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on September 7, 2013
First off, for the record, my home is not a disgusting mess, my floors are sealed bamboo that was installed a little over a year ago, and I clean them regularly. I do also have to preface this with the fact that I have 4 year old twins, three dogs, a cat, and a doggie door, so everyone except the kids can come and go from the backyard as they please. I was sweeping daily and using a swiffer wet jet at least every other day and was hoping to find something that would let me use just one machine to accomplish both tasks. I also had a shark vac and steam, but while I like the vacuum, the steamer died after a year so I felt like it wasn't worth my time to pull out the vacuum if I was going to have to mop with the swiffer again afterward.
I read the reviews on the floormate and decided to give it a try, with the caveat that if I tried it out and was unimpressed, I would be sending it right back. So, placed my Amazon order and decided to give up cleaning the floor until the product got here. So, two days of no sweeping or mopping, and I was going to give the machine a workout. No sense in going easy, if this thing is going to work in my house, it's going to need to pass my test.
So, pulled the machine out of the box, and in less than 10 minutes I was cleaning. I would say vacuming, but I decided after reading some of the reviews, that I would see what would happen to the dog hair if I just started wet vacuuming... So, the long and short of it is, if you have ever steam cleaned carpets, think of this as steam cleaning your hard floor. Push forward with the trigger pulled to release the solution onto the floor, and then pull back slowly with the trigger not pulled to suck up the dirty water off the floor. Easy peasy.... Also, I was doing small sections at a time, and there was never a time that I felt the need to use the "dry" feature. The amount of water released was easily picked up with just the clean mode, and what remained was comparable to how damp the floor would have been after a wipe with the swiffer, and dried by the time I was ready to move to the next section.
Now comes the disgusting part... After refilling the cleaning solution tank twice, it was time to clean out the dirty water tank. Very easy to remove, and unlike other reviewers, I did not have a problem with spillage when removing the tank, maybe because I was watching out for it. Anyway, the first thing I noticed was the fact that the water looked like chocolate milk in the tank. Ewww..... So, I pour it down the kitchen sink and see that there is a ring of dirt and what looks like sand in my sink. Double ewwww..... Well, then I look back in the tank, and see a good inch or so of sediment left in the tank. Get where this is going??? Triple ewww.... Lastly, I rinse out the tank and filter, and I had to take a picture of all of the dog hair that the machine picked up along with the dirt. Totally gross....
Anyway, with the amount of dirt that I found in that tank, the only assumption that I can make is that in addition to the dirt that was obviously on the floor's surface, it was also pulling dirt out of the crevices in between the floorboards, because my family would have looked like the Peanuts character PigPen walking with a cloud of dirt around our feet if all of that dirt was on top of our floor.
So, the long and short of it is, I have put out there for the world to see, some pictures that probably have my mother rolling over in her grave, but if that helps anyone to make the decision as to whether this machine is right for them, then so be it. Would I buy this machine again, YES... Granted, I have only owned this for one day, but I promise to update this review if my opinion changes for any reason....

