Customer Reviews: Hot Shot 2040W MaxAttrax Ant Bait, 4 Count, Case Pack of 1
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on June 5, 2011
After reading various reviews of different products I'm convinced that whatever your ants will eat is the best product for you.

I tried various different ant killing products, and my ants seemed to love this one. They kept going in and out of it, taking the little particles back to their nest.

After a few hours they went crazy, calling all their Ant cousins, who all came running out of the woodwork - literally! At first it was a little scary seeing them all multiply so much, but what was happening it seems is that they were all just showing themselves!

This went on for about 2 days, when suddenly it all came to a breaching halt. There were a few dead ones laying around the floor, but the rest were all gone! Wow! Amazing.

It really seems to do the job.

I put out several other brands too, to see which one would work, but my ants liked this product for whatever reason.

The thing I love about it, is that it is very easy for ants to get in and out. There are multiple entrances, which they can easily find. I saw that with other brands it isn't always the case that the opening is easy to find and get in. These openings are on the ground floor, which seems to help them come and go as they please -- and they do seem to love it.

Good riddance! You can also buy this particular product other places (local stores), so it's readily available and cheap.

I just hope they don't come back. It's been a couple weeks now and no sign of any new ones. :)
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on July 5, 2011
I wish I would have taken a video of this in action ! I couldn't believe it, as someone else wrote... they called the whole family to the baits. They were all over it, it was like a giant ant party ! We had these little ants all over, the pantry, the trash, whenever I fed the dog they would be in the food. After one day of putting these traps out ( only 4 ) they have not shown up since. I have tried other baits ( Terro Liquid Ant Bait and others ) nothing worked like this. If other people are giving results other than positive then I have no idea what is going on with the ants in there homes. This was like crack to them and they are gone ! Thanks Hot Shot !
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on March 12, 2016
These ant traps are amazing! We just moved and had to deal with ants straight away. We would set a glass of water down and it would be an ant oasis vacation, they would come from hundreds of little any miles around out of nowhere. Now where couldn't have this, so off to Amazon and I bought the best reviewed and priced traps.
These traps are crazy. You put them down and in hours you have yourself a little ant crack house! They will come from many ant miles and bring ALL of their ant friends. You will see more ants then you know what to do with, but leave them alone. They need to take their ant crack (sugar) along with the ant poison (borax) back to their queen so they all will die! Haaaaaaaa!
This system is really prefect because you don't have any ant bodies to clean up because they take the poison home and have the decency to die there too. And if any other ants decide to come back, because a few have tried, they do the same thing the others have done... go get some ant crack and never come back again.
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on April 4, 2015
I had a bit of an ant problem... Saw a few here... a few there... I had no idea where they were coming from or what they were looking for or where they were hiding.

I was told about the old Borax trick, I also read about that online. Borax & sugar.. blah blah blah... Only problem is I couldn't wait for weeks to let this work while these ants were invading my private space. I went to the local supermarket to try to find Borax anyway... At this point I was desperate and running out of ideas.

A friend of mine has an ongoing ant problem.. He uses sprays ( I am not a fan of that at all... What if it discolors walls, flooring.. etc) He also tried little white colored bait stations (something similar to these) However, he said the ants were not attracted to the white bait stations he purchased.

While I was in the supermarket I thought it might be a good idea to go down the pesticide aisle and see if there was anything that caught my eye.. Well, I saw all of these bait stations... especially the ones my buddy purchased (that didn't work) I found it funny that there were 3 cases of the white bait stations (that didn't work) untouched... They were fully stocked.. I turned my head a little and saw the Hot Shot Bait Station.. There was only 1 left... Quickly I grabbed the last one, while thinking... Maybe there is only one left because people are buying them... Maybe this is the one... Maybe this will help me in my quest to kill these little buggers...

I went home and placed the bait stations around (4 come in one package). This was approx 1pm... I noticed the same old ants wondering around aimlessly... I looked at where they were going... It took a while... I saw that most were coming/going from under my baseboard molding. I grabbed a trap and moved it to that location... After about an hour I saw an ant or two poking around by the Bait Station...

I went out for a bit.. and arrived home Approx 11pm... I couldn't believe my eyes.. there had to be about 30 ants in and around the station.. THEY WERE CARRYING OUT LITTLE YELLOW BALLS OF FOOD(POISON)... I had to resist the urge to vacuum up all of the ants... It was making me itch all over just seeing these ants... Around 2am I was FREAKED OUT... There had to be 80-100 ants... I'd like to bet there is absolutely no bait left in that trap at all... I placed the other three next to the one that was being devoured..

