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on April 7, 2015
I bought this book a while ago and it was sitting on my kindle like a hidden pot of gold. While on a flight earlier today, I read it and wow, was I pleasantly surprised.
First of all, you get value for your money.
The book is packed full of useful information. One of the things I did not know and always wanted to know was how to sell books directly from my website, the exact procedure involved step by step. This is the only book I have read where this is given. I am sure there are countless you tube videos, but I prefer books to tell me how.
In the book, the author says if you want a pdf version, to email him at a certain address and he will send you the pdf version. I did this as I like a hard copy. I received the pdf in a few minutes of my email with a personal note.
So often now days book authors just want to get you on their list to sell you more products. I do not get this feeling at all with Jason.
The pdf is 134 pages in length! A lot of other how to ebooks are about 30 pages in length at the same price!
I will print and study this guide. Time to get publishing.
Good luck to you all and I hope that my review has helped you.
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on August 12, 2014
After reading the feature on this author in Kindle Success Stories, I was inspired to purchase his work on selling e-books. Am so glad that I did so. Have been studying it carefully for the last few days and am finding unique gems of information to take my e-book promotion to another level.

I particularly like the fact that J. Matthews reveals the "real deal" of his climb to e-book success, including the errors, missteps, "trials and tribulations" in the learning experience and that e-book selling is not a wave your magic wand of a few promo steps; then alla-kazam, you've reached the Mecca of sales success. Through reading this work, it is obvious that this road encompasses a process of persistence and patience. He furnishes info on great e-tools to help that persistence and patience pay off in the long run.

I also love that Matthew urges readers to do a bit every day toward book promotion. This is encouraging because when one reads all of the how-to books and articles on e-book publishing and promotion, it can get tres overwhelming considering and attempting to put into practice all of the how-to's listed. This work, as well as that of Tom Corson-Knowles, teaches the art of specialization and concentrated focus.

After involving myself in my daily tasks of paving the road for e-book promo, it is a treat at the end of the day to relax and study this book and other clearly-outlined "kindred spirit" works of its ilk to inspire me regarding the use of techniques and tools to get the word out about my beloved literary babies.
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on November 1, 2016
My first exposure to Jason Matthews was through a YouTube video on publishing ebooks. The video, somewhat of a synopsis of this book, was so intriguing that I couldn’t wait to get the full text. From YouTube to Amazon I went, and boy am I glad I did. While Jason has several great videos about e-publishing on YouTube, the full text of this book has everything an aspiring author will need to get your works published. I’ve written several books over the years but have stopped short of getting them published because of the many “well known” challenges that face a new writer. Jason’s book, “How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks - All for Free,” was exactly what I needed to move to the next level. He covers every aspect of getting from where I am now (books written but not published) to where I want to be (published), and does so in an honest and straightforward way that can be followed by anyone. And, at little or no cost. If you are now as I once was, this is a must read to e-publishing success. Just wish I’d found it sooner.
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on October 12, 2015
I've written two books now and have nothing but trouble getting the word out there for them.
BTW...Sideways by Annie Carlisle and Always by Annie Carlisle are the names of my books... :o)
After reading this book the whole way through first, I now understand how important my online platform is (I didn't even know what an online platform is when I started).
Right now, I'm going through this book with a fine tooth comb to make sure I take advantage of all the opportunities (for free!!! Who doesn't like free???) to create and build my online platform.
This is a must read for anyone out there trying to get noticed!!!

Debi (AKA..Annie Carlisle)
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on August 9, 2016
If you have written a book and would like to publish it as an ebook, then this is a perfect handbook for you. You won't find any advice on writing your book here; that's not what this book is for. But you will find everything you need to know to publish your book, market your book, and sell your book. Mathews goes beyond just telling you to market your book on social media; he gives you step by step instruction on how and where to do it. And he provides the URLs of the sites he recommends. He also provides everything you need to know to sell your book on sites such as Amazon or BarnesAndNoble, among many others. And he provides detailed instruction on how to sell your books on your own website, particularly a free website which you could easily set up on a site like [...]. Along with that, he explains how to set up and use an account for accepting payments, like Paypal, for example.

Mathews went to great length to provide you step by step instructions for everything you need to do to publish and sell your ebook. I can't recommend this book enough.
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on January 28, 2012
Jason Matthews has written a practical, no-fluff guide to creating eBooks and selling them online.

Major chapters include: Social Media; Creating Your Blog Site; Cover Design; Formatting and Uploading for Smashwords, Amazon and other Retailers; Formatting for Your Sites, Making Your own Conversions; Creating Your Website; SEO (Search Engine Optimization); Preparing Your Website for Ebook Sales; Selling Your Ebook from Your Websites; PR (Public Relations).

