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on October 31, 2015
Which scene was your favorite?
Favorite scene - simply because it so strongly portrayed the fact that life and love did still exist, even in the world as it was, I loved the scene at the pavilion when Connor approaches Riley privately. I'll say no more.

Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you?
There are so many, from the scene of Riley comforting her daughter in need, to the passion with Connor, to the pure fury at Matt. Riley is a woman of vast emotion, like most of us are. Trish Dawson is a master at showing us Riley's full array of passion.

Any additional comments?
I typically read what I call “big books,” those with 800-1000+ pages, and that run anywhere from 40 to 60 hours on Audible. This novel is much shorter at just shy of 10 hours on Audible. As would be expected, the “big books” involve a lot of detail which lends to setting the stage, environment and atmosphere of the story. In “I Hope You Find Me,” Trish Marie Dawson manages to bring the reader into just as an intense immersion of the story with far less text. From moment one of listening to this book, I was connected to the main character and my attention never wavered from that moment. I was only sorry that due to my own schedule I was not able to listen non-stop. “I Hope You Find Me” is set in the aftermath of a world-wide calamity - - one that could conceivably occur, one that, though not the exact scenario, I have often imagined what I might do if found in a situation such as the one Riley has found herself in. I admire the way the author had Riley do some things that would, in normal circumstances, just make no sense at all - - but, of course, there is no such thing as normal circumstances in Riley’s life now. Any prospective readers - - if you enjoy post-catastropic stories of human survival and behavior, including the pain and the joy, you will not be disappointed in this one. I am looking forward to the next!
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on December 19, 2016
This is One of the best post-apocalyptic novels that I've read for sometime . Well written, with a wonderful female protagonist , with all the foibles and gifts a great heroine could give . Such a plausible storyline , I enjoyed every minute of this read . I have purchased book two, and can't wait to nestle under the covers and read it tonight.
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on January 7, 2015
I really did. Parts of the idea weren't bad, but the actual written story was... Terrible. I had to force myself to finish it. Plot points thrown out and abandoned, massive shifts in the story. Not to mention the nauseating "love and sex" interest in pretty much every male character for the first 2/3 of the story... And then some. I don't think i have ever read a post-apocalyptic story where the few survivors didn't have the slightest interest in what the future would hold or what they should do next. Or dwell and brood on the past, etc. These characters were all yeah, sniffle, i lost a child, ooohh.. Are those real vegetables? Should I wear my sexy skinny jeans tonight?

And don't get me started on the very physical ghost zombies who briefly show up a couple of times because the author thought they were a cool idea but didn't know what to do with them. the main character suddenly turns into a female Rambo at the end, which is blithely explained away by saying, "those few hours of target practice with Fin came in handy..." WTH? What few hours of target practice? We had target practice? Did someone erase portions of my e-book when i wasn't looking? Even the dog suddenly became a modern day Lassie at the end. "Zoey, go get Kris!" And the dog shoots away to rescue the kid. (Even though i mention an example at the end of the story, the author did this all the way through the book, explaining away some action or point by saying something along the lines of "we made some plans the day before..." "We pushed a cart along with stuff we gathered from a store, but I can't tell you what we got or even why we got it. suffice it to say we got stuff, and that should be enough to satisfy you and get us through until we ultimately get to the Lodge Straight Out Of A Magazine when we won't need any of that stuff anymore." "We found the car right where i left it..." We did? What plans? What stuff did we get? we went looking for your car? Where was I when all those things you mentioned happened? Did you consult a Magic 8-Ball when I wasn't looking?). My favorite moment came late in the story, during one of the main character's musing over what all has happened, she casually mentions how after the children died she had stayed in her house for several days after she burned their bodies... She did WHAT? I had to read that part several times to not only make sure I hadn't misread it, but so i could giggle - okay, laugh loudly - again and again. Come on, really?
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on November 12, 2014
I have read a lot of books in my life and most of them are the same: a woman is hurt, finds a man, is able to put her life back together. This novel is refreshing because Riley, the main character, is able to pick herself up and do what must be done. She is sad by what she leaves behind but she doesn't let it consume her and this is refreshing. Having a strong female lead character is unique. When she does happen to find people she still manages to maintain control of herself and surroundings (not, of course, without a few bumps in the road). There are some things that had be a little confused, the characters run into spirits of those who have died but that's the extent of it, there was no real explantation about the spirits. When the spirits were discussed no one really said anything as to why they thought they were there. Overall though, this book was a good read and I would read it again and again. This book is just a reminder that when you think that you are all alone in the world but have the strength to pick yourself up, you may just end up finding comfort...
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I thought this book was supposed to be a survival story from what I read at the beginning. it turned out to be a 10th grade romance Where the heroine Was Beautiful and everybody was in love with Her,
and I just don't do romance .I hope that if I ever have to be in a survival situation I managed to find a luxury hotel where the water electricity in everything runs a main true survival is trying to live off the land let not managing to find luxury hotels and things where everything is it your finger tips like I said Very disappointing .The only good part are exciting part about this book was the truck wreck and the rescue .
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on December 16, 2015
*possible spoilers* 

