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on August 2, 2012
I want to love this product, really I do. I bought it from my Amazon prime and it showed up the next day (I seriously LOVE ordering from Amazon!!). I came home and was super excited to start cleaning my carpets! (I know, I'm a little crazy.) Anyway, I cleaned my oldest daughter's room and it worked great! Great cleaning, scrubbing and suction! After just a few minutes the carpet was cleaner looking and almost dry to the touch! I still had some cleaning solution in the tank and still had some room in the dirty tank, so I moved on to my youngest daughter's room. After just a couple mins I saw the dirty recpitcal shut off indicator that it was full. Per the instructions, I followed the process to dump the dirty water and then start over. After I emptied the tank, it never sucked up. For the next 3 hours I tried trouble-shooting with the stupid thing to figure it out. I thought I had the problem about 5 different times (I tried to unclog the suction thing, at one point I noticed the shut off bobble thing didn't reset so I reset it, I tried switching the solution and water mix in the clean tank, I tried all the different cleaning power speeds, and I'm sure I'm forgeting some), but none of them worked. Now the machine will only dispense water/solution mix and not suck any liquid up. It makes noise and sounds the same as it did before, but you can see from the front that it's not sucking up any liquid and the dirty tank is bone dry. It's been 3 days now and some of my carpets are STILL wet! I haven't had time to call support, but I'm dreading it based on the previous reviewers' comments about it.

I will also echo everyone elses' comments about the "plastic-y-ness" (is that a word?) I didn't really know what everyone meant by that until I got it, since most other appliances like that are plastic also. Yeah this one is pretty flimsy feeling, but I don't think that has anything to do with my current issue.

If anyone else experienced this problem, please let me know what you did to fix it! I really want this to work since it did great on the one small area I started with.
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on July 7, 2012
After my Bissell Spotbot brokedown (after A LOT of use, so it nothing negative to say about it), I wanted to upgrade to a full upright cleaner. I typically of the mind that you get what you pay for so price is usually not an issue. So the question with this model was, "Will I get all the functionality I want without paying twice as much on higher end models?" I mulled getting the Bissell Lift-Off instead for $100 more. In the end, I think I made the right choice in this Hoover SteamVac and saved my wallet too.

The quick start guide was very useful and made it easy. The handle and the bottom of the machine are separated behind the clean water tank. So you put the handle on top of the base, push two long bolts through from front to back, and then comes the tricky part. don't push the bolts all the way through because you still have to attach the tool holder onto the back using the end of those bolts and a couple nuts. Do this: take a nut an put it into the nut-shaped hole in the tool holder. Line up the holes on the tool holder with the end of the screws. Hold the nut in place with your finger on your left hand and then screw the bolt into the nut (using a phillips head driver) with your right hand. Otherwise, the bolt just pushes the nut out when you try to screw it in. The bolt will eventually grab the nut, pull it back in as your screw, and tighten to the machine. OK, that sounds like a lot, but its really easy. all you have to do after that is screw on the bottom tool holder and wrap the tube and power cord around the back.

Follow the instructions all the way through before use. The important one is to squeeze the trigger on the handle to put a rod in place. If the rod isn't in place, then it apparently dumps water everywhere (per other reviews). Mine did not "snap" as other people described, but it worked anyway. So I assume Hoover made a modification to remove the "snap" from this step (I can see how a "snap" sound could make people think its broken).

-The clean water tank is easy to use it right. The tank has a fill line, and the cap also doubles as a measuring cup. Its easy to pull out and snap back into place. One full tank was able to clean an area about the size of a normal bedroom. I'd say about 300 sq.ft.
-The dirty water tank is easy to clean since the top comes all the way off. It is easy to get in and out of place, although, you have you put the upright in a lay-down position to get it from and into its spot on the machine since the top tank blocks you from pulling it straight up. Its just a little cumbersome, but I am being picky here.

To use it, you just squeeze the trigger, and push forward and back to put down the cleaning solution, then let go of the trigger and go back over your line to dry. A great feature here is that the vacuum is always on, so basically, you can go back and forth over an area multiple time to get it super dry. In my experience, once was enough though. So it doesn't get the carpets super wet and it uses the heat from the machine to add drying power. I also used hot tap water as instructed. I was able to clean and put all the furniture back into place less than an hour later. If Hoover's "Max Extract" feature on its more expensive model does any better, then I'm not sure I see the point. I mean, less then an hour is good enough I would think. So keep your money.