UPDATE 9/20/2013---- I have now realized that I have met the love of my life, and his name is Hoover Floormate. I keep this machine in my hall closet so it's close at hand, and will pull it out daily to use the dry vacuum feature for the pet hair (Oh yea, since my last review, we were adopted by a stray kitten, so it's now 3 dogs and 2 cats worth) and generally every other day I will throw some water and cleaner in there and go to town. From pulling the machine out of the closet to putting it away, in less than half an hour I can wash all of my hallway, living room, kitchen and dining room (about 800 sq ft) and it is totally dry and looks brand new. I used to dread any day that we had rain, as the dogs would come in with muddy feet all day long, so I had to lock them in the house and they would cry by the doggie door all day, and then when I would let them out I would have to catch them on their way in to wipe 12 muddy paws. It's kind of embarrassing to admit it, but now I just let them in, wait until their feet are no longer making tracks, and a quick pass of my floormate and I'm done. I have to say that I was starting to regret tearing up carpet and putting in wood floors, but this machine has me loving my renovation again.
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on April 16, 2013
August, 2017 update. A review "thank you" inspired this UPDATE: The ON/OFF switch gave out in 2nd half 2016..3 years old. Nearest Hoover repair is over 1 hr round trip, that's 2 hours for drop off and then pick up. I'm handy with machines, but just to get to the switch to fix/replace requires dismantling the entire outer shell. Never mind. Machine is now Junk. $160 for a new one from Hoover. Unsure what I am going to do, but once a consumer gets used to having this kind of clean, you want it again. August 11th, 2014 review update on Hoover Floormate: As those who have read the review below found, if one learns how to use the machine correctly, it is a wonderful tool for the price. However, I may have stumbled across the reason so many people had poor experiences with the machine, and why this machine does not pick up the water/cleaner mixture as well as the previous model. The issue appears to be the quality and installation of two rubber gaskets in the machine that are key to the removal of water during and after the scrubbing process. Our new model Floormate suddenly started putting out water on the tile floor and would not vacuum it up. So, though I like to think I've past my "Mr. Fix-it" days, I disasembled the machine. There were two gaskets that had flaws in them. One simply had too much "tag" (excess rubber that should be removed when it comes out of the mould). This excess on the top of the edge that was meant to be a water tight fit allowed little areas to not seal properly. The replacement I ordered also had the same tags and I simply trimmed it with a razor blade to allow a water-tight fit. The other main rubber gasket was actually broken or torn, I don't know how. I have not used it since doing the replacement of these two gaskets, but I imagine with these two critical parts either replaced or trimmed to meet what was originally spec'd by Hoover, the machine will work as well as the first one I had for a decade. Sadly, as happens with many companies that outsource manufacturing to Chinese companies, quality control is a problem, and there is really no legal recourse in China as there is here in the United States. So Hoover is sort of at the mercy of whomever they contract out the manufacturing. Which is probably why the Hoover website has so many used floormates for sale.

I would recommend to anyone that is not getting satisfactory results from the machine after several months should open it up and inspect the gaskets. They are inexpensive to replace, it is the owner's labor that is expensive.

As to those who ask if using it on hardwood floors is advisable, I would counsel this, my family having owned a small hardwood flooring mill in Louisiana in the 50s, and having grown up in the industry: If the wood floor has a quality finish on it that is not worn through, and if the seams between the 3/4" hardwood boards are tight, then it's most likely ok to use the Floormate on the hardwood floor. The water and the hardwood flooring cleaner mix and create a fluid that is a bit more dense than plain water. Therefore, it is unlikely to soak through the finish or into the seams in the few minutes the water will be in contact with the flooring. Hardwood floors react badly to standing water, it seeps into the seams and "cups" the edges of the board up. Hardwood flooring is only 6-8% moisture when it arrives on site, the lumber is kiln-dried prior to being run into the flooring mill process. That is why it is important to get a good varnish or other floor finish on it shortly after it is laid down. Pre-finished flooring comes with very durable finishes these days. Wood floors are a bad idea in Kitchens, and require area carpets in most other areas. There should always be a mat at every exterior door so that people do not track in grime, which scratches the finish, or water. The most common damage one sees to hardwood floors are dark stains from pet urine or dark circular stains from an electric "croup kettle" (used when someone had bronchitis or other pulmonary issue through the 1970's or so. I expect the vacuum function on this one to work better now that the gaskets have tight seals, probably tighter than when the machine was manufactured. Good luck to all.
What is most obvious about the negative reviews of the Hoover Floormate is that many folks don't figure out how to use it. Maybe the instructions are not clear enough. This being my second, I did not read them. But I know my wife, and a friend who borrowed the old machine had a learning curve, as did I. My previous Floormate lasted ten years, and would have kept going, but it needed a $25 part, and I'm done being "mr fix-it. Ten years for a machine that cost under $100 back then is good enough. Treat this Floormate right, learn how to use it, and it should last also.

