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on March 14, 2016
The disgust of looking at my filthy carpets finally outweighed my fear of cleaning my carpets with young kids in the house. My carpet was bad... So bad in fact that I'm hesitant to post the "before" pictures. I'm going to post them however because the before and after pictures will do this carpet cleaning machine far more justice than words could ever do. This machine does a fantastic job of cleaning carpets.

- Leaves carpets just barely damp when finished. My carpet dried in under an hour afterwards.
- Does a fantastic job of getting out stains without even having to use any of the attachments.
- There are two tanks, one for dispensing clean water and one for dispensing cleaner. The machine auto mixes the cleaner and water when in wash-auto rinse or can be used to just rinse when switched to the rinse option.

- If the water tank is not placed on the machine carefully, it can leak quite quickly. Just be sure that the tank is completely secured before starting to clean.

I highly recommend this carpet cleaner!
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on April 2, 2014
First, I would like to give a brief background. I decided to purchase the Hoover All Terrain after 4 years of ownership of the Bissell. I have osteoarthritis just about everywhere, so I wanted something that would accomodate my situation. I have had this for approximately 2 months and wished I had bought this sooner.
I would like to compare the 2 for those riding the fence beteeen the Hoover and Bissell. We have hard water, so lime deposit is an issue. I would have to run vinegar water thru it and take it apart to clean the sprayer heads which was almost impossible (toothbrush and pin). I have not had any problems with Hoover on this issue.
The Bissell has rolling brushes like a vacuum and the Hoover has oscillating brushes. I feel that the Bissell actually cleaned deeper (and also left pilings, which I thought may be due to cheap carpeting or harsh scrubbing). I have actually had to wait for the carpet to dry and go over the spot again (doorway). It seems like it brings the dirt to the surface and you have to do it again. Still on the bristles, the Hoover is definitely easier to clean. They simply pop off for ease of cleaning. The Bissel has to be taken apart or tipped over to clean the rollers. They are hard to clean and keeps moisture and dirt in there, making it smell when operated.
The Hoover has 2 seperate containers where the Bissell has a bladder in the water tank. The Bissell's tank is awkward and hard to fill with water, empty the contents, and even putting it together. It doesn't fit in the sink or across it, so it slips in the sink sideways. I shouldn't have to balance it to fill or clean. Cleaning is hard because of the shape and crud gets stuck under the bladder. (Gross). Anyway, the Hoover dirty tank is easy to take off, clean, and easily fits in the sink. The clean tank is also easy to use.
The Hoover does come with squeegee for hard floors while that would have to be ordered seperate for the Bissell.
I use the Hoover at least once a week for my tile floors and as needed for my carpets. I would use the Bissell every few months because I dreaded using it.

In summary, the Hoover is far better for ease of use and cleanliness. I feel like my machine is actually clean after use and not growing yucky stuff in the darkness of my hall closet.
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on March 5, 2017
I decided to go with the Hoover Carpet Cleaner because of the reviews. Being a single mom, and not very handy, I found it pretty easy to assemble. However, the back attachment hose was cumbersome, so I left it off, and stored it. I figured, I could just attach it when I need it, and the majority of the use of this in my home will be the floors.

Attaching the top basin isn't the easiest, and you have to make sure it is secure, or it will leak. Once in place, I was able to use the machine and clean a small room easily. The noise level is what would be expected with a carpet cleaner.

I'm happy with my purchase, and would recommend this product.
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on March 9, 2017
I just washed my living room carpet and am very upset that I didn't take a before and after picture. This thing works great. I have rented the machines from home Depot and wasn't expecting this machine to work as well as those. It did just as good. My carpets were gross. Like, I was ashamed to have people over. We have 2 dogs a cat and 2 small boys. We also have guests often who track in a lot of grossness with our horrible rainy climate. My carpets are a light tan color and the we're so dirty they were dark. They are now back to that light tan color which I didn't think was possible in the state they were in. it doesn't get them as dry as I wish it would. But I did go over a few times with soap and water, and I'm not sure how dry any carpet cleaner could get it immediately anyways, so still a great product. I would definitely recommend.
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on January 28, 2016
After shopping around, reading reviews, and asking friends, I bought my Hoover Max Extract Carpet Cleaner almost 3 years ago. Between the kids, the cats, and potty training a puppy, I have used it countless times, on everything from quick mess clean ups to whole room carpet cleaning. It is very easy to use, and reliable. Cleaning the machine can be a little messy, but you don't have to do it very often. I usually just dump the dirty water and rinse it out. Also, about a year ago one of the little plastic latches that hold the dirty water tank in place broke, and a flange from one of the tanks went missing. (This probably would not have happened if the kids hadn't been playing on the machine, literally climbing on it.) Anyway, when I called Hoover customer service, they sent out replacement parts right away. They came quick and were easy to replace. It was a hassle free experience which made me a believer in Hoover.

