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on July 24, 2016
If not for me dozing off half-way an episode as it gets late for me, I would be binge-watching this series. The second season is less about microexpressions than the first one. The main characters' personal lives, especially Dr. Lightman's colorful past, get woven in to the plot in many episodes. It makes the characters more interesting, and the twists in the plot get less mundance and less predictable. The science of microexpressions becomes secondary as the series progresses. For this reason, I felt the first season had more of a novelty factor to it as the storytelling then allowed more time to the science to be explained. As viewers become more familiar with the science, the second season did not have to bother with explaining the science. And that is fine with me. If this series were a professor's way to make a science class less boring, it did a good job in keeping me interested and glued in. But if I were to take an exam on microexpressions to gauge my undetstanding of the topic, I more likely would still fail the class. Perhaps it's because I find it hard to understand it as a science, and I would treat it as an art. Because I feel so, I would probably need to treat it as something cognitive and approach it as a science in order to master it. I am the character Loker.
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on July 11, 2016
Oh my - why did they ever cancel this series? My husband and I love it; I will have to start all over with episode one when I reach the last one in season three. We have been slowly watching the series; we loved it when it was on television and sorrowed over its end. Now we can use our Prime membership and watch it again for free. Yesterday, my daughter was over to visit and we ran the first episode for her; she doesn't have cable or Amazon and she fell in love with it too. The complexities, the dry humor, the way dad cares for his daughter... One great show and Tim Roth is fantastic in his role.
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on August 10, 2016
Very frustrated all three seasons were free for prime users until today i was on season 2 episode 9 now since ive taken such interest in the season now i have to pay? This is growing trend i get it we get two day shipping but whats the point of amazon video if you have to pay for everything including the already expensive membership, not to mention to be out touch in the real world with tv shows because anything that is free is years outdated.
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on January 27, 2016
Excellent, and really something different, solving crimes, issues, and events by learning to read people's facial expressions, and bodily reactions to questions posed by Dr. Cal Lightner and his staff. Dr. Lightner is a very complex character, a 'bully' of sorts, but one who understands human relations and seeks to find the truth through interrogation and the ability to 'read' a person through their expressions, mannerisms and their their motivations. If only real life could be that simple! But Dr. Lightner is a real pro at it.
A curmudgeon of sorts he leads his staff to uncover the truth while also opens up their lives to discover their own personal potential! Great 'chemistry' between he and his staff as well as he and his daughter, Emily and his ex-wife.
Interesting throughout the series to learn about Cal's early life, his relationship with his parents and drives him. A character I would love to meet.
The show is well written. Wish there were many more seasons"
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on October 22, 2017
I very much like this little, interesting show. Good characters, well acted, interesting plots, but not for everyone. If you like psychology or human behavior, you'll like it. No sex or cursing. Not much killing. Some violence. Kinda like a vanilla malt: tasty, but not overly exciting.
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on February 20, 2015
Most of the episodes leave you guessing right to the end. Some are pretty far down the believable scale but still very entertaining. The characters are "real" and great acting throughout with the right amount of whimsey, love interests, father/mother teenager angst and suspense. The dialogue is sharp and the sets seem real (like the war in Afghanistan episode). Tim Roth is quirky, Kelli Williams is beautiful, mature and smart and the "young" actors play their parts well. One of my favorite shows on Amazon Prime.
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on May 16, 2016
I really enjoy this show--I'm learning more about micro-expressions--reading the small momentary body language that we all express involuntarily. I'm also reading my own expressions--whenever I make a facial expression, I notice it and "read" what it meant and how I felt about what I was thinking of or what the other person said. This season seems to have more violence in it than the first one did. I don't really need the violence--I appreciated that the first season had very little. Still, it is less than a lot of other shows.
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on December 30, 2014
The show, which started nice and fresh in the first season, begins to age, repeat itself and get boring by the end of the 2nd season. For the most part, however, the 2nd season is solid, with new characters and good performances from all the actors.

My biggest complaint with this entire show, however, is that Lightman is put into unbelievable and very difficult situations and manages to get out safe and sound by the end of the episode. There was only one episode, I think, that had a part 2 and that it wasn't all make-belief that the problem, no matter how large or difficult, can be resolved by the end of just one episode. It was fine and not too big a problem when, in the first season, the problems and issues mainly involved other characters, with Lightman being the one who helped and saved them. But when he's put into often deadly and dangerous situations, the show pretends that he somehow has gained super powers and, again and again, he manages to get out of it all safe and sound and do it all conveniently by the end of that episode.

I mainly watch movies for this very reason. Most TV shows, with the exception of the likes of Sopranos, tend to create and solve these unbelievable problems in just one 45 minute episode. Not only is very little back-story given and the story poorly structured, but this also insults the audience and their intelligence by forcing them to pretend to believe that these HUGE issues, plots and conflicts being created have very easy and convenient solutions. While, in fact, this should be the opposite, as TV shows have more time to develop a story and create more believable plots.

Having said all of that, I still enjoyed this show for its humor and great actors. I finished all 3 seasons and wish the show had taken a different direction and, as a result, wasn't cancelled so early.
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on August 24, 2015
A "Bones" type Sherlock Holmes series staring Tim Roth playing a character that appears to have mastered a skill set even Dr. Paul Ekman, PhD might appreciate. The Roth character uses his perception of microexpressions to determine when someone is telling the truth, under stress, etc.

With Roth, and a pretty cool supporting caste, what's not to like? Even before "Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead" (with Gary Oldman) I enjoyed his work so this series (even if it a one of a kind, having been canceled many years back) is a blessing.

The series is clever, thoughtful, and fun; with as much depth as you would expect in a program in which every episode is "stand alone." Meaning, not much mystery or excitement, again, it's just a lot of fun. One warning though, don't watch multiple episodes together, OD as it were. Enjoy them as stand alone experiences. You'll probably enjoy it more.

Addressing the issue of whether to buy it or not. I would have but since it's included in my Amazon Prime instant videos it's moot.

Do I recommend it. Yes.
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on May 21, 2016
I LOVE this show. It's like Columbo meets Dr. Demento! Brilliant! Tim Roth proves once again that he is master of the oddball character; uncomfortable to watch sometimes but always satisfying when he pegs the bad guy. I highly recommend that viewers marathon each season. You are going to wish that there had been more than just three seasons. At least Tim Roth is still out there picking up the slightly twisted movie characters that only he can bring to life.
You'll never look at friends and family the same way as before. You will hunt for those micro-expressions on everyone. But mostly, you'll never see yourself the same way again. You have no idea how much information your body gives up before your conscious brain even begins to engage. Absolutely fascinating!
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