Customer Reviews: Hoover Max Extract Dual V WidePath Carpet Cleaner, F7412900
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on July 30, 2008
I had the older version of this machine. I bought it about 6 years ago and after attempting to clean the rugs last month I realized it was no longer picking up the water. Opened it up and saw that the internal suction hose had split in half. That was it .. time to find another cleaner. I have had good luck with Hoovers but did a TON of research before settling on this machine. I have a dog and a toddler and both do a number on my rugs. Juice, food, crayons, spit up, urine and everything else under the sun has ended up on my carpet in the past 2 years. I did not take care of my previous Hoover so it wasn't the best in its later life. I just brought the new one home and oh my god, the water was black. I did not think anything could bring my carpets back but this did. They are so soft and clean. I love this machine because it has a rinse button if you want to make sure you have gotten all the soap out. I use really warm water and the machine directs hot air onto the carpet as you make your passes. The carpet dried super fast and just looks fantastic. I had to fill and empty the containers 4 times for my combination living / dining room but hey, I'm not complaining now that I see the results. I also like this machine because you do not mix the detergent in with the water. This is great because if you have detergent left over you just pour it back into the bottle. Based on my previous experience, here is what I learned and can pass on to future Hoover SteamVac owners:

1. Clean your machine after each use. That means taking apart the brushes and washing out the front nozzle. This is an investment and if you want it to continue working like it did the first day, you need to take care of it.
2. Do not leave left over or dirty water in the tank when you put it away. This will wear away at the joints and increases the chances the leaks.
3. Do not leave left over detergent in the tank .. see #2.
4. Read the directions when you put it together and make sure you read how to use this rather than just take it out and turn it on. I never read the first manual and didn't realize I should have been cleaning and using the spray button a totally different way.

This is a great machine and I hope it will last just as if not longer now that I know how to take care of and use it properly.
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on May 14, 2009
Ten months ago we bought $7000 of new light-colored carpeting. Two months ago we got two new puppies and one new shelter dog (none of which were housebroken), in addition to our other three dogs (one of which is a senior citizen and becoming incontinent). We live in an area with coyotes and mountain lions and we cannot leave our dogs out at night.

Needless to say, our new carpet took a huge, devastating hit while we all adjusted to our new life together. On top of all that, we live in a rural mountain community and the amount of dust and dirt and mud that blows in and/or gets tracked in is astounding, no matter how careful we try to be. I thought a few rooms of carpeting might not be salvageable.

So my Mom's Day gift to myself was the Hoover F7412-900 SteamVac Dual V Widepath Carpet Cleaner with the Hoover Pet Formula Detergent. O.M.G. My carpet looks and smells absolutely brand new. Stains and odors that I thought might be in the carpet permanently all came out. I'm really shocked. I didn't expect such a great result.

I love the light clean smell of the Pet Formula... it's not overpowering by any means (and I used a lot). The Hoover SteamVac and the Hoover Pet Formula detergent saved our carpet.

As far as the SteamVac itself, I find it super easy to refill the clean water tank and empty the dirty water tank. It's a heavy machine, so I'm glad they didn't make the tanks any larger, as it would have been way too heavy for me to handle. The way it is now, it's perfect... I plan to use it frequently for carpet maintenance.

I know I sound like a cheesy infomercial for Hoover now, but I can't help it. My husband and I are beyond thrilled!

*Several months later... I just posted before/after photos of our dining room (one of the main thoroughfares in our house). I'm a bit ashamed -- it's like announcing to the public what size underwear I buy or publishing pictures of myself without makeup first thing in the morning. I mean, my carpet was THAT bad... but hey, we're all friends, right? I want you to see the nasty carpet I had and how beautifully restored it was after using the Hoover. Just remember this: push the Hoover slowly back and forth across your carpet. Don't rush a good thing. You'll get fabulous results that way.
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on August 26, 2008
I just got this carpet cleaner from and I am so happy with it. It outcleans everything I've ever used before, including professional cleaning companies. I owned a Kirby years ago and it can't hold a candle to this Hoover cleaner. I found it was much easier to use than the rug doctor, which I've rented many times, and since I own it, I don't have to haul it back to the store and I have all the time I want to clean my carpets.

