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on May 12, 2015
Followed all directions very carefully, worked great till we had wind gusts >8mph. Two of the arms bent over 90 degrees. They are made of very lightweight aluminum. I would not recommend this item at all, unless you live where there is no wind.
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on April 3, 2017
I love my new clothes line, and the price was great too! Well I loved it when I bought it cuz it LOOKED like my other 2 I'd had in last 18 years. Now that I'm using it, all the lines droop completely. In the past with other lines no lie I had like 10+ wet beach towels on the line and they stayed stiff and dried nicely. I cannot even hang a whole small load of clothes on this thing. The lines are just "plastic" (there is no STRING inside the plastic so of course it droops). It's frustrating because it costs the same price as a good one at Ace Hardware, errrr!
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on October 8, 2015
This is my first umbrella clothesline so I have nothing to compare, but so far I really like it.
I took down my never-used deck umbrella and mounted it on that base...Works great!
I turn it as I add clothes so that it comes to me instead of me walking around it. Since it is on the deck it is so easy to get to and if it rains I can get all the clothes off the line very quickly...no mud, no mess.
No bird poop, etc since that side of the deck has no overhanging trees.
Since it is right there, I can easily keep an eye on it in case the wind picks up.
The lines week droop for a while and you need to balance your loads but after you tighten the line a few times, you are done.
The literature in the box tells you the proper way to hang your clothes and how to tighten the line.
Enjoying my fresh, clean smelling bedding right now!
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on October 19, 2017
Only problem is the arms are a bit weak (one bent), and over time the cords stretch in the summer heat resulting in the square shape evolving into an elongated rectangle. It can be restored to square by adjusting the cords, but the shape will again return to rectangle. I added simple wood: braces to the arms: 1x2 flat screwed to arms making a square going arm to arm. They will need to be remove to collapse unit.
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on May 13, 2016
I initially gave this a good review, because I thought by upgrading the clothesline , I was getting something that was sturdier then the last one I had bought and worth more money. No such luck , it hasn’t even been a year and the arm snapped right off of it. There are only 2 people in my household, so it is quite impossible for this to happen with normal use, if it wasn’t a totally inferior product. I am very disappointed and want my money back. We’ll see how far I get with that ! I feel like I’m just setting my money on fire. What happened to the days that things we purchased could last for the next generation ? It’s a mirage !
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on August 4, 2015
It took forever to put this up with the rain, and later, vacation time away. At first, my husband and I could not untangle the strings But then I realized that some of the lines were inside the folding part and all had to be outside the folding part. Then I couldn't get the umbrella section to open at all. Finally I got it set up, and was surprised at how low to the ground it is. I am only 5'4" and I am basically standing between the lines when I hang up the clothes. I understand that due to gravity, the base needs to be in deeply, but this is really low.
However, the queen sheets went on it without dragging on the ground, as did the pants. In fact, I got three loads on it with no problems whatsoever.
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on June 10, 2017
I bought the clothesline in July of 2015. The clothes line lasted for about six months. It was good while is worked but after a while it bent out of shape. So I had to throw it away and buy a new one from my local hardware store. The best part is it taught me that clothes dried outside smell better than in a dryer. Save money on electicity. My clothes are on longer wrinkled.
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on November 8, 2012
Purchased this product over a year ago and used it for at least 90% of drying.

Dig a hole 4 to 5 feet deep poured some river pebbles and smaller stones on the bottom, then put in chain link fence post to hold it all together and finally poured 7 bags of 80 pound concrete to seal it in the ground (forever). Drill a hole through 6 inches from the top of the post and also through bottom part of the clothes liner post and connected them both with bolt so in a case of strong wind and clothes being on there it does not fly. Also it is hand tightened easy enough to take it down if you leaving the town or something...
Whole project cost me under $100, but in the first year alone we hang at least 200 loads of clothes to dry on it and probably saving as much just from not using dryer, so after that it is all gas/electricity = money saving.

Also bought pins and bag http://www.amazon.com/Household-essentials-Clothes-Colors-Vary/dp/B0014CP8KU/ref=pd_bxgy_hg_img_z

1. Saving money from not using dryer.
2. Product lasted over a year now without breaking single line.
3. It feels therapeutic lining clothes on...
4. Clothes smell clean and fresh.
5. It is behind a house so cant be seen by neighbors(perhaps not as relevant as pro's).
6. Easily put at least 2 loads on it and sometimes 3.
7. As it is farther than dryer, doing it get you a little bit of moving around.
8. When our teenager is giving us a hard time, we give him to hang/take off laundry as punishment and his attitude improves as he hate doing it.

1. After a year of use those aluminum arms are bent a little bit, so when they break it will be trip to hardware store to buy stronger arms.
2. Even though vinyl lines didn't break yet they never felt strong, so again when they start breaking to buy stronger line...
3. Can't use it on rainy day(whether dryer doesn't care about weather), and you have to check weather channel if you have few loads to do at once.
4. When it is raining for few days we tend not to wash clothes so it can add up few loads at once.

Not much else to say just that it is part of our life now and we are very happy we made this purchase...
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on August 3, 2017
This is my second one. I sold the first one when I moved. It is a great way to dry clothes, compact, and not as vulnerable to wind as a long clothes line. Well constructed, very solid, folds and expands easily.
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on July 13, 2017
It holds a lot of clothes which is great for a big family.
The hole insert isn't deep enough to hold it securely in the ground. I started using the umbrella stand but I have to be very careful to hang heavy laundry close to the center or the wind will blow the whole thing right over. One arm broke after it was blown over and my husband had to fix it.
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