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on August 2, 2013
I've had this treadmill for about two years now. The first 1.5 years had seen light usage (walking for a couple miles maybe twice a week), but the past 6 months I've put around 500 miles on it jogging at medium speeds (5-7 mph).
It does a fairly good job, there's only a few issues I've noticed:
After the one year mark, it would intermittently stop with "E-1" displayed. I read it could be the speed sensor so I opened up the front case and cleared out any dust/debris, and it's worked fine since.
It sometimes squeaks a bit while running, maybe the dampeners are starting to wear out. But it's not terribly bad.
Overall it's a fairly reliable unit, and worth the price paid.

Update (1/26/2014): I started having problems with the E-1 error again. I opened up the cover and looking on the left-hand side of the unit, it's possible to see where the magnet sensor pickup is. Mine was adjusted very far away from the roller, I'm guessing at the absolute limit of the sensor's ability to "see" the magnet, which is why once in awhile it'd error out. I adjusted the bracket (some screw adjustment, some bracket bending) so the magnet and pickup were much closer, and it's been error free since.
Just wanted to post my fix incase anyone else is having intermittent E-1 troubles with their unit.
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on February 7, 2012
Very nice machine, wow have they made progress over the last ten years. I bought my last mill at Sears in 2002 and this unit was $200 cheaper, quieter and has speakers and a fan. This represents the Moore's law of treadmills!!

I had it shipped free courtesy of prime. That worked well, no damage at all but the delivery persons definitely did not hit the schedule. They were way early which was a hassle since I had to leave work and be at the house when they showed up. It worked fine for me because I am a short commute from work but it would be a bummer for someone who was 45 minutes from home.

Others have dissed the fan. They were right, its about as strong as a laptop fan so if you are an integrated chip you will be happy. If you are a human being this thing will not cool you off. A little gimmicky if you ask me. The speakers are cool though. I can set my Android up on Pandora and listen to the radio via the speakers, they are not JBLs but they work fine. The machine is so quiet you don't need much volume.

Display has all the stuff I need. Frankly these treadmills are beginning to look like the 80s Japanese stereo systems with a million blinking lights and goofy functionality that no one but NASA could possibly use. NASA wouldn't even use them because they don't launch treadmills into outer space. But I digress. This treadmill is simple with well thought out display and functionality.

So as anyone who is anyone in the treadmill world will tell you, what you hear about the mill during the first week of ownership is pretty useless. Its a year or two later after you have sweated all over the thing, walked the equivalent of LA to SF and have spilled three or four red bulls on the deck that the men are separated from the boys. We'll just have to see on the reliability font but my first impression is a very good one.

With regard to assembly. It was pretty easy with one important caveat which was mentioned by other reviewers and which I ignored because I am an incorrigible idiot. When you install the control panel do not, repeat, do not, tighten any of the screws until you have all four screws started. Otherwise you will scandalize the neighborhood (think Ralphie loosing the lug nuts in " A Christmas Story")and then you will sit back sweaty and pissed off and think "gee wiz some of the reviewers on Amazon said not to tighten these screws until they were all started" and then you will try it the "Amazon way" and you will feel,as I did, like an incorrigible idiot.

one week update: I continue to be extremely happy with this unit. Quiet and capable of hauling my (curently) 218 lb body. I walk so can't comment on running. I will say at 3.2 MPH and at all inclines it remains quiet, sturdy and very comfortable.

Couple of nit noys:
The user manual is useless. Must have been written by someone who never uses a treadmill. Prepare to figure out a bunch of things for yourself.
The thing beeps multiple times when you turn it on, when you turn it off, when you increase or decrease speed, when you look at it funny, etc. Enough with the beeping, totally ruins the chi of an otherwise very quiet mill.
As other reviewers have noted, you can not enter your weight so the calorie counter is effectively useless unless you are some nominal weight which, of course, they do not identify. If you knew that weight you could calculate an adjustment table. This is a pretty silly oversight IMO.

Otherwise it is a great mill and I have seen nothing which would change my mind about my purchase.
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on January 1, 2011
I won't bother rehashing what other reviewers have already covered. The bottom line with the T101 is that it's exactly what we expected. We both use treadmills to walk much more than jog and the T101 is perfect for that - especially in this price range.
First - delivery and setup... This bugger is HEAVY although it's less than some of the competing models. The box says a little over 200 lbs but it's awkward to manhandle. The delivery people dropped it in the foyer and said bye-bye. Hint number one: if you get a chance for inside delivery where you're going to set it up - TAKE IT! It's worth a couple of extra bucks. Slip the delivery people $20 to take it up the stairs. The box was in great shape - not dinged, broken or anything. All straps were in place. I opened it up and the instructions (which were inside the box) said don't take anything out until you've got the box where you're going to set it up. Hmmmm - that didn't work and, once the box is opened, it's almost impossible to move because it tries to come apart. OK - so I carried the supports and console upstairs and then got a neighbor to help me horse the rest of it upstairs. No problems but it takes a bit of labor. Once there, it was simple to assemble. The directions are good, the parts clearly marked and the tools necessary for the job are all included. That's a real plus. Took less than 20 minutes to assemble it. It's best if you've got two people on the assembly. It's a little awkward holding things in place and then lining up the bolts.
Next - using it. It's great. Quiet, easy to operate. The speakers are nice and you can get it more than loud enough to hear and sing along (if you must). The controls are intuitive and laid out logically. The two pockets on the console hold your iPod, MP3 player, water, phone, whatever.
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on February 4, 2010
My T101 arrived five days early today via Pilot. The box was in good shape with just one punched-in spot so I said, "Bring 'er in".

