Customer Reviews: Honeywell RTH2300B1012/A 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat
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on July 6, 2013
I bought this to replace a White-Rodgers non-programmable thermostat (it looks like this one: [...] This product is a fine replacement.

I bought my house with an 80% efficiency gas heater installed (Trane, around 7 years old), but no air conditioning. Around a month ago, I had air conditioning installed (Carrier). The non-programmable thermostat became a bit annoying because it got too hot during the day and too cold at night, depending which direction I changed the temperature.

I took a look at the old White-Rodgers thermostat and had the following connections: white to W, red to RH, a red jumper from RH to RC, blue to C, green to G, and yellow to Y. (A very good reference for what those all mean is [...]

The Honeywell unit does not have an RH terminal, only an R and an RC. I assume R, RH, and RC are all the same (at least in this situation), but not wanting to start a fire or something, I called the customer support number and was incredibly surprised to find that the person I spoke with was actually able to help me.

Turns out--and please don't blame me if it breaks your system--that red goes to R on the new unit and the jumper between R and RC (there by default) remains in place.

Minor annoyance: the Honeywell *requires* batteries. The White-Rodgers unit operated without batteries (the person I spoke to told me the blue wire, C, supplies power). Since the Honeywell doesn't take a C connection, it must run on batteries. (Hopefully they last a couple of months at least.)

My final connections: white to W, red to R, jumper from R to RC, green to G, and yellow to Y.

One more minor annoyance: you'll need an incredibly tiny flathead screwdriver to tighten the terminal connections. If you have an eyeglass screwdriver or similar (and know where it is), you'll be fine.

Otherwise, I'm very happy with the unit and Honeywell's phone support.
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on November 16, 2014
I bought this at a local Menards store with assistance of the staff. I replaced an old round Honeywell mercury-switch model. Have the typical 2-wire setup for a very ancient (40 years old?) natural gas forced hot air furnace. I decided to squeeze some savings on the gas bill by lowering the temperature during the workday when I'm never home for 9 hours, and also drop temperature overnight as I like it cooler while I sleep.

Installation was a breeze. I work as an office equipment service tech, so I did not expect any trouble figuring it out, your mileage may vary in that regard though. I had the required small screwdrivers on hand. The mounting template perfectly matched the old round thermostat, so I just reused the old screws in the original holes in the wall. As I customarily do, I did read the installation and setup directions prior to installation.

Programming was also fairly easy. What you have to understand here is that there are 4 adjustable times of the day where the temperature can be allowed to change. Exactly what the amount I needed for my purposes. If you wish for fewer adjustments, just set 2 or more of the consecutive time events to be the same temperature. This is how I handled the weekend program, as I only wanted to lower the temperature at bedtime and raise again in the morning. I left the "away" and "home" at the same temperature as the "wake" setting to accomplish that. Again, you can adjust the time of day for these events in 15 minute increments. I did not see anything confusing about this other than I would forget to push the set button and think I was adjusting the temperature, and instead was changing the time. The numbers being adjusted flash, so that was just me not being observant.

The reason for me giving 3 stars is this: there is no adjustment for temperature on/off cycle. That old mercury-switch mechanical thermostat was designed to turn on the heat a couple of degrees below the set temperature, and turn off heat a couple of degrees above. That allowed the furnace to cycle on fewer times, and not waste fuel warming the heat exchanger each time. This cheap Honeywell digital thermostat turns on the furnace with only a dip of 1 degree F, off after warming to set temperature. My furnace in my 100+ year old home with little insulation started cycling on every 12 minutes for short bursts of heat. Turns out that the temperature cycle is factory set and cannot change. The only way to gain some control of this is to go into the advanced programming features and adjust the "cycles per hour". Default setting was 5 (maximum) cycles per hour, thus the furnace turning on every 12 minutes (5 times per hour). I dropped this setting to 3 (20 minutes wait between cycles) and may readjust to 2 in the future. Naturally, the manual does not explain the cycles-per-hour setting other than generic recommendations for different types of heating systems. I can see this becoming a potential problem with actually causing me to use more fuel than with the mechanical thermostat. I'll just have to monitor my fuel use and re-evaluate later in the winter. I may need to bite the bullet and spend 2-3 times more for a different brand thermostat that will allow me to adjust the heat cycle to something that approximates the old thermostat more closely. Wish I had researched this prior to purchase now. Cycling the furnace on-off more often can also lead to it failing, and I do not see how taking a 3-5 year loan to pay for a new furnace saves me money. Everybody I know that replaced furnaces with higher-efficient models during the 1990's are replacing their expensive furnaces again. Mine keeps chugging along.

11-23-2013: I bought the Honeywell trim kit
After installing, I am noticing that the temperature is tracking more correctly compared to a mercury thermometer on a nearby wall. I suspect that the trim plate is isolating the theromstat from the wall surface temperature (which is cool to the touch usually). The temperature is not fluctuating so badly. Furnace is not turning on at regular intervals this weekend. It's also a lot warmer outside, so again time will tell on this.
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on January 24, 2013
I had a really basic thermostat that I was replacing. One of the round ones with the mercury switch inside. (Made by Honeywell, I might add). Once removed, just two wires came out of the wall. When you touch the two wires together, the furnace comes on, and when you keep them apart the furnace is off. Couldn't be simpler.