Here are the key points one must know in order to have the product work for you, for years.
1) Manage your expectations. It's a $125 floor cleaner, not a magic wand. It does get the dirt off the floor, actually leaving it clean.
2) Know that when washing a floor, PULL THE TRIGGER ONLY WHEN PUSHING THE DEVICE. That is what puts the water down, the brushes still turn when the trigger is released, scrubbing the floor. Otherwise, the machine is "just spreading water around" as some reviewers said. That's because they did not know how to use it.
3) To pick up the water, pull the machine towards you, very, very slowly. This newer model seems to still pick up the water best in "wash" mode. If you can see water coming up the channel over the brushes, that means there is water to be picked up. If no water is coming up, the floor might have a damp shine on it, but it will be dry in a minute or three. If you think about it, the brushes are spinning the water, and the brushes are driving the water towards the center channel.
4) The squegee on the front is not meant to work both ways, only on when the machine is slowly pulled toward the user.
5)The vacuum works better on this one than the older model. However, it is better not to use it as a vacuum prior to washing the floor. We have cats, and the filter was plugged up with hair after vacuuming the kitchen. I never vacuumed with my previous Floormate, and the filter never became clogged enough to slow the suction. The filters do need rinsing and regularly and replacement occasionally.
6) Few homes have truly flat floors, particularly if they are over 20 years old. If it appears too much water is left behind after a slow pass or two, try a path 90 degrees, across the first path. That should help.
7) One of the good things about these machines is that they can be used on regular (3/4") hardwood floors, with hardwood floor cleaner. Water is not good for hardwoods, so being able to vacuum up 80-90% of the water is the only way to use a water/cleaner mix and not hurt the floor.
8) I bought my first one to clean the tile floor in my apartment's kitchen and bathroom. My wife's house has the same floor in the kitchen. This particular tile is a dirt magnet, and this machine will not get it back to white. The Floormate will get up the dirt, it will clean the floor, but only bleach and scrubbing will actually make a textured terrazzo tile give up the "dirty" look that can get ground into it.
9) Vinyl floors are a breeze if they are flat. If not, more back-and-forthing, and criss-crossing is required.
10) Once I could see the dirty water in the machine ten years ago, I understood that no mop could get a floor truly clean. That's why I put in the bit of extra work and maintenance a machine like this requires. It is not a $350 self-propelled scrubber/cleaner/waxing device. We get what we pay for.
It works, for those who pay attention. And I'm glad we have it.
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on November 23, 2016
If you're having problems please don't take my comments the wrong way. I'm trying to help. But after years of reading through so many comments where peeps complain about, "This dishwasher is junk! If you leave dirty dishes in it for a few days it stinks!" (actual, word-for-word complaint!) I feel compelled to shake my head and try to help the less inclined. Maybe this will help you avoid a call to some offshore help center.

This is a floor scrubber, not a vacuum cleaner you yank back and forth as fast as you can, leaving most of the dirt in the rug but you just can't see how poor of a job you're doing. Think of it as you would a carpet cleaner. First, use the vacuum only (selector switch/knob) to pick up loose dirt then empty the cup (or not, but dumping it first will result in less garbage in the brushes and less nastiness when emptying the dirt and liquid.) After dry vacuuming move the selector to 'Wash'. Pull the trigger as you move the cleaner forward. The slower you move the unit, the more water that will be dispensed - kind of a 'duh' thing, right? Release the trigger about four inches before you reach as far as you intend to go. Begin pulling the cleaner back, over the same path, and do not pull the trigger while doing so. This is when the scrubbers do most of their work. Don't pull too fast, about 2-3 seconds per foot works well as long as your floor isn't totally grubby (most household floor tiles are 12", so count "1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi..." per tile.) This will allow the scrubbers to do their job and the vacuum to suck up the dirty water. If you think there's too much water left behind read below to be sure the trash bin and nozzle are installed properly. If those are o.k., take a second pass without pulling the trigger and dumping more water. (duh, again) If you can't figure that out, turn the selector to 'DRY' and make a few more passes.