Long story short Kessa Thinks this is a GOOD BUY!
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on April 15, 2017
I had one of the major national carpet cleaning companies come to clean my carpets earlier this week. Terrible job. Didn't move things to clean under them and left traffic areas just about as dirty as they found them, claiming it was irreparable fibre wear rather than dirt when I complained. Ordered this cleaner (which costs less than the "pros" charged to do a crappy job) and used it this morning. That "fibre wear" came up in a swirl of dirty water and things look 100% better.

This is a good machine that does the job and a good value. It does require a little bit of strength as when loaded up with clean water, etc., and ready to do the job it is heavy. I noticed a couple of reviews here that complained of leaking, but I only experienced a few minor leaks while taking the tanks off for cleaning after finishing the job, perhaps inevitable as you disconnect things and nothing I would complain about.

Be sure to order some extra Hoover carpet detergent with the cleaner. Cleaning uses it up fairly fast.
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on January 4, 2017
After reading many reviews and doing my research this was the carpet cleaner that had overall best ratings. Against my better judgement and not purchasing Bissell which I've used for years, I bought this. I find it to be cumbersome, the containers, especially the top is difficult to align. The brushes work well as does the suction. I have worked for myself as a pvt. housekeeper for 30 years and feel I am qualified to give an honest opinion on a product. I will probably keep this one for business and buy myself a Bissell.
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on September 8, 2015
I returned this and am getting another cleaner. I normally buy Bissell products because I usually get more bang for my buck that way. This was purchased to replace my old Bissell Pro Heat which was lost in a fire at 9 years old and still going strong :(.

Well when we owned the Bissel we had two hard floors and the rest were carpet. Now it is the completely opposite with only two rooms being carpeted. That's why I didn't just get the newer pro heat.

Let me say this thing works great. I was able to clean all my floors, but one and the carpets which hadn't been shampooed in a year looked brand new. The carpets were dry to the touch in under an hour. I feel like whoever designed the inside of this was a genius and whoever designed the outside was the village idiot.

It's easy to put together there are two bolts that attach the handle to the base. However, the accessory rack just slides down into a notch on the handle and comes off sometimes if you lower the handle too far. The squeegee has no way to latch it has to tabs that slip into a slot but nothing to lock them there so you have to put it back on often when it slips out of place while you are cleaning.

The above were minor annoyances but not deal breakers for us. What did it was the clean water tank. It sits on a little shelf like area above the dirty water tank. You slide it in with the handle down and lift the handle to latch it. Sometimes it's hard to tell if it's latched. Also, sometimes the cord can get caught between the two tanks if you don't watch it. I had cleaned every room but my kitchen and had just refilled the tanks. I double checked trying to make sure the clean water tank was latched and carried it into the kitchen. I didn't check good enough because when I set it down the tank fell off, landed on the handle and the handle snapped in two rendering the whole machine useless (one little plastic handle).

We decided if it was that easy to put it out of commission this unit is not for us. It would be great if you just had carpets however Hoover offers essentially the same model for $50 less if you just want one for carpets. Bissell doesn't seem to have a full sized model that does both carpets and hard floors, but there are a couple other hoover models that may work for us.

This would be a wonderful unit if Hoover just changed three little things on the outer design. I'm sorry it didn't work out for us, but I'm glad Amazon was the seller so we are able to get what we need hassle free.
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on February 23, 2016
I have purchased this model carpet scrubber for myself and one for my daughter and her husband as a house warming gift. Both scrubbers only lasted a year and a half before the brushes stopped working! I cannot speak for their household but I am very OCD about cleaning mine after every use. I have one room that is wall to wall carpet, a small hallway and two 8x2 runners, overall not a lot of carpet. I used this machine twice a year for these items plus any spills. If you plan to buy this model and use it, you should look into an extended warranty. It work great for as long as it works! Cheap parts certainly didn't last as long as previous model! ☹️☹️☹️
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on March 25, 2014
I recently bought the Hoover All-Terrain Carpet Cleaner upon my daughter's recommendation. She and her husband were happy with theirs, and as it turned out after using mine, I believe we have made a good choice. I had been looking at less expensive models, but my daughter told me that the ones they had seen were made of a more brittle plastic and might break more easily. It may be a case of, "you get what you pay for".

Some simple assembly was required once the Hoover was out of the box. Take note that you will need a phillips screwdriver for the two screws attaching the handle to the machine.

My carpet is a relatively new one, and has seen only light traffic, yet I was amazed at the amount of dirt and grit that was pulled out of it by the Hoover ... this, after a thorough vacuuming with a Dyson beforehand. I was also impressed by the fact that the carpet was dry after only an hour and a half, to two hours. I haven't used the hose and attachments on the furniture, nor have I tried the Hoover on the laminate flooring as yet, but the machine did an excellent job cleaning the carpet which was my main concern.

The Hoover, out of necessity, is bulkier and heavier than an upright vacuum, and is therefore a little harder to push, but it's nothing the average person should find too taxing to operate. I am a grandmother in my 60's and I managed just fine. Plan on several trips to the sink since the clear water tank will often need refilled, and the dirty water will have to be disposed of frequently. While some might wish for larger tanks, bear in mind that more water would add extra weight, making the machine more difficult to use. All in all, I give the Hoover All-Terrain Carpet Cleaner five stars.
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