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on October 15, 2016
I first watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog on Netflix. I'm not really sure why I selected it to watch; maybe it's because I love Neil Patrick Harris in his role as Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother...But I watched it, not really knowing what to expect. AND I LOVED IT!!! I swear I watched it every single day for a while...That is, until Netflix took it off. I was so bummed!

For one reason or another, I never bought the actual Blu-ray. I ended up buying the soundtrack on iTunes, which satiated my love for the movie's music. However, the soundtrack only contains the actual songs, of course. While Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is primarily music, I missed the dialog of Dr. Horrible's daily blogs and his banter with Captain Hammer.

So I finally caved in and bought the Blu-ray. And I am so glad I did because this movie is AWESOME! Like I said before, it's primarily a musical. But even people who don't like musicals will LOVE it! My husband isn't too fond of musicals; the only one that he actually likes is Little Shop of Horrors: The Director's Cut + Theatrical (BD) [Blu-ray]. But he LOVED Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog!! And he doesn't mind watching it over and over again because the songs are great and it is hilarious!

The storyline is great, the comedy is witty...I even enjoyed watching the behind the scenes included with this Blu-ray.

You really must buy this and watch it. It is simply amazing! Now I just have to wait impatiently for Joss Whedon to make a sequel!
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on January 28, 2017
What can I say about Dr. Horrible? It's amazing. It's strange and irreverent humor and endearing wit and charm is just...perfect! It's never going to stop being one of my favorites. Here's the plot: we're in a world of super heroes and villains. But discretion is paramount, therefore during the day Dr. Horrible is just...Billy. Billy is in love with Penny. (Felicia Day.) Penny is in love with the idea of saving the world and falls for Captain Hammer (Corporate Tool!) played by the ever so handsome and charming Nathan Fillion. Frozen yogurt and well crafted lyrical puns mixed in with Neil Patrick Harris's adorable and Felicia's wit and Nathan's doesn't get much better than this. Billy convinces Penny over laundry to be friends with him, but every time he tries to make it something more...Captain Hammer stands in the way.
I don't want to spoil the plot, but it's a GREAT show. It was one of the best things to happen in the big Hollywood Writer's Strike. It's a wonderful ride but be warned it just...ends. I'm very conflicted about the ending, but that being said it's one of my NUMBER ONE movies that people MUST see. I hope that someday Joss Whedon (director) will pick these characters back up again. Wonderful movie with a musical format that works, doesn't annoy and is very funny! I cannot say enough good about Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog!
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on January 10, 2015
Out of the 2007-08 Writer's Guild of America strike came this fantastic standalone short musical film. The Whedon brothers (of Buffy fame, amongst other productions) wanted to create something that would not interfere with the strike. Of course, at the time there were several actors who were on hold due to the strike, so they banded together to produce this fun little project.

Without getting into too far into spoiler territory (don't read this paragraph if you want to go in cold), Dr. Horrible, mad scientist extrodinare, is seeking admission to the Evil League of Evil. He communicates with others via his blog, though some of his readers look upon him with disdain. He happens to be in love with Penny, which causes a problem when they run into his arch nemesis, the incredibly self-centered Captain Hammer. Who's the bad guy, again?

This film was funded on Whedon's own dime. Subsequent DVD sales went to pay the cast and crew, who volunteered their time for this project. I hadn't been a fan of Neil Patrick Harris before this--in fact, I don't know if I've seen anything else he's been in besides some Doogie Howser when I was little--but he's fantastic in this, as is the rest of the cast. I can't wait for the sequel!
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I love this. It's a beautiful story of a supervillain, a girl, and a superhero. It has brilliant writing, singing, and acting. I particularly loved the song "Freeze Ray". It's a beautifully twisted look on the usual superhero story with a wonderful sense of humor. It does have a heart-breaking ending, but it's still alot of fun! And the bonus features! I love the making of featurettes, abd the filmmakers commentary. The musical commentary was fun, but a bit strange. And it was sometimes hard to tell what the heck they were it's mostly played for laughs rather than serious information. You'll get alot more info from the making of and the Filmmakers commentary. The ELE application videos were fun, except for the one about The Reverend. That was creepy. I also loved the ELE interviews. All and all a wonderful movie with fun extras! One little tip: be sure to watch the FBI warning. It has an interesting surprise, especially for first time viewers for Doctor Horrible like me.
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on January 12, 2015
Do you like Neil Patrick Harris? Stop lying, yes you do.

In this film, he plays Billy who has an alter ego named Dr. Horrible, a scientist who is trying to take over the world and get into the Evil League of Evil which is run by Dark Horse, the Thoroughbred of Sin. He is constantly thwarted by Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion), a superhero who is more brawn than brain.

Dr. Horrible meets Penny (Felicia Day), a girl whom he likes. He sees her while doing laundry and sings a song about it. It's lovely. He's clearly infatuated with her and falls hard for her. Dr. H gets a letter back from the Evil League of Evil about his admission status. It states he must commit more crimes and maybe a murder or two.