The "Clean Surge" feature is nice. You get to pour on the solution in those areas that aren't looking so good. I definitely used it and it did the job. Its easy to use, you just squeeze the other trigger with your thumb along with the main trigger.

One thing I also liked was a clear window on the front that lets you see that the brushes are spinning. Otherwise, you really wouldn't know what's going on down there.

A great feature of this device was the ability to snap off the brushes from the bottom. You just squeeze the tabs and it comes right off. Then you're free to wash them off in the sink. Super nice! I also wiped down the bottom with a paper towel. The dirty water gets sucked up through the front, so I wanted to get the clear plastic piece off the front. That was easy too. Just one phillips head screw on the top and two on the bottom on either side of where the brushes are. I was able to unscrew it, wash off the plastic front, take the rubber lining out and wash it off as well, then replace everything with ease.

So overall this vacuum mixes ease of use, has all the features you need, and saves you money when compared to higher end models. It was the right move to buy this and not get excited about its more expensive competitors. For spot jobs, I'll use the hose which attaches to the dirty water tank on the front. I haven't used it yet, but that feature made the Bissell Lift-Off not worth the extra money.
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on July 28, 2012

I am involved in dog rescue. My house is mostly carpeted and all dogs are indoor dogs with access to the outside. While most of them are housetrained there is an occasional accident, and they also track in tons of dirt. My house is kept very clean, and my favorite tool is the Carpet Steamer. I have always purchased Bissell steam cleaners (I have had 3), and although they are good machines I started reading reviews on the Hoover. It seemed as though the major complaint I had about my Bissell's was the same complaint everyone else had. Not much suction. Whenever I cleaned the carpet it always felt like half the water that was expelled into the carpet, stayed in the carpet. This feeling was further backed up by the small amount of water that was collected by the dirty water reservoir. Not only was the feeling of wet carpet awful, but the carpet took hours to dry.

I got my new Hoover last week, and went right to work. The machine was simple to assemble and operate, and even lighter to handle than my Bissell's (which is great news for my arms). The suction on this machine is amazing, I would say 95% of the water expelled onto the carpet for cleaning is then sucked up into the dirty water reservoir. Also, the carpet was dry within an hour, yeah! Oh, and the Premium Pet Formula Detergent that came with the machine is the cleanest smelling steam cleaning detergent I have ever used. I do have one minor complaint though, the electrical cord is way too short. I have to keep unplugging the machine to move it to another outlet in order to do most rooms. However, if you give me a choice between the suction power and the cord length I will gladly take the suction power.

Get a Hoover (especially this model), you won't be sorry.
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on December 25, 2011
I purchased this item to be able to clean my own carpet hopefully saving some $ in my family budget. So I read all the reviews (good and bad) and finally decided on this model. When I opened the box I was not impressed - it's all plastic which worries me for it's longevity. But I brought it out, quickly assembled (with instructions) and filled it up. I attacked my most terrible carpet - the cream colored front room one - I have a large black lab that loves to lay on it which leave large dark rubbed in dirt patches. My daughter and I took shifts on the carpet - we went over it twice with the solution and once with just water. Well I am impressed. The dark lines next to the couch where the dog lays are just a memory. Bingo. Love it! If you are wondering about the 4 star rating - well I am still concerned about the plastic-ness of the unit and it's long term use. But it was extremely easy to use - fairly light weight for such a large unit and did exactly what I needed it to do. Now I can do it more often. Would I buy it again or suggest it to others - Yes, most definitely.
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on June 1, 2012
Purchased this based on the mostly good reviews. Needed one because our other steamer, which is a Bissell worked fine when we used it the 1st time, but we didn't use it again for years because we didn't need to & when I went to use it the very next time, which would have been the 3rd time using it, only the hand held part worked. The reg vac part did not suction. Figured it would cost too much to fix (we live in Washington state, which seems to cost 1.5 to 2x as much for services as anywhere else) so we bought a new one.

