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on January 17, 2018
This is the most robust wireless doorbell I have seen. I had an old Heath-Zenith which worked very well for 20 years or so, but when that went bad I replaced it with home center store equivalents. This turned out to be a round robin of replacements because of the shoddy construction of the doorbells. The last doorbell literally fell apart in my hand (either a bad design or poorly molded plastic parts). One of the chimes sounded like it was being strangled. Another push button was bad out of the box. This honewell chime is loud and strong. The doorbell pushbutton is solid; its parts fit together well, the two doorbell parts snap together nicely, the battery clip holds the battery securely, and it has stood up well to the recent cold blustery weather. I am very satisfied, and I would recommend ONLY Honeywell based on my experience with the others.
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on December 19, 2017
I think most of the built in chimes are terrible. But it functions well, and is decently loud. I do like that you can set up multiple door bells to it and have distinctive chimes / icons for each.
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on April 26, 2014
I have two side-by-side condominium units that have been opened to create one large unit. As a result, I have two front doors on opposing sides of the home. I could certainly wire a system to make use of a central wired bell, but in this era, why go to all of that work when a wireless option can work as well?

I tried other wireless units, and found that the construction of the house apparently blocked the signal... they simply didn't work and had to be returned. When I learned that this unit had an extended range, I had to give it a try. Out of the box, it worked perfectly where all other wireless units had failed. I purchased two of the black and silver door buttons ( to install at the doors. Each door has it's own assigned tone, and lights a different symbol on the front of the unit. We can turn off the sound and use only the flashing notification if we desire, which is also a plus.

I do highly recommend this unit to anyone considering a wireless doorbell system. The added functionality and increased range of this unit makes it well worth spending a few more dollars.
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on June 9, 2014
Previous owners put siding over the hardwired doorbells and the existing wireless doorbell was dead. I tried a couple from the hardware store, wouldn't work at all. My house is only about 25' square but the signal couldn't get from the door to the middle of the first floor.

This chime works no problem. Picked up a 2nd button to go with it. The volume is adjustable, I only have it about 1/2 way up and I can hear it while in the shower, watching TV on the second floor, etc. The little lights on the front tell you which bell button was pushed (front/side door). I don't use the strobe light, but it works if you need it or don't want to use the chime. It also isn't bad looking like most. I actually set it on the bookshelf in plain sight rather than mounting it up on the wall.

I gave it 4 stars because I really wish it had a mechanical chime. I don't like the digital sounds, though the two basic chimes are simple enough to be acceptable. Also, if I recall, you can't reuse the same sound for different actions, so if you had a third door, it might have to play music instead of 'ding-dong'.
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on May 15, 2014
I happen to be hypersensitive to sounds and I have to say this very well may have saved my sanity. One of my relatives has the most annoying loud knock on the planet and I finally solved that problem by purchasing this little gem. I did notice an unusual problem with this doorbell. The speaker where the sound comes out from is on the back instead of the sides. The instructions say that you can mount this on your wall, but if you were to do that the sound would be slightly muffled. I just sat it on top of a shelf that is out of the way but still central enough in my home that you can hear it no matter which room you are in. Another thing I noticed is that the main unit is a very modern satin silver but the push button is a cheap white plastic. What I did was put that one next to my back door and I purchased a separate push button in the same finish as the main unit for my front door. Neither one of these two things where reason to take a star away but is something others may want to know. Bottom line this is my new favorite thing. What is more pleasing than a doorbell that plays a pleasant tune rather than a brain jarring abrasive knock?
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on September 12, 2009
I have had this product for almost three months. It works well. I have a front gate that I screwed the push button on. Unfortunately, I learned that you can't put the button on anytype of surface. I had to place some washers between the button unit and the metal gate surface to make the signal stronger between the button and chime units. I tried to place it on the stucco wall of my house, but that didn't work because again the button won't send the signal when it is mounted flush again the stucco or metal gate. I guess the signal from the button to the chime unit can be compromised by the surface (and thickness of the surface?) of where you're putting the push button. So after mounting the button on the metal frame of my gate with some spacers between the unit and mounted surface, I moved the chime unit near my front door, and the wireless unit worked perfectly. The chimes are loud and audible from my back yard even when I have my sliding doors and windows shut. The distance between my gate and front door is no more than 50 feet.
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on February 25, 2014
Had bought the Heath-Zenith product and the transmitter/receiver pair was unreliable in ringing the chime through our stucco/block wall. Bought this Honeywell system, and not only can it transmit through the wall, but it reaches us in our backyard when we carry this portable (battery powered) unit with us, when we want to hear the front door bell. The flashing light is a great feature, so even if the music is loud, you can still see the receiver indicate the door bell ringing.
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on January 18, 2014
We moved recently, and the doorbell that was already installed is lousy. It makes a sad little "dink" sound, and we can hardly hear it.

I ordered this doorbell because I liked the fact that I could change chimes, and the ones I heard in the demo were all very pleasant.

We live in small place, so I can't speak to how this is in a large, two-story house. However, in our place we can hear it no matter what room we're in.

The only problem we have is that the doorbell that you put on the outside blends into our frame so well that a lot of people miss the fact that it's something they should press! I've almost resorted to putting a sign that says, "Push here for doorbell," but haven't done that yet. Maybe I'll paint it so it will stand out a little better.

At any rate, I'm very happy with this doorbell, and I highly recommend it.
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on August 4, 2013
Ok, this item is all it says it is, it works, works fine, easy to use. Like it. Worth the money. Does more than I really needed. BUT
But when it says 6 chimes etc, you can not program two push buttons to one chime. They all have to be separate.
That's the only thing I would change. And the reason is, I wanted to put two of the same sounding chimes on one sound/slot.
Two of the same for the front deck that has two door openings, two of the same but different from number one, on the back deck that has two door openings, two on one but different from 1 and 2 on the side door....6. But 3 sets of two with matching sounds. Couldn't do that. Each one has it's own sound. So when the door bell goes off, I don't know which one is going off. I tried to match them as close as possible though...the straight door bell sounds on the front, the melodic door bell on the back, and then the last sound on the side...
It is worth the money, it does work and works well, volume level, sleek looking etc...
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on April 16, 2014
This wireless door chime was easy to set up and works very well. It has a significant range, which is a good thing if you want to keep it portable. So far I've used it at least 100+ feet away from the transmitter (doorbell) without any problems, and this is through several walls, upstairs, and outside in the backyard. I especially like having the options for bell only, bell + flash, and flash only for notification. (The flash only comes in handy in my theater and if I'm expecting someone at the door early in the morning and don't want to wake up the household.) The instructions are easy to follow. I purchased a secondary transmitter for my backdoor and set that up with a different bell sound and the graphic on the front illuminates to show which doorbell is being depressed. You can mount this receiver in a central location if you wish, but the portable feature is why I purchased this. All in all, a decent door chime.
Pros: price, portability, size, easy to set up, volume option
Cons: no user input/option for other sounds; limited to pre-programmed sounds; top switch for 3 settings should be labeled
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