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on June 14, 2017
After a long lay off from my undergrad, and getting into Med School, I knew I needed to touch up on efficient study methods. This book is it, especially if you're a kinesthetic and visual learner. No more "rote" learning and wasted time trying to memorize facts. Who has time for that? I used hand written web based note taking to help study for the MCAT, but this mind map guide just took what I knew to another level.

With that said, you don't need to be getting your JD, MD, or PhD for this to be useful. You can be in highschool, mid way through undergrad, in business, or whatever, and this will help organize your thoughts, plans, and goals. Be warned though, If you're already a "messy OCD" person like me, this book could turn you into a weaponized OCD machine.
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on November 22, 2011
If you are looking for a book that has a bunch of colorful mind-maps or that looks at mind-maps from different angles, this is NOT it.

The main focus of this book is on helping you to learn effectively through what the author calls, Concise Learning Method. The method incorporates the use of mind maps, sometimes called visual maps.

The author points out that highly successful students apply an information filter early in the learning process because they know they can't possibly absorb all of the information presented, nor do they have to. They select what is important to learn. They make a conscious decision to absorb only the key concepts, which in turn enables them to learn the course material better and faster and to be able to apply it to other areas of learning as well.

The method consists of 5 phases of learning (preview, participate, process, practice, and produce) and four steps within each phase (identify key concepts, meaningfully organize and connect key concept using visual maps, think critically, and ask key questions).

With Concise Learning Method, learning is achieved via a five-phase process (looking for puzzle pieces) that involves meaningfully organizing and connecting key concepts in a visual map (putting together the puzzle pieces), critically thinking, and asking key questions.

The 4 steps within each phase of Concise Learning Method form a continuous cycle during which you identify key concepts in the raw and unstructured information presented to you. You then organize the information, which in turn improves your understanding and gives you the ability to think critically about the information you have and the information that you need (key questions) to complete your understanding of the material.

The author shares 10 steps used in drawing a mind map:
1. Select the concept, topic, or subject to map
2. Gather all the relevant information
3. Keep the map simple, concise, relevant, accurate, complete, logical and clear
4. Start in the center with the central concept
5. Add primary concepts on the branches connected to the central concept
6. Branch subconcepts off the primary concepts to elaborate and clarify
7. Continue to capture and map key concepts, reorganize, and edit as needed.
8. Add more information - provided it adds value - to the key concepts you've already mapped
9. Add visual elements and formatting to increase the map's effectiveness
10. Go through the visual map checklist for any final edits

The author also shares ideas for ordering your primary concepts and subconcepts:
- WS: who/what, how much, where, when, how, and why
- Classification: Arrangements or relationships
- Definitions: Meanings of things
- Divisions: Chapters or lessons or themes
- Evaluation: Benefits
- Function: What things do
- History: Chronological sequence of events
- Process: How things work
- Properties: Characteristics
- Roles: Roles of relationships of characters
- Structure: How things are formed

This book does contain a lot of visual maps, created with Mindjet Mind Manager, and the author mentions other popular mind mapping programs like iMindMap, MindMapper, and NovaMind. He also states that of course, you can draw your maps by hand, but that using a computer program may be easier, and also mentions some of the free mind mapping programs you can find like XMind, FreMind, Mind42 and IHMC CmapTools.
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on January 17, 2016
This was good. It wasn't great, but it was good. I do see many students who are able to learn only fact-fact-fact, rather than connecting facts and concepts to each other or to actual performance. Krasnic's book helps the learner to connect the ideas. However, as a conceptual thinker myself, I found that it didn't help me to learn any better than I already do. The book also needs to do more with critical thinking. Yes, I get it; this is not a book about critical thinking! But since he suggests doing critical thinking for each step, the reader needs a much, much clearer idea of how to do that.

