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on April 18, 2010
If it hadn't been for Eichmann's son Klaus' indiscete comments to a girlfriend who unbeknownst to him happened to be half Jewish, the Israelis may never have captured the chief technician of the Holocaust. Since the Eichmann family had been living quietly undisturbed in Argentina for 15 years, son Klaus must have been confident that his father would never be detected. Once the Israelis got onto Eichmann they held on tenaciously tracking first his exact whereabouts, his assumed name, his certain identity, and formulating an audacious plan to snatch Eichmann on his way home from work, literally smuggling him out of Argentina to Israel. There he famously stood trial in a bullet proof booth for his crimes against humanity.

What a story! The author of the new forward to the book discloses that PM David Ben Gurion instructed Mossad chief Harel to write the book in order to commemorate Israel's stunning achievement in bringing Eichmann to justice by the people whom he tried to eradicate from existence. Written in 1965, the story was not first published for another ten years in 1975. Although Harel writes in a dry fashion, his voice is the correct one to expose the almost unbearably tense operation to capture Eichmann. If Harel had been a more thrilling author, I am not sure I could have withstood the suspense of reading the story. The tone also fits the idea of the book which is that the reader is sitting front row center for a personal view of the absolute facts of Mossad's plot. The story reads like "Dragnet" on steroids. Isser Harel stars as an Israeli Joe Friday.

The revised book improves the initial publication by giving all of the facts including the true names of the Mossad agents twenty years after the original publication. The preliminary maps and cast of characters also aid the reader in keeping track of those involved, especially the Israeli names, which I could have gotten lost in many times. A great read and a testament to Israel's determination to avenge its people.
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on October 7, 2015
A well written memoir of the capture of Eichmann in Argentina. The book did a wonderful job in giving a glimpse into the emotions, the struggles, the intense planning and the covert operations behind this infamous capture by Israel's Mossad agents. The book was gripping and my husband and I enjoyed it together. He read it after I had and was captivated as well.
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on February 18, 2013
Isser Harel was the head of the Israeli Mossad when they conducted a very intricately planned kidnapping of Adolf Eichmann. He wrote this account of the details of the operation, conducted in and around Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1960. I liked the book very much. It very much gave me a sense of place and is a gripping story of a long and well-planned operation that brought the Nazi war criminal back to Israel for trial, and, ultimately, execution. A true story and a gripper!
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on December 29, 2012
The author takes you back to 1960, when WWII, and the Holocaust were still fresh in everyone's mind! His on scene, personal involvement lends credence to one of the most calculating, albiet, daring operations in the capture of the infamous Adolph Eichmann, in Argentina, and returned to Isreal, to face justice! Could not put the book down!
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on May 15, 2001
Isser Harel, the former head of Israel's secret service, recounts in detail the tracking down and capture of the infamous war criminal Adolph Eichmann. A highly readable, fascinating account of the tracking down and capture of this high level Nazi.
Starting with an improbable lead from a blind man in Buenos Aires, the investigation is recounted in vivid detail. More thrilling than an Agatha Christie novel. A wonderful sketch of the ingenuity, resourcefulness, and bravery of the task force than succeeded in capturing him and spiriting him out of Argentina covertly on a special El Al flight for trial in Jerusalem.
This account corresponds in detail to Peter Z. Malkin's 1990 book "Eichmann in My Hands," which attests to the accuracy of the details of "Operation Eichmann." Mr. Malkin was the agent who actually made first physical contact during Eichmann's capture. Both books are highly readable and entertaining.
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on February 14, 2011
This is a very good book -- very interesting. I do have one question though -- why would Eichmann's son use the family name after they escaped to Argentina? I'm glad that he was caught and brought to justice.The House on Garibaldi Street (Classics of Espionage)
Also since this story is on VHS, why not on DVD?
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on March 5, 2014
The details of the hunt, identification, capture and extraction of Adolf Eichmann from Argentina are fascinating. It was incredibly intricate. Isser Harel's account is masterful.
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