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on December 26, 2015
I purchased this set for my 5 year old nephew for Christmas. The excitement mounted for all of us, as we fiddled to build the tracks. After what seemed like forever, with my nephew bouncing impatiently nearby, we inserted the batteries, turned on the switch, heard the motor running, placed a car on the track, and ..... NOTHING HAPPENED! We tried car after car, from every possible point on the track, and they refused to run. We looked at a clip on Youtube with how this is supposed to work, just to be certain, but again, NOTHING! Well, it was absolutely heart wrenching, as the excitement subsided and turned to utter disappointment on my nephew's face.

All I could do, was promise him that I would replace it. However, although I was promptly offered a refund of the $72.99 I paid for it, the carrier fee of approximately US$47 was not refunded, and would have to be paid yet again, when I purchase the replacement. As if this wasn't bad enough, I was only refunded $72.99, but the cheapest set, is now $98.99, so I'm ultimately paying for two sets - $26 more for the 2nd one, and a next $47 to have it shipped to my country in the Caribbean.

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on January 5, 2016
This track is fun! but cheaply made, especially! for how much it cost! i bought this track as a christmas present for my son because he loves toy cars for some reason! i giftwrapped the track and put it away until christmas eve, thats when i assembled it for my son, it worked! so we played with it everyday for at least 45 minutes & then put it away knowing my girlfriend could only take so much of its loud roar! me & my son love the loud sound it mimicks nascar's loudness that not a problem for us!. on new years day we turned it on! it worked for 10 minutes then just stopped spinning & making a akward loud sound! i though the batteries were just too low & about to die so i put the track away until i could buy replacement batteries when i replaced the batteries it was performing the same! NOT AT ALL! it seemed like it burnt out ! no falls no water damage,nothing! just stopped working! after 8 days of 45 minutes usage a day! for $63 dollars & then they bumped it up to $93 dollars! THIS ITEM IS NOT EVEN WORTH $25 DOLLARS! MUCH LESS A $100. & other people made this complaint! more than 4 people i just wish i read the reviews first! trust me unless your rich or like to overpay for trash! people shouldn't buy this until they put in the proper work on it! i will just put another $100 on that a get an ipod touch instead! we all know thats properly built. this item was a TOTAL (EXPENSIVE) DISSAPOINTMENT, not that they care! thats how they stay rich! thats the last dime they'll get from me! im done with hotwheels! my son will have to get use to another car toy like tonka trucks!.
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on July 12, 2014
very cool toy, kids are enthralled, but the longest loop de loop track doesnt work. The rubber rollers do not generate enough force to propel the car that came with the toy all the way around the loop. the car gets half way up and drops to the ground. The other two loops work great. Kids seem to be satisfied with the toy's limitations but it's absurd the biggest loop doesnt work. We have tried with other, lighter cars, and still no luck. Furthermore, The D batteries start to fade so the rubber rollers start to slow imperceptibly, and then the other two loop de loops start to fail too, cars drop to the ground half way around the loop. So sad....
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on June 1, 2015
I bought this as a Christmas gift for my boys and am very happy at how much use I got from it! This is a great and sturdy product that was carefully built as y can seen in the design of it! I will warn u though it tends to get a little loud when u put the cars on the track! The motor could use a lil tweeking where it's not so loud! As far as the cars on the track, there's nothing u can do about the noise w them zipping around this thing but for the price it is a nice product! If u get it just make sure it'll be put somewhere that u don't have to listen to it all day bc if u do you'll be racing down this track in your sleep lol
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on January 2, 2015
Very disappointed in this Hot Wheel product. We've been buying Hot Wheel products for our children and grandchildren for the past 30 plus years. The quality just keeps declining, which is very disappointing. Car won't stay on track and difficult to make one lap on it's own. I wish Hot Wheels would go back to making products that lasted. We still own the Hot Wheels garage that was purchased 34 years ago!
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on January 12, 2014
We bought the criss cross crash last year and our 4 yo loved it, and still does a year later (Me too). He really doesn't like the triple track much. He liked being able to manipulate the controls to choose the car route, but lost interest quickly. It comes with a bigger, heavier car than most cars which seems necessary as a lot of his regular cars don't work very well with it. More than 1 car doesn't work as well either. I'm also quite handy and this was one if the more p.i.t.a. toys to put together than most and he couldn't do it at all, unlike the crisscross which is easy for him. I Wouldn't buy it again get the crisscross instead.
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on August 17, 2014
This track was purchased as a gift for my six year old son's birthday. We have had it for nearly 7 months and this track still gets used nearly daily by both my 3 and my 6 year old. The Super Fast cars or cars designated for the tracks work the best. Most Hot Wheels have worked fine on the track with the Super Fast cars or track designated cars working really well. Definitely recommended if your kids are into Hot Wheels.The track was easy to set up. The track is loud when the motor is running, but it is for motor sports!
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on March 2, 2015
The main mechanism that throw the cars in the circuit broke within 2 laps. I took it apart only to find that all mechanical gears were totally loose.

I emailed hotwheels who was decent enough to send me a voucher so I could buy another one.
I am adding a 2nd star because their customer service was nice and understood the issue.
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on February 17, 2015
Purchased as a Christmas present for my son for Christmas. Worked for about a day and then the cars kept flying of the track and not going around the loops. It has present marks where everything is suppose to line up and it just would not go around one of the larger loop. The smaller loop worked find but for the money I would like the entire track to work. I tried adjusting it and the cars just keep coming off the track so I returned for a refund.
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on February 20, 2014
My son loves this track. It is a nice basic piece for him to play with when he gets tired of building his own tracks. The cars shoot around like they were launched from a cannon! For the price it was a really great present for him.

The one thing I will say, though, is that it is hard to get several cars going at once. The force of the cars going around the longest loop makes the whole track rock, and this rocking makes the second car fall off the track when it tries to loop. A heavy book on the bottom support right by the loop fixed this pretty quick, though.
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