It was very easy to use, and I particularly like the clean water rinse feature. It gets all the detergent residue out, and my carpet was soft and lofty after cleaning. Just think, you wouldn't wear your clothes washed and not rinsed.

The power is awesome, my carpet was practically dry when I finished. I got back very close to the amount of water that was dispensed. My carpet was dry enough to walk on in an hour and vacuum in 2 hours. This machine is so well made that I look forward to having soft clean carpet for years to come. It has the quality that I expected from a Hoover. I researched all brands of cleaners dilligently on the net and even looked at some brands, including Bissell, in a store before I decided on this particular Hoover machine. I've never been so happy while cleaning my carpets before. I had it out of the box and ready to go in minutes. It's as easy to use as a vacuum cleaner, plus, Amazon's sale price was cheaper than any price for the same machine that I found. I am a happy camper with this purchase!
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on January 25, 2009
Update 3/19/2014: In the past year, my parents borrowed my brother's Hoover carpet cleaner and commented on how much better it cleaned their carpet. Since then they've also switched to Hoover, despite the fact that they were happy enough with their Bissells to keep on buying or repairing them for several years (my parents occasionally loaned their carpet cleaner to other people and about half the time it was returned to them broken). Rule #1 when you have a carpet cleaner: don't tell anyone you have it. Rule #2: if they somehow find out anyway, NEVER let anyone borrow it.

My parents told me they wanted to buy me a carpet cleaner for my birthday and were planning to get a Bissell similar to the one they have. I have a Consumer Reports subscription, so I figured I'd be able to find out what CR thought about various brands and models. It turns out that, as of January 2009, Consumer Reports hasn't even bothered to test carpet cleaners.

So I hopped online to check out some reviews elsewhere, and the Bissell didn't fare very well. In Amazon's customer reviews, the Hoovers outperformed Bissells across the board. There was a sale at a local store, so I started looking at reviews for any Hoovers that the store sold. It didn't take long to narrow down my choices to the Dual-V Widemouth and the All-Terrain (which both had great reviews on Amazon), so I opted for the cheaper one--which was also $20 cheaper than the Bissell my parents had originally planned to buy!

Well, yesterday was my birthday and we did the family thing today, so I got to open up my present and try it out for the first time. It didn't take long at all for me to realize that my new Hoover beats Bissell, hands-down. You can stop reading now, because there's simply no comparison.

Hmmm...I can see you're still reading, so I guess you didn't believe me the first time. Fine, I'll make a few comparisons:

1. Sure, the Bissell ProHeat has a built-in heater, but you put hot water into the thing anyway and the water stays hot until you spit it onto the floor and suck it back up, so the heater offers no advantage, whatsoever.

2. The 6 circular spinning scrub brushes do a better job scrubbing than the long drum brush that most other carpet cleaners seem to have (including my parents' Bissell and all the other Bissells I looked at during my couple days' worth of research). The big long brush just strokes the carpet a few times each rotation, while the circular spinning brushes have tons of bristles constantly rubbing against the carpet.

3. The Hoover destroys stains and dirty patches that the Bissell could hardly even lighten.

4. The Hoover has separate dirty and clean water tanks, both about the same capacity. (There is one gotcha: the dirty tank looks like it can hold almost twice as much, but it doesn't. You'll see what I mean if you use it. I'ts not a problem though; just empty the dirty tank whenever you refill the clean tank.) My parents' Bissell ProHeat has one tank that has separate compartments for both clean and dirty water. Since it's physically only about the size of one of the Hoover's tanks, the Bissell's capacity is only about half that of the Hoover--which means you'll be dumping and refilling twice as often.

5. The Hoover's first-time use is a little more complicated than that of some of the other carpet cleaners I've used, but this machine has extra attachments and is easier to clean. Just read the book the first time you're about to use it, and remember to clean the tanks and the pick-up area after each use. It's pretty easy to figure out after that.

