound properly, without clicks, squeals, whirring sounds, etc., depending on your setup.

Do not open or use any other application on the computer while capturing and recording video or video may get jumpy.

Once sucessfully installed and connected, this product worked for me as advertised. In the "Advanced Editing" mode I found that the merge/render function was quite slow, even on a powerful system, and I could not find a way to save a DV-AVI file for editing with other software. The editor provided was not very intuitive and quite limited.

Despite that above comments, I do not know of another capture product that will perform as well, especially not at this price, so it may be worth any potential frustrations. And you may have no problems at all!
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on November 29, 2013
I was able to use this device rather quickly and easily and have now converted many old VHS movies to DVD's. I have not used it on some VHS home movies yet that I want to convert to DVD, and haven't explored audio at all. The default automatic settings (Easy Wizard Mode) seem to work fine frankly, the User Guide is OK, but will take more study, but since the basics work well I am encouraged that the more sophisticated features will also. There were some issues with the installation. It automatically installed Adobe Reader 9.2, which, if it were the most current edition, would be fine, but it's not, and I had to uninstall it. Also, the installation does not pause for you to "Allow" your security software permission to proceed, leading to repetitious installation steps. The automatic registration failed completely and I had to go to the website separately. Strangely the Adobe Reader 9.2 version it installed would not load the User Guide. (The current version of Adobe Reader would). Finally the install did not load the software in the location, (D:\ drive) I directed it to but just installed it in the C:\ drive default location. None of these are show stoppers, but that's why no 5 stars. Oh, one last thing, and this may sound stupid but I'm too old to care, I didn't realize it would take as long to copy the VHS to the computer as it takes to watch the VHS. Burning the DVD is additional time spent in the conversion process. If you've a 1 1/2 hour VHS movie you want to convert, you are going to spend 1 1/2 hours watching the movie on your computer as it writes it to your computers hard drive, then another 5 to 10 minutes writing the DVD. I don't know, I thought it would be faster, but I guess that's as fast as the tape flies through the VHS player. So be prepared to spend some time, a lot of time really, watching over the process. PS., I'm using a PC with a Core I7 Intel processor, 8GB RAM, nvidia GEFORCE GT 2GB RAM, and Win7.
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on March 6, 2015
I spent many hours, over a time period of several days, in a fruitless effort to get this to work properly. Ultimately, I gave up. Briefly, the intractable problems I faced were: inability of the software to hold a selected video standard (after selecting NTSC, it invariably reverted to SECAM by itself); "Flagging" (horizontal smearing) of the top tenth of the video recorded (which did not happen when previewing the video ;- only when record mode was selected); audible clicks generated by the sound system when previewing or recording video clips (when disconnecting all inputs to the vid box - with it plugged into the USB port - the clicks still occurred); and, for me the most troubling aspect, strange screen/computer results when opening or closing function boxes on the screen software (for example, when coming back from yet another selection of NTSC Video standard, attempting to close the box would result in the box contents disappearing, but an outline of the box remained, with the area inside of the box nothing but white space. This also froze the mouse pointer from activating any activity except for closing the software. At that point, normal computer operations resumed.) This was all stuff I was familiar with, having used WXP, but I never had experienced it with W7 - until this point. I completely read the manual within the CDROM, and it stated at the end that if trouble occurred, it might be because anti-virus software was not turned off during software installation. I believe a caveat such as this should be the first thing on the installation instructions. At any rate, I uninstalled the software, temporarily disabled anti-virus, reinstalled the software, re-enabled anti-virus, and - woops! Same exact behavior. The fault certainly isn't in my computer or operating system or computer - it's has an IE5 processor, 6Gb of Ram, and is running W7 (64 bit), which greatly exceeds the requirements stipulated by the manufacturer. I thought I had thoroughly researched trusted online sources before deciding to buy this product. Had I looked at the Amazon reviews of this item, I think I would have had second thoughts, given the fact that a third of those who bought it were displeased. All-in-all, a disappointing and time-consuming experience.
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on September 4, 2013
I have a ton of old VCR tapess that go back into the early 1990's and need to convert them to digital format for burning to DVD. My choices were to outsource this at $10 per tape, purchase a VCR to DVd recorder (about $210.00), or take a chance on software. For the cost of the program, I figured there was not much risk in trying the software first. The beginning of the installation process was ok, but the program did not work after registration. It appeared that another option was going to be necessary. However; I kept digging around, and determined that the driver for the interface (a little white box which comes with the software) between my VCR machine and the laptop did not come with the installation disk. Worse, this problem was not disclosed in the installation instructions, so luckily I was tech savy enough to eventually figure it out myself. Go to the product website, sift thru the various drivers available, and find the one that matches (Windows 7, 64 bit). After that drama for several days, the next thing was to learn to work the program. The simple burn to DVD option worked like a charm, but the Advanced, which gives you a lot of options on content, etc. took some more time to use.

