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on August 25, 2014
I bought this mainly for the ethernet for my macbook air and the USB port is just a bonus. The quality is ok. You dont want to bend the wire too much or too often though. It can transfer files at a relatively high speed considering it is a 3.0 usb port but when I plug my wireless mouse/keyboard (logitech) I found it is not usable. There is simply to much latency for my mouse and keyboard to function normally. I tried a wireless mouse from another brand (Microsoft), still no luck. Strangely, it works ok when the mouse or keyboard is wired. Could have been a 4 star product if not for this. Still debating if I should just return this and get a mini wireless router instead.


After read the seller's reply, I did some research and I think he/she is right about the usb3 and 2.4 GHz device. So I did a little bit more research and found the following solution. To put it simple, you need to keep the receiver close to your device. Once that is achieved, the latency is gone. But my macbook air and lenovo Y410p both have usb3.0 and they have no problem handling the wireless mouse/keyboard I have. Like I said in my review, the USB is a bonus but comes with a price. I could have bought a cheaper one with ethernet port only. The only thing I will change here is that I will keep it but considering the quality, price and trouble it gave me, it is still a 3 star product to me.,3,2,4,5/cl/us,en
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on November 9, 2014
I'm not sure if I received a bad item or a bad product, but there were a few problems with the unit I purchased a month ago.

First of all, there was something off about the Ethernet port. I found myself having to disconnect and reconnect the actual ethernet cable, and/or jiggle it around and hold it in place till connection was established. The connection was always quite finicky; if I moved my laptop around the room, it would sputter in and out. (The ethernet cable I used was a standard Amazon Ethernet cable: )

Secondly, I found that after a few weeks of usage, my laptop would give me a "Installing new driver software" notification every time it was plugged in. Not sure what was going on there, but I was able to use the hub sans message for a while when I first received.

Lastly, and most disappointingly, THE ACTUAL USB CONNECTOR SNAPPED OFF OF THE HUB ITSELF. And this was after only 5 weeks of usage. I was shocked to learn that a product from such a reputable company was so poorly constructed to have broken so easily. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement of the matter. If I could return it, I would, but I don't think HooToo would accept the junk that they send out.

EDIT: 3/30/2015
HooToo expedited me a new unit! Great customer service! Will test the unit to see if this is anything like the last.
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on October 22, 2014
***2nd Update***
As promissed HooToo support quickly shipped me a replacement hub. It was actually a newer version. I've only had the hub for a week, but already I can tell a difference. Data transfers are lightning fast, as USB 3.0 should be. I'm very pleased with the product support, and knowing that they stand behind their product means so much!

HooToo support recently contacted me about my review of their product and not only apologized for the issue, but after validating my purchase have shipped me a replacement unit. This is the kind of above and beyond support that wins me over as a customer. Hopefully I'll have better luck with the new unit and will provide an additional update down the road.

The original unit was purchased Jan 9, 2014 and started failing back in July. I didn't review the product until October, and their response was less than a week after publishing it. I get that no single product is without defective units and that's ok... typically once you are out of Amazon's return policy, going through vendor support for a replacement is such a chore, thanks HooToo for your support!
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on November 29, 2015
I love this little thing so much. I have a MacBook Pro and the Network Cable went out. I was worried I would have to buy a port from Apple, but my boss turned me onto this little miracle. The price was right so i bought it. One quick driver install later and I am up and running like a pro!!! The only issue I have is that it will not charge my phone, I have to plug into my computer. This isn't so bad because the data transfer rate is great on the other 3 ports, so I always have enough USB's open.
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on November 24, 2013
Arrived quickly and well packed.

I'm using it with a Lenovo X1 Carbon laptop (thin laptop lacks an Ethernet port and is short on USB ports).. The hub sits on my desk with Gbit Ethernet, desktop mouse, and desktop keyboard permanently plugged into this device. I can set my laptop down on my desk, plug in the hub, plug in a large monitor, and I'm ready to work. I also plug an occasional USB memory stick or external DVD/Blu-Ray drive into the hub when needed. I was surprised by the lack of Ethernet LEDs, but this is not a deal breaker since I use it on my desk so I know the Ethernet feed is always live. It was not advertised as having LEDs, but I do miss then a little so I am taking off one star.

Perfect size for use on my desktop. Some space between USB ports, and surfaces to grab when plugging/unplugging devices.
Ethernet speed is great (over 50Mb/s).
Driver installed on WIndows7 with no issues (needed for Ethernet function, supplied with hub on a mini-CD).
Tried several other peripherals in USB hub - no issues with any of them.
Construction seems solid.

No Ethernet speed or status/activity LEDs.
if you are planning to carry this around all the time, there are smaller products available.
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on November 11, 2015
Well, it worked very well for a while. I bought this over a year ago, and maybe 6 months ago I noticed that it stopped being able to sustain high throuhput traffic (e.g. copying a large file from another machine). The device would suddenly stop being able to send or receive any traffic. I didn't need to use it much, so I forgot about that. Now, I'm trying to use it again for some Xbox game streaming to my laptop, and the same problem is still there. After a minute of high throughput traffic (not even that high, really--6 Mbps inbound to the device), suddenly it goes blind and can't send or receive any traffic. It starts working again after a couple minutes, but for a network device, that's unacceptable.
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on February 1, 2015
Their customer service is awesome - the best I've encountered so far. I actually bought this way back in 2013, but only bothered leaving a review now because I was never sure if it was really faulty. Anyway, they contacted me and gave me a replacement. That was when I realize they had changed the form factor (or I had a really bad one last time) so it actually sits great on the desk now. My old one had the USB cable coming out twisted so when I plug it in, it's always trying to flip the port over.

