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on December 26, 2015
I purchased this set for my 5 year old nephew for Christmas. The excitement mounted for all of us, as we fiddled to build the tracks. After what seemed like forever, with my nephew bouncing impatiently nearby, we inserted the batteries, turned on the switch, heard the motor running, placed a car on the track, and ..... NOTHING HAPPENED! We tried car after car, from every possible point on the track, and they refused to run. We looked at a clip on Youtube with how this is supposed to work, just to be certain, but again, NOTHING! Well, it was absolutely heart wrenching, as the excitement subsided and turned to utter disappointment on my nephew's face.

All I could do, was promise him that I would replace it. However, although I was promptly offered a refund of the $72.99 I paid for it, the carrier fee of approximately US$47 was not refunded, and would have to be paid yet again, when I purchase the replacement. As if this wasn't bad enough, I was only refunded $72.99, but the cheapest set, is now $98.99, so I'm ultimately paying for two sets - $26 more for the 2nd one, and a next $47 to have it shipped to my country in the Caribbean.

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on January 13, 2015
I consider myself an expert on this car track since I purchased and returned two of them in a 20 day period. The first was opened by my son on Christmas day. By the day after, one of the orange pieces of track broke. It was on the underside that holds the track together with the blue base. We tried to super glue but that didn't work so we returned it.
To replace we had to repurchase it for $5 more dollars. But my son loved it - heck, everyone loved it. So the second one arrived, we put it together and we were back in business for about 48 hours. The exact same piece broke in the exact same place.
The worst part is this track is meant to be put together, not taken apart. Taking it apart to fit it back into the box was no easier the second time than the first.
My son is 26 months and he understood how this track worked. How to turn it on and off, how to switch the cars on the other tracks, how to put the cars on. He loved it. It needs to be reconfigured or the piece in that one spot must be reinforced like the other connections are.
Do not buy it. Your kid will love it. It will break. You will hurt yourself with a flat head screw driver trying to take it apart. It's not worth it.
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on December 31, 2015
My son open this Christmas day. Once assembled we ran the car through a few times.. YEA!! After a couple passes the electric motor started making a terrible noise and the car went no more. Thinking it might be simple fix I open the bottom, 17 screws later I found one of the gears to be stripped. After further investigation I found the electric motor mount to be broken. Third I found that the assembler didn't add two of the four bushings needed on the four gears. So I can only assume that is was built on a Monday or Friday. Either way this product is cheap plastic and assembled by someone who gave up.
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on April 8, 2017
very nice and fun to play with
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on August 11, 2014
My 6 year old loved this, he is 7 now and still uses it.
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After assembly, this track works well with certain cars. But dont injure yourself taking it apart! Because its not easy. I left some parts connected in fear they may break if taken apart. And even if you manage to take it all apart, it wont fit back into the box. Mattel/Hotwheels makers need to re-think their connection designa and deliver these tracks in LARGER, REUSABLE boxes. But overall, this seems typical with Hotwheels track sets like this: waay too hard to disassemble, and they rarely fit back into the box they came in. And for this, I dont recommend this track-set unless you plan on leaving it setup permanently. I guess Mattel is too cheap to give us a reusable box and they just cant seem to figure out how to make their track-sets easy to take apart. Boo on them.
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on December 5, 2013
Fun car, easy to assemble but whats with 4xD batteries... The 4xD batteries cost about $10, which is 25% of the cost of the toy. When will Hot wheels just provide a power adapter so that we don't have to buy these expensive batteries over n over again.

Just needs one type of power adapter from the manufacturer that can go optional with the unit. Either use the wall power or batteries.
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on July 29, 2016
Didn't work on arrival. The cars should be accelerated by wheels, but the internal gearing comes loose and the motor can't engage - it just spins by itself.

Called Mattel for a replacement, but they don't have any so I will be getting a voucher that I have to take to a store.
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on January 3, 2014
My nephew got my old hot wheel sets and tracks about a year ago. This thing plugged into it nicely and works as intended. It was made with decent quality parts. We still have no clue why there's an ipad stand included.
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on January 10, 2014
The car doesn't go all the way around the huge loop. It falls as soon as it turns going suspended. My husband even tried tightening in the orange loops but to no avail. I wouldn't pay a buck for this. But after paying 20 bucks for 4 D rechargeable batteries it's really painful. I wish I would've read more honest reviews before I bought this.
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