He presents one of the clearest and most straightforward treatments of self-publishing eBooks I have ever seen; and I appreciated his plain talk about the fact that his suggestions will not make you a great success overnight.

Matthews talks in detail about the eBook formats available (.pdf, .epub, .mobi, .txt, .lrf, .rtf, and .pdb) and which booksellers use them, how important each bookseller is likely to be in terms of sales volume, and the relative difficulty of working with each format.

He offers up his early attempts as promoting his books by throwing a lot of money at marketing and waiting. When he realized this is not the way to go about it, he developed alternative methods using social media, blogs, and websites to create interest in his books. It was slower that he had hoped or imagined but it works.

Best of all, everything in this book is in plain English that anyone from beginner to proficient can understand. That is an accomplishment of its own!

The only reason I don't give this book a five-star rating is that I think Matthew covers a lot but some too thinly. Some of the sections need more flesh or be left for a future edition.

Although you will not be an expert after reading this book, you will understand the basics of self-publishing and self-promoting your eBooks--with many of the options costing nothing but time and effort. I would call this a solid basic course that, with practical experience, can get you where you want to go.

It sounds real to me, not the usual hyperbole and puffery you find in this sort of book. It is not get rich quick, although it may be do well slowly. That's good enough for me and I intend to put it to work.

All in all, I would say you'd be hard pressed to do better for the price.
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on July 31, 2014
This is not your typical 'how to' book by any means.

Most books you buy are little more than re-hashed information gathered from other, similar books on the market. Too often, Authors just compile material about a subject then, re-list it while claiming to be 'the authority' in that industry. And, to further insult the reader, the so-called author has never even made a living in the very industry he's reporting on! What they're trying to do is earn a living by offering old, copied material formatted behind a new book cover!

And that, is what makes 'How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks - All for Free!' so refreshing and so wonderful. Jason Matthews is a real Author. He writes real stories and books and has learned, through years of trial and error, all the ins and outs of putting a book together and getting it ready for sale!

As you will learn, he's tried every conceivable method to get the most sales for his books. And, he kindly shares every pitfall with us. Now we don't have to make any mistakes or waste years of hit and miss marketing to sell our books. Jason has already been down that path and he warns us about what we can expect in the real world of book making, marketing and selling.

Plus, he's so easy to read. He has a style that's very friendly and everything is logical and concise. You will come away feeling like you're now an expert in the book publishing industry. Jason is also very helpful by sharing resources and giving us all the links to all the tools and websites we'll need to get our book ready. He even gives reviews on various services offered and, that alone, is priceless.

Imagine, having an expert publisher and author taking you by the hand and guiding you step by step through the many different facets of book publishing and book marketing. That's what you get when you read 'How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks - All for Free!

This is the best book I've read all year for several reasons and, it was written by someone who's actually done it and knows what he's talking about!
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on July 6, 2013
Reading this book was my first foray into writing ebooks. I valued its candor, its easy conversational presentation, the information provided, and especially the prospect of publishing for free.

But there were shortcomings:

- No index. This reduces the value of the book as a reference.

- No illustrations except for the author and his family. I would have appreciated some kind of flowchart for a step by step procedure to accomplish publication using some examples.

- Subsections are not clearly defined by fonts or outlining.

- Only 153 pages of text.

- 32 pages about the author including a lengthy sample of another of his books

- Nil info on copyrighting

- No glossary or list of acronyms

- Unnecessary repetition

- Odd text justification which left strange gaps in the text

Since reading this book, I have also read Publishing E-books for Dummies by Ali Luke. I will probably use that book as my primary reference for writing ebooks.
review image
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on March 10, 2013
How many times have you picked up a book that is supposed to help you with something and before you have made it through the first chapter the sappy writing has you wincing from "jargon abuse?"

Jason Matthews has done a remarkable thing. He has written a book that is informally casual but has somehow made that comfortable without being cloying in its familiarity. The book is straightforward as he delivers his uncommon ebook information ... all WITHOUT outrageous claims.

Very glad I bought this book!
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on November 25, 2012
I had placed an order for a book that I hoped would give me some direction on how to write and sell my ebook online. I am thrilled to have purchased this book as it contained great advice on how to set up your own website, blog, market your ebook on various websites and different platforms, etc. The information is very comprehensive and informative. I purchased the hard cover version and only wished that I had the ebook so that it would be faster to access the helpful links and material given. I recommend this book to anyone that would like to publish an ebook but is not sure on where to begin. Overall, a great read.
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