I have both the kindle book and the audible version, so I read and listened intermittently. That aside, I absolutely loved this book. It had me hooked from the very beginning. Rylie is a strong character, who has held it together and survived the traumatic loss of her entire family. From time to time, her fragility shows through, and you often wonder if she has it in her to go on, living and to a survival center. She leaves a trail of notes, meant for family, but really, for anyone left amongst the living. When she meets Connor (well, when he saves her life), your first thought is, yay another human! But Rylie is still having a hard time dealing with her inner demons, and while desperately lonely, she has a wall up against Connor. Whether it's because she doesn't trust him, or because she's too scared to lose more people she cares for, you'll never know. When her and Connor are all but forced to leave the luxury hotel they been staying in, they set off into the new world and relative unknown.
Upon finding the center, her hopes are deflated when they find one lone survivor. 
And end up bringing along some very unwelcome visitors.
This is an incredible book, the characters are well developed and given personalities all their own. I was so sad to have finished this book, but knowing it's a series, with more to come, I look forward to more of Rylie's story.
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on December 20, 2014
I enjoy the smooth style in which Trish Marie Dawson writes. The story flows evenly, which kept me reading on, waiting to see where the writer would take me next. The characters are strong and believable, even though I felt like the plot wasn't quite as evident as I had other words, I don't really feel that there was either a problem solved or an evil defeated in the story...but then again, it is the first in the series, and her writing is compelling and I fully intend to purchase the rest of the series. I know that there will be many to disagree with me, about the plot, but even in a series there should be a real beginning, middle and end. For me, this was mostly just the beginning, because while the main characters did manage to go from point A (the end of civilization as we know it through the devastating loss of their loved ones and most of humanity) and managed to find other humans and establish a small community, they really didn't grow much as individuals. Again, I feel like this will most likely be addressed in the rest of the series, and the writing is more than average, which for me normally means as the series progresses the characters will grow and their world will become more realistic. I would definitely buy other books by this author!
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on December 15, 2016
This novel was riveting from the start. And things moved along smoothly for a while. Riley meets dashing Conner. I loved their relationship. This novel had a cool supernatural element that almost had me thinking I picked up a zombie novel. A few parts were slow. I wanted Riley and Conner to hurry up and get on with their plans, but then once they did, the novel picked up pace again. The ending totally redeemed the slow points.

This novel is mostly about the romance, with the deadly virus just being a catalyst for Riley to meet Connor. So, exciting climactic event aside, the romantic relationship is left hanging for, I guess, the next novel.

Reader Rated ages 17+ for mildly detailed sensuality. Also contains mild violence, substance use, and profanity.
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on December 10, 2016
In a world devastated, and largely emptied, by a sudden plague, a few survivors struggle to make a new life.

It's a scenario we've seen before, and a popular one, but what sets this book apart is the addition of ghost phenomena, adding a note that, if possible, is even more chilling than the imagery of empty, silent city streets.

Despite the early indications, though, the ghosts are not the main antagonist; they are more or less dropped about halfway through the book when our protagonist and her friends make contact with a group of other survivors, and then the natural conflicts arising between a very diverse group of people, not all of whom share a common aim or even a common morality, take over.

The ghosts seem to disappear at this point, and I found that rather sudden; it would have been, I thought, better to allow them to make the odd appearance in the second half, especially as this is the first book in a series. I felt that there should at least be some explanation given for the complete absence of ghosts in the mountain lodge. Do the ghosts require a certain number before they can manifest? We are left to wonder, and that was a small fault in an otherwise fine book.
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on November 9, 2012
I am an avid reader. I enjoy all genera's of literature from historical biographies to science fiction. I was very pleasantly surprised at the imaginative and fast paced story line in this novel. This new author has an original and compelling voice that speaks well for young women, giving us a heroine that reinforces a vision of what I hope most young women are today. Riley is a strong woman whose moral core remains intact even in the midst of terror and chaos. The writing style is spare but the moments of reflection are jewels that stay in the memory of the reader. In particular the telling of her daughter's death touches one deeply. If there was any criticism of the work it might be that the focus, particularly in the description of various music and artists gets a little to intrusive and age specific for the wider range of readers that I am sure will enjoy this work. The ending with every man pursuing Riley tends to weaken the story line. I wanted more interaction between characters based on their individual stories. This new author's talent is clearly evident in her first novel and I am looking forward to more from this young writer.
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