My husband was easily able to put this Hoover together. I recommend spot soaking any deep or older stains before using to get the best results. I kept getting frustrated because it kept turning the suction part off pretty quick but my husband pointed out the yellow bob-y thing, that when it pops up it sets off the auto suction shut off even if it's not all that full yet. If there's a decent amount of dirty water & you push or pull the vac too vigorously or bump it so it sloshes, it will push the yellow thing up & shut suction off. So I moved it slowly and carefully & if I bumped something & it stopped suctioning, I just turned the power off & back on to get it going again until such time the container needed to be emptied. I got the hang of that part pretty quick & it went smoothly from there on out.

It was very easy for me to change the dirty & clean water containers out. If anything is not on properly the machine won't work, but it's easy to get the lids back on & the containers where they need to be without a problem. I did a fairly large area in sections, so it took me quite awhile & I had to stop & empty the bins fairly often, but as it was easy & I wasn't too far from the kitchen, I was okay with that. I ran over each area with a regular vac 1st to remove any large items, dust & hair (we have 2 dogs & 5 cats, so that's important). I went over a section using hot water & cleaning solution 1st, suctioned it all up & then went over the same area gain using only hot water so as to remove as much of the cleaning solution/soap as possible. But now I'm scared because after many passes the water is still coming up dirty ---eeeek!!--what state are my carpets in when going over it really well twice is not enough? I was exhausted after doing that entire large area, which was still only 1/2 the family room. We had to move all the furniture to one side of the room to do it. I'm supposed to keep doing it til the water comes up clean. Well I just have to do it more often til I get the carpets to the point where it will come up clean at some point.

Even made of plastic, the vac has heft to it. On the right side of the vac, the plastic seams appear to line up fairly well, but the left side has a bit of a bulge & I notice sometimes water comes out of it when I'm cleaning, esp if I use the surge function. But it doesn't when I'm only suctioning water up so anything that leaks out that side will get suctioned up anyway, so not a big deal. My only concern/paranoia is that things are just not as well made as they used to be and that it won't last for the years I think it should considering the price and amount of times you actually use it. Only time will tell. Only used it twice so far. Have been very good about making sure it gets cleaned out after I use it so it doesn't get clogged up. I hope I know all the places I need to get to in order to clean it as well as possible.

Overall I recommend it & as long as you are careful using it, clean it & follow the instructions, it does what it should be doing.
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on December 19, 2011
WOW! I had a Bissell that I had paid $200 for that didn't last. I just used the Hoover SteamVac Pet cleaner for the first time and LOVE IT!!! I can't speak to the assembly since my wonderful husband put it together for me when I wasn't home. He didn't complain, so it couldn't have been too bad.

We have two cats and a dog who are in a constant "territory" war. There was a large section of our living room carpet that was covered by dog and cat pee and it reaked! We had the carpet professionally cleaned but the smell was still there. I over zealously mixed way too much oxiclean with way too little water and poured in onto the carpet only to leave these big white marks - oxiclean residue....so today, I just put hot water in the steam vac (no cleaning solution) and went over the area and it came out beautiful...what I love:

1. the vac cleaned up everything
2. it sucked up ALL of the water - the carpet is practically dry when I was finished
3. the machine is very sturdy and solid - reminds me of one of the machines you can rent. Others may not like the weight, but it makes me believe it is of a better quality
4. IT IS SO EASY TO CLEAN!!! I've had other steam cleaners that only have a hole where you pour the dirty water out of, leaving all sorts of dirt in the container that you can't wash out. This one, the whole lid comes off and you can clean it completely.

This is my new favorite cleaning tool. I only gave it a 4 because I only used it once. I can't wait to clean all of the area rugs in the house and on some of our furniture. I'll update my rating to a 5 if it is warranted after all my use.

Lastly, I read all of the comments and compared many machines before I bought this one. This seems to be the best value for your money.