Anyway, now I am very pleased with this product, and I enthusiastically endorse it, if you are willing to get in there and get your hands a little dirty figuring it out. By the way, I have already more than "paid" for the software, and have over 20 tapes that I have already converted over to my hard drive, and some to DVD. Also, you can work with them once on the computer, because it creates Windows Movie Maker file formats as one of the options.
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on July 19, 2014
I don't get all the bad reviews. I read all the negative ones and a few of the 5 star before making my decision to order this,along with a pack of blank DVD-R.My laptop is two years old running windows 7 nothing special other than a dvd burner in it.Within a hour of opening the package I was burning a dvd (5 min total video) in the advance edit mode from my sony Hi-8 video camcorder (small video cassette) which along with most of my cassettes is over 24 years old. Just starting messing around with it .Then after reading the download instructions which are very good (step by step) and almost 80 pages long I was making true family gifts. The longest part of the whole operation is transferring the tape to the laptop memory (real time).But all I did was start the tape at the beginning knowing that it had 2 hrs to run and did some work around the house.Most of my tapes are bits and pieces of family events 5 min here 15 there many times over on a single tape with lots of blank space in between. No problem just let it record to the end of the tape,Then go in to the edit mode from there you can jump ahead 1 frame,1 second,10 second or one min. or more to find what you want to put on your DVD.Once again very easy to use in the advance mode just click and drag, The software also lets you add title and tex. Two thumbs up.

When you order blank DVD ....DVD-R can only be recorded on one time....DVD+R can be added to until full but not erased ....DVD RW can be recorded and erased . any of these DVD will work.
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on November 23, 2013
I bought this last week as an Amazon lightening deal (it was $32). I opened the package and literally had it up and running in less than 5 minutes!!!!

Here is what I can tell you:

--I have a desktop Windows 7 computer with a terabyte of room.
--I hooked it up to my miniDV JVC camcorder (I got confused for a second when doing this---they give you the red/white/yellow plugs for use with a VHS, but for use with a camcorder you use the cord provided with your camcorder for connection to the TV.
--The USB plug from vidbox to computer is longer than expected which is good because they do not recommend using an extension. (If I were to guess, I'd say it's close to 2 ft)
--The software installs quickly. It would not let me register the product---said I had no online connection but I do. So I printed up a mail-in registration. You do not have to register in order to use this product.

--I successfully burned a DVD--it was piece of cake!
--There are NO instructions that I have found yet on how to burn a DVD. Let me just tell you this: You click "play" on your camcorder/VCR and you can see it playing on the computer screen--you can choose to burn in widescreen or adjust for choppy video. When you are ready to record you press record. Make sure you rewind your video first, then click play so it shows on the screen and then press RECORD. It doesn't tell you to press play in order to record...I have about 20 seconds of blank blue screen on my first DVD burn because I wasn't quite sure how to do it. :o)

---I checked out the advanced mode (this is what takes space on your computer as it saved individual clips you are working on). There are quite a bit of transitional effects, ways to make title pages, ect. I am not sure if any of that translates into a working DVD menu yet--I need to mess with it more. I was looking for an option to "brighten" dark video, but I did not see one.