I've read some complain that it worked fine the first time but wouldn't suck anything up after that. Well, what changed since the first time you used it? Hopefully you emptied the trash bucket! However, you must not have snapped the filter lid back on correctly. If you look closely you'll see there are two tabs on its front edge that need to be engaged. Chances are you missed them and it's sucking air from there instead of from the floor squeegee/nozzle. Or maybe you didn't quite get the dirt bucket pushed back and sealed properly to the rubber gasket on the cleaner. Any little thing that allows it to suck air before it gets to the nozzle will reduce vacuum considerably. Keep that in mind when re-assembling after cleaning. Likewise, if you continue to vacuum over rough surfaces, legos, gravel, concrete, etc. you'll damage the squeege edges on the nozzle and reduce its ability to suck up the water. If you see large streaks (there will normally be some dampness left behind), you have reduced vacuum, a damaged squeegee, vacuuming a rough or uneven surface or are just pulling it back too fast. If you're leaving tire/wheel marks you may have so much dirt/hair wrapped around the wheels they can't spin freely.

Water leaking all over? I'd be looking at where the fresh water tank clips in. Is the little 'o'-ring missing or damaged? Are you absolutely certain you have it installed correctly?

Do you think this is more work than mopping or using a wet Swiffer? Well, you're probably right. But then you probably also don't care that all you've been doing is smearing dirty water around on your floor. The only way to do better than this machine is to get on your hands and knees with a scrub brush and a stack of towels.

BTW, in case you didn't notice... 'Vacuum' lifts the squeegee up, the brushes spin and the vacuum sucks up dirt. The brushes barely, if at all, touch the floor. 'Wash' lowers the squeegee and brushes to the floor. 'Dry' kills the brushes and leaves the squeegee on the floor to suck up water.

Empty both of the tanks when finished. Clean the brushes. Wash the filter. Leaving water and dirt to dry will just lead to problems later, not to mention a stinky closet (or wherever you store it.) It will only take you a couple minutes. Leave the filter out to dry, clipping it back in will probably end up growing something that will smell and reduce suction.

For those that are contemplating buying this machine, I think it works great. Although I haven't had it for a long time I can say it has done well for me - so far. Considering that a cheap vacuum cleaner normally costs this much, it's a pretty good deal. No slogging buckets, smearing dirty water around and calling it clean (enough.) No stuffing a wet mop in a closet afterward. I keep a fairly tidy house, it's just me - no kids, no pets (well, the fish don't track much dirt in) and it still sucked up enough dirt to grow tomatoes. Well, maybe not, but it was impressive. (read:yuck! LOL)
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on May 25, 2017
I bought this item on the recommendation from a friend. It was not sucking up the water, we asked our friend to check it and make sure we weren't doing anything wrong. She checked it and advised it was defective and was not sucking up the water. I ordered a new one that works as designed, the original item did NOT work as designed or advertised. I tried to return it to find that this item is NOT returnable. So now I have bought not one, but two of these items and am stuck with a defective item and out $108.00.
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on March 23, 2017
I have SO MUCH FLOOR!!! I was totally skeptical and the machine has been here for more than a week. Finally, I vacuumed with it....and it is just ok as a vacuum (but then, I have a Rainbow and NOTHING is better than a Rainbow for vacuuming) but I didn't buy it for vacuuming. I bought it for cleaning the floor. I have maids twice per month and my floor is always FILTHY. The "maids" just move the crud around with their micro fiber mop. (My maids are really good at dusting, cleaning the bathrooms, and vacuuming but mopping is "no bueno", hence my purchase of this machine...There IS a downside and it really isn't a downside, more of an are constantly filling, emptying, refilling and emptying again....
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on July 13, 2017
 The fallout from my toddler, 4 year-old and 7 year-old eating at our table is terrible. I was hoping this would fix the problem (on top of training the kids to lean over the table, sit still and focus). However, the squeegee front just pushes the food around when the machine is supposed to vaccum. The scrub bristles are soft (which is good for not scratching finishes) but the bristles don't make a difference when I roll over the smears of stuff on the floor (smashed peas, smeared jam...etc.). It wouldn't even vaccum up bread crumbs--the best it would do is hair and dust. I wouldn't spend the money on it again.
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on December 2, 2012
I've had my Floormate for about a year now. It's survived moving to two different houses, and is still what I prefer to use on my hard surface floors. What makes this different from any other kind of hard floor cleaning machines is the fact that it removes debris from the floor and picks the water back up. I tried, believe me I TRIED, to fall in love with the numerous kinds of steam mops that are out there. They can sanitize, sure, but unless if you completely remove all debris and dust from your floors before using them you'll just end up pushing around wet junk on the floor. I've tried the Bissell that has the vacuum attached to the steamer, but it was too cumbersome for me to always move the mop in only one direction. For me, using a steam mop becomes one of those weekend chores that you have to set aside enough time to use, whereas the Floormate is something I can use for everyday cleaning. (Just wanted to add that if you're using it on a floor that doesn't regularly see a broom you should expect to have to use some method to remove bigger pieces of dirt and debris because the vacuum on this machine doesn't have a large clearance and won't be able to suck the dirt up. It will just end up pushing it around, or it will get caught on the lip.)

