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on December 26, 2016
He labels himself an economic hit man a position from which he contends, among other things, why the global economy imploded, and the form of his hand in it. This is somewhat of an exaggeration but not by far. He writes from the point of experience as an executive in an oil company very high up in the hierachy. His job was to do economic studies of potential oil fields. The studies exaggerated the ease and value to be obtained but that isn’t the interesting part. In doing his job the company also misled the local populations about how both their lives and the environment would be protected if the project goes ahead. Neither of these things proved to be true, in his experience, resulting in environmental damage and no patent improvement in local economies. In the process of doing his job he came to understand about local religions and folkways. He was so undone by bad results of corporate depardations that he quit his work. Now offers tours involving tourists with local folkways and religions including concoctions of exotic local herbs and plants inducing various religous/healing experences. He also no teaches yoga. His story is plausible and I believe probable in Central America at least. Another cautionary tale from real corporate life. Will Tillerson eventually write the same sort of book about Putin and oil projects in Russia? An entertaining insight into oil business and local inhabitants affected.
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on May 20, 2012
"Hoodwinked" is a perfect title for the context and message of this book. It really is an International Thriller-but one that has a really darkside--the really firsthand truth of what some of the US Corporations (along with the knowledge and aid of our top government officials and also the CIA) have been upto outside the USA...the kind of information most American have no clue about--but should! The author does not hesitate to name names and dates for every situation as he was an insider. Thank goodness he listened to his concious and he finally realized these stories needed to be exposed. The author believed writing about the truth was the only way he could help begin to make ammends for the devastation that he had been part of and that had levied on these countries--their people and their natural habitiats--all in the name of Corporate greed (to making huge amounts of money despite the terribly tradegies being created)--for decades!!! Not much as a peep in our News Media either while this was all going on (and not much still today!)--very hushed up stuff!! The author also gives excellent solutions as to how everyday people can help to rectify all these Big Corp. wrong doings....which is a very possitive note to end on! This book is a MUST READ for anyone that cares about why the USA image is what it is around the world today--and the real truth of things.
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on September 7, 2017
Get the facts, get the truth, and get some of the best solutions for our really messed up world.
Perkins is at the top of my hero list after rolling over and changing sides!
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on January 26, 2012
After reading the book only you feel what types of deceptions have been carried out sweetly & stelthily a by bunch so called Pandiths/ Experts in high places of the financial world.The wonder is it is still happenning.The so called Angels of money think they are doling out money and they can do anything as no official in developing ( or Third World) countries have the guts or courage to air their views for fear of their positions and reprimand that they have to face from their political masters.I do not think any high ranking official in the developing world has ever been able get flexible terms from the world financial barons.

However,there is no alternative too.If poor countries need money for necessay infrastructure development and investments for priority sectors of the economy they are forced into binding themselves with the conditionalities imposed upon them.

If people in high places of the political setup and the higher officials in the adminstration realize the factual situation they have to take risks in correcting policies and be bold enough to implment them.But the sad experience is that such bravery leads to speedy reactions through political manuevering and such bold people are either silenced or replaced

So what is the modus operandi for John Perkin's theory to be put into practice.
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on January 1, 2015
Every American should read this book. The truth that none of us want to believe but having spent the past 13 years (since 9/11) educating myself to what the US has done around the world, this book will concentrate my self-education from over 25 books to this compact and succinct fact-filled book. We can do better and John Perkins offers many solutions to the mess we have made. Can't recommend this book enough. Once you get the facts you are compelled to act--in whatever small way--to make this a better world for all.
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on April 22, 2017
This book reveals what is going on in the world. It is rather depressing to see how other people live, and why.
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on August 25, 2013
If you worked hard, bought a house, invested your savings, and saw yourself on the path to a secure retirement in 2006, you probably feel differently today. Your home may have fallen in value by 50% or more. Your job may have evaporated, with most of your savings. If so, this book provides an insiders perspective on why it occurred. And the politics of the Republican party are keeping real reforms from stopping this abuse from happening again! The worst problem is, the people who took your money, your job, your home, those people did great! And the system they created worked perfectly to separate you from your security so that you will be a slave to capital markets for the rest of your life.

Pay off your debt and cut off the flow of money into these wretched banks. Save yourself and your children from the next great recession.
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on December 6, 2012
I read Perkin's book "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" a few years ago and it illuminated my understanding of how the economy is controlled by Geo-political terrorism, which is funded and perpetrated with tax payer money by our government. The rest of the world apparently knows this, it is the American people who are too distracted to understand that their national treasury is being stolen while they stuff their heads with pop culture.
Perkins has outdone himself with "Hoodwinked". He exposes more behind the scenes corruption, but the most interesting parts of the book begin about half way, where he begins to lay out some possible solutions to our convoluted economic and cultural malaise. This is a paradigm-shifting work. Every American should read this book!
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on September 8, 2013
This is my first exposure to how vast the extent of the games going on in domestic and foreign policy.
Adding new definitions if not dimensions to the phrase, "all is fair in love and war". If we are not playing the "game" though we will be played by our adversaries.
Though written in 2009 it is just as relevant if not more so today (Sept '13).
My takeaway from reading it is: The enticements to get emerging economies to become indebted. The powers given over and taken by the "Corportocracies".
The hope is that the greatest majority of participants will be good guys.
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on January 2, 2013
Too many think what they hear or see at times is the extent of what is known. World events are often told as though they are simple, not complex. Also, what some paper or internet blog or political reporter says it the extent. There are dark forces today in the world and just as in the past, they may take in those without full knowledge of matters. What has been done over and over again may never see the light day. Slanted news, slanted views does not lead to freedom and truth. More than revolution and terrorism, what we do not know and remaining in "Ignorance" will destroy us. John Perkins reveals just some of what has been going on and NOT in the news. I am grateful he has come out of the shadows.
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