Still not convinced? Well, how about a little story. My parents brought their Bissell ProHeat carpet cleaner over to my house soon after I bought the place, and my dad did a thorough cleaning. He ran over a dirty patch in the hallway about 20 times, and spent a good 45 minutes trying to clean a stain in front of the fireplace--he must have gone over that stain at least 30 times. My fiance and I have borrowed both my parents' carpet cleaner and her mom's carpet cleaner a couple times since then, and no matter how many times we've tried cleaning the carpets, both the dirty patch and the stain defiantly stood their ground, just mocking us.

I ran my new Hoover SteamVac Dual-V Widepath over the hallway patch a couple times, and the dirty patch now almost matches the rest of the carpet. Then, for the true test, I took the cleaner down to the basement and cleaned that spot in front of the fireplace. I ran over it once and it seemed like it might be a little lighter. I thought, "Hmm, should have gotten a before & after shot." Then, later on, I ran over it a couple more times and seemed to make even a little more progress. "I guess that's a tough stain, so this isn't too bad," I thought.

Then I realized that my new carpet cleaner was still set on "rinse" for the second and third passes. I switched it back to "wash" and attacked the stain from a couple different angles. Now you can hardly even tell there was ever a stain there! I've had that stain for 4 years, and nothing--not spot cleaner, not carpet cleaners, and no amount of scrubbing--could put a dent in that stain. But a few passes with the Hoover erased the stain.

If you're going to buy a carpet cleaner, buy this one.
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on September 7, 2009
I had a Bissell ProHeat for the last 7 years, and it had been repaired a few times, but finally gave out. I was generally satisfied with it until it recently started to perform poorly. Features that I really liked were the convenience of one tank, the ability to "dial-in" the soap, easy to use tools, and the ability to apply soap and then rinse on the same tank for small jobs.

After reading several reviews, I thought it might be time to switch to Hoover. One negative about the Bissell is that it always left carpets fairly wet. We would always do big cleaning jobs in the spring or fall when the house was open so that we could air out the house overnight as the carpets dried. Another negative is that you had to clean using multiple passes from different angles. This was especially noticeable when going after a stain. You would have to clean north-south, then east-west, and sometimes south-north and west-east in order to completely get the stain out.

I am happy to report that the Hoover is much better than the Bissell in these two areas. The carpets are MUCH drier with the Hoover, only taking a couple of hours to completely dry out. Also, the spin brushes seem to clean all sides of the carpet fibers regardless of the direction you are push/pulling the cleaner. I think the Hoover does a better job of pulling dirt out of the carpet, but a worse job of pulling pet hair up. I don't have a scientific measure of either of these, but the Bissell would always leave chunks of dog fur after cleaning (which you could easily pick up with your hands). The Hoover does not make those chunks, and it did not seem that there was a bunch of hair in the dirty water, so I am assuming that the hair remains in the carpet. Perhaps Consumer Reports will do a more scientific study and prove me wrong.

This model has the ability to wash/rinse the carpet on the same tank, but it does not allow you to "dial-in" the soap concentration. This is probably a good thing, as we used a lot less soap with the Hoover than we did with our Bissell. One inconvenience is the two tanks. It requires more time/effort to change two tanks on the Hoover. At the end of the day, though, the Hoover dirty water tank is much easier to clean than the Bissell tank/bladder system. Both systems seem to hold about the same amount of water; a previous reviewer was misguided with their comment about the seperate tanks holding more water on the Hoover. The difference is that the Bissell has one tank that is always full, with a bladder seperating the clean and dirty water. The Hoover has two tanks, but the total fill capacity is about the same as the Bissell.

The attachments are not as easy to use on the Hoover as my old Bissell. Not a huge problem, as we usually don't use the attachments and the Hoover is not cumbersome to set up, but there is a difference. I cannot speak about the durability of the Hoover, as I have not owned it very long. The durability of the Bissell was fairly good. It cleaned up after two babies and two inside dogs for about 5 years before I had significant problems, and it limped along for another couple of years after that. If the Hoover can match that durability, then I will be more than satisfied.