Unpacking was pretty straightforward, the manual was clear enough, and assembly was not too bad, especially since I'm still in the "Don't lift more than 10 pounds!" stage. There were pieces of black plastic in the box which, I discovered, came from the motor bottom cover. It looks like I can glue it back together easily enough but I'm going to ask them to send me a new one.

I did slightly elongate the top mounting holes on the right side mast with a file. This may not have been necessary, but it was my initial solution to the deck rubbing on the right arm problem. For the ultimate solution see below.

The console proved impossible to mount at first because the bolts wouldn't thread into the captive nuts on the console frame. It wasn't an alignment problem; the nuts wouldn't thread the bolts even with the console removed from the masts. I ran a tap (8mm x 1.25) through the nuts to clean up the threads and removed a lot of metal/paint/whatever; no wonder the bolts wouldn't thread the first time. I should have done the same with the nuts on the frame but they accepted the bolts reasonably well. Not the best quality control, but for $600 I can do a little work on the thing. If I'd shelled out a few thousand I might have been annoyed.

The treadmill works very well for our purposes: me, so I can train for the test that will let me go back to work, my wife so inclement weather won't slow her down. The T101 is sturdy enough for a 175 pounder and everything worked smoothly and quietly. Adjusting the belt after lubrication was a piece of cake. And it's not that big, compared to some of the treadmills I've used in hotels on layovers, so moving it isn't that hard using furniture moving discs like SuperSliders.

If you're prepared to deal with minor assembly glitches, it's a very nice machine for the price.

My solution to the console/mast alignment problem noted in some of the reviews was to loosen all bolts, push the console to the right for equal clearance on both sides, then tighten the bolts. I tightened the four console bolts first, then the left and right sides. The deck no longer rubs on the right arm when raised.

02/10/10: I emailed Horizon customer service two days ago about the broken lower motor cover. Today I received a response from Horizon requesting my address so they can send a replacement. So far, so good.

02/11/10: Horizon customer service emailed me today to say they've ordered the replacement part and will be shipping it out. Seems like they're very reasonably responsive, contrary to some of the comments I've read here.

02/17/10: Received an email from Horizon customer service with the UPS shipping information for the replacement part, which is scheduled to arrive 02/19/10.

02/19/10: Received the replacement bottom motor cover as promised. Installing it isn't a top priority, so I'll hold off for a little while. I'm happy with the treadmill and Horizon's customer service so I bumped my rating up to five stars.
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on September 16, 2011
I am providing my comments on this product after 2 years. I would have rated this product a 5, but I did face uncomfortable things that made me rate a little low for this Tread Mill.

1. Shipped as listed without a single scratch. I was happy with the speed in which I got it.
2. Works great, no issues for the past 2 years. I have lost 15 pounds so far using this tread mill.
3. Although, lubrication is necessary, I can still run it without lubricating by just resetting the message (hold the stop for a few seconds to reset the message). I ran it for a year without lubricating and didn't notice issues.
4. I have tested the full inclination (10) and a speed of 7 and it worked fine.


1. If you place it directly in the carpet, it does cause black stain in the beginning. I was able vacuum most of it,but the stains happen on my shoes while running as well.
2. You have to lubricate it for every 150 miles that you run. It is tough to lubricate it. There is no indication to get a clear idea of how you did it.
3. Gets too much dusty and a proper maintenance is required for it.
4. Tuning this is tough and you might have to live with the noise it creates if you cant tune it properly.
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on April 11, 2011
Today I received my Horizon T101 treadmill ordered last week. Five stars for Amazon, their shipping speed is always impressive!
The treadmill comes in a huge package, every components are properly cushioned, and are in perfect condition when I opened it.

The assembly is not too hard. Just to tighten a few bolts. It can be done with one person if you do it the right way, but I recommend to have two people doing it.
I did not meet the misaligned screw holes problem mentioned by other people, everything put up easily.

However when I finished assembly and lubricated the deck belt to do a test run, the treadmill stopped 10 seconds after starting, showing a mysterious E1 error.
According to some online discussion, the E1 error means speed sensor malfunction.
I opened up the front cover and find that the motor is installed too left from the proper position, which causes the drive belt to rub with the speed sensor cable.
(I posted a picture showing the problem)
I reinstalled the motor to its correct position and repaired the damaged cable. Now it seems to work properly.
But I just don't understand how this obvious defect passed QA test? I'm buying a brand new treadmill, shouldn't everything just work right out of the box?

I'm giving this product 3 stars because I'm expecting some glitches given the value price. It would be an 1 star if it were a $1500 treadmill.