This book could be helpful--really helpful!--for people who just copy their notes and highlight their text books. But if you already know how to connect ideas, I'd say skip this. Unfortunately, I don't have a better recommendation. I've purchased many books on how to study, but all are mediocre, none of them rock my world.
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on January 19, 2016
Toni, to quickly follow up, I did complete your book. I want to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. There are techniques in this book that I will absolutely put into practice in my daily life. I, like many of your readers I’m sure, enjoy learning and engaging our curious minds! More specifically, as an individual with ADD, I found this book of particular value. I have always been on the lookout for tools to help me manage the disorganized information in my mind. I think CLM will be the technique I rely on. I understand there is no magic bullet in life, but the practical advice and examples you lay out are intuitive and easy to follow if you’re willing to put in the work. I want to thank you again, and I look forward to creating maps with MindMeister!
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on June 26, 2017
Learning to learn is a key matter these days. This book is full of sense and right strategies to help anyone involved with studying, and who can say that she isn't nowadays?
Besides, there is a key word in the title: CONCISE. Toni succeeds in his effort to help us with just the needed ideas, just the needed words. Good present for anyone interested in her own growing.
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on November 1, 2014
This is a book for life. Although it's meant for students, what you learn is how to think! It's useful not only to achieve success in college but to plan any project at work or personal decisión in life. It clearly opens your mind!!! It should be taught since Kínder! It helps people to organize ideas, causes, consequences, budgets or whatever in daily life.

Students who read this book should never again find it hard to get through their assignments. It helps students into integration of all overwhelming and scattered information they receive every day. Learning is now for a lifetime.

As an Educational Psicologyst I find it basic for all students. As a teacher, I can't believe I how I was managing without it until now.

It's so clear and easy-reading that I can't stop Reading it and each page is more useful and interesting than the previous one.
Good for Prof. Toni K.!!!
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on February 21, 2013
I'm always searching for new ways to be able to improve my learning abilities and memory. It always seemed like after a semester was over all that information I learned was gone from my mind when trying to recall it later on down the road. As a college student majoring in Information Systems I have to be constantly learning. Technology keeps advancing faster than people can keep up with and the dynamics of it is always changing. Having to explain complex technologies to non-tech savvy individuals is difficult! I never really figured out why I would forget what I learned after many hours of studying (re-reading textbook material, own hand-written textbook notes, lecture notes, and Powerpoints). I came across this book which goes over the methods of CLM and provides a lot of extra resources for those interested in this tool to go above and beyond the material in the book to implement into your learning. Give it a try! It helped me condense an abundant amount of information into visual maps that are easily explainable and helped me to utilize my time management better and have better results because of it.
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VINE VOICEon August 22, 2012
I think this book and the methods it presents are very powerful. I've read one of Tony Buzan's books on Mind Mapping and was very impressed with the idea of keyword mapping. This fits nicely as an applied use of visual mapping. I'm not in school but I intend to apply this to my work in IT and business.

It is similar to the goals of business process modeling. There is the visual aspect that aids understanding, big picture thinking, and creative problem solving. I believe Krasnic's techniques for learning can be applied to business process analysis. The stream of Review, Participate, Process, Practice, and Produce can yield solutions in a business context. I feel the greatest value in higher education is learning how to think well and solve problems. In business this is a prized character. Kraznic is on to something important here.
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on April 25, 2013
I bought this book desperately seeking a model from which to learn better. I had always known my learning methods were flawed, and that there HAD to be a better way. I also figured I wasn't capitalizing on the visual aspect of learning, and was trapped in the microcosm of notebook chicken scratchings, rather than stepping back to view the big picture.

Toni's method opened my eyes to the power of mind-mapping, a concept I had never heard of before. As soon as I started reading, I knew I had stumbled upon gold. Toni goes into deep detail regarding his methods and the advantages they serve. While all information is relevant and necessary, he also encourages skipping around in case things are too familiar or detail-oriented. He also gives case studies based on real-world examples in order to really solidify the steps of his program.

I also really appreciate how approachable Toni is. We have been in touch via email, and I look forward to having him along in my quest to become a better learner. I believe this book is an essential piece to any life-learner's arsenal. Thank you Toni!
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on April 9, 2012
I've always been convinced that your success in life depends on your ability to learn and adapt to new situations and skills, that might even be a good definition for "evolving". This book contains an awesome system to do just that! It teaches a powerful learning system for both college students and even graduates.

This book has transformed the way I used to learn. Even though I've been an excellent student throughout my life, I've cut the studying times in half by implementing its system. It's not just a "how to draw mindmaps" book, it's much more, the mind-maps are only a piece in the well-designed system.

A huge advantage I've found is that this system really forces you to keep up with the material, you keep reviewing it without really noticing... And trust me, this really comes in handy the day before the exam!
Get it and implement it in your college studies and your life ASAP!
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