Since there's so many things, good and bad, that I want to say about this, let me break it down Pro and Con style.

* Easy to use
* No cleaning pads to buy and then throw away.
* You can use whatever type of cleaner you want on your floor (meaning you can still sanitize!)
* Deep cleans the floors really well. The first time I used mine I went over an area I had cleaned the day before and still picked up dirt.
* Cleans to the edge. A problem I've had with vacuums, mops, and steam cleaners alike. This baby gets right to the trim.
* Hardly any upkeep on the machine itself. It comes apart for easy cleaning.
* Gentle enough to use on all hard floors. Steam mops are not.

* It's not lightweight. Some advertisements for the Floormate shows people cleaning up quick spills and boasts that it's handy for "spot cleaning". I wouldn't want to lug this thing out of the closet to pick up some spilled juice.
* Doesn't reach into tight spaces. Around the toilet would be a great example.
* The "Drying" feature. It really doesn't do much and never really has. Expect for there to be some traces of water on the floor to show that you've just cleaned.
* Doesn't work as well on grout. Not impossible, just know that it won't get your grout work as sparkly as it was when it was new. It will still do a decent job of cleaning tile floors, it just isn't where the Floormate shines.
* It's loud! At least to me it is. When I was moving and cleaning an empty room with hard wood floors the noise of the Floormate literally gave me a headache.
* One of my biggest issues with the machine is that the container that the dry vacuum sucks the dirt into and the container that the used floor water goes to is the same container. This means that you'll have to empty the canister after using the dry vacuum, and it makes it difficult to clean one room and then move on to another because even if you empty the canister of any water the canister will still be damp when you use the dry vacuum and can create quite the sticky mess.

Cleaning the filter can be a bit of pain, but I didn't list that as a con because I have yet to find any floor cleaning device that has an easy, not at all gross, to clean filter.

There really isn't much I can say about it that hasn't been said already. It's a solidly built machine. It removes dust and dirt rather than just push it around. I don't regret my purchase at all.
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on March 11, 2017
With four kids, two dogs and the downstairs being entirely hard floors i needed this. I mop daily as we live in a rainy wet place. There is always footprints and stuff on the floor. This has saved me so much time! The vacuum setting didn't get the dog hair, so i still have to sweep, but it takes 20 minutes to mop the whole floor instead of the 1 1/2 hours it normally takes. I'm so happy.
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on October 2, 2016
If you are seeking a unit that can vacuum and clean your wood floors, look no further -- this is all you need. I bought this unit for the washing/scrubbing function, which it does very well. I have 2 dogs that track in dew and mud, and constantly having to use a Swiffer or rag to wipe up the paw prints got old...and this thing makes quick work of that. But what may go underrated on this unit is the suction. This can be seen by how dry my floor was after using the scrubbing function and then allowing the unit to suck the water up by going back over the path. My floors were dry within 5 minutes, and I didn't have to put in any effort. When the unit is in vacuum mode, it picks up everything and DOES NOT have a rotating brush to get in the way or "flick" things around the floor.

Pros: Great scrubbing system, amazing suction, easy to manuever, rubber wheels

Cons: Could benefit from a longer power cord, unit is loud, wish it could hold more cleaning solution
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on April 29, 2016
Sent it back. I don't know if I just got a bad one but it did not work at all. It had no suction at all, it dispensed water and cleaner but even after the dispenser was emptied unto the floor it would not pick up any dirty water. Now my beautiful tile has this film on it that I then have to use vinegar to remove and just use a mop now. I read the troubleshooting guide called the 1-800 number but nothing worked.
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