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on October 28, 2012
Extreme is a word that is often overused in the world today, yet I can think of no better word to describe the level of violence and difficulty that Hotline Miami brings to the table.

The game delights in having you quickly and efficiently kill everyone in your path, and it gives you plenty of tools to do so. As you probably know by now, this is not a game for the squeamish. Necks will be sliced and blood will spray. Heads will be bashed and brains will be spilled. Certain bladed weapons will cleave enemies completely in two.

Keep in mind that all of these acts of violence can (and will, repeatedly) be done to you as well. You will die, early and often. Fortunately Hotline Miami rarely gets frustrating as reloads are quick and you can usually figure out what you did wrong. There is one short level that is entirely stealth driven and a couple of boss fights that will test your patience, but even these brief missteps cannot ruin the overall experience.

This experience is driven by an awesome pixel art style and one of this year's best soundtracks. The entire package is absolutely worth the $10 asking price and in my humble opinion this certainly ranks as one of 2012's best videogame experiences.
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on January 11, 2013
This game is ultra gory... but don't worry, it's cool. Just pixels.

My lady friend hates the gore (Chivalry for example), but even she has wielded the controller for this awesome retro-asskicking-blood-spilling adventure of intrigue.

I grabbed this while it was 5 bucks, but I would gladly pay full price knowing what I know now. On the fence?
Do it.
You've worked hard, you deserve it.
Treat yourself.

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on January 8, 2013
Hotline Miami is amazing.

I can't like it enough, it's too good. Way too good.

Even the pandering video game review community rated it super highly despite not being paid off to do so, because it is far too good to ignore.

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on October 23, 2015
This game is violent, ugly, strange, loud, angry, sinister, and a lot of fun. It's a twin stick shooter that's absurdly hard at first, but once you realize how the game wants you to play, fast, loose, and without holding anything back, then it becomes addicting.

This game is fast. Levels can go by in as little as a minute. Deaths come sudden and frequent, and the restarts are just as fast. This game expects you to die, even if you happen to be good at it, because you can always do better. The only reprieve in the pace is a certain stealth level, which depending on how you feel about it, either serves as a nice respite to the white knuckle intensity of the rest of the game, or it completely wrecks the pacing of the game, and is easily the worst mission. I'm probably in the middle. I appreciate what it tries to do, but I don't feel like it worked in this game.

The actual gameplay is a lot of fun. Obviously it relies a lot of fast reflexes, and a willingness to retry. It's a pretty intense game when you really get into it, with the one hit deaths and the constant pressure. So it's not everyone's cup of tea. Especially not with the general story of murder and insanity. But if it is, then it's quite a ride. The levels are for the most part very well made, and are pretty fun to go through. They give you a lot of attack options.

The games soundtrack is easily the best I've heard in years. It captures that mid 80's Miami hellscape feeling perfectly. All of the artists featured bring their A game, and it's a great selection of modern tracks that hearken back to 80's electronic underground music Also, the game in general was heavily inspired by the film Drive, so there are a lot of thematic and auditory similarities.

Overall, I found the game to be a ton of fun. It's not for everyone, but if it sounds like your jam, then you need to have played this game yesterday. Seriously, it's been of sale for a dollar multiple times.
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on January 27, 2013
I found myself running through this game really fast, so enticing and atmospheric. Totally worth the price I paid at 5$, but I would have gladly paid 10$ for this gem.
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on June 1, 2013
This game is incredible. If eye candy is your thing than you might want to look elsewhere. It plays and looks like an old school game. This game is all about the fast paced twitch gameplay done to incredible music with a twisted story. The music is incredible. The gameplay is no slouch either. One wrong move and your dead. You only need to get hit once to die. They are small levels though and it reloads fast to try again if you do die. You use various weapons and unlock new ones and have different masks that you acquire to wear. The story is twisted and has an incredible trippy ending that must be seen. I highly highly recommend this game. It is so cheap. If you don't like using a keyboard, it is compatible with the 360 controller, and on top of that, this game is coming out on the Vita.
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on November 1, 2016
Hotline Miami (1) was SO GOOD. Second one not as ground-breaking (only gave it 1.5-2h) but the first one was ground-breaking. Don't know why I couldn't get into the second one but friends have had similar experiences.
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on August 25, 2013
I have started to play indie games more recently and this is a game that must be played. If you are like me you have probably been ignoring the game probably because the graphic are not in 3D, but the game is fun and addictive. The game is an over the head shooter/brawler. The game has guns and melee weapons that you can use to kill your enemies, but using melee weapons is the most fun way to play the game. The enemies kill you in one shot so you have to have quick reflexes and constantly move and attack at the right time. You must kill everyone in the room to move on and dying means you have kill everyone all over again luckily when you die you can respwan quick so there is no wait to get back into the action. There are also mask that give an ability for example there is a mask that starts you off with a knife, since you just start with your fist in every level. The game has a point system the more you kill the bigger the multipler and since melee gives the most points and is the most rewarding way to play the game it can be fun and challenging.

One of the things I do when I play the game is throw weapon at an enemy with a gun, since that temporarily knocks them out, rush the enemy with melee and punch them, which also temporarily knocks them out, afterwards I bash their heads or slit their throats depending on your weapon.
The music also makes the game more intensive. It matches the style of game play perfectly and it's quite catchy too. It is worth the price.
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on October 26, 2012
Visuals, music, mechanics and the overall gameplay of Hotline Miami is insanely fun, insane and incredibly addictive. While some levels may come more naturally to you, you must be prepared to face failure and frustration time and again. It combines careful planning with sheer recklessness and rewards ingenuity. If you're into top down shoot-em-ups or even if you aren't, this is a game worth playing.
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on November 28, 2012
I picked this up because it was pretty cheap and the game-play and trailers I'd seen for it seemed pretty cool and unique. However, as I played, I began to love it more and more, to the point where I would put it up there as one of my favorite games of the year. Game-play is solid and involves multiple approaches to any scenario, but brutally unforgiving, your enemies die in one or 2 hits, but so do you. This creates a great sense of tension that makes the game really rewarding, and the levels are small enough that it doesn't get frustrating. Complementing the game-play perfectly, the story and atmosphere is really well crafted and incredibly unsettling. I relate it most to the movie "Drive", but more trippy. The music, the constantly flashing lights, the twisting crazy story, and brutal nature of the game-play come together in a great, truly unique package.

other details:
the game took me about 5-6 hours to beat (which seems to be the average time), after which I promptly played through it again. second play through was a lot quicker, but still really enjoyable.

There are multiple endings, to unlock the final one, you need to find a collectible item in each chapter of the game, which adds to replay value

The game's soundtrack is really cool and all the songs are just files in the game's folder, so buying the game gives you access to the OST

There are rumors floating around the internet of the possibility of a level editor, which would allow users to create and share custom maps, extending the replay-ability of the game indefinitely, and future dlc or a sequel are already in the works.
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