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VHS to DVD 7.0 Deluxe
Format: CD-ROM|Change
Price:$49.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on August 19, 2013
Caution: This hardware is powered only through the USB-2 port. USB-2 ports are notorious for being underpowered, especially on laptops or if not attached directly and closely to the computer motherboard, without a bridge, not a shared port, and not with an excessively long cable, etc. This may explain some of the problems reported by others. If your hardware and operating sysem match the manufacturers requirements, you may have no problems at all. Some users report a seamless and sucessful insatllion. Not the case with me, even with a good port and adequate power.

I had a frusrating time installing, but it eventually works OK and as as advertised.
I have a powerful desktop system, far exceeding manufacturer's stated requirements, operating under Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit version. After multiple attempts to install and connect with the device, I share the following.

The driver on the installation CD was out of date. After a failed installation, uninstall, multiple attempts to reinstall,I found it necessary to uninstall totally, do use a registry clean utility to delete many registry entries not removed and not deregistered by uninstall, and start fresh with an updated driver downloaded from the manufacturer's website.

The following procedure eventually worked. DO NOT connect the VIDBOX to the USB cable until step 4 below.
1) download manufacturer's latest driver from online and install this first, before an anything else. Then reboot.
2) Check "Device Manager" to insure that "HT VIDBOX" is installed and working normally under "Sound, Video, Game Controllers."
3) Install software from CD that came with the product. Then reboot again.
4) Only after the above do you connect the USB-2 to the VIDBOX.

Hopefully, that will sucessfujlly get the VIDBOX connected to your computer video/audio input

The sound card or system sound settings may require adjustments to record the sound properly, without clicks, squeals, whirring sounds, etc., depending on your setup.

Do not open or use any other application on the computer while capturing and recording video or video may get jumpy.

Once sucessfully installed and connected, this product worked for me as advertised. In the "Advanced Editing" mode I found that the merge/render function was quite slow, even on a powerful system, and I could not find a way to save a DV-AVI file for editing with other software. The editor provided was not very intuitive and quite limited.

Despite that above comments, I do not know of another capture product that will perform as well, especially not at this price, so it may be worth any potential frustrations. And you may have no problems at all!
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on June 29, 2014
It's going back after trying to get this to work for a couple days. Note that the recommendations to update to the latest driver is no longer relevant. The product I received had the latest driver already. The audio would transfer, but the video screen was always blank. I wasted a dvd to make sure it really wasn't just a problem with the software display. I even updated the driver for my video card to make sure that wasn't the culprit. It obviously works for some hardware. I can't really recommend this product, but for those willing to take the chance I recommend immediately returning it if it doesn't install out of the box. There are clearly many systems this is incompatible with and attempting to get it to work is futile.
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on August 9, 2013
First the installation process: Man! That was tougher than it should have been! I'm work with computers for a living and the sequence for downloading drivers the work with my 64-bit OS and rebooting the computer at the right times was not quick and easy. It took me several hours and several sequence tries to get it working.

Second, the video quality: I think it's as good as it can be, given composite video input (and solution price). Once I got it working, it was easy to capture and edit video. Unfortunately, I was rather disappointed that the MPEG-2 video stream doesn't look as crisp as what I see when I play my VHS tape on the TV. So, while it will be nice to have "something" that captures our video memories and might look OK played on an iPhone, this is NOT the way to archive at the same video quality that you took the original videos. I couldn't get the S-Video input to work, but it might be a problem with my VHS player output. I think I need to find a way to playback and capture using a firewire connection, and maybe that would provide higher quality images.
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on April 30, 2017
Horrible!! I have spent an afternoon installing/uninstalling and installing again....and again. It keeps saying "no capture device connected". I have two VCRs here and tried both. One is brand new; right from the box (not refurbished), so it isn't the VCR. I didn't get the VidBox 8.0 because I kept reading about all the glitches...... so much for the 7.0!
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on December 12, 2013
This is easy and it works. Consists of a analog to digital converter hardware box and software to help lay the images down on DVD and many other formats. Included cable with RCA type connectors (the little round connectors colored red, white, yellow for left and right audio channel plus video) and USB cable. Also converts audio so get that 8 track, cassette and vinyl collection out and get busy converting. You may need to buy cable adapters to do things such as split mono audio output from camcorder into left and right channels for digital conversion or connect to your player via headphone jack if it does not have RCA type connecters. All this cable converter stuff is readily available and not expensive.

With a very basic knowledge of computer setup and operation and using the software's "easy conversion" mode I went from opening the box to starting my DVD burn in 15 minutes or less. Basically you first install the software; then hook the converter box to the analog signal source (like VCR, Camcorder, cassette deck, etc), hook the converter box to your PC via USB, let the PC detect the device, install drivers, etc; click "start" and you are going. Video quality was sometimes iffy but there are easy to use color balance controls and I believe the quality was due to 20 yr old VHS tapes rather than the Honestech product.

