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on January 13, 2016
My daughter has a ton of these cars, we've always just kept them in a plastic box but we figured it was time to get her a real carrying case. I got this one because it was the cheapest one on Amazon. I've seen some of the other ones out there but this is the only one that actually looked like it would secure the cars and not just hold them until the first bump.

Very pleased with the case overall, most of the slots are for "normal" cars however there are a few larger slots that fit the over sized cars (and in her case, tie fighter)

It seems sturdy, looks pretty good, locks well and keeps the cars in one place and displays them for easy picking when it's time to play.
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on May 1, 2016
Unfortunately there were no pictures of the inside of this case, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it. I purchased this for my son to store his hot wheels in and offer some kind of protection. However, the way the cars fit in is ridiculously hokey. First off as you can see in the picture, the cars go into the slots lengthwise. The compartments are way too big so the cars flop around and get all jumbled up. I have no idea what the purpose of the center compartments is. We have an old Hot Wheels case from the 80s that works well, it's just old and falling apart, and doesn't hold enough cars. In that case, it has trays that the cars fit down into and they don't move around nearly as much. Coming from hot wheels, designed by them to store their cars, you would expect something better. However it looks like there was no thought put into the design of this case whatsoever. I would return it, but it's more trouble than it is worth. Bottom line, don't waste your money on this worthless case.
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on April 11, 2011
I doubt I'm alone when I say my 3-year-old son is obsessed with Hot Wheels cars. Being as affordable as they are, it's a simple matter to accumulate entire mountains of cars situated around your house. I quickly became tired of stepping on said mountains during my half-asleep, morning trudge to the coffee machine. Clearly, we needed boxes.

Storing these cars in a small, plastic tub is certainly an option (and a cheap one, at that), however it's not a great solution because, inexplicably, my son remembers every single Hot Wheels car in his possession and when they're haphazardly piled into a plastic tub, he can't find that one, specific car for which he's looking.

I researched a few options for storing cars in individual "cells" and most such cases looked unworkable. Either the amount of storage wasn't sufficient, the case could open unexpectedly, spilling the cars out all over the floor, or the case itself would clearly fall apart in a short time. This case addresses those issues well. The quality is decent as the plastic is fairly thick and (most importantly) it uses a proper hinge (rather than creased plastic) that is capable of surviving hundreds of opens/closes. The amount of cars the case contains is perfect as it holds a lot of cars without becoming unreasonably heavy when filled. Having ordered a few of these, I can finally succeed in walking to the coffee machine without receiving an imprint of a miniature 1969 Dodge Coronet Super Bee branded into the bottom of my foot!

So why only three stars? That is primarily due to the clasp which is actually *too* effective. It's too difficult for my son to open by himself so he's forced to ask for help whenever he wants to get inside. It's not the end of the world; in a year or so (when he's 4) he'll probably be able to do it himself and, in the meantime, I'll suck it up and open his box of cars for him (oh, the humanity!). But still, I would much prefer for it to be accessible to him without assistance. One other thing (albeit much more minor) is that I wish you could choose a color rather than being randomly assigned one.

Despite my three stars, I'm moderately happy with this case as it solved our problem and seems to be one of the best options available. But, being the best option doesn't automatically mean it's a perfect option.
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on August 9, 2016
This isn't the best storage box for little cars. I bought it for my 3 year old to store all his matchbox cars in. They go in weird, other storage containers store them sideways so you can see them but this one has cars go in either front or back forward rather than side first. Very odd. My son doesn't really like it very much. Plus the door has came off a couple of times already and my son has it been rough with it at all. Given the chance I would not buy it again.
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on November 30, 2015
The Hot wheels car case looks awesome, even am the adult I love it. Being organized, and semi OCD, I thought I do get this for my 3.5 year old boy. He got great amount of hot wheels and non Hot wheel cars in his big collection of cars. This case will fit up to 48 cars that are of course designed and made for the "hot wheels" cars. But I can assure you that it also fits other major brand of cars that are similar or same size the traditional small cars.

