Customer Reviews: Honeymoon of the Dead (Paranormal Romance (Berkley))
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3.8 out of 5 stars
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I go back and forth with this series, there are things I love and things that really annoy. I feel like I was missing something in this book, I am sure there is a short story out there with a plot of a Frost Demon. That part of this plot has too much not said for it to be a first time addition. I feel like I need to track it down and fill in the wholes.

We get more of Garnet's backstory, and find exactly why it is she may have ended up with Lilith. Gotta say, if I had not spent the last four book getting to know her, I would probably not like who she was. Way more shallow and self involved than her current personality would imply.

Some naughty steamy action, and oh boy, the details are just this side of erotic!! So close, Ms Halloway stops just short of the dirty talk!! Way to get a gal all hot and bothered!!

I listened to the audiobooks, narrated by the fabulous Amanda Ronconi!! Terrific characterizations and such a way of keeping the story moving at a steady pace!! Big love on this narrator, she never disappoints!!

Another action packed story, a few threads left loose at the end, I hope there will be a next book!! I have really come to love these characters and I think they have more to tell!! I also hope this is the end of the angst about Lilith, please let it be peace on that front!
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VINE VOICEon July 26, 2010
Sebastian Von Traum and Garnet Lacey are finally married and are going on their honeymoon... but things are about to go seriously awry. First, they create an "incident" when they refuse to stay on the plane after Garnet spots a Frost Giant on the plane's wing. Then, they realize they are stuck in Minneapolis with stalkers, gods, goddesses, and Homeland Security. Will Garnet and Sebastian ever get a true honeymoon or will all of the complications derail it permanently?

HONEYMOON OF THE DEAD is the fifth and final book in the Garnet Lacey series and frankly it is past time for this ending. Unfortunately, HONEYMOON OF THE DEAD is neither a stand alone nor does it satisfactorily conclude a series that has suddenly taken a downward spiral after the first three books were so spectacular. The paranormal elements are a better part of the story than in DEAD IF I DO where they seemed more an afterthought to an essentially chick lit book. Still, HONEYMOON OF THE DEAD seems disjointed, to say the least.

Garnet Lacey is a character I thoroughly enjoyed in the first three books. She was quirky and sometimes a bit temperamental thanks to her inner goddess, Lilith. I'm not sure what happened in the last two books but suddenly she's like the heroine in the horror movie that you scream at but she still opens the door and goes into the dark cellar. I couldn't help but sympathize with Sebastian for having to put up with her antics as Garnet sure didn't act like a happy bride on her honeymoon in this particular book!

Worse yet, the battles between good and evil that have made this series so interesting are practically nonexistent. Even William's brief appearance couldn't rescue a plot this full of holes. So many questions are left unresolved- even if it weren't the last book in the series, I would still feel dissatisfied as the plot seems more rambling than building towards anything. Skip this book and read the first three if you want to see just how good a Garnet Lacey book can be.

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on May 14, 2013
The title and first couple pages got me into it. It looked like it would be an amusing fluffy "Dodging monsters to get to the honeymoon destination" book that would be a nice antidote to some heavy science fiction I'm reading.. There was some interesting character development as the heroine realized she actually wasn't a very good person. Then the book sort of degenerated into chaos. There were multiple antagonists, none of who was developed sufficiently. I really didn't *LIKE* the main character. The love interest had no character...he was one of those "blow up dolls. The only character I kind of liked was the stepson Matyas, who was barely in the book. The end didn't give me any sense that anything was accomplished. Frankly, her new husband really should divorce the main character and run screaming.
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on July 20, 2015
It has been a looong time since I read the previous book in this series so I wasn't sure how much I would remember of the characters and if I would be into it at all. Well, it turned out I did remember most of the main players, but Sebastian was a boring vampire and I would like to have seen more of Matyas and William. Overall, it was okay and I enjoyed it well enough but I think it fell flat as an end-of-series book. On the other hand, IIRC, the series was canceled by the publisher instead of reaching it's natural end so that might have something to do with it. I was also getting impatient with the descriptions of things (hotel rooms, neighborhoods, etc) to the point that I found myself skimming over them. Note on the cover: the girl's gumby arms kinda freak me out! It's also not in the same style as the previous books and I don't think it represents the story or Garnet herself, who has a pixie haircut not long hair that can be put in an up do.
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on June 13, 2014
Just like the other books in this series,this one was freaking awesome. I'm really sad this is the last one, I wish she would write more. I have all of them on Kindle and they were worth the price. I have enjoyed going back and reading them again!
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on June 6, 2010
The vampire, Sebastian Von Traum, and the witch, Garnet Lacey, are finally married. But it seems as if the honeymoon will never begin. The newlyweds were supposed to be headed to Transylvania. Unfortunately, thanks to an ice-frost demon and her giant dog, they decide to deplane and are now stuck in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Well, in Saint Paul actually. It may be Garnet's old stomping grounds, but no one is too friendly with her. One of Garnet's former boyfriends, Larkin Eshleman, still claims to love her, even though he and his friends drug and kidnap her. Then there is the man who has been stalking Sebastian lately, James. Sebastian believes James is one of the Illuminati Watchers. Sebastian had been one of the Illuminati's founding members and the group likes to keep tabs on him.

To help Garnet through it all (or hinder her even more, depending on how you look at it) are two powerful entities. Athena (Goddess of War and Wisdom) and Lilith (Queen of Hell and Mother of Demons) both dwell within Garnet. Neither entity wants to share Garnet, so the witch is being treated to some fun-filled dizzy spells and strange visions. Good thing Garnet can depend on other sources, such as the FBI agent Gabriel Dominguez, for some aid.

*** THREE STARS! Characters from early titles reenter the story in the form of cameos or secondary characters. Word has it that this is to be the final installment of the series; however, I certainly hope that is not the case. I am left with too many questions on the fates of several characters. Written in the First Person, the author continues to treat readers with magical and humorous fun. Yet this time I never felt the danger, dread, or suspense as I did while reading the previous tales. Still, this story is a good choice to take along on your next vacation. ***

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
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on August 15, 2011
First of all, what happened to the original cover artist? This one looked like it was done by somone who never read this book. Everyone knows Garnet has short black pixie cut hair and her cat was never in this book because they were away on their honeymoon. Yes, that's a bit petty but it's just the tip of the iceberg. Too many holes in this book and a weak plot too. Loved this series and shared it with friends. All were wondering what the heck happened here. But to be fair I would still buy the next book if only there were one more. Sigh.....
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on August 2, 2010
I enjoy the Garnet Lacey books. This one Garnet is facing her own personal demons...or some truths about her personality. It makes her witchy, goddess bearing self a little more human. As always this is a fun read.
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I hate to say it because I've LOVED all the books in this series so far... but this one is a bit of a letdown. Garnet and Sebastian have just gotten married and are headed for their honeymoon. The problems start as soon as they get on the airplain. There are goblins, vampire hunters, warring goddesses and more. While that sounds like a good story, it's just ok. I feel like everything and everyone else in the previous books have been forgotten. What's going on with Parrish and Tereza? William and Matayas seemed to be added as afterthoughts at the end of the book. I don't know. The story just wasn't that exciting. It had moments but they were few and far between. I'm not giving up on the series because all the books have been really good until now. I'm hoping for something a little better then next go around!
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on June 19, 2010
I love this series I am so upset that it's over. I think Tate was told the series was over so she had to go back in and try to tie it together. I am hoping that by some miracle they bring Garnett and Sebastian back. If you love this series than read Honeymoon of the Dead. You won't be sorry.
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