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Hope Floats Blu-ray
Format: Blu-ray|Change
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on September 11, 2015
Hope Floats is vintage movie whose story never goes out of date because there broken marriages everywhere you look. Sandra Bullock as Birdie Pruitt, the discarded wife, and Harry Connick Jr. as Justin give a heartfelt performance as two people struggling to find their way. Birdie and her daughter, Bernice, played by Mae Whitman (outstanding for a child), have to move back home to mom's house. Gena Rowlands once again gives an outstanding interpretation of Bullock's mother. Rowland is one of our unsung actresses and doesn't get the accolades she so deserves.

Birdie has had all the luxuries a woman could want in her marriage to Bill (Michael Pare') and is in for a rude awakening when she realizes that the marriage is over between her and the rat. She has huge struggles coming to terms with the situation but the real star of the show is Bernice. Of course, a child cannot begin to come to terms with the fact that her father could possible not want her anymore and blames her mother for her daddy turning his back on her.

This movie is full of humor, soft romance, heartache and realizing life is not all sunshine and roses. Forest Whitaker did an excellent undertaking of directing this movie and the cast was beautifully chosen, with a chemistry between each character. Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks both sing the Billy Joel song To Make You Feel My Love, spot on for this movie.
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on October 25, 2010
Sandra Bullock does a wonderful job as Birdee Pruitt, a woman who has the rug pulled out from under what she thinks is her idyllic existence as a homemaker on national television when her so-called best friend, luring Birdee on a Ricki Lake-type show for what she believes is a free makeover, announces she has been having an affair with Birdee's husband, Bill. An affair he has precious little remorse about.

Humiliated and reeling, Birdee takes their daughter, Bernice, from the home she and Bill shared in Chicago and goes back home to Smithville, Texas, where Birdee sheepishly reminds her daughter she was "Queen of Corn" for three years straight. In Texas, where she was once a big fish in a small pond, Birdee hopes to lick her wounds. Once home, she reacquaints herself with her mother, Ramona, a somewhat offbeat woman played with zest by Gena Rowlands. (A classic line from her when she asks Birdee why she was on TV and Birdee answers, "I just wanted a free makeover" and Ramona responds, "Well you got one!" was superbly delivered.) She also reconnects with her nephew, Travis, being raised by his grandmother while Birdee's sister tries to make it as an actress in California. Travis acts out his abandonment issues in an odd fashion, in costumes and as various characters, which Ramona handles with equanimity, likely since she is a bit off center herself.

In the midst of Birdee's humiliation and misery comes some matchmaking by her mother when old friend - and someone who crushed on Birdee from afar when in school - Justin Matisse drops by. Justin, played by Harry Connick, Jr, is a salt-of-the-earth type architect/construction worker. He clearly still has deep-seeded feelings for Birdee, feelings she is ill equipped to handle. Bernice does not handle the entrance of Justin into their lives well, secretly hoping for her parents to reconcile.

What follows is a languid, slow-paced tale of Birdee wallowing in pity until Ramona sets her straight. When trying to find a job with almost no skills, some former classmates Birdee looked down upon waste no time in slyly rubbing her nose in it. Bullock plays a chagrined Birdee to perfection, making you feel for her and hoping she can get herself together. Along the way, a flirtation with Justin slowly turns into more, despite Birdee's continued antipathy about her marriage. Connick holds his own with Bullock, and I thought they had remarkable chemistry. One of the best scenes in the film is when Justin and Birdee dance. Connick and Bullock apparently trained with Patsy Swayze, and likely did her proud. They clearly looked like they were having a blast. The subsequent scene at the house Justin brings Birdee to, one he is building, is very romantic and gentle. Those adjectives sum up the relationship quite well.

Of course, no would-be romance would be complete without conflict, and, as mentioned, Bernice's resistance provides plenty. Mae Whitman as Bernice was compelling. She played a child of divorce achingly well, and even when acting out, you could see the hurt underneath it. The scene between her and Michael Paré was gut wrenching when Bill would not take his daughter home with him. Alas, the only flaw seems to be that Bill is shallowly characterized, the heartless guy who has no qualms about abandoning his family. But since it does happen, I can't be too harsh here.

Add in other issues, such as Birdee's father battling the heartbreak of Alzheimer's disease and Ramona's eventual fate (I won't spoil it), and I admit, it is not always a "light" movie. But the romance keeps it from being too maudlin, and the family dynamic is as real as it gets. This is not to say there is no fun. See the aforementioned well as a sweet scene as three generations of women - Ramona, Birdee, and Bernice have a little fun with "I Can't Get Next To You."

Forest Whitaker does a credible job as director here. Overall, this movie seems to be about a woman's journey from long-time appendage to finding her own way, and it was handled deftly. Indeed, to be honest, it was about...hope. Hope for a new future, hope for a new life, and hope for new love with the one who always loved her.