My home internet doesn't actually give me gigabit ethernet (I think it's my modem - it's old) but I got it in my office desktop. Another great thing about the new form factor is that it has led lights to tell you if it's the super fast speed ethernet or the slower normal one.

I'm giving it 5 stars now for awesome customer service and a nice neat update to a very useful product. Part of me wish they can make the device a bit heavier to give it more weight on the desk, but I also see how that would make it less portable.


I use it on my laptop because it only has two usb ports, and only one is usb3.0. My internet wifi is also unstable because I've a bad but free modem and router. It works well when you use either usb or ethernet. But I do notice that if I use both, the usb tends to disconnect spontaneously and connect again. It's not very frequent, but it does happen. For hobbyists, it works for splitting usb ports for arduinos and other prototyping tool (I had a LabJack and an arduino plugged in and they both worked).

The form factor is average. The wire is too stiff and the body too light, so it flies with the wire. The wire is short, but not short enough, so it extendds and pokes against stuff around the laptop. If you have the ethernet cable plugged in to weigh it down, then it's ok.
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on August 7, 2015
I have had the USB 3.0 Hub, HooToo 3 Port Hub with Gigabit Ethernet for just a week but so far it is great. I downloaded and installed the latest driver in my Windows 7 computer before I plugged it in. I did not use the install disk provided by HooToo at all since they recommended downloading the latest driver. After plugging the device into my laptop, the Ethernet came up immediately and I turned off the WiFi. Soooo easy. There was a fairly noticeable improvement to my internet response times. I have it plugged into my laptop and router at all times and the Ethernet comes up automatically whenever I turn on the laptop. USB ports work too at the same time. There two small issues with the driver download. 1)The URL in the manual provided with the device didn't work; I had to go to the HooToo website... no big deal. 2)The device driver download had no instructions. After extracting the files from the download, I found and executed "setup.exe". This may not be the only or preferred way to do it but it worked. In summary, I am very pleased so far.
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on December 24, 2014
I am giving this USB Hub a 2 Star? Why? Simply because the device is not shielded and causes RF interference that prevents computers from connecting to Wifi. I had this connected to my macbook air via the left side usb port and could not connect to Wifi no matter how many times I tried. Every single time after disconnecting the USB Hub Wifi worked perfectly. Now this may seem like a weird issue and you may ask.. How is a USB3 Hub affecting Wifi? Well.. Trust me it is.. Intel even has a white paper describing this and so does apple after I tried to diagnose why my computer couldnt connect to wifi. Here is the link to the White paper.[...] Placing the device on right side USB port of macbook air alleviated the issue somewhat as it seem the maybe the wifi radio of the macbook air is on the left hand side of the computer but regardless, Looking at the Noise Signal of the wifi connection I managed to connect to and there was still a near 10-15dbm gain. In other words even if you managed to connect to wifi this USB3 Hub will cause an increase in the Noise interference mostly likely degrading your wifi throughput as well. So No.. I wouldnt advise buying this or any USB3 type Hub Unless it comes shielded. This needs to be Fixed ASAP by HooToo...
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on June 3, 2014
While I knew I wouldn't get gigabit throughput on a USB 2.0 port, I was hoping for something closer to the 480Mbps limit of USB 2.0 than the 250Mbps that I attained. But the real reason I decided to give it only two stars is that whenever I reboot the Windows 7 Home Premium laptop with this attached, I have to unplug it and plug it back in to get the OS to recognize the Ethernet Adapter so I can use it. The device(s) I leave plugged into its USB Hub ports are all recognized just fine, it is just the Ethernet Adapter that requires being plugged back in after shutdown or restart.

I do not have this problem with my Vantec CB-300GNA USB Ethernet Adapter, but it doesn't have any USB Hub ports, which is why I bought this HooToo HT-UE01. I contacted HooToo technical support and they assured me that "the hub is certainly not designed to work in the way you mentioned ". So if like me you need a USB Ethernet Adapter that is useable after power-up/reboot without unplugging it and plugging it back in, I recommend you look else where. If you do not need the USB Hub aspect, I highly recommend the Vantec CB-300GNA. It has the same ASIX 88719 chip, gets the same throughput on a USB 2.0 port, but does not have the HooToo's problem of needing to be re-plugged in. In the meantime, if I find one like this that works like the Vantec, I'll update this review. If you know of one, please comment on this review.

UPDATE: After HooToo technical support got me to do a battery of tests, they concluded it was the unit and sent me a replacement. Unfortunately, it exhibited the same problem. After I conducted another battery of tests, I isolated the problem to only occurring when I had particular USB devices pre-plugged into the HT-UE01. While the USB device would be operational at boot from a cold power-up start, the Ethernet would not. It required unplugging the HooToo and plugging it back in to get the Ethernet to work. The Ethernet was operational just fine at cold start with no USB devices plugged in or with certain ones, but not others plugged in.

At this point HooToo agreed to a full refund. Hence I am raising my two stars to three stars. Be forewarned, if you hope to have both the Ethernet and one or more USB devices operational at boot, it may or may not work. But if you are willing to take the chance and the inconvenience of dealing with technical support and returning the product, at least you will get a full refund.

Specifically, my Logitech wireless keyboard receiver USB dongle worked with the Ethernet, but my wired Logitech USB mouse and my Infrared USB Receiver for my Media Center Remote Control resulted in the Ethernet not working. I did find that the USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter NIC with USB Port, Black (USB31000SPTB) worked with all my USB devices.
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