In summary, I would like to list the strong points for each of my two carpet Cleaners:
One tank easy to dump/fill
"Dial-in" soap concentration
Easy to use attachments
Modest increase in water temperature
Better pet hair removal

Significantly drier carpets
Better overall cleaning
"Single-pass" cleaning
Easy-to-clean tanks
Lower soap consumption
Durable? (unknown due to short time of ownership).

Common to both machines:
Soap/rinse on same tank
Easy/quick to set up
Compact (Compared to commercial-type cleaners)
Cheaper than carpet cleaning services
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on March 9, 2009
I'd like to share my experience of using the "steamvac" model # "F7411-900"
This is my second, improved model which replaced the model # "F5918-900" I had for about five years. Eventually the plastic hose of the previous model's attachment wore out at the bend. I was about ready to go with the costly replacement for the whole hose subassembly, because there was no way to replace just a broken part itself, when the electric motor burned out. Although I thought that five years for a non-professional water vacuum is too short a lifespan, I needed a water vacuum, so I went shopping.

In a local store I saw the new model # "F7411-900" offering better and improved features, so I purchased it. As of today I have had this model for six months, but I am already highly dissatisfied with the design, manufacturing, and quality of the vacuum.
First of all, just a few days ago, two plastic bosses were broken from the `dirty' tank. These plastic pins hold the handle and secure the recovery tank lid. Now, that whole container is useless and requires replacement. I am an engineer myself, and I'm absolutely sure that the problem is due to bad design and manufacturing defects in the molded part. After hundreds of times closing and opening the handle, the stress accumulates in those small plastic pins, eventually breaking them. Other things which I have become frustrated with in this model are:

1. When hose is attached and used, the dirty water drips back to the carpet through the main inlet nozzle. The position for the hose attachment seems poorly placed. Every time I use attachment, I have to clean the residual dirty stains on the carpet caused by leakage.
2. The hose attachment has very tiny little plastic hooks for attachment to the hole. These eventually can and will break from simple use. I have yet to find separate replacement parts for these, so I assume that the whole attachment must again be replaced.
3. We have some pets, but even if we dry vacuum carpet before using the water vacuum, the main inlet accumulates hair and other litter from the carpet. The fur particularly accumulated into inlet nozzle slot, and there is no way to remove them without using a specially made wire hook to slide into the very thin slot space in order to remove it. Why is there no hatch for this purpose? The issue had to have come up during testing, or did manufacturer assume that the vacuum would only be used on absolutely clean carpet?
4. The black rubber seal gasket in the rectangular hole on which the dirty container sits has come apart and lost its continuous shape, so there is now a gap in the sealing material, causing decreased suction. Again, this can only be caused by the manufacturing or design flaws, because the part does not see enough wear to warrant such quick deterioration. Even if I find a replacement seal for purchase, how long can I expect it to last given the history?
5. The upper tank has two compartments: one for water and one for the cleaning solution. Once I put the solution in the compartment, it looses a few drops of solution every time I install the clean container in place on the valve. Overall, it looses a lot of cleaning solution and makes a mess.
6. The plastic tool caddy that is supposed to hold the hose and hose attachments on the back of the vacuum is absolutely useless. Not only does it not hold any parts reliably, but it also comes off by itself from the simple motions of vacuuming.

I truly believe that this model should be taken off of the shelves and redesigned because of its many manufacturing and design flaws.
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on September 21, 2008
I saw the product at a retailer, then saw it priced less on Amazon (plus no tax or shipping), so I said what the heck, try it. I have a medium-tan carpet and two dogs and two cats. The cleaner was easy to assemble. All you need is a phillips screw driver. I'm not to swift at using carpet cleaners, but once I got the hang of it, it was easy to use and it REALLY WORKED!

One of the attractive features is the large waste tank. It allows you to cover allot of area before stopping to empty it. Also, the vacuum really sucks up the water/cleaner solution in the carpet, the carpet dried really fast. I wouldn't hesitate using it the same day if I were hosting a family get together. I highly recommend this SteamVac.
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on April 18, 2009
I love, love, LOVE my new Hoover Carpet Cleaner! The suction on this baby is fabulous and I pulled dirt out of my carpets that I never knew was there! I had no problems with leaking as long as I made sure all the resevoirs were snapped into place.