While attempting to commit said crimes, he's interrupted by Captain Hammer who makes Penny swoon over his manliness. Billy must also hide from Penny that his alter ego is terrorizing the people of the city. This continues throughout the movie leading up to the climactic ending. Dr. Horrible with his gadgets and science vs. Captain Hammer with brute strength.

Chances are, if you're reading this, you've already seen the movie and are looking to buy the DVD. Just do it already. It's not very long but it's really funny and the music is amazing. I love the Laundry Day song as well as the Evil League of Evil guys who sing the letters.
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on September 7, 2010
Movie 5.0

I was first introduced to the existence of Dr. Horrible a couple of years ago during the summer of '08 when the writer's strike was still in effect. I was instant messaging with a friend of mine in California when she mentioned something called "Dr. Horrible," and she wouldn't leave me alone because I had no idea what she was talking about. So she found me some streaming links of the show, I watched them, and found them thoroughly amusing. A year later, I finally discovered Joss Whedon's masterpiece in Firefly and its man-child Serenity, developing a new respect that is probably more prevalent in the rampant fandom out there than anything else. And another year after that, in only my second viewing of Dr. Horrible I think I'm starting to see why Joss has so many fans. Dr. Horrible is an oddity, to say the least. Its short running time, low-budget roots, Internet crowd, and yet addicting quirkiness have come to entertain millions of people. But with star power like Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, and Felicia Day, is it any surprise? While only running a mere 42 minutes (the equivalent of a single TV series episode), I find it amazing how so much comedy, drama, and tragedy were crammed in. And to top it all of, it's a musical, but not just any musical, a supervillain musical! Such subtle emotions like love, hope, and a greater calling to do good (or horrible) things is just one of the many characteristics I think any person goes through, be they regular Joe's or aspiring super people. NPH, in all of his natural charisma, plays the role of Dr. Horrible flawlessly. I never watched Doogie Howser growing up, but the "cool guy" image he's had ever since Harold & Kumar has been a joy to watch. Nathan Fillion is essentially an egomaniac superhero that, if you're any familiar with his work in the Firefly universe, makes for some great comedy relief. And finally, Felicia Day plays the cute damsel and love interest of the two with great, uh.. cuteness. Props to her for a beautiful singing voice, too. If you've yet to see this, Dr. Horrible is an over-the-top, silly, and wacky musical satire concoction that's short in length, but certainly a winner.

Video - 4.0

Being a made-for-Internet production and filmed in a total of two weeks, you'd think something low-budget like Dr. Horrible wouldn't translate well to BD. But in fact, it actually looks pretty good. The color scheme doesn't amount itself to much outside of Dr. Horrible's lab coat, Captain Hammer's black t-shirt, and various amounts of street clothes, but image detail is still quite good. Skin textures are relatively tight, and contrast levels give the overall picture a kind of cartoony look. On the flip side, there's also a lot of noise in the darker or more dimly-lit scenes, and a few instances of artifacts/debris pop up every now and then. There's also the issue of contrast getting blown out of proportion during the "special effects" sequences, like when a giant Dr. Horrible is wreaking havoc on the city. But given that the budget was probably half the cost of some sports cars, I think it looks great.

Audio - 4.5

Dr. Horrible is presented with a very excellent DTS-HD 5.1 track that better captures the true essence of the show. Dialogue is clean-cut from the center channel with what few, if any, sound effects coming mainly from the front sound stage. But the real star of the show (the music) is phenomenally delivered and dispersed throughout every speaker. Accompaniment itself actually has a decent amount of separation from the vocals resulting in a fine representation of the show's soundtrack. High and low ends of the music/vocals never waver and almost make you think it should just be an audio BD. Integration of the pre-recorded songs to the video are flawless as well, and the BD as a whole really does justice to the musical numbers. The only downside, really, is the lack of LFEs. There is one point in the show where something blows up making for a quick little rumble, but that's it. Certainly, the music sounds as good as it ever will, though.

Extras - 5.0

Comes with 2 commentaries, making-of, Evil League of Evil application videos, outtakes, and a brief interview with the ELE itself. Probably the funniest and most innovative special I've experienced yet, though, is the musical commentary. Whedon and gang actually went through the trouble of composing and constructing songs and dialogue in a semi-Broadway fashion to fill in pretty much every single second of the feature's run time. Dialogue is high-pitched and fast just like you'd hear on stage, and a lot of the songs are quite entertaining, yet perfectly comprehensible as potential standalone commentaries themselves. It's just as strange, quirky, and fun as the show itself. Also of high entertainment value are the ELE applications. Much of the applicants are very creative considering these are low-budget and fan-made, and I think it's awesome that Whedon was cool enough to actually put them on the disc. The making-of is only about 20 minutes, but provides quite a bit of insight to the composition of the idea, the music, and the casting. Rounding it all out is a painfully short ELE interview, which is funny in its own right, but I would've loved more Fake Thomas Jefferson and Dead (David) Bowie screen time. All in all, the extras are a joy to watch and compliment the feature very well.