I have nothing negative to say about this device! It worked perfectly---I didn't need to install any additional drivers---my computer did all the work! You cannot go wrong with this product! I have about 20 miniDV tapes to transfer--I'm saving over $400 by buying this product!
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on June 29, 2014
It's going back after trying to get this to work for a couple days. Note that the recommendations to update to the latest driver is no longer relevant. The product I received had the latest driver already. The audio would transfer, but the video screen was always blank. I wasted a dvd to make sure it really wasn't just a problem with the software display. I even updated the driver for my video card to make sure that wasn't the culprit. It obviously works for some hardware. I can't really recommend this product, but for those willing to take the chance I recommend immediately returning it if it doesn't install out of the box. There are clearly many systems this is incompatible with and attempting to get it to work is futile.
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on February 2, 2015
I was hesitant to buy this based on the reviews -- so many people saying it didn't work at all. That worried me, but pulled the trigger on this purchase anyway. It DID come with a software installation disc, which made installing the software very easy. The instructions were very simple -- anyone can figure out how to work this device. I have a new HP laptop with Windows 8, and it ran very smoothly. I did notice it worked a little better when putting my laptop into airplane mode so less was running on the device while trying to make copies of our home movies.

My mom had a bunch of home movies in the form of VHS tapes that needed copied to DVDs. I successfully did 35 home movie DVDs for my mother, and THEN my in-laws had a camcorder with old 8mm tapes in it, and asked if I could make them DVDs as well. This device is compatible with all sorts of devices -- VHS players, DVD players, camcorders, game consoles, TVs, etc and it will prompt you in the steps of what device you are using to copy over a DVD. I managed to also successfully make about 20 DVDs for my in-laws with their home movies as well.

All in all, it was worth the money to have long lasting memories from old home movies for the future. The only issue I did have, was occasionally my whole computer would freeze and I would have to shut down, restart, and start from the beginning of whatever home movie I was copying. I do believe that this was an issue with my computer, and not the device or software.

Hope this helps! Good luck!
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on June 13, 2014
I've been wanting to convert my 20-20 plus year old VHS tapes for awhile. But the software was expensive and I wasn't sure it would work. Also, I didn't like the thought of taking it to a store and have some stranger have access to my private home videos. They are the only copies I have, what if something happened while the store had them?

Anyway, this software was the Gold Box deal of the day, very cheap, so I jumped on it and figured it was worth a try, I wouldn't be out too much money if it didn't work. I downloaded the drivers and updates from the website before I installed the software, as another reviewer suggested and I have had no problems! Open the program, plug the VCR into the computer with the supplied items, push play on the VCR, and if it's hooked up properly, your video starts playing in the program screen. I was afraid the audio would not sync with the video, absolutely no problems there. The instructions are limited in the box, go to the website for more advanced instructions, and also go there for software and driver updates.

I recommend using the advanced mode, the easy wizard mode may put too much onto one DVD and the quality becomes low. The advanced mode breaks large videos (a whole VHS tape) into two DVDs, in my case. It's already more than paid for itself, and we have retained our privacy at the same time. VERY happy with my purchase. If you can pick it up cheap, grab it!
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on August 9, 2013
First the installation process: Man! That was tougher than it should have been! I'm work with computers for a living and the sequence for downloading drivers the work with my 64-bit OS and rebooting the computer at the right times was not quick and easy. It took me several hours and several sequence tries to get it working.

Second, the video quality: I think it's as good as it can be, given composite video input (and solution price). Once I got it working, it was easy to capture and edit video. Unfortunately, I was rather disappointed that the MPEG-2 video stream doesn't look as crisp as what I see when I play my VHS tape on the TV. So, while it will be nice to have "something" that captures our video memories and might look OK played on an iPhone, this is NOT the way to archive at the same video quality that you took the original videos. I couldn't get the S-Video input to work, but it might be a problem with my VHS player output. I think I need to find a way to playback and capture using a firewire connection, and maybe that would provide higher quality images.
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