Hope this helps! God bless!
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on May 3, 2011
Ok - here's the scenario....
When I purchased this I lived in a house that was VERY old (almost 100 years old) - the carpets were 30+ years old a dark green burber (which sounds bad, but actually isn't). I also lived with two roommates that were less than clean and each had dogs (along with my 3 mini rat terrier and 1 min pin) so we had 6 dogs that were indoor and outdoor (and two cats) and the house was on a ranch with horses. I was the only person to leave my barn boots outside (what a concept!) while my roommates (and dogs) tracked mud, arena sand, grass, rocks, hay, grain and whatever else stuck to their feet and clothes. I vaccumed daily, but needed something more (a power washer??). I did a little research and purchased the Hoover SteamVac SpinScrub Pet vaccum.
This thing is AMAZING!!!! It cleans fantastic, it is easy to use, not loud, not heavy - I am VERY happy that I spent the money on this. My carpets looked brand new!
My only complaint is that these things dont come with a lot of cleaner (of course you need to buy extra all the time) so I user Lemon Simple Green in the cleaning water and it works fabulous!!!! Probably voids the warranty or something but it cleans like a DREAM!!!
Well worth the MONEY!!!!
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on December 13, 2013
More often than not, the two neurons in the brain of my beloved 12 yo female cat convince her our living room carpet is the ideal place to void her bladder. Pet owners challenged with maintaining the health and longevity of standard pile carpet against a "leaky" animal will appreciate the technology behind the Hoover SteamVac. It cleans consistently, and with even, slow wet scrub applications and slow, repeated dry, suction passes we found the old, embedded, dried-in-the-pile urine proteins were lifted. This was true with both the Premium Pet detergent and the Platinum Pet Plus detergent (both made by Hoover). I did the homework on this model and the Bissell line, and picked this one over the Bissell products because of B's consistently lower ratings, not only on Amazon, but also on Consumer Reports.. This product came out of the box fairly easy to assemble and understand. It's great there are separate detergent and waste water containers. The most effective cleaning comes with slow (30 sec) wet scrub strokes about 24 inches long going forward and reverse, with same, repeated strokes for suction/drying. Not perfect points: 1) Missing on the measuring cup for the detergent is the indicator for FILL LINE; it is the higher line of the two. 2) It's a little tricky to get the snap lid on snugly for the waste water container, but this merely requires practice. 3) The convertor end of the hose does not snap neatly onto the tab of the tool holder (its designated storage spot), at least not in any way we can figure out. 4) we can confirm there is some passive leaking, as reported by others, when the machine is stationary or shut off (we just put a rubber mat near the work area on which we set the unit). Overall a good addition to a home supporting pets not ready to make it out the door or to the litter box!
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on December 29, 2013
I'm super picky about carpets, we moved into the new house and i knew i need a steam cleaner, to keep it clean, i wont walk without socks on a carpet or would never sit on one. ( i am european and we learn carpets are full with germs,bacterias and you just can't get them clean like tiles....) Anyway, i decided for this one and thought i get a "cheap" one now and a better one later, but i needed the previous' owners germs gone now, before i move in ( the carpet looked kind of "clean" though). And this machine has been used for the first 2 months practically 1-2times a week for hours .it works so perfect. they had a professional carpet cleaner person come, the stains came back up and the smell was back after 2 days. After one time with the steamVac it looked double as good as with their professional machines. i started feeling comfortable with my son sitting and playing on the carpet after 2 weeks (2 cleanings) and i did not see the need to trade this one for an expensive better one. I like, just i wished that the water would stay hot ( which i thought it did before i got it) that is the only thing that could be made better in my eyes! and not worth taking the 5th star away for me. i just have the water as hot as it gets out of the faucet, and get going, i got really fast with 3 bedrooms and a hall way, so the water is still warm by the time the tank is empty. Love this product and recommended it quite a few times, my friends always borrow mine too, and some have bought the same after trying mine out!
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on May 17, 2015
Purchased 3 years ago and I just finished cleaning our rugs this weekend. It has been going strong with little maintenance.

The cover for the wand port broke. The wand is clunky, I don't think it works well, and I barely used it.

I am still impressed how well this has held up and continues to work very well.
Now at the point of needing new brushes to replace the matted worn bristles. Lasted longer than expected.

A few tips - you need to clean after each use, if not the smell will ruin it. Let the collection tank dry before you put it away. Really vacuum well before you start to scrub, it's tough to clean out any gunk that gets sucked up.
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