But can you imagine that this thermostat doesn't have instructions for that scenario? I was able to Google instructions eventually, but it is ridiculous that it describes what to do if you have 5 different colored wires but not what to do if you have only two. By the way, what you had to do was remove a jumper and attach your two wires to the CORRECT two posts, which I no longer recall. After that the thermostat works fine, but it was unnecessarily complicated for such a simple use case.

I did end up buying a second one, for the upstairs.
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on January 29, 2014
I bought this model to replace my old, hard-to-program thermostat. Very simple. Easy to install. Easy to program. Did it all in lessthan a half hour. Very precise temperature control. Maintains temperature to 1 degree. Wherein, there is the rub.
When they say maintains temperature to +/- 1 degree, they mean 1 degree. At whatever temperature you set, if your room temperature changes by 1 degree, your furnace goes on. When it recovers that 1 degree, it shuts off. I have seen my furnace go on and run for three minutes and shut off. Three minutes later, it goes on again and repeats the cycle. It does this continuously until the next set-back.
My electric bill has gone up 50% due to the frequent cycling, and my gas bill went up 30%. All due to the frequent cycling of the system.
I suggest you opt for a thermostat that has a 2-3 degree cycle range. It will still maintain a comfortable temperature without running as frequently.
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on April 5, 2014
I was somewhat hesitant about buying/installing this thermostat!!

My system was on the blink and I thought it was my older Honeywell thermostat on the fritz. I installed this after waking up to a house that was 44º!! The instructions were simple and straight forward, install was completed within 1/2 an hour. Alas, the thermostat wasn't the problem:I had dirty contacts to the heating elements!!

The installation manual provides several different configurations - it was needed as my configuration was slightly different from the "standard" one. One caveat - you'll need precision screwdrivers!!

The programming is simple and a plus I wasn't really looking for. I use the factory setting(s) and will over-ride the thermostat when I want it hotter in my house - I'm sure I will do the same as far as cooling when the weather gets warmer.

I great deal overall...
review image review image review image
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on February 27, 2015
I am concerned that Honeywell has gone the way of Sunbeem and other iconic US brands. I bought one of these at my local blue home center. While it seems to work, the LCD display is bad. When illuminated, it looks dirty in the bottom right corner. I called customer service, after the requisite trouble shooting and talking with a "supervisor" and sending a pic of the LCD they did send me a new one. The new one arrived today, sadly it has the same issue. I tried to call the corporate office to tell them, but was unable to speak to anyone. I think they need to know that they must have a bad batch of LCDs.
Well it appears that another fine company has succummed to corporate greed and poor product support The outsourced CS is as you would expect. Poor! I am unfortunately unable to recommend this or any other Honeywell product.
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on February 14, 2015
I have a standard central heat/air pump and this does not work on a "multi-stage" system (not sure how I could have determined that prior to trying to install this). Take a peek at your wires before ordering - I had a white wire labeled W2 which made this thermostat incompatible. On a positive note, Honeywell customer service was quick, very helpful and gave me a list of compatible models.
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on August 6, 2015
First off, right out of the box, the display had some black digital particles in one corner, ugly, but did not effect the functionality, just visually disappointing. Secondly and most importantly, this thermostat did not last. I bought this in January and it stopped working in August. I live in TX and August is not the time of year for the A/C to stop working! I noticed the issue one day when I set the temperature to 75 when it was 88 outside the A/C kicked on for two minutes and then off, but my condenser outside never shut off! Just the inside fan keeps going on for about 2 minutes and then suddenly off and on all night, all the time never getting down 75. I thought maybe I was working the A/C too hard, maybe it froze over, so I turned it off for the rest off the night and all day and turned it on the next evening, same issue. I checked the coils and everything I could think of to see what was wrong, and nothing. So I turned off the thermostat again and the a/c kicks on again even though my thermostat is in the off position! I checked all the wires and connections, nothing wrong with it, so what gives? The temps are going to be in the 100's the next few days or weeks even, so I got a new thermostat at the Home Depot, and everything is working fine! Not sure if the one I got was a knock off or what, but it was definitely something wrong with this thermostat, what a waste of $$!
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on July 29, 2015
The device was junk. When I opened it in order to connect the wires the guts fell out. Every part was loose as if someone just jammed the parts inside and snapped the cover on. When I tried to assemble it some parts were missing. This was a huge disappointment to say the least.
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on July 14, 2014
I just installed this thermostat two days ago and so far it seems to be working great! I have never in my life installed a thermostat and after watching a YouTube video, I was able to do it without calling anyone for help. It's very straightforward, especially if your wires are color coded. It comes with stickers to label the wires if you need to and it comes with the hardware needed to mount it to the wall.

The only things I dislike - and the reason I deducted a star - is that it's really hard to pull the faceplate off. I'm a little worried next time I do it I might even pull the whole thing off the wall despite being screwed in. It also takes batteries only although from what I have been told they should only need replaced annually and even then it will tell you 60 days prior to it dying that it needs changed. Another downside is that every time you change batteries, you have to program your settings all over again. But that's just me nitpicking. For the price, it's well worth it and should save me a lot of money on my energy bill.
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