The quality of the case its well made, and as of now, which is few months after purchase, it hasn't broken nor damaged. It opens easy, and the case edges are clear/Smooth, to best protect the child's skin from injuries. My boy plays rough, and he did few drops of this case from our 2nd story home, and nothing really happened to the case, nor (thankfully) was there anyone downstairs.

I recommend it to all kids, as it teaches him/her to origination and appreciate his/her toys at early age.
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on November 5, 2012
This Hot Wheels carrying case for 48 cars is well made, sturdy, latches securely and looks nice. It's a good way to store the cars in an organized fashion. Good for kids or collectors.

It's been about a year and a half since I bought this Hot Wheels carrying case. I've had no trouble with the hinges or the snap/shut lid. However there are some things I don't like. First, there are really only 36 individual compartments for one car each. There are three compartments that will hold four cars each, but the cars are NOT separated, so there is scratching of car on car in this larger type of compartment. The second thing I don't like is the fact that the case is solid black plastic that you cannot see through. In fact, I've found a BETTER option for storing my Hot Wheels collections.

When I filled up the Hot Wheels carrying case, I got on Amazon to order another, and found a reviewer that was recommending the Creative Options Thread Organizer to store Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars in. So I checked it out. First of all the case is clear plastic, so you can see your cars clearly from the outside. Secondly it's two sided, each side having it's own door and twenty two individual compartments with one additional compartment holding two cars, for a total of twenty four places for cars per side, or 48 cars total. I absolutely love it! The only thing I don't like, and this holds for the Hot Wheels brand carrying case too, the individual compartments have enough room per car, that if the case tips over, the cars tumble around inside and don't stay right side up. However, in the Thread Organizer, the cars aren't being battered by each other if the case falls over. When I ordered the Thread Organizer, I ordered three! And I'm glad I did. I LOVE the clear organizer! It's a good showcase for my collection and I love looking at the individual cars without having to open up the case. For adult or teenage collectors, I recommend the Creative Options Thread Organizer for Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars.

I don't know how this case would hold up under the use of a child. I haven't had any problem with the hinges or snap/shut lid. However, I can see that rough handling might pose difficulties. I'm an adult collector, so I'm more careful with my cars, etc. I'm happy with this clear two sided case for my Hot Wheels cars. I like it better than the trademark Hot Wheels carrying case.
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on December 2, 2013
We have had these for a long time and it is one of my favorite things in my sons room. My son sits on them, stands on them and somehow they have held up. He loves cleaning up because his cars have individual "garages". Easy to open, close and slide under the bed. A big bonus for me is that they are made here in the USA, which is probably why they are made well. I wish I could choose the design when purchasing because we have gotten multiple cases and each one is the same, but honestly it is not a deal breaker. Bottom line, I love the cases and will recommend over and over!
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on July 5, 2017
It's cheap, that's it's big perk. The lid keeps coming completely off. When it is on, it does not latch well. Even if that worked fine, this stores cars front/back in first, not sideways. Not a good way to "see your cars." I'll be throwing it in the trash soon and finding a nicer case.
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on July 5, 2017
Ok After some use here is a honest review ... I would not buy again the hinges come apart I found myself constantly putting it back together, So I tried zip tying the hinges that worked for about 2 weeks then they just flat out broke so If you want a case that the kids are gonna actually use I would NOT buy this one.
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on December 8, 2013
This is cheaply made, the card board in front where the hot wheel name and picture is, was carelessly glued on the plastic case. It actually has a long folded line right in the middle of the case, its all wrinkled and improperly Installed. this is something that i would have found at the dollar store. This is not very nice to buy for a gift if you like the person or kid you are giving this to. If you don't wanna be ashamed of yourself or embarrassed by giving this to people you care about don't buy this. Find something else, I Think i paid too much money for it. in my case I'm kinda glad that my son is too young to notice that, I bought this for him for christmas and I just don't have anytime to return this and then wrap it. Also on the card board it says its made in U.S. but at the back of the case says made in china, what a joke!
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