Follow the installation directions and never hook the hardware up prior to installing the drivers. If PC doesn't recognize the device try a reboot. If that doesn't work, uninstall, reboot, then actually follow the driver installation instructions.

The advanced mode where you edit, add titles, create DVD chapters was not great but not horrible and with minimal experimentation was able to edit, build a DVD, create chapters, titles, etc within an hour of jumping in. The software is not horrible but is not very intuitive sometimes either. There is a curious little glitch where to edit out a scene you must cut out a minimum of 2 seconds. Irritiating but not a deal killer. Is difficult to get titles to look right when playing back and this may be the greatest flaw of the software. Am also not thrilled that nowhere are the specs for the converter box documented but I have a feeling it outputs at VGA (640 x 480). I suspect the digital gurus would say this is sufficient for a VHS quality recording.

If you have some killer editing software you like you probably don't need this product. Just buy an analog to digital converter box (they seem to sell for less than $40 these days) and use it with your own software. For me, just wanting to get the VHS home movies and some reel-to-reel stuff into digital format with not much fuss or learning curve this product worked for me.
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on October 7, 2013
It's just "okay". I spent a lot of time getting the drivers to load even going to the manufacturers website, but a quick call to them got me straightened out. Fortunately I didn't have too high of expectations when I purchased it so I wasn't too disappointed. I had a few home videos from 15 years back that I just wanted to save and they turned out good enough. So I turned to some VHS movies next.
I had a few live concert tapes I like to watch from time to time. They lost some picture quality in the process, but the sound seems great. I ran them through again using the audio only copying then burned them to CD's. Pretty cool! My next project is to download all of my old vinyl LP's. I also ordered 1TB external hard drive to store my movies on. For the price I paid for this on Amazon I guess it turned out to be a 3 star item.

UPDATE 10/10

Yesterday I transferred 10 of my 1960's Beatle albums to my computer and I was very pleased with this product in that use. Of course I cleaned every record before spinning them and gave my old Philips turntable a tune-up and new stylus. I can now upgrade my rating to a 4 star.
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on September 23, 2013
I have a ton of VHS tapes that I've been using a combo DVD/VCR player to play, and as I'm moving, I wanted to save the space by converting everything to DVD. Having a professional do it is expensive, so I was excited to find this product. Easy to set up, although I did have to install the latest driver before it would recognize the capture device. My main complaint is that the USB cord that connects the capture device to my laptop is very sensitive; if you jiggle it at all (or move your laptop) the connection is lost and it stops recording the video. It's also a little tricky to see when it begins recording; the on-screen buttons you click aren't super-responsive and there have been a couple times when I thought I'd clicked "start recording" and realized nothing was happening (after an hour or two into playing the video). But overall, this seems to work well. I haven't played back all of my newly burned DVDs to check the quality but I'm not one who cares if the picture quality is a little sub-par, as long as I can watch the movie.
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on September 4, 2013
I have a ton of old VCR tapess that go back into the early 1990's and need to convert them to digital format for burning to DVD. My choices were to outsource this at $10 per tape, purchase a VCR to DVd recorder (about $210.00), or take a chance on software. For the cost of the program, I figured there was not much risk in trying the software first. The beginning of the installation process was ok, but the program did not work after registration. It appeared that another option was going to be necessary. However; I kept digging around, and determined that the driver for the interface (a little white box which comes with the software) between my VCR machine and the laptop did not come with the installation disk. Worse, this problem was not disclosed in the installation instructions, so luckily I was tech savy enough to eventually figure it out myself. Go to the product website, sift thru the various drivers available, and find the one that matches (Windows 7, 64 bit). After that drama for several days, the next thing was to learn to work the program. The simple burn to DVD option worked like a charm, but the Advanced, which gives you a lot of options on content, etc. took some more time to use.