1. It comes with a mini bottle of detergent and it was PLENTY to clean 1/3 of my apartment.
2. This machine is great at conserving detergent so you won't have to blow through solution.
3. The resevoirs are pretty large and extremely easy to disconnect from the machine to empty or refill.
4. The brushes snap off for easy upkeep and cleaning.
5. The handheld tool was fabulous for cleaning my large sofa! I ended up pulling a tank of brown water out of faux suede couch!
6. High traffic areas look brand new and my carpet is fluffy again!
7. This machine is great at removing OLD stains that I thought were going to be permanent.

1. The only thing that I can think of is that the detergent and water are kept separate...sooooo...if you put super hot water in your machine, the detergent is going to cool it down by the time you apply it to the carpet. However, the temperature did not seem to affect the ability of the machine to deep clean.

I am extremely happy with this purchase and I am already recommending it to friends!

P.S. The Hoover ULTRA detergent is a fabulous detergent to go with. I used it on my carpets and then bought extra for my RED couch. It didn't remove any of the dye from my couch, but it sure removed the dirt and sediment!
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on April 12, 2014
We bought this for the house, with two dogs and a cat. At first, I was very impressed with the cleaning ability. I would say that you might be ok with occasional use (a few times a year). If your animals get sick and you need to use it more regularly for a little bit, prepare to be disappointed.

After the first few months, one of the tabs that holds the dirty water tank broke. Not a big deal, as it doesn't appear to impact how it works.

The connections between the clean water tank/shampoo and the nozzles have leaked since day one. Not enough (at first) to worry about it. It was initially enough to where I thought that was 'normal' due to the connection types. There was always water/soap leaking under the unit after I turned it off.

There were a few occurrences where the machine didn't dispense any water/solution to clean. It took almost five minutes of going back and forth before it eventually worked.

For some reason, everytime I filled the clean water, there appears to be shampoo in the tank and it foams up. I have NEVER put shampoo in the clean water side of the tank. There must be some internal mixing/backwash that gets back into the tank.

If you are cleaning a large job, and need to empty the dirty water tank, expect the water to drip all over as you move the tank. There are two 'external' places that it will come from as you remove the tank. Two channels in the front, and a mesh piece in a corner.

An inch-long plastic square rod (for lack of a better term) is all that rotates ALL of the bushes. One piece. It sheared off after a little over a year. Hoover wants $35 for the replacement part, since I am 3 months out of warranty I understand the concept of time-limited warranties. This machine cost almost $200 when I bought it, and about $0.05 of plastic was its undoing.

Overall, the plastic does not seem very durable for this machine. We took very good care of this machine, and it did not return the favor.

It was purchased in 1/2013, and died in April of 2014. For almost $200, that is not acceptable. As soon as it is feasible, we will be replacing this unit with a Bissell.
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on September 14, 2008
This carpet cleaner is amazing!!! We have owned several cleaners in the past. Most recently a Bissel - after the second trip to get the Bissel it fixed and then to only have it braking again, we finally gave up. And I started renting a rug doctor to clean our carpets at least 2 times a year. We have three pets and then my husband and myself, and we live in the desert with all the dust and mud that tracks in from outside - and honestly we are not messy people. I am kind of a freak when it comes to our carpets and keeping them clean. 3 months ago I rented a rug doctor and cleaned all of our carpets, and within the couple of weeks it was starting to feel like I had never cleaned the carpets. I decided to try to get another cleaner.

I found this Hoover on Amazon and read the fantastic reviews, so I decided to give it a try. I tried to find it in a local story but had no luck. I ordered it last weekend on Amazon and it was here before this weekend started - quick shipping. I cleaned all of our carpets yesterday and they look fantastic! My husband said (several times) that it looks better than when I rented the rug doctor and better than when we had the Bissel. BRAVO Hoover - you have made an awesome product! The cleaner is very easy to push around - almost like a vacuum. The attachment was simple to use to clean in those hard to get to spots. And the whole thing was very simple and quick to rinse after I was done. I am very impressed with the whole thing.

This produce it truly an A+ for me.
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