The romantic in me really, truly loved it for those reasons. If you like the theme of "second chances" and romance with "the one who almost got away", I cannot recommend this movie enough. I think it is honestly among Sandra Bullock's best movies and deserved *much* more success and respect than it received!
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on August 5, 2015
This is the greatest love story. Truth about emotions and life itself is threaded all through. I think it would be suited for children over 8, but that's my humble opinion. There is no sex, closest word to profane is "shucks". The main thread is to love while you can. While you can. It will make most of you cry. Harry Connick is so authentic, even in off hand gestures and his portrayal of awkward approach scenarios he will just make you feel good.
What can be said for Sandra Bullock. Her acting skills from shunned and betrayed Supergirl housewife to the adjusted and tender hearted mom is just what you need. I really don't see how anybody but a cold blooded scoundrel wouldn't be totally Blessed by this movie. Check out who the producers and writers are, all people with HEART.
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on October 22, 2012
Call me romantic, but I just love this movie! It is one of my all time favorites! The family dynamics are pretty accurately portrayed in a way that you know happens in real life every day. The cheating husband, the devastated wife, her eccentric, but down-to-earth mom. When all is said and done, the child is the one who suffers the most. Of course, there is the "good guy" played by Harry Connick, Jr. who steps up and makes her realize that true love does exist if you keep hoping and open your heart. Kinda sappy, I know. It helps a lot that several of my faves (Sandra Bullock, Gena Rowlands and Harry Connick, Jr.) made up the cast. If you love a good tear-jerker now and then, don't miss this movie! Oh! And the soundtrack is great too!
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on December 8, 2004
"Hope Floats"--to me--is a "cameo" film worth viewing and having. The story-line is about Birdee (Sandra Bullock) being scammed to appear on a TV sleaze show ostensibly to get a free makeover only to hear her best friend (yeah, sure) disclose that she's been having an affair with her husband for the last year!!!...then--rubbing rock salt in the wound--the husband comes on camera and confirms the shocker.

The next we see of Birdee, she's packing the station wagon with the help of her elementary school daughter Bernice and they're off to Grandma's house in the small town where Birdee grew up in Texas--where they're ALL talking about it having seen (and recorded in some instances) the nationwide TV broadcast. Being the main gossip even before Birdee arrives, she 1] gets her nose rudely rubbed in it, 2] her Mother's heartfelt but sometimes unfeeling advice to "get on with your life", 3] Bernice turns on Birdee with insinuations, then screaming "It's all YOUR fault!" adoring her father (for all the wrong reasons she finds out). But WAIT!!! I hear a White Knight riding to the rescue?

YES!!! the person of Jason Matesse, a highschool friend who's been carrying the torch for Birdee all these years. Portrayed by Harry Connick Jr., he gently helps Birdee confront her self-pity/self-doubt/self-recrimation with smooth straight talk, knowingly (from his own experience?) guiding her back to being the girl he knew and the woman she was prior to the TV fiasco with tender and solicitous attention and the occasional confrontational scene, always being there for her AND letting her know how he feels about her. (Witness the dance hall scene and call me a liar if you can!)

OF COURSE Birdee is distraught, OF COURSE self-deceived Bernice goes bratty in the worst way, OF COURSE some of Birdee's old highschool girl chums can't help but try (jealously) to put "Miss High'n'Mighty" down but that's how things ARE in any social strata when the chips are down--but for the true friends, Birdee's Mother, Jason Matesse, and a few others there for you come thick or thin.

Everything comes clean at the end, with the tenderness, thoughtfulness, understanding, compassion, and basic true values being shown AND recommended to Birdee, almost everyone lives happily ever after. (I'm NOT telling.)

I give Forest Whittaker--the director--Kudos for honing Harry Conniker JR's performance as Jason; the depth, subtlety, and genuiness of his performance comes through LOUD and CLEAR, as do all the supporting roles in this film. It has earned a Place Of Honor in my video collection, and I recommend it to you all: although rated PC13, I'd say General Audience as any intimacy--and there's very little--is all "fade to black" so what's the PC13 all about anyway?

It's well worth your viewing, and/or your purchase!
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on September 14, 2009
Is it possible to go home again and find happiness? Birdie is about to find out. Having been invited on a TV reality show, she has no clue her best friend is about to tell her she's having an affair with her husband...yes, right there in front of thousands of viewers. What a shock!

Birdie leaves her husband, and with her young daughter, Bernice, returns to her southern mother's house to live. Gena Rowlands plays a delightful role as Momma; Harry Connick Jr. as a handsome, love-struck boyfriend; and Sandra Bullock is as great as ever, in her role as the devastated, Birdie. AND the movie has one of the best country music soundtracks I've heard.

My friend recommended this, as one of her favorites. I absolutely loved it!
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on April 10, 2016
I absolutely love this movie. This movie will go down as one of my favorites, even though it makes me cry like a baby!! It reminds Me of what my kids went through with their dads when they were little.

Where is my Harry conrick Jr??? Dying to meet him!

Such a great movie. I'm wearing this movie out
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on April 21, 2016
This is my granddaughters all time favorite movie so I bought her two one for my house and one doe her house. I have to admit I enjoyed it too, but would not say it is my favorite movie but well worth watching and it is a great movie for girls night and a great chick movie! Great price and a good one to own!
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on October 6, 2016
This is a wonderful movie, about a young woman and her only child, adjusting to a new life, and begins to start loving a new man, after being cheated on, by a "taker and selfish man". And finds a new man, which is an old boyfriend, who cherishes her.
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on September 16, 2013
It is more than a feel good movie.

Along with the superb acting by the main adult and child characters, the storyline itself is one that makes you want to watch it again and again. It is a poignant look at the journey out of depression as well as a journey towards healthy self esteem. This is accomplished in a light hearted way that only an outstanding actor like Sandra Bullock could pull off. The movie is also full of messages about self acceptance, self awareness. The main component of the movie is the beautifully acted and directed story telling of the metamorphosis and growth process that this ex-beauty queen, ex-wife, mother, daughter, and woman experiences as she goes through the valleys life unexpectedly throws at her. It is about a woman that chooses to move forward and live her own life as opposed to living a life dictated by others and through others. All this and more is found in this movie without being in the least bit preachy. It is a must see for all Sandra Bullock and Harry Connik, Jr. fans.
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