My suggestion is that it is indeed a good value treadmill. Probably nothing better than it in the $600 price range. However you should not expect perfect quality from the product.
review image
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on April 8, 2011
I did a LOT of research before buying the Horizon T101, and I have not been disappointed. Assembly was easy, operation is pretty intuitive, and I am happy with its sturdy construction and quiet operation. Here are some specific points that I liked or that I feel potential buyers should know:

- Although it is becoming standard for treadmills to be iPod/MP3 compatible, it should be noted that this one is amplified. This means that the volume range can go very loud (if you like it that way), and it uses very little of the device's battery power. I keep my iPod plugged into my treadmill, and it seems to drain battery at the same rate as during regular/non-treadmill use.

- (IMPORTANT) Some reviewers complained that the belt comes factory-tightened, then they make you loosen it to oil underneath. If you keep track of how many turns it took to loosen the belt, getting it back on to the perfect tension is a snap. If you don't keep track, you'll have to use trial and error to find the right setting.

- With one exception, assembly can be completed by one person. Putting the display up requires two so that one can tighten the bolts while the other keeps it in the right spot.

- Assembly may be easy, but make sure to read the directions. When people complain that the treadmill shakes, wobbles or is squeaky, they probably didn't make sure it was level and/or they didn't tighten the bolts properly. Tightening should be done incrementally on the bolts so that they are brought to the same level of tension together. Tightening one bolt all the way before putting in the next one creates uneven stress and may result in the complaints mentioned above.

- The pre-programmed workouts are not as extensive as other models, but they are sufficient for most needs. (You can vary the speed of a workout by using the regular speed-related buttons. It will adjust the rest of the workout to maintain the right proportions.)

- Do make sure that you inspect the package when it is delivered. It is probably normal for the cardboard to be damaged a bit on the corners (this is a very heavy package, after all). However, if it looks like the product inside is damaged, it is better to know right away before you sign the delivery slip and before the driver leaves.
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on June 6, 2011
Wow! So many great things to say about this purchase! First off, it was a great deal through Amazon Warehouse. This was my first purchase from the warehouse, and I will definitely buy again in the future. Secondly, the shipping company, Pilot Freight Services, was friendly, on-time and flexible with my schedule. The treadmill arrived in a box with lots of tape, so I'm unsure if it had been opened before or if this is the normal packaging, but the treadmill seems brand new to me. The package arrived with two tiny scuffs on the front (the box had been scraped off somehow), but I don't know if this was from the shipping service, or the reason why it was being sold through the warehouse. In either case, the scuffs are minimal and will be unseen once I get the desktop built.
Lastly, the treadmill was so easy to assemble! The treadmill is heavy (almost 300 lbs.), and in my case, it was difficult to move into my office given the small space. However, once we had the base situated, it took me (I assembled by myself) less than an hour to get it up and running.
I don't know if this is standard for Horizon, but my treadmill arrived with the base fully assembled (the belt was even lubed), and all I had to do was attach the arms and console.
All I have to do now is build the desktop over the console, and I will be walking away from sitting at my desk 8-10 hours a day! I will upload pics of the final treadmill desk once it's up and running!
UPDATE: 7/1/11: after registering my treadmill at Horizon, I was told that my warranty had been voided because I am using it out of the home. Despite the fact that my treadmill is in my locked office, and I am the only one with access to it, Horizon will not honor it. For those interested in having a warranty, make sure to do your homework regarding the out of home issue. For this reason, I would NOT recommend the Horizon treadmill for anyone interested in assembling an office treadmill desk out of home.
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on November 15, 2012
I purchased this item October 2011, now after 1 year of daily use by 4 people (about 6 miles per day), it is still going strong, just like new! I lubricate the belt once a month and that's it! that's all I have done. I'm super impressed by the build quality of this Treadmill. I paid $580 for it, and I thought if I could get a year out of it, it'd be a lot cheaper than buying Gym membership for 4 people. I was right, and after 1 year it's still going strong, I could definitely see using it for at least another year. This is a great product!

Update: Now is March 2014, this treadmill is still working perfectly.
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on July 14, 2010
Got this a few weeks ago. I used to run a bit about 15 years ago, but haven't done much since and surprisingly, I've gained weight. I finally decided, after alot of research, a treadmill (particularly this one, based on reviews/affordability) was the way to go. I had major fears that I'd make excuses and avoid working out. But after 3 weeks of gradually intensive 30 minute interval workouts as soon as I get up, I've noticed an almost immediate change in the way my clothes fit, as well as increased energy throughout the day. I made the mistake of weighing myself a week after I started, but after ignoring my body for many years, I should have expected to gain some muscle weight, which I did. At this point, I'm very confident that when I weigh myself in a couple of weeks, there will be a noticeable change. Some advice for the lazy: workout immediately in the morning, before you can talk yourself out of it. Morning workouts also keep me feeling great throughout the day. I honestly can't say if this machine is better than others, but it's sturdy, easy to construct, and does what you need it to do. I have had no issues whatsoever with it, and I get a great workout. I've become a believer, and that is the only reason why I'm taking the time to write a review. Great product.
Update: I've lost 50 pounds with the help of this machine: best investment ever.
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