The next day--- Approx 10am --- I didn't see one ant the whole day... It couldn't be true.. it couldn't have worked that well or that fast... WRONG... I am on day 5 with NO ANTS!!!

I told my buddy about these.. he went out and purchased 3 boxes(12 stations) Same thing... he couldn't believe his eyes... His ants are much smaller in size, but in his opinion it appears to be working well...

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on February 13, 2016
Did not work at all. I even contacted the company for further instructions. I got no relief from these what-so-ever. I then bought the Raid ones and in 2 days my major ant problem was gone. I will never pinch pennies on ant relief again.
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on May 2, 2013
I purchased these traps from Home Depot in Long Island, NY last year for a terrible ant problem that my family never had before. We lived in our home for a little more than 50 years [I was a toddler at the time], and we never had a problem with ant infestation. But in the early summer of 2012 they invaded the kitchen cabinets with a vengeance! They were everywhere! In the rice, in the oatmeal, in the Farina, in the spaghetti, etc. We had to throw out everything! My Mother and I went to the home depot to look for anything that would remove them, so we purchased Ortho Home Defense Max Insect killer and Hot Shot MaxAttrax Ant Bait. I originally had little hope that the Hot Shot would do the job since it only cost us a few dollars, but the Ortho cost so much money, so I thought that it must be pretty powerful but now so! The Ortho was a joke when it came to its' ability to kill an ongoing onslaught of ants, but the Hot Shot removed them within just a 3 days. All of a sudden they were gone! - - -there were so many of them at a time, and then they just disappeared as suddenly as they came and my family never had a problem with ants since! In fact, my outdoor cat(feral) that we've been feeding for over 8 years now had his food invaded with ants a few days ago, and I just put the ant bait by his bowl, and in 2 days, no more ants! Thank God it did not rain or else the patio would have gotten all wet as well as the bait, but if you have a few days or longer without rain, they even remove the outdoor ants too! I didn't think that they'd work in the beginning, but now I'm more than convinced and satisfied with their effectiveness.
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on July 9, 2015
It did not solve my problems for the tiny small ants in my house. Not the sellers fault. fast shipping, good service. I lined the long hallway with these and my kitchen cabinets but to no avail they seem to like this stuff. Sorry, you don't know until you try it. Try "Hot Shot Liquid Ant Bait " works great for my ants. I got it at B J Wholesale and you can get it on line. Ants gone over night but a few comes back but not for long. I keep a couple out all the time.
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on February 22, 2016
Did NOT work at all... we had a little black ant infestation problem..... and believe me I've tried every popular product there is to try both online and offline. Of the 10+ different brands, form factors, gels, pellets, baits, traps, etc that I've tried, I can't honestly recommend this product, at least to my friends who have little black ant infestations in California.

The ants just go around it. It's like they are laughing at my vain attempts to lure them with this. Of course, there is a minefield of traps/baits/pellets/gels/etc that I've set for them next to this ant bait that they do go after, but in writing this particular product review, I have no love for this product. I'm sure whatever they put in there is good for some types of ants, but definitely not "little black ants".

I'd recommend the Terro gel in either trap form or bottle form (i've tried both), for a more effective solution. Also, I'd recommend you find and plug up the holes ASAP. I know people say they'll just find another way in, but through much trial and error I've found, that, yes, while they do find some other way in, it's usually quicker just to go to a neighbor's house... so.... caulk is probably a good alternative to this product as well. Yes, ants will chew through the caulk sometimes, but it's quite a bit of effort for them and I've found caulk probably worked better than others in defeating the infestation.
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on May 1, 2016
Zero stars. I didn't want to leave the house so I ordered this. And it's cheap. Big mistake. The only way it could possibly work is if an ant goes in and is too stupid to find its way out, and dies of starvation. I waited three days for this to do something. Anything. Fast forward and 300 ants are colonizing my dishwasher.
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on July 14, 2015
So I ran out of the Terro brand ant bait and was at the store looking for it and all they had was this. Read a few reviews here on Amazon and thought some were great. Well as you can see from my picture this doesn't do didley squat. If u look at my pic..what used to be a line of ants is now forked. The ants clearly see it as an obstacle and not their free meal ticket. Waste of money. I don't know maybe it's where I live (North California, San Jose) and they do not work for the breed of ants in my region. Going back to the Terro's
review image
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