Overall - 4.5

In the last couple of years, Joss Whedon has really managed to capture my attention with his brilliant attention to quirkiness. First was Firefly and Serenity, and now now Dr. Horrible. The comedy is subtle, snarky, and genuinely funny all at the same time. With outstanding performances by the main three cast and a very catchy soundtrack, Dr. Horrible became an Internet sensation, and rightfully so. Presented by New Video with adequate video, excellent audio, and all the goofy extras that were on the DVD, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog comes highly recommended an is a must-have for Whedonites.
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So cheesy, but oh so good. You'll be rooting for the bad guy in this movie, there are some real groaner moments in this film. Did you like Little Shop of Horrors? You'll like this one too. Joss Whedon is genius. NPH is great in his role, the man can sing, Nathan Fillion is good toy, sorry guys, but as a girl, I love the tight shirt on Nathan.

This movie is 2 guys fighting for the attention of one girl Penny, the good guys isn't all good and the bad is not all bad. It's funny,and it's cheesy, your teens might like it.

I bought it with out watching first on recommendation from a friend, so glad I bought it.
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on August 24, 2013
Here's something that in no way should work: a musical superhero comedy focused on a villain protagonist's vlog that actually has elements of a tragedy . It's such an eclectic idea that it shouldn't work nearly as well as it does. Yet, Whedon and the cast pull it off beautifully. The humor is great, offering plenty of laugh out loud moments, but the humor never fully distracts from the great characterization brought into it. Our three protagonists blend well together, each representing a stance of morality and the complexities related to it.
The music is worth noting as well. Though the orchestration isn't the best sounding (one must keep in mind that this is a low budget, self funded project), the end result produces some beautiful musical numbers rivaling some fully funded productions.
The Blu-Ray also contains Commentary: The Musical, a meta musical that makes fun of the performers and the production as a whole, and brings a whole new experience to the film itself.
Overall, this film is great. It's weird, it's odd, but the end result is something that's so great that it leaves you wanting more.
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on September 23, 2010
Every once in awhile, you get to watch something fresh, inventive, and entertaining. "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" is a 42 minute musical about a budding evil villain who is aspiring to join the Evil League of Evil, defeat his nemesis, and get the girl. Neil Patrick Harris (currently starring in the TV sitcom "How I met your Mother) plays the villain, Dr. Horrible; Nathan Fillion (who starred in "Firefly") plays his nemesis, the somewhat anti-heroic hero Captain Hammer; and Felicia Day (who played "Vi" in Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is the love interest.

The DVD version contains the musical, commentaries by the cast and creators (including a somewhat tangential singing commentary!), some "making of" featurettes, and 10 Evil League of Evil Application videos from fans.

For a low-budget effort, it looks great, the actors are top-notch and are perfect for their roles, the story is alternately funny and touching, and the songs are fantastic. Believe me, you'll be playing the DVD over again several times just for the songs ... or like me, you'll be considering ordering the soundtrack.

The entire production was done on a budget of just over $200,000, and was shown for free on the web for a time. The cast and the crew were not paid at the time of filming. The intent appeared to be to drum up interest for "Dr Horrible" so that downloads from iTunes and DVD sales would pay the cast and crew, and also hopefully make some profit.

Without giving anything away, I think the ending could have been a little better, but on the whole, this is fantastic entertainment and well worth purchasing.

If you have a sense of humor and can appreciate an off-beat tale told well, I very highly recommend this DVD. Bring on Dr Horrible 2!
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"Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" was conceived as an online phenomenon during the 2008 writers' strike, and since most screenwriters never produce anything worth looking at anyway, I found myself doubly drawn to this brilliant little film. Directed and largely written by Joss Whedon, and starring Neil Patrick Harris as Dr. Horrible, the film is a musical romp through the world of evil science and the emotionally stunted scientists who live there. Dr. Horrible, of course, has plans for world domination, but is equally enamored of Penny (Felicia Day,) the fellow laundromat user of his dreams. Foiling Horrible's nefarious plans is Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion,) and the musical mayhem that ensues is nothing short of inspired genius.

The film at 42 minutes is very short, but includes numerous wonderful extras that make this more than worth the money in any format. "Commentary! The Musical" includes more new music from the cast and creators. There's also a commentary track with the cast and creators, a "making of" feature, and assorted other documentation on the "League of Evil." This DVD shows that smart and talented people can make an excellent and entertaining movie without any of the corporate or union trappings of conventional Hollywood productions, and I admire the skill and daring of the creators, cast, and crew. I am no particular fan of musicals as a rule, but I am making a very rare exception here, and I give "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" an unequivocal recommendation.
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