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on January 14, 2018
This is by far the worse movie I have ever attempted to watch. The acting was so pitiful, the script totally stupid. The blank stares by the actors and actresses just looking in the direction of the camera. I had to turn it off, it was that bad that I could not watch another second of it. Those that gave this movie any rating but 1 star have to be out of their minds. Facial expressions, raised eyebrows, staring eyes do NOT show fear to whoever produced this movie. I cannot believe it was ever created to be watched by anyone it is SO BAD!
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on April 19, 2016
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on July 16, 2014
was disappointed in it...drilling scene was good
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on April 20, 2016
The bat scene is one of the funniest scenes I've ever whitenesed! The best black humor money could buy, but the rest of the film was nonsensical horse puck. Neither funny, nor scary. Just convoluted schlock. However, the mummified face of the zombie was kinda cute. Give us a big kiss, junior! SMACK!! Truly, the only frightening part of the film was Bob: the he-she boy that won't stop yelling MOMMY MOMMY! I was ready to throw my boot at screen!
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on October 3, 2003
This review is of the Diamond release of this film. The movie itself is a superb entry into Fulci's body of work and Italian horror movies in general. It has more taut suspense and more competent gore/effects than most other films in the genre. This particular DVD however is one of the most poorly authored comercial DVDs I've ever seen. First, the movie is broken into only 4 chapters, making finding a particular scene quite difficult and time consuming. Second, the picture quality is in the fair to poor range (think pre-viewed VHS). Third, the sound quality is that of a worn and warped record, with plenty of hiss and pops to compete with the mono soundtrack. And finally (and also the most egregious offense), if you watch through the credits, at some point the screen will go black for about two minutes, then there's some digital blocking, followed by ten or so seconds of something (I'm not sure what, perhaps a trailer for the movie), and finally the screen turns blue and reads: "Laser disc stop side-B"! Hmmm, I wonder what they transfered this DVD from. The only thing that makes this disc at all worth buying is the movie on it and its price. If you really need to save the money, buy this disc. But, if you want a good film in a good transfer on a good disc, buy the Anchor Bay edition. I sure wish I had bought that one first.
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on December 31, 2003
This is somewhere between ultra-bad and barely passable.
Lucio Fulci is known as a "hit or miss" director. Out of his fifty plus works some are great, others are outstanding, some are mediocre and the remaining, pure rubbish. Unfortunately this is one of Fulci's pure rubbish ones that is further spoiled immensely by Anchor Bay Entertainment's display cover of the secret monster than this film builds up too. Normally Anchor Bay is quite good and their DVD sets are super but this one has pretty much broken the golden rule of not giving certain things away on the sleeve - Bah!
Anyway the film itself is pure rubbish from start to finish and is about a family that move into a haunted house with a sinister presence at work, killing people off. The family try to figure out what is going on and their kid is having visions of a ghost that is trying to warn them of some danger. There is also a subplot involving a strange doctor that once lived in the house and who conducted experiments into prolonging life. Sounds good, but the execution is poor, slow and never really satisfying except for the ending which is not all that bad and helps earn it that one star.
In short, Fulci churned this one out quickly and for the money. He made several other films that same year. If Fulci had given this film a bit more of his precious time and attention we would have had an ace picture on our hands - a five star horror, but It feels rushed and contrived and much of the story is slow with lots of meaningless time filler stuff. In fact, and I hate to say it!, this horror film is one that deserves a remake... but no one can be blamed for that except Fulci who could have done it so much better instead of cashing in on the moment.
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on July 31, 2001
This thing has to be the worst movie I have ever seen. I know that with these type of movies you kind of have to look the other way when it comes to plot or story line it even wasnt that gory. Considrering that Fulci made zombie which blows house away. This by far has to be his worst movie. Theres also a problem with the dvd my player is brand new and this dvd made my system spin very fast and make a buzzing noise but it did play the movie. Please dont bother to see this movie not ot even to rent.
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on October 20, 2008
This is the last Fulci film I ever saw, and it will be the last I'll ever rent. Fulci had a sort of renaissance in the 1990's, and I decided to see what all the fuss was about. Directors like Quentin Tarantino (who re-released The Beyond to theaters) and Eli Roth have raved about his work. So I wanted to see the man's work. I watched a ton of his work, and the only film I really liked was Zombie. Zombie is a good film, but it pales in comparison to great horror filmmakers' best films, like Romero's vastly superior zombie films, and Dario Argento's masterful period from 1975-1987. This was the last film of his I saw, and I am angry that I wasted so much time going through this man's catalog.

House by the Cemetery is the usual Fulci mishmash. There's a creepy ending and some good atmosphere, but this film has all the characteristics from the Fulci [...] moviemaking school...bad scenes, bad continuity, bad acting, miserable scripting, complete incoherence, bad dubbing, etc., etc.. Even the gore here isn't as visceral as it is in other Fulci works, like City of the Living Dead and The Beyond. You do remember the gore in some Fulci films, but it's damn near impossible to wade through the rest of the garbage to get to it. I am not a gorehound, so I prefer for an entire film to be good, as opposed to having a few decent gore scenes and having to wade through the rest of a crapy film until I get there, which is exactly what you have to do with Fulci's work. Some say that Dario Argento's work, a far superior filmmaker, doesn't make sense either. Argento's films are purposely ambiguous, like nightmares, and this was used to the greatest effect in Suspiria (one of the few films that really scares me) and Inferno (his most underrated). Just because a film is confusing doesn't mean it's art.

So if anyone is thinking of diving into Fulci's catalog, stop right now. Unless you're a gorehound needing a fix, stay away. Fulci's films are a waste of time (except for Zombie).
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on August 13, 2004
I purchased this film for £5.99 from my local HMV, the other day and have just finished sitting through this so-called film.

There was no story line, just a poorly conceived concept the dubbing or voice sinc was atrocious. The actors especially the young boy was extremely annoying and the gore that normally would make a film like this, remotely watch able was non-existent.

Characters just turned up with no explanation, people disappeared and no one seemed bothered, blood seem to just vanish from the floor, need I go on.....

Anyway save yourself some time, stare at the wall for 82 minutes you will feel more satisfied!
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on September 27, 2010
I will keep this short.

Fulci is known is being this great director of horror movies, but none of his movies are any good. I have no idea why people think they are, but they just aren't. He's one of the worst directors I've ever seen try to pace a movie or logically roll through a plot. In Fulci movies, things happen for no reason, and characters die for no reason. Everyone in all of his films are so incredibly disposable you don't even care when they die. This entire movie is totally unwatchable until the final scene in the cellar, which is why the movie is famous at all. You are introduced to a very cool looking antagonist, but his purpose is entirely unclear.

Overall, I have no idea why anything happened in this movie. I don't know why the characters don't fight the antagonist, I dont know why the antagonist is an antagonist, and I'm totally lost by the very last scene where the boy is rescued. This whole damn movie made no sense. Don't watch it, it isnt even worth it for the gore, and its not scary.
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