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on March 11, 2009
I love this book. It explains all of the nuts and bolts of setting up web sites the "old fashioned" way. I think it's a great way to teach all of the basics of what you need to know for more modern web sites that you might not learn any other way. Reading this book you learn an important slice of the history of the internet, which explains how things came to be the way they are today. That's why I'd rather read this book than one that only tells how thing are now, without explaining why. And the material is still very relevant today. Most of it can still be used to build very good web sites from the ground up. I read this book from cover to cover and found it very easy to understand and a fascinating, enjoyable read.
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on August 17, 2016
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on October 13, 1999
This book tries to cover everything but just doesn't do that great a job of it. Lots of information on Apache and other Unix type data but virtually no reference of IIS.
It starts by giving the basic background info but some of this is pretty indepth which most poeple won't understand or want to know about how the internet works. Then moves to web servers with a lot of info on Apache for Unix, a decent coverage of Website for 95/NT (although I never heard of website - seems to be similar to Personal Web Server but it's not the same), and covers breifly WebStar for the Mac. This covers 150 pages but if you only deal with one system you can skip 100 pages here. It give examples of controlling access to the site using good screen shots of dialogs.
Then it jumps to creating web sites (fairly decent job but other books are better). There is also a lot of practical information about web site development that many people just don't realize which is included. It does a great job of listing numerous free apps to help out in creating html items and converters between differently formatted docs. The apps are listed by web site and email address - I didn't verify any of them so who knows how many are out of date by now.
Finally it finishes by covering CGI, Javascript (pretty well but again other books are better and more in depth) and Java applets - not how to program in Java. No mention of VBscript. Numerous problems in examples (especially with added spaces in code) cause confusion - whoever edited this obviously doesn't program.
Overall not a bad semi-starter for someone new who need to administer a web site and must deal with the software to control access and data. It's definitely not a programming book and because it tries to cover both Unix and NT (and a little Mac) I ended up skimming 20-40 page sections of stuff at a time that I wasn't interested in. 750 pages but about 200 really proved useful (mainly because there are better references for some topics covered like CGI, Javascript, and HTML). However I did really like the listing of tools to covert data and apps to help with site development.
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on April 12, 1999
I think this is a great primer on how to set up a web site. Not so much on maintaining a site, but there is pretty much everything you need to know -- except new stuff that has emerged over the last 18 months -- to set up a real web site. The book covers server hardware and software as well as web security, scripting, etc. Very easy to read, although the sections on scripting and Java require some programming knowledge.
I hope Mssr. Stein updates this book. I took out a copy of the 2nd edition from the school library. If he comes out with a new edition soon, I'm gonna buy it.
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on May 1, 2000
Lincoln Stein is basically THE guru of web site security. That makes this book, on setting up a web site, stand out from the rest. Heard about the recent attacks that brought down commercial giants' web sites? That's why the foundation of your approach should be sound engineering, with the bells and whistles added later.
Okay, sorry for the sermon. The fact is that this book discusses EVERY topic related to the world wide web. It gives a broad understanding, plenty of detail, and a lot of wisdom as well. I disagree with folks who suggest it is ``out of date''; it still provides the perfect foundation for anybody who is going to build a web site (or wants to know how they work).
If you want to use technology that isn't mentioned in this book, go ahead and get another book on that. But those are just details--this book is the bedrock and foundation. Don't hit the infobahn without it.
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on April 20, 1997
During the past few months I've reviewed dozens of books about the Web in preparation for a course I'm teaching this summer on Web marketing and commerce. Most of the books are poorly written and overly simplistic, and/or they are full of opinions and generalities of little use to actually planning a web site. Stein's book is the lone exception. It is a superb example of top-quality technical writing. The introductory chapters on the nature and uses of the Web are the best I've read, and the later chapters on web design, programming, publishing and management are full of intelligent, practical insights. This book deserves an award for its quality of writing and the value of the insights and information it provides
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HALL OF FAMEon May 27, 2006
I am giving this book 5 stars only out of respect for the fact that in its day it was the best of its kind and a great help in setting up a web site. I used it in a class I taught in the mid 90's and the students loved it. In fact, today, in usefulness this book is worth one star. What really scares me is that the digital video processing book I just reviewed, which is older than this book but still retains its usefulness due to its mathematical rigor, has a lower Amazon sales rating than this book. Yikes! The historical data in this book is OK, the basic skeleton of the facts are OK, but as far as the detailed instructions go, nobody builds web sites like this anymore! Not for at least 6 years! Why is this book still in print??? A good analogy is the upcoming "Rocky 6" movie. It was fine to see Sylvester Stallone play a washed up 30 year-old boxer making a comeback in 1976 in the original. The idea of him doing the same thing today at age sixty is just plain sad! Give this book (and the Rocky movie series for that matter) a decent burial and take it out of print!
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on December 27, 1998
Anyone who is interested in how the internet works has to buy this book. Although it is not an easy book, most people would benefit from reading it if they can understand 70% material in this book. I suggest guys can skip the UNIX web server if they are not familiar with UNIX. The later part that decribes how perl, java, or cgi work is excellent. I give this book 100 points. If you are the one who is serious with your web site, buy this book.
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on December 16, 1999
Great book if you're new to website administration and design. Contains crash courses in how the Web works, server admin, security, HTML, multimedia, and server-side scripting. Focused towards Unix/Perl with little or no coverage of commercial and newer products like Microsoft IIS/ASP, Cold Fusion, PHP, etc. Recommended for newbies.
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on October 1, 2001
I came here to see if there was a new edition of this book. I learned my trade as a web developer/web master from this book. But that was a while ago, and the landscape is just enormously different then when this book was written. Lincoln Stein is a perl/bioinformatics god. But this book should either go out of print, or write a second edition.
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