Anyway, now I am very pleased with this product, and I enthusiastically endorse it, if you are willing to get in there and get your hands a little dirty figuring it out. By the way, I have already more than "paid" for the software, and have over 20 tapes that I have already converted over to my hard drive, and some to DVD. Also, you can work with them once on the computer, because it creates Windows Movie Maker file formats as one of the options.
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on March 18, 2014
This was very easy to attach. The hardest thing of the whole process was unscrewing the cable input from the back of the VCR where it was hooked up, so I could move it into the office where the computer was! The Honestech was so easy. Just plug in the USB port to computer and to the converter box (Honestech), then plug in the color-coded 3 plugs for the VCR to the converter, and the other 3 into the OUTPUT of the VCR, and DONE! One thing, for those who are not super-tech saavy. If you have to move your VCR to the location of your computer, YOUR VCR DOES NOT NEED TO BE CONNECTED TO A TV OR OTHER MONITOR! You can plug the VCR into the power outlet, and the cables from OUTPUT go to the Honestech. Don't worry about how to get the computer to your TV where the VCR is, etc. Just disconnect VCR from TV, use the red, yellow, and white cables (provided here also, so really easy since you don't have to remove anything from your TV's back!). The VCR tape goes in, once the computer has started up the Honestech program. Hit play on VCR and then hit the play on the computer screen program for the converter (you can even do it first, then turn on vcr)...if you will edit the picture (recommend using that "medium" setting for the Honestech 3 choices, otherwise the "easy one" only copies direct vcr to DVD DISK, with no options to edit). Use the medium/digitalize feature to copy it (digitalize) onto your computer, then you can use another program to edit the new movie on the computer. IF you do not have any other editing software, this program also has editing software (select that option, I think "digitalize and edit". I did not try their editing features, since I use Adobe Premiere Elements, but I'm sure theirs would be easy to crop (cut) off the early parts that were "blue" or before the tape had a chance to start with the home movies you are trying to copy. I'm SO excited,since my baby pictures from 40 years ago can now finally have sound. I had them converted professionally from 8 mm REELS (direct from a tin of film, NOT the 8mm cassette that I since learned about when purchasing products...beware of this distinction). I didn't want to pay to convert again to DVD, and since the 8mm camera of the 1960s did not have sound, the pictures can now have narration added by me (in the Adobe software...don't know about the Honestech included software). For someone converting to a DVD (or a bluRay option if you have a bluRay printable drive on your computer), this product was AMAZING! Pop in the VCR, press play, make sure it's recording on the computer program, and leave! Even if the computer continues to record when VCR is done after 2 hours, just edit out that "blue" screen. Just set the Honestech program to the length or quality (? can't remember how I did it) that says you can have a lot of hours of digital (it was a simple selection). Easy to set up, easy to use, great value!
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on May 8, 2014
This review is a continuously edited version as we find new things, mostly bad, about the program.

The program is great and super easy to use after trial and error. The only thing wrong with this is the instructions do not tell you how to use the program. It tells you what it does. The quality of DVDs are great, but that is dictated by the quality of tape you use. All of our DVDs have come out the exact same as the VHS version. There is no denial of recording from copy rights. After testing out some of the DVDs, they are variable on which system they work on. All burned discs work on my laptop and the PS3. Hand held DVD player has played two of four worked that were tested on it. The Samsung DVD player attached to the tv has played the one tested. My husband's laptop doesn't play any of them and he has a Dell.

We have noticed that when the DVDs are played on a 60" TV, they come out with digital squares. For a lack of a real word or better description, the discs are displayed pixelly on 60"+ TVs. On a 52" TV they came out a little distorted, but manageable. I'd imagine that on anything below 49", the discs will be as clear as the tape recorded. The discs we have tried have been high quality with no audio or video distortion. Obviously this isn't a million dollar converter, but its a little disappointing to see the pixels show up on over sized TVs.

Easy Wizard Mode- Apparently this is only for recording and saving your VHS on your computer. I haven't figured out how to use this function and burn.

Advanced Mode- This is where I have found I can capture the video on a temporary file and burn it without saving it to the hard drive of the computer. However you have to go into the settings and select a different type of DVD file to use to allow you to burn a 2 hour movie on a standard DVD disc. I also learned that, if it is possible I haven't found it, that you cannot add chapters by simply cutting the video up at different parts. The editing tab is great for getting rid of commercials or dead spaces on home tapes. You can also click on the capture and burn box and the program will record for the set time, which you have to set before recording the video, and the program will record for the time and start burning automatically.

Sound Recording- I haven't tried this.

As time goes on we use this program more, its becoming less and less desirable. You have to wait, for what feels like, an eternity for the program to recognize your DVD and do its own auto setting. You cannot put the disc into the drive, go to the settings and set for "long DVD", and record. We have the Verbatim discs that are suggested for this and they only allow you to record 1 hour 9 minutes at one time with the regular setting. After the eternity has passed and the program automatically sets the record time on the disc for an hour, you can manually change the program to record for 3 hours 22 minutes, under the long DVD setting.

This wouldn't be much of an issue IF the program didn't break the movie into separate videos. We tried to record My Fair Lady over night because it is almost three hours long. After a five minute wait to manually put the setting at the long DVD setting, the stupid program automatically switched it back to the regular record time. In return, we had three segments of the movie we would have to splice together to get the whole movie.

Now this wouldn't be a problem IF the program, when editing videos and splicing the clips together, didn't destroy the audio. In one movie that we tested after this whole problem arose, the audio was 15 minutes ahead of the video. Our concern now is that what has happened to the other movies that we have spliced together. We got curious to see what would happen if we joined the two clips together and it does not work. At least, on that one movie it did not work.

If you get the right setting and the movie is a single clip, then the program has worked almost perfectly. We noticed that on an older movie, but the tape was new, that the faces on the people would get "erased" by excessive light and that some lag time would happen between the audio and video. The investment to have your old tapes on DVD is great, but the quality is lacking.

Your best bet is to get an external hard drive to save all of your projects on to ensure you have all of your tapes in a digital format. Discs get destroyed and wear out. It sucks having to record these things time and time again. Beside that, it will keep a good copy of the tape so that when they start wearing out even more with age, you don't lose the best copy you get when recording.
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